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Nintendo Says Many Great Third-Party Games Are Headed To Wii U And 3DS


According to Nintendo, there are many third-party games coming to both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Among the confirmed third-party games being developed for Nintendo platforms are Rayman Legends, Disney Planes, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Sonic Lost World and Watch_Dogs. An image Nintendo has released regarding third-party games can be seen above.

20 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Many Great Third-Party Games Are Headed To Wii U And 3DS”

      1. they didn’t get any 3rd before mentioned (EA, UBI) the games that they showed i really loved them….but this ISN’T fully 3rd party support also “hardcore” gaming

  1. OMG I just saw the worse Nintendo Direct ever. Is that it? That all they gonna show? Wow seriously. Good bye Nintendo, hello PS4!

    You can keep your baby games!

    1. You’re an idiot. Yes, clearly all Nintendo games are baby games. Mario isn’t getting drunk with Luigi, fucking the Princess, and choping off Bowser’s head to watch the blood spurt everywhere, so it MUST be a baby game. What are you, seven?

  2. Ubisoft was right. WiiU is an abandoned platform. There’s definitely nothing awesome like Pikmim 3, W101, Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Watch Dogs, 3D Mario, Batman, Lego Marvel, Zelda, or Donkey Kong Country coming out for it. Wish I would’ve stuck with my Commodore 64.

    1. Except Ubisoft didn’t say that. It was misquoted to get more hits on the internet and the black girls doesn’t even know shit since she doesn’t even work at Ubi.

      1. Fair enough. Didn’t realize. But Why is she the “black girl”? How is the fact that she’s black possibly relevant? If it was a white girl, you wouldn’t have said, “The white girl doesn’t know shit”.

  3. Don’t give up on nintendo yet, they will be fine just look at thier history they always manage to pull through. The future of gaming is looking very bad, and seriously what sane person would be ok with buying a console that will never permit the consumer to sell a game that they have spent thier hard earned money to buy and that constantly bombards the consumer with paying ridiculous fees and dealing with tons drm management ?. And regarding sony, all of their games look more like animated movies than actual video games, all they have are unlimitted cutscenes with very little gameplay what so ever. Good luck to the people that support this new “standard” of what gaming should be.

  4. As someone who doesn’t sit in front of their computer all day waiting for gaming news… this was exciting.

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