Namco Bandai Europe Announces One Piece: Romance Dawn For Nintendo 3DS

The best-selling manga One Piece will be adapted for the Nintendo 3DS, courtesy of Namco Bandai. One Piece: Romance Dawn is a spectacular RPG title which will see players follow Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece. The adaptation was originally released on the PlayStation Portable last year in Japan, and is set for a release in Europe some time soon. Check out the press release below and the trailer above to get a feel for the game:

In One Piece: Romance Dawn, eager fans will have the opportunity to live all of One Piece epic battles against the most famous bosses such as Buggy, Arlong, Crocodile, Rob Lucci and much more. This new game opens doors to sail through the amazingly 3D drawn One Piece world with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and other nakama, and run through famous stages such as Baratie, Arlong Park and more.

RPG lovers will enjoy this journey by levelling up their favourite characters, customizing and crafting tons of new items! They also will be able to perform clever strategy with “Grand Tactical Battles” feature, react quickly, and make a swift judgment to decide their own path by pressing the right button. The “Grand Chain” will also let experienced players unleash their power and connect multiple Special Attacks in a row.


  1. Like the 3DS needs MORE games. Not an anime/manga person so I probably won’t pick this up. Looking forward to see how well it does.

    1. I like the animes Darker than Black and Claymore, but I don’t like One Piece. 💋

    1. There have been two other OP 3DS games here in EU yes. It’s strange ’cause I thought OP is doing well in the US too with the manga and anime.

  2. Never played, never watched, never heard, but looks nice. will most likely get when its out :) seems like 3ds is getting loads of games lately

  3. Awwww come on its on tv again isn’t that a enough reason to bring it over here :( #endregionlock

    1. weve only gotten 2 RPG’s during the 3DS life here in NA. Tales of the Abyss and Project X Zone. Something tells me Namco is going to dick us over again.

  4. They should bring it to NA. I mean, it IS back on the air. Well, in the US at least.

  5. Either they skip a huge amount of story or this is going to be one HUGE game ! Looks good tho can’t wait for it didnt see eneru tho so im guessing they skip it. One piece is one of my favorite animes hopefully we see it in na

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