Captain Olimar And Pikmin Join Super Smash Bros. Lineup

super smash olimarMove over Wii Fit Trainer, there’s a new contender joining the fighting roster for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS – Captain Olimar and the Pikmin. In an announcement on the official Super Smash Bros. website, the Pikmin hero will take up his place in the battle arena and duke it out with others in the lineup. Head on over to the official website, where you’ll be able to see him going up against Mario, Mega Man, Link, and the big baddie himself, Bowser.


    1. Also in the screenshot’s backgrounds we can see a Pikmin stage has also been revealed. 💋

  1. Look at the purple Pikmin xD

    “Ah fuck man, i don’t wana be a part of this shit, i ain’t getting fucked up by nobody”

  2. I bet it will have rock pikmin…

    I hope that allcharacters have atleast 1-2 new moves…

      1. Well considering he is mostly based on Skyward Sword Link, it would be wise to have something unique from that game to his arsenal…

        Like Skyward Attack…

        Luigi should also be based on Luigi’s Mansion 2 somehow and so on…

          1. Link’s actually based upon all incarnations but the Link fro Wind Waker and the Phantom Hourglass, as Toon Link’s based upon that version.

            Therefore, there’s still a chance for Link to receive “Skyward Sword”-inspired attacks.

      1. As long as they tone him down lol his up smash is overpowered and has a huge range to cover a good portion of his little body. Lots of his moves are overpowered and quick. I feel it takes more skill to be good with Ness to be honest. Lucas is another character added for casuals to spam and abuse.

        1. I’m not saying you’re a casual btw just lots of Lucas players I’ve fought.

          1. Maybe beginner is a more proper word than casual. And again not calling you a noob either lol.

        2. Lucas takes more skill (Wavebounce PK Fire approach, Zap Jump, Magnet Slide etc.). He has more techs whereas Ness is basically using as many aerials as possible while trying to trap opponents in PK fire .

  3. Since this game will be “a lot” more balanced, I do wonder how they’ll improve Olimar.

    1. Maybe throws his Pikmin faster?
      He’s kinda useless without Pikmin, so they’ll probably beef their power up a little so you don’t need to throw them all, or you can have more in your party.

      Maybe the time it takes for them to change from leaf<bud<flower is shortened too though.

      All i know is, White Pikmin DESTROY in Brawl, they just own your percentage bar.

      1. Why would they need to improve Olimar any more? He is already one of the top characters in Brawl!! 💋

  4. Not surprising since Pikmin 3 is coming out lol. Honestly was expecting it to be the other captains though. Maybe they are different skins?

    1. Or two Pikmin characters?.. It could happen. Olimar could use the Originals and the Purple and White, While the new Pikmin rep can use the originals the Rock Pikmin and Pink Pikmin. It’s a possibility 💋

    1. I already expected Olimar ¬_¬ , especially with the WiiU release of a new Pikmin game, but if they add Jigglypuff (again)–that I wouldn’t understand. Why would they still hang on to Jigglypuff? He’s a G1 Pokèmon. Pikachu I can understand, he IS Pokèmon’s main mascot. They should replace him/her/it with a better mascot. I don’t care for cutesy, I care for useful. Jigglypuff is officially ranked the most useless Smash character!

      1. I heard japanese gamers love Jigglypuff, so I doubt it’s getting removed anytime soon, but maybe they will add a new Gen6 pokemon?

      2. Jigglypuff was part of the original 12. He will probably put her in as a legacy character.

      3. Excuse me, Jigglypuff is awesome and she should return and never leave no matter how many SSB games they make. Same with Olimar and the Pikmin. BOTH characters are awesome! 💋

  5. Olimar favorite character. Glad to see one of my favorite Nintendo characters return. Pikmin all the way. I hope Alph, Britney or Captain Charlie joins him. Though most likely be a cloned character.

    1. If they add another Pikmin character I would expect a new moveset. They could add Brittany and give her the Rock and Pink pikmin (which Olimar doesn’t seem to have) and base her moveset/recovery on those Pikmin. She would still throw pikmin like Olimar, but that would be the only similarity. 💋

  6. So far I’m liking Olimar’s stage in smash. So anyone want to play me online. I’ll whip some as with Olimar and his Pikmin! Anyone want to challenge me?

    1. I hate playing olimar no offense. His whole character is about hiding behind extra armor which gives him a huge advantage.

        1. Olimar’s near enough the most powerful character in his game. Very difficult to predict; all his attacks look very similar, he’s so tiny and fairly agile.

          1. Seriously. He seems like shit at first till you see what he can really do. I don’t think its fair that he has such good pikmin armor to get through just to land an actual hit on the player lol. They need to tone him way down.

    1. Listen, there’s these things called opinions. Everyone has their own opinion. And in this case, in my opinion, your opinion sucks.

    1. Olimar a clown? When smash bros. Comes out, I’m playing all y’all Olimar haters. I’m bout’ to show y’all what Olimar is made of.

  7. Already expected but still glad since he’s my main in SSBB. Can’t wait to body all the noobs. c:

    1. My man! You know how slick Olimar is too He needs an assistant on the game. I hate playing with cloned characters on vs. mode. Britney would be great. I also think they should consider Wonderful 101 in the game. After all it is a new NintendoIP.

      1. Are you good with other players too? Not trying to offend at all when I say this but Olimar doesn’t require near as much skill as other fighters once you learn to use pikmin properly. He has lots of advantages over other fighters. Being good with characters like him isn’t a big deal to me but thats just my opinion.

  8. Glad to see Olimar included. I like to play as him a lot right now and thinking up new ways to use his Pikmin is always fun. He’ll be a solid fighter for this game

  9. I suppose it makes sense to announce veterans before newcomers…and Pikmin 3 is coming out and all…okay I’ll be honest: I hate Olimar. He was one of my most hated characters in brawl.

    1. Characters like him are way too cheap. Brawl brought way too many cheap characters in my opinion that have advantages over normal smash tradition. Ganon’s Flame Choke for instance is a sliding grab with good range and speed. Many players spam this and stay at a distance. The fact that it grabs you even if you have your shield on is a little cheap I feel.

      1. You’re kidding right? Ganondorf is a laughably bad character in Brawl. His flame choke is easy to predict; if you get choked, it’s your fault.
        That being said, what makes Olimar cheap is that he’s a coward who hides behind swarms of pikmins.

        1. It also depends who you use against ganon. If you use someone and weren’t expecting a ganon fight like online then you may be at a disadvantage. Online you don’t know who you’re playing plus, factor in online lag which moves like his choke and dive kick have advantages during. Offline and online are totally different. A few years back I played this kid I worked with online and he took advantage of the lag with things like pikachus lightning attack, spamming to no end. We both won some fights here and there. But we played at his house one day offline finally and I destroyed him even his friend said so. He couldn’t rely on moves that have higher hit percentages during lag so his game took a serious drop.

      1. Wait a sec BTTFDeacon, what if Alph is the new comer character? Olimar needs someone with him anyway. Olimar you my boy and I’ll be ready to use you with my new Pro controller. I prepared to whip ass with you. Diddy Kong is my second favorite character.

  10. Everyone let’s take a guess in how many new characters do you guys think will be added to the game? I’ll go first I think 10 characters? Why? Because Brawl had about 11 new characters. I’m hoping my boy Knuckles is on here. Those knuckles need to be used to whip some ass.

    1. Tails is more deserving over Knuckles. Tails is Sonic’s side kick. Heck, Dr. Eggman and Shadow are more deserving than Knuckles. A small fanbase supporting the red echidna is not enough to get him in the game. 💋

  11. I always thought Olimar was useless around the launch of Brawl, but damn was I wrong. He’s quit overpowered. He has huge range (none of which are disjointed hitboxes) and has superarmor frames for his whistle (Down B).

    1. I agree with him being overpowered and armored as you can read in my rant which below lol. I agree with what you said

  12. Interesting that Olimar is revealed around the same time Pikmin 3 is being released. Wonder if Sakurai is going to show new and returning characters at the same time their games are released to boost hype and sales? 💋

  13. Still no Yoshi? Come on Sakurai, just announce that Yoshi’s coming back already.

    1. I love Yoshi, I’m right there with you. Princess Toadstool too I hope.

  14. i’m suprised, happy, and disappointed at the same time.

    1) suprised by the announcement of a veteran (still no Yoshi????) over a newcomer
    2) happy because Olimar is back
    3) disappointed because i was expecting Chrom’s reveal

  15. I like Olimar but feel he’s a real cheap character if you know how to use him. He pretty much has a bunch of armor you must through (pikmin) just to damage him. Lots of players take advantage and just keep enough distance to toss fully powered pikmin at you and some of the moves are really powerful. Plus his throw has way too much reach. Wario is another annoying character cause people spam his motorcycle which can also act for defense and offense. Too many characters in brawl have these extra armors in my opinion. What happened to up close smash attack insanity? Now people stay away and spam projectiles and such and keep at a distance. Anything to win I guess. But I refuse to become a spam artist. Maybe I’ll give them a taste of their own medicine but I won’t take the time to practice these techniques and learn how to fully abuse maneuvers to their max. I’ll just figure them out and eventually get around it. These people tend to not have as much skill once you’ve found a character to void their spamming advantage.

  16. IT appears there is some ongoing issues with clipping in these games, I see Link’s pant leg clipping through his green tunic. Its irksome to see something like that this day and age already. Hopefully all these issues will be brushed away by release date next X-mas?
    As for Olimar, meh… I hope they do not reveal everything about this game… I would still like a hell of a lot more surprises when the game is released, otherwise I may feel underwhelmed by the final product if I know every single thing about it.

    1. this is a fast paced action brawl game , believe me ‘clipping” is the last of their concerns because it doesnt affect gameplay at all

    1. He could be confirmed when either Sonic Lost Worlds, Mario & Sonic at the Soichi 2014 Winter Games, or the teased Sonic & Sega All Stars game (which should be out next year) comes out. I’m betting on the latest since I’d highly doubt they would reveal another third party character too early.

  17. I’m fairly glad he made the lineup. also DEAR MASIHIRO SAKURAI IF YOU ARE READING THIS: PLEASE ADD KRYSTAL TO THE STARFOX LINEUP!! also I’d like to see Lyn from Fire Emblem and BE SURE to keep Captain Falcon, it just won’t be a smash bros game without him

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