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Here’s The Power Rangers Megaforce Trailer Blasting Onto 3DS

Earlier this year Namco Bandai announced a new Power Rangers title for the Nintendo 3DS and yesterday they unleashed the trailer. The Power Rangers Megaforce trailer showcases some gameplay, as well as blasting you with the Go! Go! Power Rangers theme tune for added nostalgia effects. You can play as all your Megaforce characters and power up for extra juice with the trading cards. Namco Bandai even have a snazzy website for you to take a look at here. Power Rangers Megaforce will be available this Autumn on the Nintendo 3DS.

16 thoughts on “Here’s The Power Rangers Megaforce Trailer Blasting Onto 3DS”

    1. not exactly. shovelware is crap like Petz, Imagine, and various cooking games with famous chefs. Power Rangers doesn’t fit the bill for shovelware. learn the definition.

      1. Shovelware is something that is a horrible game only made to cash in on a franchise. I think you are the one who needs to learn the definition.

    2. I don’t like Power Rangers but I do understand its significance. Love it or hate it, it’s a part of our culture. And it’s not going away.

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