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UK Chart: Pikmin 3 Enters At Number 2, Pipped To The Post By Minecraft

pikmin_3_logoIt’s a great week for Nintendo as the Wii U title Pikmin 3 launches itself into second position in the UK all-formats chart. The cute critters were just pipped to the post by Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and came in above the PlayStation 3 game The Last of Us. Although they didn’t quite nab the top spot, it’s an incredible achievement for both the franchise and the Wii U, where back in 2004, Pikmin 2 debuted at number 32. Nintendo has also seen the release for the boxed version of New Super Luigi U, which has jumped straight in at number 13 in the all-formats chart but number 6 in the individual, and is a considerable achievement given that many Wii U owners would have opted for the downloadable version.

In 3DS news, Animal Crossing: New Leaf refuses to move from fourth place as it continues to remain in the top five for the seventh consecutive week since its release. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. move from third to fifth place this week, but are still hanging in the top five. The individual charts even see Luigi’s Mansion 2 moving up into eighth from ninth place this week, so it’s been a fantastic time for Luigi and his 3DS antics. You can see the top ten all-format charts below, and if you wish to view them in full, you can do so here.

1. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
2. Pikmin 3
3. The Last Of Us
4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
5. Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Bros
6. FIFA 13
7. Far Cry 3
8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary
9. Tomb Raider
10. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

77 thoughts on “UK Chart: Pikmin 3 Enters At Number 2, Pipped To The Post By Minecraft”

    1. Mine craft is immensely popular right now as we all know. My 13 year old little bro tells me that EVERYONE even the girls in his highschool talk about it and lay it…

          1. If he plays all consoles and already talks to girls I think the one that needs learning is you lol.

            1. Mmm no , I do that to. Infact he’s got my Xbox 360 in his bedroom and plays on My Wiiu and the 3DS that I bought for him. And I’ve had more than enough Girlfriends in my time so don’t go there.

              He’s nothing but a small version of me ;)

      1. You are correct. It’s really hot, and honestly, if they came out with a WiiU version utilizing the game pad for inventory management, it would probably be a system seller.

        just, EVERYONE, especially the younger crowd are playing it!

    2. You were indeed megaformed with this information Nintendo Commander. This is wonderful indeed :). Pikmin is wonderful.

      1. I have foreseen every result, this is just one of them and we shall continue to gain power…

  1. Nintendo have 60% of the Top 5 to themselves. What’s more amazing is Pikmin 3 debuts at #2 after three days of sales. Not sure what else to say really.

    The recovery has somewhat begun in earnest.

    1. Actually it in 2 days if you go to the charts it says that those sale were until the 27 Pikmin relesead on the 26

    1. Well, if I had an Xbox 360 and cared ANYTHING about Minecraft, I would buy the retail version. Digital downloads SUCK compared to having an actual, physical copy to hold and display.

  2. Wow, this is good! Pikmin 3 is not even a good system seller, so beating so many games is great. This only shows that when Nintendo brings out the big guns, they’re gonna rule that list! The rest of this year looks good for Nintendo! :D

  3. I’m sick to death of hearing about Minecraft. I’ll NEVER understand it’s appeal. Pikmin 3 deserves to be number one. And I predict it will be soon.

      1. Minecraft 20 dollars compared to 60 pikmin minecraft is top 1 this week but had to sell 3 times the amount to actually get one the amount of money for one pikmin 3 copy

      2. It’s okay to not like Minecraft, but you don’t have to go around and saying that everyone that plays Minecraft is retarded. It’s disappointing to see fellow Nintendo fans like you act like this.

      3. Its not the best game ever, but it is a very fun game to unleash your creativity with your friends, explore randomly generated worlds, and conquer the end. I have enjoyed every second of playing it. If you haven’t, you should give it a try sometime.

    1. I think Minecraft is an awesome game!! But I can’t believe it can still pull off number one’s. I would
      really like a Minecraft Wii U edition!! 💋

    2. You’d have to have a fondness for creating your own worlds to play around in, in order to understand the appeal of Minecraft and games like it.
      Of course, mods help a great deal.

      1. You might not like it. I fucking loved the first 2, It’s like a really unique RTS.

        And I just love the world it puts you in, so colorfull!

    1. yes….. skyrim is the overrated one though. skyrim is dull, shitty graphics, shitty combat, shitty voice acting and the world isnt even that good, like oblivion and such. why it still gets so much praise i dont know, its almost like damage control!!!!!

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    1. That is actually a very wise and intelligent observation Mr. Serious Francis. LuigiU making an appreance in the top 20 reminding gamers all over what great software does. This and last month have been the best software lineup months for all consoles in three years or more.

  5. We told you all, that once nintendo’s own IPs arrive the WiiU shall bask in beautiful glory. Also note that the xbox360 and PS3 have an above 10 million UK install base. Minecraft, Pikmin 3, The last of US and Animal crossing being top 4 is a great achievement for BritishGamers. Notice that no mindless FPS is in top 5. Finally Gaming just being gaming. Nintendo Commander, I am joyful this moment :).

    1. I wish I knew myself. I also wish to know how this effected Wii U sales. I guess I have to wait until Wednesday

    1. Probably because people have a bad PC, so the only option is to play on 360 =P
      (Sorry for my bad english)

  6. Sony and Microsoft announced there console people yell Nintendo is doom. 3 months later Nintendo is selling better. There is your logic deal whit it.

  7. As an American who doesn’t know a lot of British lingo, can someone please explain to me what “Pipped to the post” means?

    1. It means they just got to the “finish” before someone else. Sk Minecraft just pipped to the post, before Pikmin 3.

      Yeah i know, our slang is weird xD

  8. Minecraft is sooo overrated. Only people I know who play are people who suck at video games in all honesty.

    1. Hah! You are implying that since I enjoy Minecraft, I am bad at gaming! You sir/Ma’am are one confused person.

  9. I like it when no IGN or other major magazine points this out, along with all those silent Patchers around…wasn’t it obvious? Nintendo equals quality. There’s always market for quality. Btw, been playing Earthbound for the first time: i’m amazed!

  10. minecraft, angry birds and justin bieber, our youth are turning into casual, emo wimps. it is disturbing to watch it all unfold

  11. I pre ordered mines in case the game would be difficult to find. I hate wasting gas going store to store looking for a particular item. Though the bad thing about pre ordering is you have to wait at least three days after it launched. But that OK. As long as my sale adds up with the first week that’s all I care about. I also have Wonderful 101 and Rayman. Legends for now. Later Wind Waker. Then DK TF, Lost Worlds, Super Mario 3D World. I’m getting all that shit.Just not all at once.

  12. Odd how Minecraft Xbox 360 Version which isnt even the full game like the PC version beats a full game.

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