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Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 Was Tested On Nintendo Handhelds But Just Didn’t Feel Right

pikmin_3_pikminPikmin 3 has made a solid debut in the UK charts placing at number 2, but previous to making the Wii U its current home, the colourful fruit collection game was also tested for the DS and 3DS, as we reported last month. In an interview with 4Gamer, with translations from KameDani, Shigeru Miyamoto has now revealed the reason behind its evolution to the Wii U and why it just didn’t work on Nintendo handhelds.

“The truth is we were doing prototype tests of Pikmin for the DS and 3DS but it turned into unit management with only the touch pen and no matter what it just didn’t seem like Pikmin. We concluded that Pikmin is a game that revolves around action based on its controls and the strategy sits on top that.  Although there are elements that are built on the strategy, there are other overall things that have to be well considered.  This complete experience is an important element of Pikmin.

“The truth is when we made 1, we were trying to make the easiest to control 3D game around. The focal point was Olimar walking around on screen but the majority of the interface was those controls.  They didn’t interfere with anything else.  There weren’t many 3D games that were that simple to move around in since you could play without even having to control the camera.”

Miyamoto concluded that,  though the title can seem difficult at first, the controls are relatively easy to get to grips with: “Even if you find using the pointer difficult, there is a control method using the GamePad similar to the previous GameCube titles that we’d like people to utilize. To that end, we hope people are able to look at this as a carefree, easy action game.”

26 thoughts on “Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 Was Tested On Nintendo Handhelds But Just Didn’t Feel Right”

      1. Gonintendo isn’t that great. RMC does nothing but copy and paste and calls it “hard work”… Yeah okay. Don’t break your pointer while right clicking and copying…

      1. Pretty much this ^ I know I am going to play the crap out of the 3DS one, but I would have gladly had Sakurai drop the 3DS version if it meant beefing up the Wii U one. Either way, I am super excited for the next Smash Bros!!! 💋

  1. Thank GOD that Pikmin 3 didn’t come out on the 3DS instead of the WIi U. That would have been such a shame. Like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon (a.k.a. Luigi’s Mansion 2).

      1. this site doesnt deserve intelligence….. it lacks. ii think that nintendo got 3ds and wii u turned around. wii u gets a 3ds 3d mario game instead of a true console 3d mario game, while 3ds gets luigis mansion 2, paper mario and now they are making a fucking 3ds version of smash bros when they should be focussing on the damn wii u version, their goes the wii u’s big system seller!!!! stupid nintendo.

        aaahhhh nintendo might as well through the wii u in a fucking bottomless pit and have 3ds be your main console!!!!!

        1. what are talking about smash on the 3DS IS going to kill also on the wii u nintendo has two consoles they have always be on top of now were seeing the samegreat titles that gave the 3ds a boost on the wii u

          1. Well anyone that was going to buy a Wii U just for Super Smash Bros. 4 can just get it on the 3DS. So it could technically hurt the Wii U’s sales. 💋

            1. yes that is exactly what im talking about!!!!! 3ds doesnt need this game in the first place anyway, its just going to slow down the game and end up hurting it. in the end because of this the overall game probably could be WAY BETTER if it was just focussed on wii u. seriously the main point of smash bros anyway is for multiplayer. something the 3ds cant really do like a home console can.

            2. i dont see it like that hd graphic whores would find the wiiu version superior and now a days theres ALOT of people who think that way

              1. There are many Nintendo fans out there that don’t own a Wii U yet and only own a 3DS. If Nintendo supports the 3DS with all of the Wii U’s heavy hitters than there is no need for them to even buy Nontendo’s home console. 💋

    1. Seriously retard, get out. B/ Your stupidity puts all the trolls to shame.

      Pikmin 3 was always intended for home console like Wii U so where the fuck are you getting your notions from? Special Ed?

      And Pikmin isn’t needed for 3DS at the moment. It has Mario & Luigi 4, Paper Mario, DKC: Returns 3D, Luigi’s Mansion 2 (They put it there because look at how “well” the last game did on the GameCube), Animal Crossing and soon Pokemon X/Y Versions, Mario Party, Mario Golf and Super Smash Bros.

      There probably will be a 3DS Pikmin in the future if Pikmin 3 does well. Please for the love of Jesus Christ, grow a fucking brain. You got loads of catch up to do from your Pre-K education.

  2. The Man that saved video games, providing the Lift-catalyst that the WiiU needed. Nintendo Commander our own Shigeru Miyamoto San.

  3. I find this a legitimate excuse, as opposed to Gamefreak’s “well they are POCKET monsters, herp derp, a console doesn’t go in your pocket and you can’t trade on consoles, derp derp derp”

  4. the reason why games such as Luigi’s mansion 2,Kid Icarus made it on 3ds us because Nintendo was behind in having experience in making 3D Games in HD for Wii U,kid icarus should have been a Wii u game,it would have been better.

  5. if only this game wasn’t full price I might have tried it out. it just doesn’t seem like a $60 game.

  6. A Pikmin 3 on handheld just wouldn’t feel right to me either. I’m glad cause Wii U needs some love. Nintendo has focused on 3DS too much..

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