Niels Hooft recently had the opportunity to sit down with legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto to talk about Pikmin 3. While discussing Pikmin 3, Miyamoto reiterated that he is currently extremely busy with his new IP which he has been working on for quite some time. He wouldn’t discuss details, but he did say that the mystery project is actually getting busier lately. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to see what it is he is working on.

If I’m not mistaken, Pikmin was the last time you worked on a truly new adventure type game. Don’t you miss this?
“I happen to be working on a completely new game even now. The project is actually getting busier lately.”

Thanks, Mike S



  1. His Lord ship has been working on this like forever, I hope it blows away our minds once it is revelaed and gain us total Nintendomination once again!


  2. Step back people. Make room for the genius. You cannot be allowed to compromise the feng shui of his imagination with your pathetic internet banter.


    • They are called Pikmin 3, SM3DW, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8 and so on…

      So there are plenty of games that will make the Wii U possibly the second best Nintendo Console ever made…


        • Hello Mr.erich80…

          I was talking about sales wise…

          But if I have to choose one…

          I’m tied between N64 and Gamecube because they both contain my favorite games I’ve ever played…

          Metroid Prime/Echoes
          Majora’s Mask
          Perfect Dark
          Resident Evil 4


            • I never had the chance of buying ED unfortunately but I did test it and it was good…

              OoT is a very good game but it has way too easy bosses which brings the enjoyment factor down for me…

              MM was like the opposite of OoT in that regard the first time…


          • N64 and Gamecube for me also. Maybe because I started out with N64 and matured into the Gamecube. I mean I had a SNES but I was a kid at the time like 3-6 years old…

            Yeh, the N64 and the Gamecube are my two favorite Nintendo consoles, I have a feeling in time that the Wiiu is going to join them. It’s the best hardware, the Gamepad with its off tv play and dual screen potential is shiznit.


            • N64? well then you did not participate in the Ancient War between our Empire and the Segans?…

              I have been around since Game&Watch was at the top of its game…

              I’m so ancient…


              • I’m 22. My first memories 2-3 years old my broter had a NES and a Master system and then a Megadrive and a SNES which I played a lot. By this stage the Master system and NES were in the attick unused…

                I have extremely fond and nostalgic memories of the SNES/Megadrive generation (Robocop , Echo the dolphin , Alladin , The lion King , Mario , etc etc) but shit got serious for me with N64. It was my first ever console (not my brothers) and I loved the shit out of it. Then by the time the Gamecube arrived I was old enough to trully appreciate and finish many games :)


                • Oh so you were a part just not a real Drone yet…*wink*

                  I’m not much older than you though but I have been a gamer ever since I was 2 years old with the Game&Watch in my hands…

                  I never owned a NES or SNES myself as my best friend at the time had them and brought it over to my house like every other day to play together while I had Megadrive…

                  But when the Segans fell and Nintendo won the war, I commited myself to the supremacy of our Empire officially…

                  But Nintendo has always been my first console and will be my last…


                    • Nothing, I will support them by buying Sonic for the Wii U but even if they made a return I am still loyal to Nintendo…

                      However I might even buy their console one day if they ever did that to get my old rushes again…

                      But they will never rival our Empire again…


              • Maybe its just me but I’m old fashion. Youngest memories was me playing the Super Mario Bros. on the NES, Star Tropics, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, spy hunter, and some others I can’t remember. Apparently I was told that I got the high score on Astroids in a dentist office when I was 1 to 2 years old but I don’t remember such a feat so I don’t think it happened. Out of all mario games even to this day, top number one is Super Mario World.


            • I notice Nintendo fans of different ages tend to have pretty different taste, or at least their tops. I was 4 when I got an NES in 88 and got a SNES christmas 91 so a lot of my favorites are from that era. Oh I forgot, add Diddy’s Kong Quest to that list. Kind of kool that Nintendo can appeal to different generations in different ways and imprint a huge mark in life and childhood in fresh ways with the same characters.


      • Nintendo Commander, I can’t think of SM3DW being one of them its not the 3D game we wanted, I’m not saying we galaxy (i love the series, but lets face it, it needs a break) just a sequal to SM64 when will Nintendo have the guts to make a proper sequel, and if people complain ‘oh what about sunshine, that game was not a sequal it was its own franchise, bottom line, should we get SMG3D on 3ds ill go ape


        • Well similar things were said about NSMB2 on the 3DS and it’s still selling good despite being “the same” as the other 2…

          NSMBU sold fair aswell the first weeks…

          I have no doubt that this game will sell good the first 2 months anyway…


  3. These days, with all the stress and pressure, there going to burn this guy out. Nintendo games are so fucking good because Nintendo has developers that make games for the sake of gamers having fun, and as such, the Devs have fun making them.

    With all the pressure, I fear game development is becoming more work and less fun, and if they don’t have fun making it, it will be less fun playing it. (same principle as adding “love” to cookies)

    So the top brass better give this man some space!!


  4. Wii U gets better every minute. This new game is for Wii U right? I mean thats what it needs, 3DS like all the N handhelds is fine, but they need to push this system themselfs like in Gamecube era.


    • By next week you’ll forget he’s working on a new IP anyway. Let alone will you remeber to laugh if it turns out to be a party game and ignoring Mario party and Wii Party U games.


  5. With his retirement on the way, and the fact he’s been working on this new IP for quite a while…let’s hope that it’ll make him go out with a bang.
    I hope that reason why Mario has been stagnating in recent years is precisely because most of his focus and effort went on that brand new game.


  6. The man that saved the whole video game industry. Brought us Super Mario bros. Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid. He can be making Tinker Bell adventures I will preorder that drm free game anyday.


      • Nintendo Commander we have actually disagreed for once I like that. 97% of all female gamers are nintendo gamers. The ones that are not try to appeal to their boyfriends. So I support our female compatriots.


        • I think they play basically more than 80% of all games the males play on Nintendo…

          Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Pokemon, Nintendogs, Smash Brothers etc etc are all played by both male and female Nintendo Drones…

          They also share many characteristics in online games I do…

          Miss.Scott, what is your opinion on this?…


  7. I want this hype to really be legit. Some of the hype they created lately are not what we were expecting like Game Freak’s new game other than Pokemon and Donkey Kong instead of Metroid.


  8. I’d be quite shocked if they don’t reveal it at E3 2014; and for that reason, I have a feeling this game is at least a year away.


  9. I just hope that whatever it is he’s working on is as charming and addictive as Pikmin. And not something boring like Metroid (no offense, Metroid fans. I just don’t like it). Sure would be cool if it was something similar to Earthbound. *drools*


  10. If you google “Wii U” and click “news” you’ll see tons of articles of that european store no longer selling Wii U, ignoring that Pikmin 3 games are hot, ignoring that other retailers such as Game Stop, ToysRus, Best Buy, Walmart, and Kmart also sells Wii Us. Also ignoring the heavy hitters coming in week to week, at journalist wants to play dumb acting like Wii U is dumbed…..just like A who beats his meat Anonymous.


  11. I really hope it is an action first person shooter with some adventure but not too much and a deeply engrossing, addictive gameplay and interesting characters and plot.


  12. I think Nintendo is done with the Wii “something” games now. There isn’t much shovelware on the Wii U right now and I think Nintendo is trying to step away from the casual stuff they made last gen. You can kind of see them using the 3DS install base to the Wii U’s advantage! SM3DW looks like 3D Land and the kids and all those people who got a 3DS for 3D Land might get a Wii U for 3D World! Same thing with DKCTF! People who bought a 3DS for DKCR3D might get a Wii U for DKCTF! It’s like they’re building the same 3DS install base.


    P L E A S E ! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Those are the most horrible genre of games in existence.


    • Maybe but if he can re-invent this genre then I’ll be glad to see it be done…

      Metroid Prime was a new experience from that genre as it was a completely different experience…


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