Flipnote Studio 3D Delayed In Europe

??????????????????????????Nintendo UK has announced via its Twitter page today that Flipnote Studio 3D’s arrival in Europe has been delayed. The Nintendo 3DS drawing application was due to release on August 1, and even got its own snazzy orange website to coincide with the launch, but unfortunately has been postponed. Nintendo UK has stated that “due to unexpectedly high levels of user activity since the launch of the application in Japan on 24th July, we decided to postpone our European launch until we can deliver the best possible service to users.” Flipnote Studio 3D is still pinned for an early August release.


    1. Be happy Europe got Disaster day of Crysis. The Americas got a promise and then silence. Europe gets Pikmin earlier. Xenoblade chronicles, the last story and Pandoras tower were released in Europe with no quams.

      1. They’re also gonna get The Wonderful 101 early, and they already got Mario and Luigi Dream Team. By this point Europe shouldn’t be complaining about anything. But yet they still brag about getting things first. (No offense to all Europeans just a few.)

    2. Oh hush, you guys got Pikmin 3 a whole week before us… I don’t even want to hear you complain.

      Flip not studio is no where near the calibar of a software release like PIkmin 3.

        1. Agreed, then I can make my own Nintendomination propganda to inspire our swarm…

                    1. *with dark aura surrounding me with red glowing eye*…and this theme will play when all trolls doom draws near and fanboys will realize their errors and join the nintendo evolution!!!

        2. So as Colors as well. I like to draw with my Gamepad and it gives the controller more purpose to use.

  1. Look like Nintendo wasn’t expecting so many Japanese taking up the servers. Look like Nintendo have to buy more servers.

  2. I don’t think I was ever going to use this; I was more attracted by the two words “Nintendo” and “delayed”. One cannot live without the other…

  3. This can’t be true. Nintendo NEVER delays software.
    seriously, they should just release software at random times. The whole “give it a launch date and delay it 3 times” just pisses people off.

  4. I’m still wondering when Flipnote 3D will come to America. Nothing has been annouced yet.

  5. I consider Flipnote to be for little kids. Actually, MOST of the extra modes on the 3DS is for little kids. Including Face Raiders and the AR card reader. I bought the 3DS strictly to play 3DS games, and nothing more.

    1. Being an animator and artist is not just for little kids. This is a great tool for animators/artists like myself.

      1. But what’s the point in just drawing and stuff on the 3DS? That’s what I have a hard time figuring out. Maybe I’m just a square.

        1. Mostly because it is a way to express ourselves as in artist and use whatever tool we have. Not to mention, drawing on the 3DS is like a portable digital art setup. After I play a game, I may be board and want to draw or animate.

          1. Well, I always wished Nintendo would make a new Mario Paint. I LOVED that game! I played it off & on for over 10 years. Something I can’t say for any other game. But I want it on Wii U. I don’t like looking at those tiny 3DS screens (even the XL is tiny compared to a tv).


          Think of it this way. Want to get better in your drawings? This is one way to help you. Flipnote is a animation tool for your arts, your the cartoonist, your the master of your own manga via 3DS. I use traditional arts so I’m all paper and pencil, but I want to learn digital arts. Thanks to DA and Wii U’s miiverse…I learned that there is a possible way to do digital arts using traditional arts way. I hear there is a tablet and program to make it possible, wonder if anyone knows. Ipod touch or something related? Forgive me, I’m not…used to knowing everything about the world today when it comes to technology.

  6. It may be delayed for a week or two, but I hope it comes out soon. I am looking forward to this software.

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