Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD With Ganondorf Figurine $54.99 At GameStop In US


Nintendo stated in the press release earlier that accompanied the news of the Nintendo 2DS that GameStop is also offering an exclusive Ganondorf figurine bundled with the packaged game at a suggested retail price of $54.99. The digital version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will also launch on Sept. 20, while the packaged version launches Oct. 4 with distinctive gold-foil packaging, both at a suggested retail price of $49.99. The figure shown above is the Ganondorf figure for Europe.


    1. This is true, I went to GameStop and they told me it was 60$ there. The guy even showed me an email from Nintendo saying to sell it for 60$. Not that it matters, I still pre-ordered!

      1. I have mine pre-ordered from Amazon. I could cancel it, pay 10 bucks more and get Ganondorf figurine. For sure it is well worth, but I think I’ll keep my previous pre-order on Amazon.

        1. I think it’s because only the figurine comes with the packaged version, while as the digital version can be played on September 20. I guess it’s some sort of trade-off.

  1. sadly no gamestop in my area :( , off topic does anyone feel the 2ds fits perfectly for playing smash like i do? will definitely buy it for smash..

  2. Umm… This is probably a dumb question, but I already pre-ordered the game from gamestop. The physical copy. Does this come included, or would I have to make another trip over there to specify that I want it?

        1. That’s your opinion. Why do people buy HD collections ? It looks better on HD TVs I’m sorry if you still have a SD TV lol

  3. i’m going digital in September……sorry W101 but i had enough of 100 heroes for now (glares at Pikmin)

  4. Australia & New Zealand doesn’t get this.
    Australia & New Zealand doesn’t get the price cut.

    Does Nintendo of Australia not realize we exist or something?

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