The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – Hero Mode Trailer

Nintendo of America has re-released the trailer showcasing the brand new Hero Mode in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Hero Mode is available for gamers at the start of the game and makes for a tougher challenge than playing through the game on standard mode. You will find less hearts and enemies will do twice as much damage. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is due for release in North America on Sept. 20, while the packaged version launches Oct. 4 with distinctive gold-foil packaging.


      1. You kidding? Best thing that ever happened…though it should be 2 1/2 hearts to boost the challenge but hey…why complain? It’s wind waker’s hero mode…nothing compared to the hero mode on skyward sword…that’s for sure…specially the damage, 2 hearts per hit, only potions, piece of hearts, and heart containers could heal you.

        1. Skyward sword sucked, ocarina of time did the secon quest(master quest) the best, it even redesigned the dungeons

            1. In terms of difficulty, story and gameplay yes but other than that OoT is better because of the more diverse content…

              I’d say they are equal for me…

    1. Whoops! I hadn’t watched the previous trailer that was taken down. My apologies! Anyway, I’m sure there’s some people like myself that hadn’t seen it.

  1. Just released? Oh, you mean the same video taken down because it had the Wii U Zelda pack and back up again.

    Are you serious?

  2. It’s funny how much this REALLY changes the game. I can imagine the kids on Miiverse asking a lot of ways of how to get through the game lol.

    1. nothing absolutely nothing……. why not remake a one that needs it!!!!

      if they did hd n64 zelda collection OOT in 1080p( 3ds one not that big of a deal) and even more if MM in 1080P, that would be awesome, they need it. not WW non aged edition. (facepalm)

      nintendo please your making me crazy from stupidity.

      im telling you people that left nintendo after n64, (and i dont blame them) will buy the wii u just for that purpose. it would be like replaying it like it was for the first time……. some of the best nintendo made games.

        1. you drones want to talk innovative, thats the most innovative game nintendo made in the last 10 years,( gimmick sword doesnt count)
          name one game thats even close to that.

          its also harder and has the best side quests

          whens the last time you played it play it?? when you were 5???? the one that sucked was SS or overhyped sword.

          1. I agree for the most part, I don’t know if MM is the most innovative game made by our Empire ever since the N64 era but it certainly is among the top 3 along with Pikmin and…

            To this day, MM is still one of the most original challenging games ever made and it’s also my favorite Zelda game…

              1. Agreed…

                Well to be honest, High Commander Aunoma said that WWHD was part of a testing game to see what works and what doesn’t when they make the new Zelda U so I’m glad they didn’t do anything to MM yet…

                So they can make an even better remake of it later…

              1. majoras mask just had more side quests compared to SS. the main of SS is better compared to MM’s.

            1. SS is the most overrated, overhyped zelda games ever and the most hated. put that together. you guys just dont like change, exactly why nintendo is stale today.

          2. what are you talking about? i played ocarina of time, majoras mask, link to the past and skyward sword… personally, skyward sword is better than those. the characters felt so alive unlike the previous games. also, the motion plus works SO GOOD with skyward sword.

            1. It did work great but the recalibrating issue was sometimes annoying…

              But other than that SS just felt somewhat empty content wise…

              But I liked the game of course mainly because it has a higher difficulty level than OoT ever had…

            2. liner bullshit, lame side quests, motion controls that worked 65% of the time. no hyrule field. no side levels. (like the well on oot or deku pallas on MM) it sucked.

  3. Original game was way too easy so hopefully this Will make it a little harder for me even though its almost impossible to even get hit cuz the enemies are so easy. Improved ai would have been better

  4. What happens for those who bought the Wii U before the price drop? Will there be an ambassador program like on the Nintendo 3DS ? At least one free game ? :o

  5. I always felt the original WW was a bit too easy. I’ll probably use this mode when I get the game.

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