Reggie Fils-Aime Summarizes Xbox One and PS4 Lineups With A Giant “Meh”


Nintendo of America President and fan favorite Reggie Fils-Aime recently told IGN that unlike its competitors, Nintendo values games, fun and entertainment value as opposed to advanced technology. Perhaps invigorated by Nintendo’s onslaught of announcements Wednesday, Fils-Aime took several brazen jabs at Microsoft and Sony, at one point responding to the thought of their respective launch lineups with the word “Meh.”

Fils-Aime was quick to point out that Nintendo is no slouch in the tech department either, with Nintendo TVii using cloud technology while Wii U and 3DS support cross-platform gaming. But he repeatedly emphasized that Nintendo’s focus is on gaming and fun. His comments were likely directed at Microsoft in particular, whose initial plans for the Xbox One emphasized TV-based technologies and left gamers irate. Some of Reggie’s comments appear below.

“The competitive systems have announced their launch lineups. I’m allowed to say ‘Meh.’ I look at our lineup of titles and I feel good about our lineup. We’ve got Zelda. We’ve got Mario. We’ve got Donkey Kong. In addition to great titles like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, I feel very good about our lineup….And so I think as you compare and contrast Nintendo with other players in the space, for us it’s about games, about the fun, about the entertainment value, and not about the tech.”


    1. Not to say there’s anything wrong with the library as it is at present. Just that most console’s have pretty ‘meh’ launch lineups. the N64 only had two games, I believe.

      1. hey,you should stop acting like a fanboy,because i am a nintendo lover and i don’t give that type of comments to the other consoles,its not about who’s best,or who has the better graphics/gameplay, its about this : we are all gamers and we shall stay united

    1. Yeah… because the console was released first. The PS4 and Xbox One are just getting released this year so really it isn’t a fair fight in a way.

      1. his whole attitude is meh. thats why he sucks so much

        he was a spokesmen for pizza hut cause they needed to find someone as shitty as their pizza.

  1. I always wonder if people like Reggie (or anybody working for Nintendo) REALLY hates the competition (Sony and Microsoft), or if they just act like they do because they work for Nintendo? Like, do they really mean what they say, or is it simply what they’re getting paid to say?

    1. he could just not like line ups, i definitely don’t. it’s not “hate”, just opinion.

      Reggie has competitor’s systems at his work desk iirc

      1. and like, it’s not just him. it’s normal to own competitor’s systems in the gaming industry.

        there was some PS guy who gave out his NNID on twitter or something a few months ago.

        1. I bet Sony’s playstation president Kaz has WiiU, waiting for X to release. He is mad he skipped xenoblade chronicles. Mario 3D world is his most anticipate game :).

          1. The Sonyan Emperor Kaz is probably on Miiverse every day waiting eagerly for Nintendomination news…

            That he can then copy obviously yawn…

          2. From reports, Kaz does have a Wii U, and Iwata owns a PS3. It’s not uncommon. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Miyamoto owns every console under the sun just because he can.

            1. To understand what your competition is doing, it’s almost a requirement to own their consoles. Especially for people like Miyamoto. He needs more inspirations and “what can I do better than this game?” segments, for which he requires competitors’ consoles.

            2. Actually, I’m fairly sure that Miyamoto doesn’t really own consoles. He likes making games but he’s said he isn’t as much of a fan of playing games, preferring to do things like play the banjo and garden.

    2. I think Nintendo is honest; but Microsoft is NOT. Their own employees clapped at the Xbox Reveal event, nobody in the audience. They block comments on YouTube of people saying anything bad about the Xbox brand (on their own videos) and flat-out LIE to interviewers and keep changing their Xbox One and Live policies to be the “cool kid” brand (which they’re not). Nintendo does lie, but only about release dates and I think that’s fine.

      1. Well, can’t back them up on the for nintendo but its pretty bad to hear that a rumore is stating that xbox is selling their studios and campain. Here is the rumor…video and all, on the video fro youtube in the decription, he gives the websites leading back and forth…oh the irony, patcher also included…BIG TIME!

    3. I think he means it, but only because I think anyone that high up in a company has to convince themselves that they mean what they say, because a lot is depending on them. He might not say the same exact things if he had our perspective, but he’s not able or allowed to have that perspective. If a company is going to try to be the best they first have to believe it themselves. So, in a way, he HAS to mean it.

  2. Pot Kettle much….

    I do agree though, there’s nothing on the new systems that i really want. Only “next gen” game i want is MGSV.
    All the other games are on the WiiU.

      1. You as much as we have battled a little in the past, are a good selector of games. Therefore I shall buy wonderful 101 when the pounds allow it :).

        1. It’s worth it.
          It has a learning curve (not so much for me, i played tons of Okami, so it was natural), and the game will push your shit in, it’s no push over, but it’s fun as hell, bonkers, and just awesome.

            1. About as hard as Bayonetta on normal i’d say.

              I died a bunch of times, but it’s not punishing to die, it’ll just reduce you score at the end, which only really matters to people trying to get the highest score.

              The difficulty is really about all centred around timing, and managing your unite gauge well, and not letting yourself get overwhelmed, but the game also has other gameplay types, which i won’t spoil.

              1. That’s sounds really entertaining indeed, I will probably buy TW101 as one of my first games…

                1. It’s worth it.

                  And it’s basically a Saturday Morning Cartoon, which is awesome.

                  Very few flaws with the game, and even then, they aren’t that big.

                  1. Great!

                    Thanks for the quick description, this game represents everything I want a game to be, Fun,Challenging,Original and probably a great soundtrack too…

                    1. I honestly can’t remember that much. The main theme, the Wonderful Mart song and some of the smaller music clips are good, but can’t remember any others.

                      Vorkken’s theme is really good though.

                    2. Ok…

                      Well I’ll find out when I get my hands on the game…

                      And thanks for not “hating” me today…*wink*

        2. Also assuming it’s similar to Metal Gear Rising where the final completion screen time is all your successful attempts, excluding cutscenes, only gameplay, it’s a 10 hour game, and i missed loads of optional and secret missions, and there’s tons of collectables and achievements.

                    1. SEE? That “i” instead of “I”.
                      Well, I was kidding in a sense, but we had a lot of cat fights in the past about the stupidest things.

      1. Ok? I never said it didn’t, so what’s your point?
        I already made my point about how ironic it is that Reggie said this, and yes it has been nearly a year. A year of people like you constantly saying the same shit over, like it’s news. We get it, shut up. So play the damn games or keep it shut

        1. look at all the other games for the other systems already. nuff said.

          look at all the other games on last gen that been released since wii u nuff said again.

          reggie is uncreditable and is shit. meh, nintendo gives me a meh taste. most of there games are mario rehashes or the same 5 things every time, mario zelda smashbros, mario kart and retros projects. every time. in the whole console life throw in 5 other games. yay

          meh, what a good point reggie. maybe do a good job or get back to the trash where you came from, pizza hut.

          1. ….whatever dude.
            I’m playing both the WiiU and the PS4 by 2014. It’s a win/win situation for me.

          2. So…if Microsoft and Sony diss the Wii U, it’s okay?
            If Sony disses the Xbox One on an event as bit as E3, it’s awesome news?
            Yet when Reggie states his honest opinion in a small interview, all shit breaks loose, and everyone has to then send him death threats? Are you fucking kidding me? And yeah, he’s correct. The launch line-up for the PS4 and Xbox One are bad.

            Wii U will likely dominate next year.

              1. Everyone’s been crying and moaning over the 2DS yesterday…

                I don’t even understand why…it’s not even a remodel, it’s an option, and yet the internet is like “who’s smoking crack?”. It’s Nintendo’s money, not their own

                1. Nintendo is doing what all gamning companies should do. Provide options, provide variety, strive to deliver fun & entertainment to EVERYONE and have as many cost effective options as possible.

                  Kudo’s to Nintendo, I just hope they market it properly!

                  1. Exactly. If Sony brought a clamshell Vita that was only Wifi, and had a larger built in memory, i’d buy that in a second. Although im buying a Vita now anyway…maybe haha need a couple more games to come out…

                    1. I’m still waiting on the massive JRPG they keep teasing. They need to hurry up!

              1. To be fair, the launch line-up of X1 and PS4 games deserve a smacking. It’s downright disappointing.

            1. WiiU will Dominate next year? You seem to forget that the PS3 is still getting support from Sony and 3rd Party Dev’s. Not everyone is jumping ship into next gen so dont ignore them in you’re little prediction.

              1. Well, lets put it this way, if they don’t do something soon, nintendo will fuck them over. To me as a true gamer, that’s kinda bad too see. Nothing against them but they better pick their shit up, solve any problems they got now, and come up with something better then just one good IP…Keywhole. Nintendo’s heavy hitters are here and its not going to look good if the competition get heavily screwed.

          3. This coming from the guy who praises every “new” shooter and action game that third parties come out with on Sony or Micro systems.

            Your opinion = “meh”.

          4. So Nintendo is the one with the same games not Sony or Microsoft with there bloody shooters? That’s why I only have like 5 ps3 and Xbox 360 games and will never get the Xone! I may get ps4 for kingdom hearts but if they make it for the U then the ps4 will never be in my house either!

    1. I hated FF XIII with a passion, but if I had a PS4 I’m sure I would be stupid enough to buy the fifteenth. Apart from that, Watch Dogs sure looks good on the PS4, and I’m sure there will be tons of new role playing games.
      That said, I really hope Nintendo decides to make some more things with the Wii U other than recycling ideas and remaking old games in HD. Pikmin is the only games they’ve made I’m interested in.

      1. Yeah, FFXV should be good…should haha

        If Atlus made Persona 5 for the PS4 i’d loose my shit, that would be a dream.

        1. I still hope they’re making it for PS3, I don’t want to buy a next gen system just yet.

          1. I’d rather it was for PS4.
            The extra power means they could make the game big. Right now it looks really linear, just like FFXIII…needs to be open.

      2. There’s not a lot of remixed games from Nintendo. Most HD remakes are on PS Vita (even though Vita displays in SD, but whatever) by Sony because they are desperate for sales and don’t have any original ideas.

    2. I’m in the same boat. I’m really excited for Metal Gear Solid V and Final Fantasy XV (Whenever it comes out), but for the most part that’s about it. I really Smash Bros., Mario, Zelda and all that Nintendo goodness.

      It;s funny, i’m actually more excited to play the games on my current gen consoles that I didn’t get a chance to play. PS3 library is really solid at the moment.

      1. Same xD
        I’ve got Lords of Shadow 2 and Dark Souls 2 to look forward to for my PS3.

        The only reason i might get a PS4 is so i can play the better versions of Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4 (if it’s good).

  3. He’s right, the PS4 and XBone line ups are pretty dull, but he’s hardly one to talk. It’s like all three companies decided that having a solid selection of launch wasn’t important anymore.

    1. To be honest no console launch is “good”. There’s times where stuff like Twilight Princess have been launch games, but in case like that it’s still generally just one game, not a handful

    1. Regginator nintendo commander showing his 2004 characteristics, I am loving this. PS4 and xboxdone lineup ‘MEH’ is correct for their release windows. Last guardian would have put the WiiU in defensive mode had it released in Japan in the first three months.

      1. Indeed…

        Soon the flood of games will arrive just like the 3DS plus the announced price cut for the Wii U yesterday = Epic Victory!

      2. To be fair, we still haven’t seen the Japanese lineup for the PS4. The Sony conference in September, plus TGS should show more. *Hopefully* TLG is there. Hopefully.

  4. I always wondered, when Nintendo employees say negative stuff about the competition, do they really mean it? Or are they just saying it because they get paid to say it?

    1. Nintendo employees don’t say mundane stuff about competition. That is Jack tretton. My goodness lol, he bashes Microsoft every chance gets.

      1. And what wonderful bashes they are…

        The sonyan Lord Tretton has an arrogance I have begun to like a bit more recently…

        He has some sense in that Sonyan Brain of his…

        1. That entire part of E3 was the most ballsy and honest move they’ve ever done. To come on stage at E3 and apologies takes guts, but it shows the main point….that they care about gaming. They fucked up, they fixed it, but they didn’t sweep it under the rug. This moment gave me more respect for Sony than anything else they’ve done.

          I’d like to see microsoft, ea, ubisoft or even nintendo come on stage and do the same, not in a lawyer written PR letter.

          1. To be fair, the current state of our Empire and the Playstation “Outage” is a bit different…

            Though no one could predict that the Wii U would sell so bad its first year, it didn’t harm people any more than being frustrated for not having so many quality games as had been planed to be released at launch…

            The Playstation incident violated people’s security data so it was a bit more serious…

            But maybe Lord Iwata apologizes officially on a Nintendo Direct in the near future?…

            1. Nobody was really harmed with the PlayStation outage. People just didn’t get to game online for a while. There was no proof that any information was actually stolen, and no cases of people’s information being used.

              Sony saw someone was on the network that shouldn’t have been, so they shut it down to prevent any further intrusion while they worked to fix the security.

              Also, Nintendo’s networks have been hacked too. Most hacks don’t even get noticed by the populace. For Sony, it was just an opportune media blitz and PR mishap that blew everything WAY out of proportion. NO network is safe from hackers. Companies, even government institutions with more sensitive information, get hacked every single day.

              That said, I don’t think Dragon was comparing the PSN outage to any problem Nintendo is having now; Just a hypothetical situation.

  5. “…for us it’s about games, about the fun, about the entertainment value, and not about the tech…”

    Lord Regginator

  6. So when asked about his competition, Reggie replies with “meh”. Dismissive, yes, but if I were asked, I’d say the same thing too. The only game that interests me is Knack. I must be real boring!

    Anyway, the games coming out for Nintendo appear to be plentiful when compared to the new console releases. Factor in the price cut, and that beautiful Wind Waker HD bundle, and Nintendo are set for the holiday season in the US.

      1. I have been seeing more gameplay and details about the game and I’m liking what I see more.

        Plus, it’s coming from the guy who helped create Sonic, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Spyro. I have some faith in him. What’s more, people on the current team helped make some of the most influential games seen over the years.

        I doubt the game will blow me away, but it should be fun.

        1. I guess it all depends to the indicidual…

          Personally I have never been a big fan about such games…

          1. I suppose. Yeah, everyone’s gaming tastes differ. I still want to support more of these types of games. The industry is getting too saturated with the same stuff over and over again.

    1. Too bad the Wii U will fail hard in Australia. No price cut, no WW HD bundle, it’s like Nintendo of Australia wants to fail!

      1. Seriously?!
        Hopefully it’s in the works, it’s just not be announced yet….to be honest though, i imagine everyone just imports from the UK in Aus.

        1. Yeah, everyone will import from UK. I have no idea what’s going on with Nintendo of Australia though

          1. Weird. Although gaming in Australia has always been odd. Like banning Saints Row 4…i don’t even get why that happened?

      1. Seriously, when are you going to shut the fuck up with your arrogant fanboy-tastic crap? You obviously sold your Wii U, so the best thing you can do now, is continue coming to these sites and keep trolling shoving to everyone that your system is the ‘best’, and that the Wii U is shit. Seriously, if you don’t have interest in the Wii U, GET THE FUCK OUT! I don’t understand how many times people need to exclaim this.

          1. I wasn’t even replying to his comment. I was replying to him in general. I know he’s a troll, it’s not like I’m “falling” for him. I’m just telling him to get the fuck off his ass and enjoy some fresh air. Right now, he very well suits that skeleton from Eternal Darkness that he uses as his profile picture.

  7. The WiiU price drop is beautiful. It is $200 cheaper than the xboxone, $100 dollars cheaper than the powerful PS4 at 1080P 60fps( WiiU that is ) every game releasing on the café this Christmas holiday. Question is what is a 2DS. The worst idea nintendo has had since virtual boy. I don’t care if it sells, it is just Wrong. Will buy one just for a collectable to sell in the future lol.

    1. 2ds and wiiu combined are same price as ps4


        1. To get the full features out of the PS4:

          PS4 console: $400
          PS4 Eye: $60
          PS Vita for remote play: $200

          Online: $50 a year

          Total Cost not including online: $660

              1. Compared to the PS3 price in Australia at launch. It’s an extremely good price. Plus Vita isn’t essential for the full experience and the eye won’t be used at all. But I’d happily pay that price two times over. (Which I actually am)

                Fanboys like you won’t though ;) You seem hell bent on devaluing the PS4.

                1. It is if you want all the features. The eye won’t be used at all? So you can predict the future? I’m not sure how this makes me a fanboy. Your reply is too stupid.

                  1. I saw you’re argument with SimplyG. You are nothing but a blind drone. Eye won’t be used unless it is forced upon developers. Kinect was bairly used at all on 360. It’s common sense (wouldn’t exoect that from you though :P )

                    You’re not a “Gamingfan” either. A real gaming fan would not try and convince people not to buy a console on THERE opinion. They would allow the person to choose themselves.

                    1. Me and Simply G had different opinions. All I said was there is not point in getting a PS4 at launch. Exacly, opinions. Doesn’t make me a fanboy. Try harder.

                    2. Simply G said he didn’t believe the 2DS looked that great, you instantly went off topic and attacked DS4 which had nothing to do with the 2DS. YOU = FANBOY.

                    3. Yeah, comparing two different things makes you a fanboy. Do you know how stupid you sound? lol.

                    4. It’s the fact you brought it up made you a fanboy. It was clearly irrelevant and you only used it to white knight Nintendo. It had nothing to do with the conversation, and you’re comparing a controller to a handheld console? Desperation much?

                      Fanboys these days, sheesh.

                    5. I can compare what I like. I also wrote that I thought the button layout on the 2DS was terrible but you can keep trying.

                    6. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen you both argue…its waaaay cheaper to get the wii u because the system and games are the only prices you get and depending on how many games you get will determine the full price outcome. Say you want one more game or two…price is like 424 dollars tax included by 12 dollars extra.

                      If what I hear is true from Playstation, then someone is coping from both nintendo and xbox. Xbox is cheaper if the rumor is true by a 100 dollars from-no wait…I gotta fix my math on that.

                      Sorry gamingfan, I’m gonna borrow this estimate:

                      PS4 console: $400

                      PS4 Eye: $60

                      PS Vita for remote play: $200

                      Online: $50 a year

                      Total Cost not including online: $660

                      Xbox 1 system cost 600

                      Arcade: depends some are free and at most are 20

                      Live for a year is 50

                      Controllers: 60

                      Kennects: Hmm, embarrassing to say that I forgot their price line but it was not cheap either, so I’m guessing 100 dollars…

                      Games are 60 (highest price for most)

                      total is $743.99 tax NOT included so about 740 dollars

                      Wii u price (taken from september’s price drop) cost: 300

                      Controller Pro: 40

                      Rechargeable stand and stand-up cradle: 20

                      UBS rechargeable cable for wii u gamepad/pro controller: 20

                      Games: 60 (not including xenoblade, prime collection, or the WWHD figurine pack with game, if included it would be about roughly 260 to 270 dollars more, tax included)

                      Energizer wii u plus wii remote charger stand: 40

                      Total: 460 dollars. With xenoblade, prime collection, and the WWHD figurine pack with game it would be 700 to 710 dollars.

                      So over all Wii U is cheaper without the 3 high priced games…if they were included, PS4 would have been cheaper and xbox still the most.

                  1. If you’re in Australia, the Wii U offer and price is absolute shit. No good bundle, no price cut, no WW HD Bundle, Wii U is set to die here the rate it’s going. Which I’m upset about, I love my Wii U, Seems Nintendo hates supporting it in Australia though

                2. Compared to the PS3 launch, it’s still horrendous.
                  The Eye will be necessary for any gamer that wants to do any sort of video chat or take advantage of certain game features, and the Vita is being pushed BY SONY THEMSELVES as something that they want you to believe you’ll need for the full experience, as it’s the only way that the PS4 can possibly offer remote play.

                  Then you go on to call someone else a fanboy while stating that you’d gladly pay $500+ for all of that, 2 times over?

                  Check yourself, bro; you’re just as much a fanboy if you’d really pay a thousand bucks or more to Sony for a mere upgrade in specs and pretty pixels.

                  1. I buy all consoles and a PC. Hardly a fanboy. Those features are optional, not essential. They give you the option. Yes I’d buy them 2 times over. One for my bedroom, one for my entertainment room.

                    Please explain how being able to afford stuff makes me a fanboy? Fuck the idiocy is rampant in this community.

                  2. “Oh you can afford to buy multiple consoles? FANBOY FANBOY! Sony Lover! Xbot! Even though you have owned every console to date and will spend $1000+ because you can afford it, you’re still a fanboy!”

                    That is what you sound like. It really is embarrassing. Now I remember why I hated this site.

                    1. I like what all companies have to offer, Nintendo is my childhood, always a special place for them in my heart. Frankly, if the Wii U had support and the power of the PS4, I would be Nintendo only. But I buy all consoles, because I like ALL COMPANIES. I support all companies.

                      Unlike you … who just calls anyone stupid for supporting the games industry by purchasing more consoles and games.

                      But ok, I’m a fanboy, I respect all companies. My god, such a terrible excuse of a gamer aren’t I?

                    2. So you’re basically saying you would buy and console even if their games were terrible. Sigh, too stupid.

                3. Dude, that $660 price, like always, will be even WORSE in Australia. It will be surely close to $800, or more! Australia still gets the crappiest prices. All those devices at $660 is never going to happen. Jeez, I built my PC for $2000 here when I could’ve built the SAME PC in the US for $900…

                  1. You Aussie too? Straya!

                    Yeah, the only console decently priced here is the 3DS. 2DS price I’m surprised wasn’t jacked up further than it was. Everything else is massively overpriced. But since PS4 is region free ;) Amazon here I come for massive savings to bring the price down.

        1. You guys got it rough…I’d say barrow an american website and buy from them or move to america. (you don’t really need too, just saying). Then again, that’s me being stupid. What would you do?

          1. For everything non Nintendo, I’m going through Everything Nintendo I’m buying from the UK. I’ve saved thousands by doing that.

  8. But do you really expect the guy in charge of Nintendo to say anything positive about the competitor’s lineup?

    1. How? The PS4 is actually selling more pre-orders than the Wii U did and is over 4 million world wide…. and that’s in PRE-ORDERS… sorry, I love Nintendo but really this is just silly.

      1. Keep in mind that a large chunk of those pre-orders are likely to go right back onto E-Bay and Amazon and Craig’s List and other sites like them, only at horrendous mark-ups.
        The hype for the system is so huge that it’s become a price-gouger’s dream target. I wouldn’t be surprised if a solid quarter of those pre-orders are going to be from people looking to re-sell to the desperate.

        1. Still means the console sold more units than the Wii U so you’ve got a pretty flawed logic there.

      2. LolWut? You meant 1 million….not 4. When you try to call out bullshit, do it in a sensible and believable way.

        1. I made a mistake, so what? You Nintendo fans can’t expect the fact that Nintendo makes mistakes so why bother. Still means the PS4 is actually doing better than Nintendo in terms of sales, the Wii U didn’t even reach to 1 million on its launch day. I’m sorry Nintendrone, I love Nintendo but even I know when to say they fucked up.

    1. That bundle wouldn’t make any sense because there is no connectivity between the WiiU and the 2DS. There are no feautures you can use the 2DS on the WiiU for. Therefore, that bundle would be entirely pointless.

    2. I was hoping for a double Zelda feature. 3DS XL Zelda themed with game + The WiiU zelda theme with game for $450.

  9. Good and all Reggie, but you DON’T have Zelda, you DON’T have Donkey Kong. Those are still to come. Your launch line up sucked big time, as does the PS4 and Xbox One’s

  10. What makes me mad about Nintendo is that they don’t care about technology and only the games. Id rather want the Wii U almost as strong the PS4/Xbox One than having a game pad (don’t get me wrong I love the game pad).

    1. F*** that, the gamepad is the only interesting thing this gen. Sure, I wish the WiiU had more ram but I would much rather have the gamepad. The WiiU isn’t weak, it is just not as powerful as the others this gen.

      1. To be honest…. DualShock 4 actually looks more interesting than the Wii U gamepad… Don’t get me wrong its awesome and all but the DualShock 4 controller looks more comfortable and fancy, while the Wii U gamepad at times looks like a Fisher Price toy (the white Gamepad does anyway).

        To be honest the PS4 has the best line up of LAUNCH TITLES while the Wii U has the best LINE UP. Think about it… the PS4 is getting released a year after the Wii U so its pretty obvious why the Wii U will be ahead in terms of 1st party games.

        1. Well that’s the first time iv’e heard anyone say anything positive about the DS4. Personally I don’t really like it but I never really liked the DS design to begin with but it won’t stop me from getting a PS4 down the road.

          1. Actually quite a lot of people have praised the DualShock 4 (Those who actually went and felt the controller)

        2. Until I try it out first hand, I’m not going to judge the comfortableness of the DS4. Gamepad is extremely comfortable though. X1 controller looks extremely comfortable, just I don’t want an X1 yet.

          1. So I’m guessing your never felt the DS4 then, huh?

            I’d have to say its more comfortable than the Xbox One controller and Wii U Gamepad but thats probably because I was born with Asian like hands.

        3. In all honesty, as much as I hate to say this, the Xbox One has the best launch line-up and amount of exclusives available at launch out of the three. The Wii U had the most disappointing one. The Wii U beats everything line-up wise in general, because they have yet to announce MANY exclusives for 2014, and this year is looking very good with the big franchises coming by November and December.

          1. Meh, I’d say it was okay. Dead Rising 3 is the only game I see as interesting but the rest are multiplats with the exception of Forza which to be honest… is horrible compared to games like GT and Project Gotham Racing. Also, Killer Instinct is a scam to get people to buy 8 characters which most of them won’t be out at launch. So really Xbox One only has a few good games but the like of TitanFall are available on PC and we already have word that Respawn might make TitanFall on PS4 seeing how it also has cloud computing as well.

            To me PS4 has the better launch line up because it has better indie titles and even some heavy hitter like Minecraft and Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture which is actually made by the same guys who made Dear Ester.

  11. “We’ve got Zelda. We’ve got Mario. We’ve got Donkey Kong. In addition to great titles like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, I feel very good about our lineup”

    Were those games available at launch, Reggie? Didn’t think so.

  12. I don’t know, Reggie isn’t really in the position to criticize other companies’ launch line-ups. I mean, both the WiiU and the 3DS had terrible launch line-ups as well, even more terrible than those of the PS4 and Xbox One in my opinion. I do understand that it’s his opinion and that the launch games of the two new consoles maybe aren’t of his taste, but he really isn’t in the position to be that arrogant.

  13. He is sort of right, sure there are good games on the list, less then the U had. But almost all I can buy with my 360 now, both new systems have a few new games one or two exclusives and the rest is filled with games I can buy now…they may not look as good but the gameplay has to be identical…none of those Nintendo games I could buy on my wii, period…so that allows me to wait to get a bone or ps4 for taxes next year and roll with my U and 360 for quite a while. You guys may not like that but it makes since

  14. I have to agree with Reggie on this one. I’ve been paying attention to the PS3.5 and XBone news and I haven’t seen anything out of those consoles that draw me to them.

    Heck, I was even at a big comic con last weekend where they actually had kiosks for those consoles. I didn’t try because of the big lineup, but they look nothing like next-gen consoles.

    And given the fact that I still don’t trust Sony and Microsofts drm stances, I’m going to stick with my Wii U this gen.

  15. Don’t care if I’m labelled a fanboy, I agree. There’s nothing on the PS4/X1 that interests me that I can’t get on my Wii U instead.

    1. So you are judging from Console that aren’t even out yet over a console that has been out for months?…. okay..

      1. Im talking about the currently announced games, not the consoles themselves. The only game that interests me at all is Watch Dogs, and I can get that for my Wii U. Why would I buy a PS4/X1 if the only game i’m interested in so far is on a console I already have?

  16. The launch for PS4 seems descent enough to me. I’m not too interested in many of the titles but there are some solid ones for people to enjoy. I haven’t really looked into the Xbone’s launch but I think it has Dead Rising 3…and that to me is a damn good launch title.

  17. I’m not sure he’s in position to call the competition ‘meh’. Nintendo is playing it ridiculously safe, bar bayo2 and w101 (which they don’t fucking market). At least the competition is making efforts outside the safety net, something Nintendo can’t really say about themselves. You’re riding on nostalgia and that’s largely what keeps you aflpst right now, don’t fool yourselves.

  18. Hahahahaha! Well, its not like the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS had great launch title lineups either! What a hypocrite. Just like the 3DS, they will get their awesome titles in time.

  19. killzone 3 sold 2.49m global
    mario galaxy sold 10.87m global
    donkey kong country returns sold 6.01m global
    ps4 launch lineup is meh.

    1. So you are judging a game that has only been around since the PS2 over a game that has been around longer?…. Seem legit… oh wait… no it doesn’t.

      I find your logic is flawed in many ways because Killzone isn’t as well known as Mario or Donkey Kong so its pretty obvious why it only sales decently. As a matter of fact KillZone Shadow Fall is the most pre-ordered game on the PS4, next to DriveClub, Infamous Second Son and so on. Also, judging a launch line up from just ONE title is pretty ignorant but I’d expect that from a Zombified Nintendrone such as yourself.

      I love Nintendo but even they fuck up at times, I’ll even admit Sony fucking up on like the Vita and PS3.

      1. if sony games were good people would buy them.
        top ten ps3 games.

        1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3 2011 Shooter Activision
        2 Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 2010 Shooter Activision
        3 Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3 2012 Shooter Activision
        4 Gran Turismo 5 PS3 2010 Racing Sony Computer Entertainment
        5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 2009 Shooter Activision
        6 Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 2008 Action Take-Two Interactive
        7 FIFA Soccer 13 PS3 2012 Action Electronic Arts
        8 Battlefield 3 PS3 2011 Shooter Electronic Arts
        9 FIFA Soccer 12 PS3 2011 Sports Electronic Arts
        10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3 2007 Shooter Activision

        1. You have some terribly flawed logic, there.

          “if sony games were good people would buy them.” *Proceeds to list Call of Duty games*

          So what you’re telling me, according to your logic, Call of Duty is the best game in the world. Right? Because that’s what people are buying on the system a lot.

          I’m sure you have heard this before but Quantity =/= Quality.

            1. That’s a stupid statement. CoD sells the most because it appeals to casuals (especially teenagers, who enjoy playing the game with their classmates). And everyone knows the casual gamer crowd is way bigger than the “hardcore” gamer crowd.
              And even then, “hardcore” gamers play this game.

  20. wii u system sellers

    new super mario bros u
    new super luigi u
    pikmin 3
    wonderful 101
    wind waker hd
    sonic lost world
    dk tropical freeze
    mario 3d world
    mario and sonic
    super smash
    shin megami tensai x fire emblem
    yarn yoshi
    3rd sonic game
    myamotos new game
    zelda 2015

    1. Not sure you can really call all of those system sellers. ;/ Plus, most of those weren’t even available at launch, which is what this is mainly about. Launch lineups.

        1. Okay but how does that tell us anything about a game that isn’t out yet ? Or, how is that even relevant in any way at this point ?
          And what do you mean with “still better than Killzone…” ? What is still better than Killzone ? A list of upcoming games for the WiiU ? Are you comparing a list of games to one single game ? If yes, what’s the point and how is it supposed to make sense ?
          So many questions, but no meaningful answers you can give me to them.

  21. Everyone over at IGN is getting so butt hurt about this.

    Sony says “We’re insulted by the competition” and nobody cares.

    Microsoft says “We have the best games” and nobody cares.

    Nintendo says a 3 letter word that isn’t even a real word and everybody flips shit.

    1. Can’t spell IGNorant without IGN… proof of the reading is in the spelling.

      Of course everyone on any mainstream gaming media website is going to flip shit and rage quit whenever Nintendo is mentioned. Nintendo is doomed, after all. Let the sheep bleat their rhetoric.

  22. I’m pretty sure we all know that Reggie is eventually going to own both PS4 and Xbox One. He’s a gamer but his job is to be a businessman. I think he said this just to create a little bit of hype for Wii U and to cause a little bit of a rivalry when the new consoles launch. I don’t think any harm to the other companies were meant by his statements.

  23. What the fuck are you talking about, Reggie. OF COURSE you have to pay attention to technology. That’s the main thing that brings costumers to your products. That’s why your consoles are so mediocre and suck.

  24. I also said “meh” to the Ps4 lineup. The fact is, this is coming from the Nintendo US President, so, no surprises.

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