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Blindsided Again By Nintendo 2DS: The Device Has Only One Screen


It has come to light that Nintendo’s newest portable gaming console, the Nintendo 2DS, appears to have two separate screens, but in reality has only one. The system actually employs a unique single-screen design, with the extraneous parts of its one screen hidden by the hardware to create the impression that two screens are present. This means that both the top and bottom portions of the screen are touch-sensitive, but the top portion is simply covered by a layer of plastic to conceal it from human hands. In addition to its reduced battery life and monaural audio output, this single-screen layout allowed Nintendo to cut costs on the 2DS even further. The handheld will retail for $129.99 upon its October 12th launch.

Nintendo announced the release of the new portable console on Wednesday, revealing that it will play both 3DS and Nintendo DS games, while retaining all of the gameplay controls of the 3DS. Reactions to the system have been strong, with some saying that the design is ugly and pointless, while others claim 2DS will give Nintendo even more of an edge among younger audiences. Whether or not the 2DS catches on,  the success of the 3DS leaves Nintendo poised to retain its comfortable lead in the handheld console market.


63 thoughts on “Blindsided Again By Nintendo 2DS: The Device Has Only One Screen”

    1. Seems kinda dumb. If you were playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass, you couldn’t get past the part where you have to close the DS to imprint the map onto the other screen.

      1. Not to mention everything else about it is terrible. Why the weird wedge shape? The whole thing is so unergonomic and garish. Worse battery, smaller screens than XL. And why no second circle pad? You could fit it on there three times over.
        I really hate this thing. Passionately.

        1. Oh my god, how many times do I have to explain the second analogue stick. It WON’T HAPPEN in this generation of hardware. It would fragment the userbase and force people to upgrade or buy the add on. And the Circle Pad Pro ADDS EXTRA SHOULDER BUTTONS. It isn’t as simple as slapping on another stick.
          The device is designed to be cheap to produce. The thing would be huge and drain battery it can’t afford to drain if it had XL screens. Use some goddamn common sense and if a product isn’t for you, don’t buy it.

          1. I personally took the time and emailed Nintendo asking everything i could about the 2DS.
            They responded with the design is for “Young kids who are ready to move beyond their parents’ phones to a more complete gaming experience.” , “Nintendo DS-owning families who are ready to experience the latest Nintendo handheld games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.” and “Lapsed or prospective gamers of all ages who are interested in gaming but want to start with a lower-priced system.”
            the lack of 3D is cause it can damage still developing eyes of kids under the age of seven. it gives the parents relief from the worry that their kids will sneakily use the 3D.
            The XL is a joke, all they did was increase the screen size not the resolution, and used a cheaper plastic. Like the guy above me said the second circle pad will not happen this generation, for a few reasons, 1. it will increase the cost to make, 2. it would require a complete redesign of the 3DS, 3. a force upgrade for people who already own a 3DS.
            i’ll reiterate what i said, the 2DS is designed for kids under the age of 7. marketed for parents of little kids, who want to play the new games that come out only for the 3DS.
            if you dont like it then dont buy it, and save your time bitching about it on the net.

        2. I agree. To me it’s pointless. They’re just going back on what, a year ago, they were saying was the greatest thing. Sure it’s great for kids but to me it’s seems like with the Wii Mini and now this they’re just coming out with much much worse “improvements” to old systems that they need to hold their ground on.

        1. Still, no one would be able to figure out how to solve the puzzle, seeing as the solution is now completely random.
          But if people want to pay $130 or whatever it costs for a doorstop that can also hold a 3DS cartridge then whatever.

          1. I remember how I solved it, I got pissed off and closed my DS so I could figure it out later :P after I opened it I was freaking out and then looked in my players guide (I got for free with it) and it all made sense.

            1. This is EXACTLY how I did it to. It was before a class, and I couldn’t figure it out, so I closed it to figure it out next time. When I opened it, I was so confused. On my second play through I had to google the puzzle since it didn’t click how I solved it.

      2. Actually, if you pay attention, the sleep mode function is available as a slider on the bottom of it, and closing the DS actually activates the sleep mode. Sleep mode = closed. I know this because it’s the same with ALL DS handhelds.

      3. Yes you can. You just have to hit the sleep switch on the 2DS. The sleep switch on the 2DS does exactly the same thing that closing the 3DS and DS does.

  1. Hmm? Nope, Until I see a teardown, it has two screens. I want the case removed to prove the point. I can’t see it being made with only one screen.

    It’s one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” moments.

      1. It’s basically aimed toward children, and I doubt that six year olds care about the speaker system.

        But for anyone else buying it, I can see it being a disappointment.

      2. Its terrible when you think the original 24 year old, pea green gameboy was in stereo and with a better battery life. I like tha nintendo are making a cheap alternative for the 3DS but this console just seems lazy. The whole no clamshell idea is awful and goes against the whole portable idea,the machine looks bigger than the wii u gamepad.
        Really they should have just made a smaller version of the xl and remove the 3d function.

        1. The slate design is meant to make the device more sturdy. Hence the hinges although strong may not be enough for small children, also portability wise kids do not carry portable smalls devices anymore. So many kids have tablets which are actually larger.

  2. People are overreacting to this system. It is optional and no one has to buy it if they already have a 3DS or 3DS XL. They just complain just to complain. This is like the 3DS XL, Nintendo made it so people can see the screens better and people complain. I think this is a great handheld idea for those who are on a budget.

    Let’s stay positive people. This is just a machine and you are stressing out over it.

  3. A shame that they covered the top screen. They could’ve made the 2ds double touch screen a thing and made exclusive games for it in addition to being able to play DS and 3DS games.

    1. No, you’re missing the point.
      This isn’t a new console it’s a cheaper alternative.
      That would be like making games that are only playable on the Wii mini.

  4. sinclare spectrum 128k floppy drive

    lol ltfol FUCKING JUST LAFF WILL U lol

    wiiu windwaker hd bundle and a 2DS can be both purchosed in the UK at the same release price of PS4

    2 systems 1 game same price as a stupid obsolete box and 19996 controller and no game


  5. Reduced battey life! Seriously the 3DS already has terible battery life.

    Will probably sell alot with parents geting it for thier kids for pokemon.

    They will have to change the box art for new 3DS games to say either Nintendo 3DS/2DS instead of the big Nintendo 3DS logo that is currently on the right hand side of all boxes, it would make it clearer than having it in the small compatability box they have on the back of all 3DS game boxes.

    1. “Reduced battery life” simply means that Nintendo heard parents complaining about their kids “playing too much”, and Nintendo is giving reason for children to not play in marathons. I guess that was a bit tricky though to catch on.

  6. You can get the original 3Ds for an addition 50$: much better look, extended battery life, ACTUAL DUAL SCREENS, 3D, Stereo sound (why the f* mono still exist on today’s hardware is beyond me).. That extra investment is more than worth it, imo.

    1. You’re completely missing the point. It’s for kids. They don’t care about stereo sound or 3D or anything. It isn’t targeted at you, with your extra money to spare and your tech expectations. I’d buy this for my kids over a 3DS and save the money, because they only care about the games they’ll be able to play on it anyway.

      1. A very valid point friend. Thank you for saying it before me, less time spent talking. *cookie*

        Kids don’t care, they just wanna play games. If they want stereo, they’ll pop in earbuds or a set of PC speakers. No big deal.

        I have my 3DS XL, and if I could save up to get something for my nieces and nephews, I’d get them each one of these and a game I play so we can all play together.

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  8. How can it be one screen if the screens are meant to have different resolutions? They probably downgraded the top screen resolution

  9. Lol reduced battery life so what does that make it 2-3 hours now? Remember the ds had 20 hours battery life? I took that thing to cuba for a week and it didn’t die.

  10. This blog keeps saying that the 2DS has worse battery life than the 3DS, but that’s not true at all. Maybe research a bit more before posting?

    The 2DS has worse battery life than the 3DS XL, but it actually surpasses the battery life of the original 3DS. It’s like a fine middleground.

    1. I have a 3DS and I want a 2DS. Nintendo- Takes 3DS, makes it a sturdy tablet, Jacks the price down, Kills the uneeded 3D, Adds cooler sleep mode. Nice, Nintendo. 2DS is no longer a portable, ITS A TABLET NOW! :)

      1. (I SENT THESE FROM THIS WEBSITE WITH MAH 3DS). If 2DS is failure, Nintendo doesn’t crash. Finally learning from their mistakes. Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, NINTENDO NUMBER 1

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