Rage Of The Gladiator Could Battle Its Way To 3DS eShop

The WiiWare title Rage of the Gladiator could very well be making its onscreen fighting comeback in glorious 3D. The critically acclaimed Rage of the Gladiator debuted as WiiWare in 2010 – which was originally developed by GhostFire Games – and according to recent PEGI and USK ratings, the fantasy brawler could be thrashing its weight over to the 3DS eShop.

From its WiiWare success, the title has since spawned an iOS and Android app developed by Gamelion Studios. However, the recent ratings suggest that the game could be coming full circle, bringing its colourful array of bosses to Nintendo’s handheld. Though there has been no official confirmation from either of the developers, an eShop game could very well be in development.

Update: Rage of the Gladiator has officially been confirmed for the 3DS eShop, you can watch the above trailer to get a feel for the title once again.


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