CoroCoro Reveals New Mewtwo Mega Evolution And Seven New Pokemon For X & Y

mewtwoEarlier this week, we reported that the latest Pokémon Smash episode teased some startling new information regarding the mega evolution for Mewtwo. Now, the newest edition of CoroCoro magazine has confirmed a few details on Mewtwo – he’s got not one but two mega forms. Mewtwo’s new mega evolution is reportedly said to be part fighting and psychic, with the ability steadfast. Though not much else is known about the second Mega Mewtwo, other than he’s a version X exclusive, we’re sure that official confirmation will arrive soon with more details. In the mean time you can check out images for the second Mega Mewtwo over on Serebii, along with a special Mega Garchomp.

In other CoroCoro news, seven new Pokémon have been revealed. Evolutions for the three starter Pokémon – Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie – have been shown with their Japanese names: Teerunaa (Fennekin), Hariboogu (Chespin) and Gerogashira (Froakie). CoroCoro magazine also displayed some other new faces – a Rock/Dragon named Chigorasu, as well a Rock/Ice named Amarasu, both are fossilized. And last but not least a normal-type dog called Torimian and, to balance the game out, a cat named Nyaonikusu of the psychic typing.

We shall, no doubt, get official confirmation in the next couple of days for these new Pokémon, along with their English names. Are you excited about the new mega Mewtwo or even Mega Garchomp? Pokémon X and Y will be released worldwide October 12.


    1. annddd they are resistant to Fighting so all Fairy Normal types can take on those pesky hand to hand combators!! Yaaay Jigglypuff! :D

      Also, it looks like Steel will become more used this generation. Heres hoping for a Mega Steelix form!!💋

    1. Well one thing’s for sure… Chespin’s pretty lame XD I still think Fennekin’s is the best only I wish they kept their evolutionary line quadropedal.. I don’t like the idea of Fennekin standing on two feet :,( 💋

      1. True,he looks like the second evolution of Torchic and we all know that didn’t look good either.At least I’m getting my Bulbasaur back!

      2. completely agree about keeping him quadropedal. I prefer pokemon being closer to animals than humanoid thingies

  1. yes yes oh god yes gibs me da poketmons am so buying i want mega charizard n mega garchump and mega metwo ftw i like mega venasoar n blastiose to am excited for thisss i want now but am hav to wait ..

    1. As a fellow Nostalgia Critic fan, I couldn’t agree more. I’m definitely catching that motherfucking T-Rex Pokemon.

  2. The new MegaMewtwo is exclusive to Pokemon Y, and the original MegaMewtwo is exclusive to Pokemon X.

    Oh, and Chespin’s evolution looks awful :( Just fallen totally out of love with him.

    1. Actually you got it backwards. The NEW Mega Mewtwo is exclusive to X while the older (yet still new :P) Mega Mewtwo form is exclusive to Y. 💋

  3. This is outrageous! CoroCoro shouldnt reveal anything without High Commands permission! They spoiled the whole fun for us now. Im sure Ms paid them like always, those damn americans think they can control the whole world with their twisted policies. This means war!

    LMAO!!!! Anyone can write this kinda shit!!

      1. You are paid by Ms, i can tell it by looking at your avatar, its green. I have been in this war so many years, so its easy to me to recognize an Xbot, which is you. I will report to High Command now.

  4. man I was gonna pick fennekin too but they destroyed its evolution -_- and I don’t like mega mewtwo X either. Still getting this game launch tho ^_^

  5. New evolutions is a crappy replacement for fun, which has been an increasingly lacking factor in the games since G/S.

  6. My god i hope those starter evolutions aren’t confirmws they look like absolute fucking shit my god I hope those aren’t at least the final evolutions

  7. I think that ruins a little bit of the chance Mewtwo had of having a down B form in SSB4… well maybe He’ll still be in the game just without a transformation, because TWO transformations wouldn’t work unless you picked at the title screen effectively making Mewtwo the first ever character to “chose” your transormation before you fight. 💋

    1. Not really. Pokemon trainer had three different “transformations” which you could pick at the character selection screen, and in Brawl, you could pick if you wanted to start as Zelda or Sheik on the character selection screen. I still don’t think it’s likely that Mewtwo would transform, even if he hopefully does make a return. I was thinking mega evolution would be a final smash, but now that seems less likely.

  8. fuck! The new much cooler mewtwo mega form is x only. fuck mewtwo x and fuck xerneas. fuck the whole pkm x game.

    1. I’m kinda mad, because I want Xerneas AND the FIRST Metwo form, but it’s exclusive to Y. :(

      Guess I’ll have to get BOTH X and Y!! :P 💋

      1. fuck that shit. you’re wasting your money for nothing. they’re the same fucking game except version exclusive pkm. nintendo sure got you.

  9. Well it looks like the second evolution of the starters they alway looks the most lame of the 3 evolution steps for starters. So no dmg is done yet there final form could be awesome

  10. Mewtwo looks like he went mega man style with that suit he put on. All the starters look crappy like most of the new Pokemon of these new generations they don’t compare to the older gen1 Pokemon. That T-Rex looks badass tho it probly won’t have an evolution since they always do that to the cool looking Pokemon ever since scyther bak in the days

  11. Chespin: Nooo! why?! D:
    Fennekin: hmm not bad, but a little mix feelings here.
    Froakie: Simple evolve, but still cool.

    Unless Chespin has an awesome final evolve form, I’ll stick with Froakie, or probably Fennekin.

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