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Miiverse Update Enables Users To Post On Friend’s Feeds


Nintendo has provided another welcomed update for users of its Miiverse social network on Wii U. The latest update allows users to directly post on their friends feeds without the need to post directly into Communities. You can now chat with friends without having to enter a dedicated community, making the social network more like Twitter.

40 thoughts on “Miiverse Update Enables Users To Post On Friend’s Feeds”

        1. Great episode, but one of my roandm grammar nazi pet peeves that really has nothing to do with anything-supernova -> supernovasIf supernovas was the singular, THEN it would be supernovi . You are pluralizing a plural, Zach :p (Unless you are doing it for some joking reason or something )

    1. Now, only a live chat system that would revolutionize gameplays and multiplayer. Live chatting from your friends list. Awesome and Nintendo can do it.

  1. Miiverse logo is green, makes me suspicious. Im sure it was Ms who released the update to spy what we are commentin on miiverse. This is outrageous, High Command doesnt have a clue. This means war! Americans are behind everything, im sure they came from Marsian.

  2. Miiverse gets better by the day. Iwata was so right in that, Miiverse should be kept seperate from facebook! I check miiverse most days, it’s ace.

    1. You are an Xbot, you know nothing. Theres no ace without face. I know your true colours, you support american terror by supporting Xbots and Sonyans, you are paid by Ms to destroy us from inside. You are an traitor so just leave.

    2. However, If, for example, I wanted to play with my friend on my friends’ list, how can I tell him right away ”hey! want to play a few races in MK8”? That;s the only thing I love about the Xbox online. I would like Nintendo to do this so I can enjoy playing with friends and die happy.

  3. now they need to update it so you can turn of getting notifications from a post that you commented on months ago lol. so annoying

          1. yeah, but after a while of receiving notifications from the same post it get annoying. especially when the notifications are just of other people making comments on a post. they should have different options. like for example an option to receive notifications only when someones reply’s to YOUR comment or posts.

  4. That’s cool, saw my Infinity board quickly blink and then noticed the yellow light pop on for a minute, was curious what the update was.

  5. There are 5 things that NIntendo should add to Miiverse

    1) Have your own “Nintendo” Avatar profile. Having the Mii characters as your profile picture is cute idea, but I would love to have more options to have any avatar picture (Have a Mario Picture, or Link picture as an avatar), like they did with XB360.

    2) Zoom in on pictures when your trying to do “Pointillism” and the checkerboard shading

    3) Save your posts before posting them to the public.

    4) Edit your post if you notice you made some grammatical issues.

    5) Have a group chat with 3 or more players.

    1. Really like your ideas. =) Here’s another thing they should add: They should also give us the ability to reply to comments on Miiverse as well and also give us a notification when they reply to you back.

        1. Technically, no. When I’m saying replying to them, I mean like a ‘Threaded Comments’ system. Like how this site has it.

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