Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic Coming To 3DS In Japan

magi_the_kingdom_of_magicNamco Bandai has picked up the rights to publish a new 3DS game in Japan called Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Originally based on a Japanese manga called Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – which has also launched an anime due to air its second season on October 6 – the 3DS title will be an action RPG following the storyline’s main protagonists. Those who follow the anime will be eager to pick up the 3DS game when it is released in Spring 2014. But if you’re looking to satiate your hunger, you can take a look at the teaser site, here. So far, Namco Bandai has only confirmed a Japanese release for the title.


    1. rite on! i watch this n naruto n yuqioh n one piece n poketmon n sonic x i want and buy this soon!

    1. ^_^ kawaii desu ne! am glad u like Quartzkun

      & people who dount giv thiss chance n bitch = bakas! ˇ^ˇ D:<


  1. ”based on a japanese manga”
    Because y’know, we don’t want people to assume it’s based on an australian manga.

    1. They make mangas in Japan? I always thought they were from Russia. Thank you for informing me it was from Japan Mynintendonews! you’ve saved my life once again!

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