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Nintendo Minute Giveaway Offers Exclusive Prizes To Gamers

For their 10th Nintendo Minute episode, Kit and Krysta are offering a grab bag of exclusive prizes to Nintendo fans. Among the loot are a gold Year of Luigi coin, an Animal Crossing gameplay guide, and the same small Pikmin worn on the shirt of Shigeru Miyamoto and others at E3. In order to win the prizes, gamers need only tweet a question to Nintendo of America with the hashtag #NintendoMinute. The four best questions will be chosen as the winners.

Nintendo Minute is a recurring video series featuring Nintendo personalities Kit and Krysta. Their episodes can be found online and in Nintendo eShops, and have covered everything from Comic-Con to the best back to school Nintendo games.

7 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute Giveaway Offers Exclusive Prizes To Gamers”

  1. I hate contests. They’re a waste of time trying. I’ve never won anything in my entire life. Even when I DO try. Except 10 dollars on a lottery scratcher. Whoopty Doo!

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