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Here’s The New AVGN Adventures Trailer

The Wii U and 3DS consoles are abuzz with many platform games, but Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is offering up more retro-goodness with its recent trailer. The title, which has just launched on Steam, has already been confirmed for Nintendo consoles, and has a view to launch on the systems in 2014. There’s been no official confirmation as to which Nintendo console will be targeted first though, only that it will be available on at least one within the eShop. You can watch the trailer above to get a feel for the game, its challenges, and its deliberate glitches, as well as check out the superb soundtrack.



  1. Is it weird that I’m actually more excited about this game than any Mario games? Being a fan of the AVGN since 2007 (and owning all of his DVD’s), this makes me very excited. Especially since it will be available on Nintendo’s systems. I was SO afraid it was going to remain just a digital download for computers. But I wonder if (when it’s released) it will be digital or if it will be a physical retail copy? I think a retail copy would be too good to be true.


  2. I honestly cant believe a game with flying rocket dildo’s is making it into the eShop, HILARIOUS! regardless, from the gameplay ive seen, it reminds me of Megaman so im so getting it.


    1. I wonder if he produced this game using the money dumb sheeptards donated to him. Either way, what a shitload of fuck. I’d rather 69 a grizzly while shoving King Kong up my ass than play this poor excuse for game! Shit, fuck, shit, shitload of fuck, cokadoody fuck, I’m angry and other such things…


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