Nintendo’s Launch Trailer For Wind Waker HD Shows Off Epic Boss Battles

Nintendo UK has released the launch trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD – and it’s not to be missed. While those of you in North America may have been sailing the great sea for the past few days with the download version, European fans have not been so lucky. But waiting for the retail release and subsequent Wii U bundle on October 4 will give fans the excuse to whet their appetite in this new trailer.

Showing off the glorious HD visuals, you’ll see over two minutes of Link running, sailing, laughing, flying, and conquering terrific bosses in epic battles. The trailer also shows off the explosive action on the limited edition Zelda Wii U GamePad and gives us a taste of what battles in both off-TV and big screen gameplay will look like. Will you be picking up the Wind Waker HD bundle on October 4, or does the boxed edition take your fancy?


  1. i dont see any special wii u gamepad usage….and this shall be a system seller? lol…metroid or starfox or f-zero would be a system seller but not a zelda remake.

    1. You’d be surprised actually. Ocarina of Time was originally on N64, they then did a 3DS remake and that sold millions…..

      1. sold millions but games, not systems. i dont think many bought a 3ds to play the old oot….and keep in mind that a 3ds is cheaper than a wii u.
        the kids arent kids anymore and i bet only the old ones love zelda, the “new” generations dont play mario anymore. they want their hardcore games.

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