Nintendo UK Opens Its Online Retail Store


Nintendo UK has finally opened its UK retail store to consumers. The store allows you to purchase the latest Nintendo software and hardware. However, you should be warned that the pricing is pretty steep compared to online retailers such as Amazon. Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and the forthcoming Super Mario 3D World are retailing for the recommended retail price of £49.99. Still, it’s nice to finally have an official store in the United Kingdom.


  1. It donesn’t matter the price, I will buy anything made by Nintendo cause they’re better than me

    1. GAME are £5-£10 more expensive than other shops on the high street and the high street is rip off..

    1. I think they’re being a tad optimistic with Nintendo Land, you can buy that anywhere else for under £20

  2. i guess nintendo cant sell it for cheap, because otherwise it would damage relationship between nintendo and retailers

  3. That’s cool I’ve wanted a Nintendo store for NOA, mostly for merch, but I’d buy games too at retail price. Especially if they added in bonuses like Gamestop does.

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