Sonic Lost World – Wii U Demo Gameplay

The Sonic Lost World demo for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS was released today in Japan and thankfully the footage has already been uploaded to Youtube. The footage shown is from the Wii U version and showcases the gorgeous Windy Hill world complete with English cutscenes. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a demo here in the West.

Thanks, Nintendaan



      1. he admitted the similarities after they went with the cylinder design of the levels

        And that Super Sonic Galaxy was so over-used that its not a joke anymore dood


    1. No, It’s a brand new Nintendo console which is currently going through a game drought because Nintendo’s marketing for it was terrible and caused a lot of confusion. Sales will pick up for it eventually when more games come out for it.


    2. I honest to god can’t tell if you just trolling or if you serious. I’m gonna assume your trolling. If you honestly think your the first person to ever make this joke then congratulations on finally getting access to the internet! Seriously, it wasn’t funny the first time it’s not funny the 1 billionth time. The Wii U IS a next gen console. Why? Because of the only reason that matters: It’s the next console in the new generation of consoles! Realistic graphics, does not a good console make. What makes a console good is the games the console has made for it, and what makes a good game is not how realistic the grass looks on a front lawn or how real the fur looks on dog, it’s how well developed and innovative the mechanics are. It’s how much agency you give the player to make them feel like their choices matter. It’s how good the story is written.

      Now I’ll give you the fact that the Wii U doesn’t have that many games out for it right now but it’s game pad is one of the most innovative additions to gaming since motion control, which Nintendo was also to first to bring to home consoles, and now Sony is gonna let people stream games form the ps4 to ps vita, and they added a touch pad to the front of the ps4 controller.


      1. Wiiu is an amazing console TRUE but it isnt innovative. . . GBA+Game Cube+Zelda four swords or Final fantasy CC did the same 10 years before. ITS AMAZING yes! But it was innovanitive then now is just cool.


  1. Ummm that intro is a little morbid. Hey lets save the critters in the the big container before they fall to their death….hey wait the lost hex world lets go there instead.


  2. I dont like sonic but atleast they put up
    Demos of there mascot. Nintendo can learn from that. Though i was surprised to have a mario and luigi and fire emblem demo but store kiosks have nsmbw


  3. I don’t know what is worse in this game. Amy’s voice, or Knuckles’s personality. Oh well, I’ll probably still get it week of release. As long as the gameplay doesn’t suck I guess.


  4. Why is everyone bothered by their voices?
    I can sit through the likes of Gilbert Gottfried[of Iago the Parrot fame, from Disney’s Aladdin] without batting an eye.
    Compared to him, the voices here are absolutely tame!XD


  5. This game looks more awesome with each new trailer. I like most of their voices, too. The only one that kinda made me cringe was Sonic’s. I think his best voice was the one from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, or the one from the old Sonic cartoons from the 90’s. It’s not a big deal though. I can’t wait to play this game!


  6. I hope that you can choose between English/Japanese language for the cutscenes over here like you could with Soul Calibur II.

    As is the case with a lot of games, the American voiced cutscenes are unbelievably bad


  7. Looks like Super Sonic Galaxy. Honestly its prolly the best game Wii U has on its showcase this year. Mario 3D World looks like a multiplayer 3D Land. I doubt Kart 8 will come out this year. Wii U is gonna have a bad Christmas.


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