Nintendo Is Thinking About The Next Animal Crossing And Which Hardware To Bring It To


Katsuya Eguch, the mastermind behind Animal Crossing, has revealed that the company is already thinking about the next iteration of the Animal Crossing franchise. Eguch says that they are currently in the planning stages, so there’s nothing concrete to announce at the moment. However, they are not entirely sure which platform to develop it for. Whether this means they are contemplating it for Wii U, or the successor to the Nintendo 3DS, remains to be seen.

“We have already started thinking about what to do next, but there is no concrete direction yet. First, we need to decide which hardware to develop a new Animal Crossing for, and then we want to use that hardware and find out what it’s capable of and what kind of features it provides. Then we can start thinking of elements of Animal Crossing and how we can realise them using the hardware. So until we discover these new inventions, we will not decide the direction.”



  1. Um… well they aren’t going to release it on an old console… And it’s already on the 3DS.. Sooo, unless they’re planning on making it for a future console, their only choice is Wii U :P

    1. AC Plaza looks like an eye candy after new leaf with all shading and stuff. And it would feel like a big game after all!

      1. On the other hand, I really can’t imagine AC without streetpass capabilities already. So maybe both is the way :D

        1. They could make an app on the 3DS that collected and sent Streetpass, and then you could transfer it to your Wii U!

      1. I would too. Because then it would probably enter the terrible terrible world of Micro transactions.

    1. they already have a f2p game on work, and stated to be released next year so it is highly unlikely that AC will be the one, and who wants to pay to unlock stuff?

    1. I was thinking the same thing too a when I first read the article an hour ago or so, but then I thought about it. Sure, they can go all out with AC on Wii U, but then they might lose the potential customers on the 3DS who don’t own a Wii U. I don’t own a 3DS at the moment, but I’m planning on getting one soon. Then, there’s the option of just making a new one on the 3DS which will obviously sell well, but then the Wii U will lose on a major and possible a console seller, but they’ll still have the the functionality of street pass and whatnot.

      I think the best thing to do would be to release it for both. That way they’ll keep the 3DS fanbase and boost sales for the Wii U. Also, Animal Crossing on the Wii U just seems like a no brainer, really. What with Miiverse, better online capabilites with the Wii U versus the Wii, from what I’ve been told. Something cool they could do is have Wii U version be sort of like a host town so other local 3DS users can join in and keep their second screen while playing simultaneously or vice-versa , if they decided to add multiplayer, if they haven’t already. Again, I haven’t played Animal Crossing since GC, so I don’t know if this has already been done.

      Or they could just come up with some new features. I’m sure they can come up with some neat stuff.

      1. 3DS won’t lose many potential customers since there is already an AC game on the handheld, on the other hand, if it was on Wii U it would attract those AC fans that play it on handheld atm. Cross-platform would work too, but might kill Wii U sales a lot, especially in Japan (no brainer they are going to go for handheld version).
        All in all, it’s pretty obvious Ninty will go with the Wii U once they find the good time to launch it. Hell AC was even on the Gamecube, the worst selling console from Nintendo (VB doesnt count)

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      2. If you release it on both Animal Crossing will be weaker in bringing up Wii U sales. Which is why Smash Bros will have a less.affect in bringing up sales compared to if it never came to 3DS. Similar to how PS3 is getting same tittles as PS4.

  2. That is a pretty ridiculous statement. No point in making a Wii game. The 3DS already has one, and it’s a system already guaranteed to sell insanely well, if not break records. The Wii U is seriously lacking in games, and can do anything any other Nintendo system can do, and better, with better graphics, controller options, online etc. What “decisions” need to be made? You have a 2 screen system, with high power and very capable online and community networks, but is selling terribly. Gee, maybe we should put another on on the 3DS. Stupid. This is a split second decision, but they are trying to sound extra “artsy”.. we’re only going to make the same exact game, but even better, and we’ll decide what system is worthy of our game. Dumb.

  3. Make it on Wii U, With a greater focus on online such as sharing a game world with several friends

  4. The 3DS is still relatively new so its successor won’t be here for a while. Wii U is the only choice.

          1. Why would you want one screen instead of two? I personally think Nintendo should make the successor have phone capablities, being able to call people on their smartphones and other “HDS’s”

            1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yessss Pwease!!!!! Nintendo needs to enter the phone market, seriously.

  5. There would be no point making it again on 3DS cause there aren’t much new directions they can take it in. Wii U would be supreme.

  6. This statement sounds so stupid lol Why would you even consider making another animal crossing for the 3ds when the wii u doesn’t have an entry in the series yet. This is just Nintendo trying to sound innovative as usual

    1. I’m just here wondering what happened to the Battalion Wars and Advanced Wars series and why there hasn’t been a RTS game on the Wii U yet. Seems like a perfect fit what with the second screen and the power of the Wii U.

      1. Advanced wars will come eventually, but for the 3DS. Batallion wars, I have no idea, the other iterations didn’t sell very well, but it’s way to soon to tell, Nintendo is known to reveal games in the least expected time, and are very secretive so we won’t have any leaks until then. And after only 1 years on the market, no games can be dismissed from not coming to the Wii U

        1. Yes, that’s true. I haven’t dismissed any games from making an entry into the Wii U, I was just entertaining the idea. I really hope either one of those games appears on the Wii U with competitive/co-op online and local modes, but like you said it’s most likely that Advanced Wars will come out for 3DS.

  7. Why think about it? Just do it. It should be a no-brainer. Support your home console! Animal Crossing Wii U. You already have a game on the 3DS. Sheesh. Nintendo sometimes….

  8. Odd question, I’m kinda hoping that second part of the title was just added on. I don’t get why they’d even have to think about whic hardware to put it on.
    Wii U obviously. 3Ds already had an AC game, and plus, the install base is huge. If they made an awesome AC game for Wii U, maybe even throw in a bundle… HUGE boost in sales for Wii U.

  9. Make one for Wii U, but since AC is great on hand helds (it’s always avaible), it should have some kind of conection to the 3DS. Give a great experiwnce on Wii U and the option to check in on 3DS. Also, I really don’t want to loose my old 3DS town…

  10. There is no need to do another 3DS Animal Crossing, they’ve not long released one. Make one for Wii U and utilise the hardware to its full potential. Its about time we see Wii U doing what we know its capable of.

  11. hmmm….. they already released one for 3ds, so wii u maybe? or are they thinking ahead to the next-next generation? :O

    1. It better be on the Wii U. I was hoping they was already working on it all this time. Not just getting started. (- _ -)

  12. C’mon Nintendo. What other platform do you intend to bring it to? “First, we need to decide which hardware to develop a new Animal Crossing for”. How about the console that’s lacking in sales?

  13. Wii U obviously fucktards!!! Seriously where in the hell is the brains at Nintendo? They obviously need to support their dying console with a great selling IP. Plus the 3DS already has one as well as Wii, DS, and Gamecube. They have no other option left than Wii U.

  14. Dumbtendo has to think which console to bring it to: the successful 3DS or the struggling Wii U because of lack of games. And Dumbtendo has to think where it belongs.

  15. This better be on the fucking Wii U. NINTENDO, ARE YOU SHOOTING YOURSELF? This is one of your big franchises, and your devs are THINKING to which hardware to develop it for? C’MON, DONT GIVE ANSWERS LIKE THAT.

    That’s it… Nintendo is dumb if they don’t bring this to the Wii U. And will automatically make me dump mine. GG

    1. Until Dumbtendo makes smart decisions you and everyone else should call them “dumbtendo.” Hey Sicr what’s the next article you will post about Dumbtendo’s next dumb move? Let me guess Dumbtendo decided to put Animal Crossing on 3DS.

  16. I think they should add cooking to this series. Like, be able to cook different recipes, including the fish you catch. And be able to have your own back yard, instead of just a tiny hedge/fence around the house. Make it more like real-life houses and properties. Also, make the stores (such as the Nook stores) get more in stock on the same day, instead of only one set of items per-day. And for the love of realism, STOP MAKING THE ANIMALS ACT LIKE THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE WEARING A MASK! Heck, they even know when you’ve been bit by a bee. Come on, GIVE THE GAME BETTER A.I. TO RECKOGNIZE WHEN YOU’RE WEARING A FREAKIN’ MASK!

    1. idk which game did you play but the animals DO recognize when you are wearing a mask (City Folk). Most times theyre confused and do not like it very much.

  17. In Europe, when I bought AC: New leaf and registered on Nintendo site, i got a lot of questions on enquette about new AC game later on, particularly hinting things of possible animal crossing mmo f2p

  18. I wish it’ll be on 3DS, partly for selfish reasons since I don’t have Wii U, but also because I think that a handheld is an especially good platform for AC. You can take it with you where ever you go, so it’s good if you can’t spend much time in front of your TV, or if you travel a lot etc.

    But I still feel that it’ll be on Wii U. Of course I wish there was two games, for a home console and 3DS, but I guess that won’t happen. 3DS has already one AC game, and I doubt that they’d make two new games…

  19. Im really hoping that the next animal crossing will allow us to be an animal rather than just the only human in town. I would be a wolf, hands down.

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