Wii U YouTube App Gets Update

An updated YouTube application for Wii U is now available. After performing a software update, users will be able to use the YouTube app to watch videos on the Wii U GamePad’s screen. Additionally, they will be able to search for YouTube content via the controller while another video is playing on the TV.


    1. Ignoring Wii U last week-old 82k globally way more than 5. But you rather play dumb as if Wii U didn’t sell 38k in Japan 3 weeks ago as well as ignoring 3D World seems to be selling more than five games.


  1. Going to try it when I get home, but I bet it’s still better to use the browser. Only negetive things with that is that you have to start every video in a playlist, and set them to HD, manually.


    1. For some reason I can’t type commets on YouTube browser anymore. It always says, “logged out” but I’m not. I get videos since I watched Activegamer show me how to do it. When on YouTube, click the little door at top left corner. Click “settings” search for icon that says, “type” change from Wii u to Expolorer. It should show every YouTube video now.


  2. … They could’ve waited to launch Wii U and got (possibly) creamed by Microsony. Launching last year got them an install base, a ton of hate and suspicion of releasing unfinished/underpowered technology…
    Honestly, the update sounds good, but Nintendo, don’t rush hardware to the market with no games and constant updates to (finally, after a year) bring it to where it should’ve been right out the box.


    1. Ignoring that XBox one was rushed since it made a clicking nose when a disk was inserted into the system but you rather play dumb as if that system wasn’t rushed


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