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New Kirby: Triple Deluxe 3DS Details Revealed, Including New Power-Ups

kirby_triple_deluxe_scanNew magazine scans have emerged from various Japanese magazines to reveal a few tidbits for Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Releasing for the 3DS in Japan next month, the first few translations have given us some interesting details.

First up, our pink friend’s got a new bell power-up, where he can hold a bell in each hand, as well as one on his head – see the scan above. Translations suggest that Kirby can even hide inside the bell to protect himself from enemies. Adding to this, there’s also a new beetle power-up confirmed from the scans. Another new power, which allows Kirby to turn into a rainbow and “hoover” items and enemies up, is called the Big Bang – you may have spotted this in the previous Nintendo Direct trailer.

Other new details from translations report that a few stages require players to tilt the 3DS, you can collect over 250 key chains which can then be traded over StreetPass, plus there’s a number of mini-games for one to four players – one of which requires you to jump on drums to reach the goal. You can check out the rest of the scans, here, and some close-ups, here.

24 thoughts on “New Kirby: Triple Deluxe 3DS Details Revealed, Including New Power-Ups”

  1. Fuckin epic i tottaly love kirby games hopefully like in the mirror game you have helpin kirby npcs=) that was so cool and cute

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  3. The only Kirby game I’ve played is the first Dreamland game on the GameBoy. It was so fun. I’ve got a craving for more Kirby games so I’m glad they’re releasing this.

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