Luigi Actor Danny Wells Has Passed Away, Aged 72

danny_wells_luigiCanadian-born actor Danny Wells, who played Luigi in the live-action The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has sadly passed away. Aged 72, the actor – whose real name was Jack Westelman – died last Thursday, November 28 in Toronto, Ontario, according to his obituary in The Montreal Gazette.

Best known, perhaps, as playing Charlie the Bartender in American sitcom The Jeffersons – which ran through the mid ’70s to ’80s – Danny Wells starred in numerous TV shows throughout his career. His stint as Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show opposite Lou Albano as Mario, however, is no doubt the one gamers will remember him by.


      1. Same, I love that show no matter what age it was made for. Rest in peace Danny Wells

  1. Good Bye Danny Wells. You’ll always be Luigi to me. Sad that this had to happen during the Year of Luigi. Long Live the Green Mario.

    1. I don’t care for console trolling but if this guys isn’t banned we sure live in a fuck up world.

    2. Either you are replying in the wrong news post, or you’re acting disrespectful. Please think about which news post you are commenting within in the future, Zigfriend.

  2. while that does suck, i was worried from the headline it was for the real luigi. in the games. so year of luigi that would be.

  3. Even though I’ve never watched an episode of The Super Mario Bros. Show, I still saw little clips of it here and there on YouTube. RIP Danny Wells.

  4. Thank you, Danny, for all the joy you brought to my childhood every Saturday morning. You will be missed….

  5. WOAH!!!!! im shocked that the fat one didnt drop dead first!!!!!

    did iwata plan this….. to kill off luigi!!!! the year of luigi, more like after this year we milk marios man boobs harder than ever.

    death sucks.

    1. “im shocked that the fat one didnt drop dead first”
      You mean Lou Albano? He died October 14th, 2009. So he DID die first.

      1. alright. i guess i sholdnt say anything else. what i said above is already giving people a nerd rage. even when i didnt do anything wrong but joke about of the year of luigi and the nintendo characters

      1. hey you fuck off, im putting it as a joke of the videogame characters. not actually the real people. mario always gets the glory while luigi gets screwed and then i said death sucks.

        so stop being an overly defensive sheep/ im not mocking the death or anything. im just not acting like he was a huge part of my life or i knew him. death sucks and im not going to make a fool out of myself acting overly sensitive to a guy i dont even know but i will say that it sucks.

        hypocrite if an acter for a sony character dies, you wouldnt give a fuck.

      2. If you didn’t even know him then don’t write anything. Its not the appropriate moment to make those bad jokes, your intentions can be easily interpreted, so don’t be disrespectful. Rest in Peace Luigi.

      3. as a matter of fact I would. Unlike you, I love all games and would be devastated at the loss of any character voice actor. Fuck, if Master Chief’s actor died, i’d be sad. If Nathan Drakes voice actor died, i’d be sad. but you’re just a troll and don’t understand what a true gamer is

  6. I loved their show so much when I was little. Thank you to both of these actors and may they both R.I.P. *Wipes tears from eyes*

  7. Well, the end of the year of Luigi. Wtf that’s horrible. DX I actually liked this show..Rest in peace!!!!!!!

  8. horrible news, especially for the year of luigi. well at least he and captain lou albano are reunited.

    1. RIP You were a important part of my childhood.. :`(
      First Hiroshi Yamauchi now you, why is the world so cruel?!!

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