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Monster Hunter 4 Has Sold Over 4 Million Copies In Japan

Capcom has announced that the highly regarded Monster Hunter 4 has topped over four million copies – including downloads from the eShop – since the game’s release in Japan. The popular monster hunting game has created a wave of excitement with 3DS users, which has surpassed over 28 million units to date over the course of the series.

From February next year, Capcom will hold an exclusive event with Universal Studios Japan called “Monster Hunter the Real 2014”. And has also planned an advertising campaign with the Shibu hot spring resort in Nagano prefecture to elevate the game’s sales even further. Future events will follow on from the previous “Monster Hunter Fest ’13” gathering, which saw five cities across Japan join in on the hunting fun.


    1. that’s because is not a button smasher, you gotta time your attacks and stuff, is very adictive honestly, once you get going

  1. Im completely uninterested in Capcom having success. Hurry up and die so people who deserve your IP’s can have them.

    1. Yeah, I hope Nintendo or Sony buys their IPs if Capcom goes bankrupt. But they should NEVER sell it to Microsoft, look what they did with Rare

    2. They wasted the profits of this awesome game on a mobile company that wouldn’t do shit to save them from bankruptcy. That’s Crapcom for you. >.>

  2. Doesn’t matter since they wasted all the fucking profits on a 4 billion yen internal Mobile studio -.-

    1. Capcom’s kinda dumb, look what happened to Mega Man, they basically ruined the franchise with almost no difference between every Mega Man game

      1. Uh…that is the case but Megaman is about the level design and not the differences between games

  3. bring it to the west. just bought monster hunter3 ultimate for my 3ds enjoying it. since its a port of a wii game and has transfer use to wii u i d like to see what MH 4 is about since it was specifically made for 3ds. Capcom you screw your fans over so many times, how about you let us have this one…..you guys fucked up with megaman.

  4. Have a game which sells amazingly on a dedicated handheld, use the profits to create a mobile game studio, an area which Capcom has failed in multiple times in the past…

    Which idiot is running Capcom these days?

    1. The one who made gaist crusher and a bunch of other stuff so mobile was the only other business expanding place to go

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