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Reggie Says Sakurai Might Consider Adding Him To Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is open to the idea of him being playable in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Although he was probably joking, Fils-Aime said today that series director Masahiro Sakurai might consider adding him to the Super Smash Bros. roster if a petition gets at least 100,000 signatures from fans. If he does join the fighting game, however, Fils-Aime’s “Final Smash” move would apparently be “MY BODY IS READY SLAM.”


      1. lol no he wouldn’t

        I have argued this point with a few people who put up amazing fights but its been kinda accepted that he is too big

      2. They can’t do that because in Brawl, he is too big, Sakurai can’t make him smaller. For mr, the image would be ruined. But Reggie is ready to kick some ass though.

      3. That’s like saying TP Link couldn’t be in Brawl because OoT Link was in Melee.

        Lest we forget, Pikachu was fat in Melee and skinny in Brawl.

      4. 1) Ridley does not have a set canonical size and has been numerous sizes throughout the series.

        2) Bowser is in the game and scaled down to a respectable size despite being almost if not three times Mario’s size in Mario 64 as well as being the size of a building in Super Mario Sunshine 1.

      5. 1) No that is not the case because he has been Giant in every game where the hardware didn’t force him to be small.

        2) Bowser gets off because he is scaleable for some damn reason and that gives him an un-fair advantage.

        Try as you might, you can not beat any arguments i have for Ridley

      6. The only reason they would not add Ridley as a playable character is because in the Smash bros. Universe he already has his size. Which is big. He was a boss in SSBB so to keep consistency he will become a stage hazard or a boss again

      7. Hello I’m one of the developers of the new smash brothers games; While I can’t tell you the exact details about Ridley, I can say that Reggie is top-tier :3

      8. Yea but that means you aren’t being faithful to the character. Ridley is just too big and if he is re-sized, he looks very awkward and won’t fit well into the cast

      9. If that’s why you don’t want Ridley to be playable, just come out of the Ridley closet and say so. Don’t bull**** everyone by trying to argue that it’s a fact he’s “too big” to be playable in a Smash game.

      10. It is fact and I’m not bull shitting anyone. That is the case since Sakurai has tried to put him in since Melee and its evident that he is too big to work with.

      11. look at bowser. he is resized in everything. super Mario 64, to super Mario world, to super Mario galaxy, to super Mario sunshine. he is different in every game. so does that mean the developers arent being faithful?

      12. I keep saying Bowser has an un-fair advantage, one of them being that he is a cartoon character compared to Ridley who is realistic or sci-fi realistic to be exact. Making a faithful character means getting their size to where it looks acceptable, making him a fun character, making sures he’s actually playable and what not.

        Ridley just seems too big and by anything, Sakurai has stated it would be impossible to put him in

      13. Ridley would look ridiculous in Smash Bros., but Reggie wouldn’t? The fuck is wrong with you people?

      14. so just make Ridleys character model smaller, so he matches the other “big” characters like Bowser or Ganondorf. *shrug*

        I mean, I’d see Pikachu as “too small”, but his character model was made larger to “work” in the game. Size is obviously of no importance to the developers.

        eg. in game, Pikachu, which according to the Pokedex is one foot four inches tall is nearly the same height as Samus Aran, who is six foot three inches tall.

      15. They made Pikachu bigger and they can make him smaller cause squirtel was smaller than Pikachu. Its not a matter of re-sizing him as he is naturally just as big or even bigger than normal in say games like 3d world. He’d look to awkward and out of place if they shrunk him down.

        There are certain exceptions that other series get that give them un-fair advantages when being implemented into Smash, Ridley would be cool but sadly he is too big. Proof that Sakurai may agree with this is that he is a boss in Brawl even though he was meant to be playable in melee supposedly and a stage hazard in Smash 4

      16. Confirmed retard. Saying Ridley’s too big is like saying oxygen doesn’t exist. It’s idiocy.

      17. Ok first, that little phrase you use their doesn’t count to the situation. I wan’t you to give me a good reason why a giant ass character like Ridley would do if he was the same size as his normal size. Tell me cause I doubt you play Smash competitively to the point where you constantly are in conversation about the games development and if you are good, glad there are more like that but its a sad fact. If you think Ridley isn’t too big, you kinda don’t know what your talking about.

      18. Your just mad cause you don’t know how to respond, keeping insulting behind that screen of yours

      19. Like I said, he has an un-fair advantage cause he gets re-sized all the time, he has no real size because of the canon since it changes so much. He can be re-sized to where he looks good but Ridley is a giant ass dragon that was been big when hardware limiations wheren’t a thing

      20. Like I keep saying, bowser has no real cannon size cause he changes depending on the games, he was moderate big in N64, he was giant in Sunshine, way smaller in Galaxy 1-2 and 3d Land. He is even smaller in NSMB series and he was big in 3D World.

        Bowser is re-sizeable to the point where he doesn’t look awkward no matter what size he takes plus, Mario is more cartoony while Metroid is more realistic.

      21. Bowser is multiple sizes in Mario games besides Ridley is the same size as Samus in metroid

      22. Ridley would fit if he was the size of charizard, look at project M texture hack for example its very possible!!

      23. That is a lie, he was small because of hardware limitations. Bowser was smaller than Mario or the exact same size as Mario in the first game.

      1. Sakurai revealed a boss-like creature yesterday, and Yellow Devil was revealed at E3.

      2. And you are supposed to be a nintendo fan? Yeah you love nintendo hu? Assholes like you makes nintendo sucks! That monster is a boss from the first MEGAMAN for the NES. Now go and tell those nintendo TRUE fans that they are not because they dont like wiiu you fakefanfaggot.

  1. I’d rather any character from any franchise to take the place, if he join Smash it’ll be like Wii Fit U trainer all over again.
    Let’s hope he was joking

    1. So you want any character from any Nintendo franchise yet you’re complaining about Wii Fit Trainer who is a Nintendo character from a Nintendo franchise. Nothing like a stupid contradiction.
      To be honest, you are the only person I’ve seen complaining about the Trainer, so God know what you mean about it being “all over again”. Just because you personally don’t like something doesn’t mean the world doesn’t. Try and remember that, won’t you cupcake?

      1. I dunno, I’d like to see him yell MY BODY IS READY! for every single attack and taunt that he has. It would be awesome!

    2. I’m with you on this one! I don’t want that bulbous headed weirdo sullying the Smash experience! Idiots can have him as paid DLC, that way I don’t have to add him to my roster.

      1. Smartest thing I’ve read here.

        It’s a fun idea, but I can see not everyone wanting it–DLC would definitely be the way to go with this.

    1. Nintendo wont spend there own money to put him in. They would rather promote characters that will have games on 3ds and wii u. The only thing i can see is miis in the background and not even playable

      1. yeah nobody. a man that helps bring down a multi billion dollar company is somebody??

      2. he don’t desing the hardware nor the games, he only can play the hand NoJ gives him

      3. tell me what does he actually do if any real person was added into the roster it should be miyamoto he did create to of nintendos biggest franchises. What does reggie even do

      4. He plays a lot of animal crossing. That should be his smash attack. A whole lot of nothing XD

  2. If Sega can put random real life people in their kart racing game, Nintendo can put Reggie in Smash!


  4. Lol, everyone is missing the point of putting him in. He wouldn’t take a spot, he’d just be a joke character but he’d get in last after everyone else gets in. Smash is about good fun, this isn’t Street Fighter or Tekken guys, lighten up.

    I hope he gets in XD maybe it could be the gateway for Mii’s to get in

      1. I never said I wanted Mii’s

        I am against them being in but others want them so like I said this could be the chance to try and implement them in some way

      2. I really hope they don’t add Mii’s. As a fighting game Smash has the best roster period. Better than street fighter, mortal kombat, tekken, etc, etc. Adding Mii’s is a joke I don’t care how many people want them in keep the the hell out. They already ruined Brawl do they really need to ruin this Smash too?

      3. Ok first, they didn’t ruin Brawl cause Brawl had the best roster of any smash game.

      4. what do you mean? If you mean tripping then you don’t use what the game gives you, I purposely trip to get the advantage in my fights. And the main difference in speed was the falling speed and running of speed of the characters. That is the only reason melee is faster

      5. Tripping is a retarded feature. It leaves some things to chance. Hell it could cost you the match if you and your enemy are ready to die and first hit wins. What about sudden death? Imagine you lost obecause of a stupid trip. I really think the smash bros team were smoking crack when they came up with that idea. As for the general speed yes the game is slower. It’s mainly the falling it makes it feel like you’re in space, characters feel like they’re floating. Also the reach of some attacks is weird. Running isn’t too bad. Not sure which smash was better 64 or melee, but I am sure of which one is the worst.

      6. Well each Smash improves on the predecessor for better or worse, Like I said, if you can’t use what the game gives you, too bad but I use the trip since it gives me options. I have been watching a lot of pro matches, I trip has never costed them a match, if anything, NOONE capitalized on it, half the time they get greedy and go in and get wrecked. I watched a Samus wreck a pro MetaKnight after he went in for a trip.

        The thing is that the characters to me feel less like the are made of concrete, and the melee physics are still in the game, case and point, the Star Fox cast have almost the exact same physics.

        It will be said as this, Melee is better than 64, and Brawl is better than Melee, the only reason Melee is so highly regarded is because of its more competitive gameplay style. Melee has a horrid cast of clone and some very un-interesting characters. The game is smooth but compared to brawl, it controls tight, its not as smooth in the control department as Brawl. The game while has nice visuals is rather bland looking with boring and somewhat bad animations.

        Its just the way we look at it but its definitely not the worst, if anything N64 is the worst

      7. You said it yourself Melee has a more competitive gameplay style and it controls tight. What in the hell do I care about clones and animations. All I care about is gameplay and both 64 & Melee absolutely beat brawl in that department. 64 only has 12 characters and honestly it’s a better game for it because they’re all very different from one another except for Mario and Luigi. I’m not sure which pro match you saw between metaknight and samus, all the pros play melee precisely because it takes more skill and that’s all I care about.

      8. It doesn’t take more skill, it takes a different type of skill since Brawl is a different game than Melee. (VGBootCamp) and by tight I meant stiff (sorry I mix those up) I mean melee is stiffer than brawl. N64 was supposed to have like 20 but time constraints and small budget said otherwise. Brawl itself is a rather good smash game

      9. Nope pretty sure it takes more skill. Also they may be a different game but for the most part they’re supposed to play the same. All the pros play melee, they won’t touch brawl with a 10 foot pole, there’s a reason for that and it ain’t nostalgia.

      10. All the pros who play melee play brawl so I don’t know what your talking about. The reason is just because the game is faster and wave-dashing, that’s it. The only reason is because the speed in their eyes makes it more competitive. Brawl is very much competitive

        They may be similar but Brawl has an almost completely different mindset when it comes to the game and most of the characters don’t rely on just certain move or certain combo to do really get sht done. In melee, everyone could kill but some were better than others and most of the cast Is alienated, yea certain people know how to go to work like MewTwoKing , who is still very much playing Brawl, but you can’t be surprised when a fox or marth winz a tournament.

        I can see why you don’t like Brawl as much as melee but just know, Brawl itself is a better game with better content and improved game feel and smoothness to the gameplay. Melee may be more competitive but its not the better game.

        But then again, this is all based on opinions and preferences, I watched melee for so long it got boring, it is still fun as hell to watch but a lot of it is just the same.

      11. Idk man as someone who spent countless hours playing Smash 64, countless hours playing melee, and probably played like 30 matches of brawl at the most I have to say that brawl disappointed immensely and is by far the worst of the 3. The thing is that it’s not just me that thinks this way, pretty much the majority of people see it the way I do.

      12. The majority did what you said and played a few matches, you need to learn Brawl, if you wanted a melee clone then there is no point of there being another Smash. Melee was competitive and all but its time to move on, the majority of the people that do so just jump on the bandwagon of hate for this game when they don’t even know the facts and just agree.

        I plan to play Brawl more competitive even after Smash 4 comes out, Brawl and Melee will be rather forgotten when it launches but still. I have seen so much potential and that fact that people are still learning things about this game. The only real god tiers are Meta Knight and Ice Climbers, but the tier list is constantly changing. Zero Suit got a huge jump and now more people are playing as her.

        Whenever I look at melee matches I will almost always see Fox, Marth, Captain Falcon and JigglyPuff. I will rarely see Roy, Peach, Ganon, Mario or Luigi. There are a minority that play them-

        stop let me not go on a rant about this (sorry about that)

        Like I said, its based on preference, many jump on the bandwagon but Brawl is not the worst smash ever made.

    1. It would be quite a big waste of a slot in the roster, especially if its a “joke” character. There are already limitations as to how many characters can fit into the game, so I personally would much rather have an actual character from a Nintendo game instead. I mean yeah it would be hilarious but I don’t think that it’s for the best.

      1. Well first, like I said, he wouldn’t take a spot from anyone. After everyone was put in, he’d be put in last because he isn’t a priority, just something for fun. It wouldn’t affect that game in any way and people are being rather close-minded about it. I mean, people are asking for characters that are just out there yet when Sakurai wants to have fun with an out there character. Everyone gets upset or butthurt cause they think its dumb when they constantly ask for Miis or other obscure characters like Toad

      2. Yeah don’t compare me to those types of people, bud. I am not asking for any “out-there” characters, only something different than this… and I certainly don’t want toad or miis joining the fight haha. Im not butthurt, bud, but I do have opinions.

      3. I never said you didn’t have opinions, wait what was the comment I typed? I forgot what I typed…

  5. HAHAHAAHAH THIS IS SO RATRDED!!!!!! ANYBODY WHO WANTS THIS PIZZA LARD IS JUST A SOCIAL REJECT!!!! nintendo fans stop making nintendo look so pathetic hahahaha!!!!

    “my body is ready for shitty games and decisions, come on my loyal drones”

    wanting him is like wanting a failure.

    1. I can only imagine myself that you are a nerdy, trolling guy with rabbid-like teeth and big, round glasses. No offense.

  6. we obviously want him, we play for fun, not for “look how mature and serious we are” if you can’t have fun with a game, then what’s the point?, #reggieforsupersmashbros #hatersgonnahate

    1. fuck, thats what i always played this for. is for fun but reggie hahahah!!!!! thats pizza delivery fag, yeah no. fuck i would rather have a piece if shit as a playable character, oh wait…..

      1. maybe but i dont play a party game and pretend its a competitive fighting game hahahah.

      2. hahaha haha hahahahah, yeah no, party game? the game that people cried and shouted about because Nintendo shutdown the livestream?, also the game that made this year’s EVO the most watched ever?, this is a competitive fighting game, it just let you play the way the fuck you want

      3. well said but I’m with zeama on this. I don’t wan real people in smash if sakurai can’t let fighting game characters in smash…I’m also against the mii too. I though back then that olimar was enough, but Nintendo proved me wrong and added wii fit trainer in…I mean look at her final smash….nothing but little shadow colorful poses going everywhere. I can already imagen mii’s and reggie final smash…and I don’t like what I see.

      4. mmm that’s the point of Smash, make non-fighting staring characters, fight, that’s why he was so hesitant of including Megaman, because he already stared on several fighting games, so yeah, maybe not real people, but don’t wait just fighters, i mean the wii fit trainer and the villager are the prime example about what Smash is

  7. Lets try to get kid goku in here since adult goku is to much to handle. I’ll create the petition

  8. also people are forgetting that Nintendo finally got the system capabillities for DLC and stuff like that, you are all acting like they can’t add someone later or something, i obiously hope, they don’t do something stupid like Killer Instinct, but expand the roster

  9. Hey I think this is a comic idea, if Kamiya can be a character in Wonderful101 I think Reggie would be a funny addition to the game, who knows maybe his final smash could be something like “My Body is Ready Slam” or maybe even “Coming Directly to You Punch” Im definitely gonna sign

    1. they should add Iwata, and his final smash would be “please understand bomb” where he promises he’s gonna knock out the other players, but it gets delayed, then 1 minute later, everybody get knock out

  10. I would be 100% okay with this. To all those who would be furious about his inclusion. Deal with it :))))))))))

  11. Off Topic:

    Xbox One –
    1.2 Million Units

    PS4 –
    2.5 Million Units

    Wii U –
    4.1 Million Units

    This is Globally (Excluding Japan for the Xbox One and PS4)

    Sounds to me the Wii U is more than alive

    1. Uhh …. No …… No ….. it doesn’t. PS4 is already over halfway to what the Wii U took a year to get too with a better game line up. Xbox One looks to be firing as well …. unfortunately.

      1. 3 things.
        1. Wii U’s game line up has been shit almost the whole year, and you know it.
        2. Wii U wasnt marketed at all, its like they waited for Sony and MS to come out with their consoles.
        3. Microsoft fucked up royally, that can be seen in the sales. They sold PS4’s better than Sony.

        So the whole 1 year head start Nintendo had, was wasted.
        If Microsoft would have played its cards right, pretty sure PS4 sales would be under 2M, and XBone sales could be closer to PS4 sales, atleast over 1.5M
        Now it remains to be seen, if Sony can keep the momentum.
        But launch sales are never the prediction of how the console will fare.

    2. do you even know how long the wii u has been on the market? and how long ps4 and xb1 is? the wii u is slow on sales compared to the two that’s been out for less than a month

      1. Yet it is still selling more than the PS4 and Xbox One… just saying, next year will be the end of the Xbox One and the PS4 will have a hard time next year seeing how most of Nintendo’s best games will be out next year.

        Have fun on the Xbox 720p

      2. Sad to say, but I completly dissagree, Nintendo biggest Seller (mario) is bearly selling systems. Mario Kart will help but not enough to push it ahead of PS4/XOne, we dont have the casuals that ate up Mario Kart from last gen, so MK8 will not sell anywere close to MKWii. And well smash is going to help but it cant pull an entire system by itself.

        The Wii u will be the GCN of this generation and im completely ok with it. Its the wake up call nintendo needs.

  12. No no no no no. I love reggie but it would just be stupid to waste a character slot over an internet meme rather than a videogame character.

    1. I wouldn’t really say that they’re wasting a character slot, I don’t think they’d include him instead of someone else. They don’t have to take away a character every time they put someone new in, you know.

    1. I would love anything Xenoblades in the game, but there are more deserving characters and game series to fill the spot. I’m looking at you Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun.

      1. They are not Nintendo games, right?

        The epicness of Xenoblade is too big that even with one game, they gained the hearts of so many gamers!

      2. Well Chrono Trigger isn’t, but Golden Sun practically is..but technically isn’t. Still with the inclusion of third party characters, Sonic making a return in SSB U and, a possible Reggie character…well why not get other characters as well. Also while your statement is true, I still feel that other characters are more deserving, so it’s not that they don’t deserve to be in the game but if it’s going to use up a slot it should go to someone like Crono, Isaac, or even a Belmont, preferably Simon or Richter.

  13. Seriously we should get a petition going. 100,000 signatures seems legitament. We deserve a character that can hold his own. Someone who hasnt been mention amongst gamers,video bloggers, bloggers, and any magazine articles over 19years. Someone who belongs an cast of phenomenal players who’ve had there own individual success. someone who’s been love by nostalgia gamers for years. Someone who we Cant forget. Someone who’s amongst video game history. and that someone is ‘earthworm jim”. Yup. don’t know who he is? google him. Let’s get the petition going and bring back an old school favorite who touched are heart with coolness and grooviness. Earthworm Jim gets my vote, how about you?.

  14. I can’t believe so many people are against this. When I read it, I was like YES, YES, YEEESSS!!!!!!! I guess it’s because my body if FAR too ready. LOL!

  15. “Why waste a character slot over HIM???”
    Are you dumb?
    This wouldn’t waste much at all, we could have a whole new character roster AND Reggie. He could be DLC.
    Plus, are you guys really ready to fight over Smash being competitive or a party game?
    It can be both, now stop whining.

  16. That would be great if he was referenced in the game or if he was a fighter. Be hilariously awsome.

  17. The game is already ridiculous enough as it is so why not? I mean lets take out fan favorites such as Ike, Snake, ROB, etc. and put in The Villager and Wii Fit Trainers. This is probably going to be my least favorite game of Smash yet.

    1. hey anythings better than the walking shitstian and no i dont give a shit whos in the game, i just like to laugh at stupid people wanting pizza faced lards in the game.

  18. please add:spongebob, elmo, goku, naruto, cookie monster, geno, rainbow dash, pac man, pinkie pie, starfy and zero :)

    1. Pinkie Pie, SpongeBob, and Zero should definitely be added. Mainly because they are pretty unique and would fit in well with the roster. (If anyone thinks that Zero would be just another sword fighter, then you haven’t played his games enough!)

  19. Wow, what a joke. Adding Reggie because of a shitty, outdated meme that impresses those with an IQ below 5 would be the equivalent of adding keys that dangle to impress babies. I’m not trolling either, I’m being dead serious.

    1. everything you just said….. is true. its just true and your not trolling, i can tell. so can the many other people that think like you and know reggie fans are pathetic. the only people who think you are trolling are the ones that like shitty memes (baby shit. peewees playhouse) and are sonic fags. (social rejects)

      1. Hey mr ‘big shot’ I don’t even know Reggie or even care if he gets in or not….but you just called Sonic fans, Sonic fags and social rejects. Fuck you and your Nintendo bullshit lol The Sony brotherhood grants you no requiem and he sonic fans wish you were a bit faster but oh well, it seems that “You’re too slow!”

      2. you are so dumb haha, sonic fanboys are the most laughed at and pathetic people there are, for anything videogame related. im not just saying that.

      3. You are an angry Jock who probably isn’t even a “social gamer”

    2. I love that meme. Every day I google it and say out loud…MY BODY IS READY! It’s just intense. I looooove that meme. Seeing it in the game would be awesome, I’d join all of the tournaments and pick Reggie as my character. The opponents won’t know what hit them and that’s how I roll

      1. well…. he will say retarded memes. while canceling games for america, like x, and shematensa/fire emblem. thats what he would do, be a failure that only the fanboys would use.

        man, nintendo is already looked bad at enough, the fanboys really are trying to make nintendo look like a professional clown. bring on some cool things, not trash all of your franchises.

  20. I think this is a funny idea, think about it, Reggie is a Nintendo icon more than Iwata himself, he’s funny, people make fun of him, he started the my body is ready thing… And then it would be nice to have Miis, why? Because you can make a Mii of ANYTHING and PLAY SMASH BROS WITH IT!

  21. Funny how most of us REAL Nintendo fans want him to be in the game and it’s the troll that come here to say NINTENDO SUCKS! NINTENDO IS DOOMED! that are against this, most people here that are against this are the site trolls, not serious people that don’t like the idea, look how they react, NINTENDO IS STUPID! FUCKING MORONS! This site attracts so many trolls, this is a funny idea, and it’s for Nintendo fans, not trolls. Reggie is part of the Nintendo family and people love him more than Iwata himself, for me Iwata is boring as FUCK!

    1. i like how you say hating on reggie is trolling then go off and say iwata is boring as fuck and people love the overweight lap dog reggie more than the hand that feeds him. troll harder you cod fanboy

      1. Good one…. if you going to put reggie fails, then might aswell put in the others. It can be like pokemon trainer and them out. And since we love memes so much there final smash can be “hype train!”

  22. guys guys its all a marketing scheme anyway so stop taking it so seriously. your playing a family party advertisment so take a chill pill

  23. Playable character? No. Assist Trophy? Heck yeah!

    Honestly though, I think Generic Action Figure needs to be playable instead.

  24. I don’t want him in the game. Nothing against Reggie but if that’s the case put Crystal and more Kings in the game.

    1. i agree with crystal……get rid of wolf….that way we can have out third starfox char without the darn cloning….her staff could be epic and have her fin al smash invulve tricky;p

      1. Chrom. from Fire Enblem: Awakening. this guy doesn’t know how to spell apparently.

  25. I love Nintendo, but I don’t think this is a good idea. It just doesn’t fit the franchise

  26. As much as a I love Reggie, he DOESN’T belong in this game because of not making a video game appearance (Most of the Smash roster) or being an important part of a video game (R.O.B.). If any real person should be in Smash it should be Dr. Kawashima (specifically the one from Brain Age) since he at least appears in a video game, has a unique appearance, and can become a demon at will.

  27. Off Topic:

    Xbox One –
    1.2 Million Units

    PS4 –
    2.5 Million Units

    Wii U –
    4.1 Million Units

    This is Globally (Excluding Japan for the Xbox One and PS4)

    Sounds to me the Wii U is more than alive

  28. We still need about 60000 signatures folks, get with the program! We need Reggie to make it in with his classic line. After all…our bodies are ready right!?

  29. People from the next conference that is coming up (VAX, VXE, something like this) have already said that Mii is the next reveal. Reggie’s Mii is what is shown. It will say “Mii joins the Melee”. This article is planned. Cap this.


    It’s criminal that we haven’t gotten any characters from FE: Awakening, SMT: IV, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Wonderful 101, or even a new Pokemon combatant. Hell, put fucking Daisy or Waluigi in.

    Please don’t put Reggie in Smash Bros. PLEASE.

    1. I lost respect at mention of Waluigi and Daisy. Because let’s be sarcastic here…


      No. You know what, no. Just NO. I tell people over and over again, 6 Mario characters is 2 too many.

      Reggie can be in. And I will play you online. And I will beat you. Using Reggie.

      #Rantover, my apologies sir!

      1. Yeah, there are a lot of Mario characters. It’s a Nintendo game. Yeah, it’d be great to have all the characters I mentioned, but it’s probably not gonna happen. I’d certainly rather have Chrom or Flynn or Shulk than Waluigi or Daisy. However, I’d rather have ten Mario characters than Reggie. It’s his fault it took so long to get Xenoblade Chronicles in the states.

        Oh, and I’ll see you online when this game launches. ..where I will destroy you.

  31. I can understand the idea of them adding in Reggie for Comic Relief, but I would rather they just stuck to adding in “actual” characters from “actual” games. :/

    1. Yea, Wii Fit trainer was enough because the joke isn’t taken too far. Adding Reggie ruins the concept of Smash Bros.

      1. Even Mr. Game and Watch and R.O.B. were acceptable.
        And Mr. Game and Watch isn’t even a real character from any game.
        But those two actually brought something unique to the Smash games.
        Jigglypuff was the joke of SBB.
        Mr. Game and Watch was the joke of SSBM.
        R.O.B. was the joke of SSBB.
        And now Wii Fit Trainer takes the spotlight as the joke of SSBU.
        The addition of Reggie to the roster breaks that uniqueness. Although, that may just be my opinion on the matter.

  32. I thought Reggie was already in the Smash Series? Isn’t he that big gorilla looking guy with the red tie?

  33. I’ve spread the word, but I gotta stop being a fan-boy of Nintendo. Yes, the petition still needs 60,000 or so more signatures. Yes, this would be absolutely ridiculous ( definitely agree ) . However, it would be interesting to say the least. An opportunity to bring in another style of combat in Smash Bros? Remember that the entire roster hasn’t been revealed ( and won’t be till the game’s released ) so all the other characters mentioned still have possibilities of being in the game. And Reggie could also just be one of those add-on characters that people may or may not get ( DLC, the good DLC ) . But at the very least, a “joke” character, assist trophy, sticker, something to include him in the game, it doesn’t have to be a major thing. People saying it’d be a horrible idea are close-minded. Be more open, make different suggestions, something… you need not hate at all if you don’t have a better idea that the community can agree on. Just saying it’s a horrible idea and to not do it is just shooting down a potential move that could please everyone if done right.

  34. Adding Reggie would be a stupid. I get that he’d be a joke character but that would be too stupid…

  35. LOL… While they’re already adding more trash to the rooster, they should also add Iwata & make his finishing move slow & poorly thought out desicisions that lead to a %50 salary cut.

  36. Bring Reggie and the Nintendo team to smash brothers but if we can’t have the team just Reggie would be great!

  37. The Super Smash Bros’ character roster isn’t to be taken so seriously that there’s no room for fun inclusions. As a Smash fan, I think Reggie’s appearance would be absolutely hilarious and wonderful, so I strongly endorse this!

  38. No…Just no. No real, living person should be part of Smash Bros in my opinon. It would be totally stupid. I don’t hate Reggie or anything; I just think he shouldn’t. If he does turn out to be a part of the next game…I’ll bang my head against the wall. Repeatedly.

  39. i just read all these comments and i have a answer for all arguments
    1 ridely can maybe make i mean olimar is not even as tall as bowsers toe nail but hes in it so they can reduce the size
    2 i think you people are dissing wii fit trainer she could be cool watch a week after the it comes out everyone will be all oh man wii fit trainers to awesome she is my favorite character
    3 i would rather reggie not go into the game i think thats taking fun and making it a little to crazy

  40. Ok kids.

    1. It says Sakurak “might consider.” “MIGHT CONSIDER.” That’s two maybes.
    2. If by some random causality Reggie IS added to the roster, he would probably be a DLC character.

    That’s something a lot of people are missing. Nintendo’s moving into the more internet savvy universe. That means DLC and the like is actually going to be a thing. And for Smash, that’s unlimited possibilities, because the characters won’t be on the disc, which is where the limitations are, they’ll be saved to the system.

  41. Ok, I admit. It would be cool, to have a developer playable in the game. But it’s not Reggie that my dev vote goes to. The one developer that should…no…deserves to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is Shigeru Miyamoto. I mean really, without him, Nintendo wouldn’t be in the gaming industry. I’ve even come up with a full move set for Miyamoto.

  42. The Koopalings or Captain Falcon would be a fun addition.
    I think the Miis, however, wouldn’t really work very well in a game like SSB. The Miis themselves don’t get special abilities and at most could only use the attack items and special trophies. Plus, the character roster itself is good on it’s own.
    I’ll say this for certain, Avatar characters may work for games like S&MaTOG/WOG, MK, and custom creations may work for other fighting games, but Miis pry aren’t the best combatant character in SSB.

    1. Wii sports plus resort using that sword and boxing and the baseball bat. final smash would be bowling balls

  43. We should really have more sonic characters for the new smash bros game like silver, shadow, and tails.

    1. yeah how about we put rainbow dash and twilight sparkle too so we can stop the damm arugement about who is faster

      1. I’m sure he was being sarcastic… Adding more Sonic characters wouldn’t be right in a Nintendo game. One is enough.

      2. I’m sure you are. I meant SegaNintendofan1991 was being sarcastic about adding My Little Pony characters to a Nintendo game…

  44. How about adding more stages and a better stage bulider stage to make it like a stage from the games and some dlc maps and characters and hell maybe even some skins that you could be a character like sonic but equip a skin to make him look like shadow or silver

  45. I can’t see him as a playable character, mostly due to move set problems. As an assist trophy, on the other hand, well…
    that would be pretty awesome.
    an acceptable to most fans probably.

    but mostly awesome.

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