3DS Nintendo

Receive Christmas-Themed Item Via SpotPass In Animal Crossing: New Leaf


During the month of December, Nintendo is giving out a Christmas-themed item for your home via SpotPass in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. All you have to do is connect to the internet and talk to whoever is in the Post Office. From there you can select to download the item, which in this case is a tree stump chair. The offer is time-limited, so make sure to pick it up while you still can. Is anyone else decorating their Animal Crossing home with a Christmas theme for the holidays?



  1. I had this item before since it was released in Japan last year, and I Streetpassed with someone who had this item in their house. I was able to order it from the catalog. Still glad to see Nintendo distribute this item for the people who couldn’t get the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


  2. this is so dumb!!!!! animal crossing!!!! yeah nintendo, call me back when your not failing and making shitty games like animal crossing.


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