Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze Launches February 21st

cranky_kongNintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be released on February 21st. Fils-Aime has also confirmed that Cranky Kong is a playable character in the upcoming Wii U platformer. Similar to how Scrooge McDuck uses his cane as a weapon in DuckTales, Cranky Kong can use his cane to bounce and attack enemies, including baddies with sharp tops.


    1. Nah, I think it’s great! The N64 released one day after my birthday, but my parents found a store in our mall that broke street date and I got it on the day. I know what it means to get something first and get it on your Birthday. Enjoy!

      1. If you have a capable PC getting tomb raider for next gen is a huge money wasting unlike donkey Kong wish the only dissapointing part is a stupid advertising stunt that went in my opinion perfect.

    2. demkin, the news of your birthday is better than all the goddamn news that came out of VGX’s award show. Nintendo sucked massive shit tonight as well as the teams behind GTAV and Square Enix. Oh and that awful comedian that was hosting the show was ESPECIALLY bad.

      When he said the camera man was drunk, I really believed him. The camera moved around so much I thought I was going to get sea sick.

  1. So looking forward to this. Remember what Miyamoto says “A delayed game is normally a good game, and a bad game is forever bad”. This game is going to be amazing.

      1. I know. I’m pro Nintendo since I was a kid. Honestly, I played dkr on Wii, and it was OK. I am not excited for this game at all. Who would actually want this game over Metroid? Answer: no one. I love Nintendo, but lately they are so out of touch.

  2. The amount of people hating this really ticks me off. It’s only a game. Plenty more things to worry about…..

    1. Yeah agreed, my biggest problem is that they aren’t taking advantage of VGX, instead they show one character that looks like someone from another game..

      1. I don’t really think that the show should be treated like E3. I can only seem this as Nintendo showing their next huge upcoming game and also advertising of what is coming out in the new year.

        It makes sense why they did this as this is the closest thing coming out in the new year, so therefore they would want to show what the game is and also introduce Cranky Kong, who has NEVER been playable – it could even lead the game be 4 players for all we know.

        Just because it wasn’t something like Metroid, DOES NOT mean that they’re not already working on it as it is. The game could be finished now and they may be working on something else – and obviously as there isn’t enough to show – it would be unwise to go ahead with that.

        Look at Yarn Yoshi – at the E3 this wasn’t shown as it wasn’t ready yet. I reckon by the next Nintendo Direct we will be seeing some stuff that was already announced, and maybe extras that have not been announced yet.

        Why are people giving Nintendo a hard time? – It really doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t like Nintendo then why bother coming here.

      1. To be honest I didn’t watch the show as I had been playing on my Wii U and actually having fun playing it. I cannot wait for this game and unlike your sorry life I wasn’t worrying about anything. If you hate Nintendo, then why are you here? Have you actually got nothing better to do than say I am “damage controlling”. Pretty pathetic.

    2. Well, it is the only thing for me to worry about, because my life is fucking perfect. I got money, a nice job, a huge ass fucking house and some bitches in the closet… So fuck Cranky Kong.

      1. No, you see timing is part of the problem. Nintendo fans are hungry for new, next gen experiences, and the Wii U has failed to deliver so far. And considering that we’ve already played a Donkey Kong game 3 years ago (and then a port of that very same game a few months ago), the decision to make a new game that does very little different makes the game look incredibly stale. If they had released this game a few years from now and/or done something to make the gameplay stand out a bit more, there wouldn’t be as many complaints.

  3. Should have been a fucking direct. Whatever, i’m buying it anyway because it looks really fun. But Nintendo, you seriously need to get your shit together. It’s not even funny.

      1. I’m not hating the game.
        But that sure was pointless and disappointing.
        I guess I’ll finish it on PC and put it off my mind.



    1. By that logic, DKCR was the same game as DKC3, which was the same game as DKC2, which was the same game as DKC. Why ever buy more than one game in a series if they’re just the same?

      1. I know what you’re trying to say, but honestly, the DKC series is getting kind of generic and rehashy. I can’t say there’s anything about this series that’s actually unique or interesting anymore.

      2. How do you know that? Tropical Freeze hasn’t even released yet and you make it sound like you have played the game.

      3. If there was anything more to this game, we’d have seen it by now. The fact that they’ve been focusing on things like the 2.5D level design and new playable characters more than new gameplay mechanics or what the Gamepad does in the game says enough about how little has changed in the game. They’re not going to keep important gameplay mechanics hidden at this point in the development cycle.

      4. “If there was anything more to this game, we’d have seen it by now.”

        You forget that Super Mario 3D World looked pretty weak until it didn’t. There are still over 2 months before this game is released, plenty of time to show something else. I am not saying that this game will necessarily be amazing, but I think Retro has earned the benefit of the doubt and it’s simply too early to write this game off.

      5. The main reason people’s opinions turned around on 3D World was because they showed off less rehashy level concepts, the base gameplay was still pretty samey and unexciting. The sales reflect this, as this game has been the worst selling Mario game yet. Most of the gameplay changes they would’ve needed to make for this game to be more exciting are the kind that fundamentally affect the gameplay, and would be announced as soon as the gameplay is shown off. Tropical Freeze will almost certainly be the same, any gameplay mechanics that would’ve made a difference to make this game appealing would’ve had to have been significant to the gameplay, and would’ve been shown off in the first place. At this point, nothing else they could reveal could bring this game out of mediocrity.

  5. I dont care if people are mad this is the next big game and dk is a gaming icon. I just wish it were coming out in january instead because feb is far

      1. That game was way too short.
        I don’t want to call it overrated, but NSMBU take longer to finish.
        And doesn’t seem to offer anything if you 100% it.
        There’s still that additional world, but almost done with that too.

        It’s a fun game, but as for value, felt like NSMBU gave more.

    1. Maybe. I think it was silly to expect anything else. This wasn’t a Nintendo Direct. They specifically said this was going to be new information on a title we already knew about. DKCTF is coming out in 2 months and we haven’t gotten any new information on it since the last E3. If you thought this was going to be Zelda U or Metroid, you were kidding yourself.

    1. So much this. Nintendo needs to show games that are exciting and innovative, not the same game we played before in HD. That’s all they need to do to get people interested in Wii U.

    1. You are the main reason why nintendo is sunking, thanks to people like you who blindly will follow Nintendo even to their ruin. An idiot customer without a solid criteria nor intelligence to defend their arguments.

      1. Idiots are those who bough battlefield 4 a ps4 and xbone microtrasaction consoles. Also Nintendo can do 100 time things like this and still will not be worst than those consoles makers.

      2. He doesn’t have to defend his decision. Maybe he likes the series and knows he is going to enjoy the game. That’s why I will be getting it. If you are not inclined to buy a game, no one can make you. Don’t go around telling other people what they shouldn’t get. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. To simply conclude that that decision is “stupid” without any basis is stupid.

      3. People buying this game aren’t the reason why Nintendo is sinking. It’s a great series. Thinking that a new character in this game was a good idea for a reveal may be the reason, but not fans of the DK series, that’s a foolish statement. If you don’t like DK then you don’t like DK. But the DKC series is one of the best Nintendo series. So many people grew up with the originals and still love them. You can be a fan of DK and still want more from Nintendo.

      4. We are the reason why Nintendo are still around as they make good games. PS4 and X1 are still having problems. In fact they had hardware problems – don’t see Wii U having any of those issues.

  6. I got to say Geoff was a ass hole during the interview of the demo. Reggie was trying to nice and the guy attack him. Spike has never been respectful of Nintendo. Nintendo throws them bones more then they should and this is how they act? While the it was a great reveal by Nintendo and missed chance, it still was rude of them to treat Reggie that way.

    1. Reggie deserved it. Even the hosts were expecting something new from Nintendo. Should’ve said FUCK YOU REGGIE in his face.

      1. The host knew exactly what the reveal was. These shows have formats and the production has to know what the material is ahead of time. Do you think they had all that footage of Cranky Kong ready to show without knowing what the reveal was going to be? Geoff was being kind of a jerk, but that’s just the tone of the programming. I don’t think Reggie was surprised or but off by it. That’s just catering to the audience.

  7. I don’t get it. Why reveal more characters we won’t be able to play with in solo campaign? That’s what I hated about DKCR: I couldn’t play with Diddy by myself. And now they’re throwing at me 2 more characters I won’t be able to play with. By the way, Cranky will hop on the back of Donkey? GROSE.

    1. aw… I didn’t even THINK of that. SHIT! I really fucking hate Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze even more than I already did…… Cranky Kong was really the fucking worst thing Nintendo could have done at VGX.. I am so disappointed, I might actually punch a baby in the throat again.

  8. Isn’t it amazing how Cranky Kong is actually THE only thing that is trending worldwide out of VGX, not even VGX is trending. Just Cranky Kong xD

    1. Of all the disappointing things from the vgx that’s the only one that I atleast saw coming. Tomb raider was dissapointing and a tablet game being show also the crappy return of tale tales games.

  9. Ithink Reggie did disappointed us on purpose cuz it would give them more exposing time in the media.

  10. First they fail to announce the Wii U, then at E3 after the show “We are going to show something super great” and it’s a character to the Smash game… They get a lot of feedback, negative that is, then they hype this shit again…. and shows a freaking character to a mediocre game…. WTF? Someone needs to be sacked at Nintendo.

    1. Negative feedback on the megaman e3 reveal? You mist be new to the planet or you got these feedback from the wrong game.

      1. Megaman was revealed in the trailer, he is talking about Wii Fit trainer’s reveal which was after the show.

    1. Those it has to do with the quality of the game or just a stupid biased TV trophy shopping program?

      1. I’m not buying the game, because I fucking hate Donkey Kong. Retro should be making Metroid. We already got Donkey Kong last year and I hated it. They also made a goddamn 3DS remake (which I didn’t buy).

        Really sick of this shit.

      2. There are 6 metroid titles metroid need a small break.Its okay to not DK but dude calm down its plastic and data

      3. Metroid doesn’t need a small break. It is better than any DK game they could come up with. Wii U needs Metroid not DK and NOT because I think Metroid sells better than DK( because it doesn’t), but because the Wii U’s sales suck anyway and NO game is going to get it to sell well. ESPECIALLY not DK. So instead of wasting their time making a game no one wants, they should at least make the niche title that appeals to hardcore Nintendo fans.

      4. technical dk is hardcore nintendo title. He is hard platformer series. He has a few casual, titles but the country series is hardcore. I like the 2D metroids over 3D ones, and I’m not a big metroid fan. I’ve been a fan of zelda, punchout, DK, starfox, pokemon, ssb, kirby, and pikmin. Its good to have metroid but i rather have starfox over metroid buts just me.

      5. Donkey Kong Country Returns came out 3 years ago. What Donkey Kong game are you talking about?

        Still a horrible waste of time

      6. Sorry, I was talking about the remake. Which was released this year (not last year).

        But, I agree. a horrible waste of time.

  11. The only Game of the year nominees you can play on the Wii U is Super Mario 3D world. If you want to play all the games your friends are playing, you have to get one of the other consoles. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was announced two years ago when they anounced the Wii U, to go to VGX with a game announced over 2 years ago is boring.

  12. What are Nintendo thinking?
    Although Donkey Kong is popular he is no hype builder like Zelda.

    Just showing us a new playable character in a video game that we know is coming out soon is such a waste.
    And according to people here the VGX audience is not gonna fall in love with DK.

  13. I’ve been following Nintendo for more than 20 years (thow I also play other games and consoles), I was not excited by what was shown but what was hinted. Reggie wearing that Samus pin whith a member of Retro next to him only leads to a new Metroid on the works, they are going to keep it a secret because that’s what they do best, but for me, that pin was more exciting than than Cranky.
    BTW I love the DKC series and can’t wait til February.

    1. Nintendo sucks. They keep all the good secrets to themselves and reveal stuff that no one gives to shits about… Then they wonder why the Wii U sells like crap.

      They really need to learn how to first, generate hype and second, make stuff that people actually want.

  14. I just didn’t like the VGX awards in general. And I can’t believe that some people were thinking of it as E3. I can’t wait to get DKC:TF, and Cranky plays like Scrooge McDuck, but I feel the awards were over-hyped. I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan, and even I was a little disapponted.
    I still love them though, AND I have a Wii U. AND it’s amazing. Most of my friends even WANT a Wii U. I was just hoping that they would reveal some more about Smash or Mario Kart 8. If you thought they would reveal something new, like Zelda or Star Fox, then you were over-hyping.

  15. @ pink crystal DKCR sold more than both Prime 3 and Other M. DK does have the potential to sell the system to the masses. And along with the dough that Retro will be making from the game, Nintendo could make another Metroid game just to appease the spoiled children like you who can’t be patient. AND ENOUGH WITH THE BLINDLESS HATE FOR DK. DKC is a great series.

  16. Well tried not to get excited but I kept thinking “they gonna show something spectacular! ” I got my hopes up and they were dashed…Cranky Kong? jesus! They should have showed something different…Amazon announced this the other day. Waste of time and resources rehashing spilled beans…

  17. This was a joke the only thing they announced was that donkey kong is done and now retro can work on there new metroid . They made a big deal nintendo first apearence in 10 yrs wow big deal its cranky kong . Hes in the game who gives a shit . Its like waiting till the last min to say scorpion is in a fucking mortal kombat well no shit . Maybe its that weird japan humor throwing them off

  18. Still getting this game. If people despise this games because of a new character or because this was show in those despicable VGX awards show (which they wasted 3 hours of my life), then it’s up to them. Though those who really want the game wouldn’t give a shit about the hate. I gotta be honest, I was a little disappointing that it show up, but I’m glad it wasn’t Zelda. Why? because it will spoil E3 for all of us and people will start complaining about Nintendo showing off “previously announced games”. Guys, just Shut the fuck up.

    1. Are you stupid? We all know that Zelda will be shown on E3 2014. It’s been a year now that they’ve announced anything new. DCTZ won’t sell much in February. Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Thief, Infamous. All will be released in February 2014. Can’t believe Nintendo is telling the media they are not directly competing with Sony and Microsoft but their games are released at the same time as theirs. Look at what happened to 3D World. System seller? Nah.They released it the same time as Xbox and PS4 launch.

  19. I think Nintendo announced Cranky Kong as a playable character in DKCTF instead of revealing a game like Zelda U because that would make the VGX somewhat enjoyable, and clearly that was not Spike’s aim.

  20. I must admit, people are being really stupid and arrogant if Zelda was going to be shown. We ALREADY know Aonuma is presenting it at E3 2014. Christ, people are making way too big a deal out of this. Just goes to show some people are very ungrateful.

  21. This game looks fantastic. Cranky Kong will be fun to play as. I was surprised by how quick he is, and that cane is great. He’ll add a Duck Tales type of vibe to Tropical Freeze.






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