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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Mario 3D World Pick Up VGX Awards

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the winner of VGX’s “Best Handheld Game.” The game was up against three other Nintendo 3DS games – Pokemon X and Y and Animal Crossing: New Leaf – as well as one PlayStation Vita game, Tearaway. Animal Crossing: New Leaf won in the “Best Casual Game” category, however, and was chosen over Disney Infinity, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time and Skylanders Swap Force. Meanwhile, the “Best Nintendo Game” was awarded to Super Mario 3D World, which was favored over Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends.

104 thoughts on “Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Mario 3D World Pick Up VGX Awards”

      1. yup!…once again Nintendo gives everyone boners then they just cut them off! Its just like before! When everyone was hoping that retros secret project was another metroid but NOOOOOOO!!!! They give us DKC (which was sorta okay but an extreme disappointment!) And i said a couple days ago that i was hoping for VGX not to go like the Retro secret project disappointment …and wadd’ya know it happened.

        1. Wha…wha…wha… WHAT?! You mean I’m the only one who’s been waiting is whole life to play as Cranky in Donkey Kong?!

          1. The worst part is you have to be playing muliplayer in order to actually “play” as Donkey Kong… -_- Kind of a waste. Why can’t you just “play” as Diddy or Dixie or Cranky?

            1. In any time, Reggie stated that he would show a new game. He said on his tweeter that he´d only make some announcements and that´s all. This dumb and childish videogame press that was making a lot of bullshit about that.

            2. Vgx was crap. But you gotta say that nintendo should have deserved a troll of the year award. I wasn’t expecting anything until I saw the samus thingy on reggie.

              And so there shall be a new Reggie meme: U Cranky?

                    1. Doesnt change the fact that its a Nintendo game.

                      Just like SMT:IV, Code of Princes, and MH: 3 Ultimate are all Nintendo games even though there developed and published by Atlus and Capcom respectfully.

                      1. exactly and what was with the whole bioshock beating COD on best shooter game even bioshock staff was baffled they were all like whaaaaa okay sure really? not even counting the fact that the main co-host was like utterly clueless to video games in general. I think what happened was Spike was like yeah your not worth putting on TV Especially not Live during primetime. so they changed the name at the last minute then they had to come up with some money to still host the show so they started begging places and twitter was ok we’ll foot the bill but you have to find a way to make people use our services during the show. thus the voting and constant hashtag comments. Another big give away was the lack of direction that was present during the show as no one really knew who was supposed to read the teleprompter the entire time that would be a problem if they queued people ahead of time before they came back from a world premiere or during other cut-aways. It was a VERY POORLY scripted and BADLY ran event. V g x is over its done i wont ever watch another one again.

                          1. I agree. One of the few categories they got right.

                            Seriously… GTA for Game of the Year?
                            Assasin’s Creed IV for Best Action/Adventure?

                            1. I was surprised Assassin’s Creed won.

                              Honestly, though, the fact that the two won just shows what’s wrong with the video game industry right now. All of it, including Nintendo, is just utter bullshit. I don’t know why, but everyone has been disappointing lately.

                              I’m just annoyed at all parties. The only ones that seem to have any heart anymore are indie devs… (sigh)

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                              1. I’ve played both Ni No Kuni and Pokemon X and Y and I agree with them that Ni No Kuni was the better game. Better story, more content, more dynamic gameplay, and the visuals and animated cutscenes look gorgeous. Plus, the soundtrack is one of the best non-Nintendo modern game soundtracks I’ve heard in a while.

                                1. “the soundtrack is one of the best non-Nintendo modern game soundtracks I’ve heard in a while.”

                                  Nintendo music is so fucking overrated. There has been plenty of games in the past few years that have better soundtracks than Nintendo’s modern offerings.

                                  1. Maybe you have different taste than I do. I’ve played games that are supposed to have great soundtracks (like Deus Ex: HR and Portal 2) and there was only really one or no songs I legitimately thought (Oh man, this is actually pretty good). Everyone has different opinions.

                                    1. I’m happy for Nintendo Winning some awards, but man, they drop the ball here by Hyping something that was leak a couple of days before.

                                      VGX is not the kind of thing for Donkey Kong, notby been a game that was delay until next year, they were better of showing something more adult oriented like Zelda U or better yet, what about that game “X” that is making the PS4 games like outdated pices of pixels?

                                      What about something new, or maybe old but new like Star Fox, F Zero or Metroid? But nooooooo Cranky Kong playable character was the bomb that Nintendo chose to drop at VGX and it was shamefull.

                                        1. Because that was VGX, and VGX is not a place for a game, that if keep his original release date would already be out by NOW, like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.
                                          I do not think not even the most Donkey Kong Country Return: Tropical Freeze die hard fan were expecting for Nintento to talk about that game in VGX.

                                        2. You have to remember that they said they were going to talk about a game that was already announced AND shown. The only game you listed that would have been viable from what they said would have been X.

                                            1. TBH, I think that, given the tiny amount of people who actually watched VGX, saving announcements like X for later was a smarter move…

                                              I do agree that I would rather have seen X info, but when you think about it from that other point of view, using a minor reveal like Cranky at a minor show like VGX made sense.

                                              1. The VGX was the most watched gaming stream in history. Far from tiny.

                                                Cranky Kong in DK would have been a good thing to show during a Nintendo Direct lol

                                                1. and i bet if they had another vgx type stream a week later it would have half or less people viewing it thanks to their shitty and lazy hosting skills

                                              2. So, I mean, Nintendo won awards so…. that’s good news. But, they only beat themselves so….. not soo good.

                                                1. No they weren’t as bad as people say….they are worse. There is no way to describe how bad they were. I’m not joking. Think Dora the Explorer, South Park, American Idol with Nicki Minaj, The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, The new Two and a Half Men, Battletoads and Fred: The Show are bad?- It was worse than ALL OF THOSE PUT TOGETHER!

                                                  You could add in the atrocities that is EVER Ryan Reynolds movie to the mix and VGX was still worse…

                                                2. I was bleeding from my eyes and the blood coming from my eyes was bleeding… and the blood coming from my blood was bleeding…. I needed to go to the emergency room to get a replacement pair out of risk of dying from too much blood loss… FROM MY EYES.

                                                  That’s how bad it was.

                                                    1. And just remember. Whatever I described STILL doesn’t cover how bad the award show was as it is impossible to portray how awful they were in words. It really is something you gotta see to believe… and if you do see it, you risk committing suicide like your poor doggy. I’m glad I survived with some minor wounds. At least compared to some people. I heard one guy exploded.. just *poof* all over his white carpet.

                                                      1. Eh, I could see why Ni No Kuni won. I’ve played both and I’d say Ni No Kuni is the better game. So far. (Haven’t beaten FE:A yet.)

                                                    2. Apart from High Command announcing such a retarded subject…

                                                      I’m glad they didn’t show off Zelda U in that boring snoozefest…

                                                      I mean really, first you have the taller one of the hosts thinking he is funny when the only thing he is, is everything but being funny, an award show that could have been done in anybody’s bedroom, poorly executed, the Tomb Raider delelopers call the game innovative and new just making the graphics a bit better while keeping the game just as it always was, whata complete joke that entire crap was…

                                                      I’m glad I didn’t watch all because I got bored as soon as they showed Tomb Raider and Cranky Kong was the last straw…

                                                        1. At least we know good games are coming to the Wii U this coming year…

                                                          But really, I hope our empire never show themselves in that idiotic award show ever again…

                                                          Even if the announcement was so bad, it was still a lot better than the entire show combined…

                                                        2. I guess your superiors made the right choice when they decided to show off a boring-ass trailer at a boring-ass event.

                                                        3. I have to say that I am pretty excited about Cranky, but that shouldnt be Nintendo’s only “big” news. A Link between two worlds, just seems like Paper Mario “Zelda” to me.

                                                        4. i still think they should have an award called “best re-make of a game” and thats should have been Zelda. Its not like they had to work really hard to make an awesome game that much better.

                                                        5. I watched about 10 minutes of the “show”, seen the Nintendo “reveal” and a little more then decided that watching it was a waste of time and electric. The show reminded me of the music awards a few years ago presented by Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fow – both dire and unprofessional.

                                                        6. well no point in nintendo anymore. after that……, just that was the worst thing nintendo could have done and just further proves that they have no fucking clue what they are doing.

                                                          so. there really is no point in criticizing no more. i have no hope for them, that string i was hanging on just got cut. im not sure if im going to sell the epic failure of a machine that is my personal dust collector, toaster and toilet or wait for x and see if it delivers. i wanted a videogame console not a wives novelty item. hhahaah. i could have had that money and just bought a ps4………. no more nintendo consoles for me.

                                                          maybe nintendo best mistake they ever created was sony, because that seems like the only place you can go now that isnt just horrible. (3ds is fine) even the vita is turning around, (which is surprising) just like the ps3 did.

                                                          1. Im dissapointed in Nintendo too, seems like Sony does the best job out of the big 3. I dont think you should sell WiiU, keep it for games like Bayonetta2 and X. Ps4 is very badass console just like Ps3, it kills me little bit inside to not have money for it right now, Xbox One seems nice too but it lacks something imo and is too pricey, WiiU seems to be system with wasted potential no StarFox,Metroid,F-Zero, no Fps game to rivall Halo and Killzone (which are both awesome). It seems like Nintendo really wants to cater more to kids, they seriously need more games like MadWorld,Bayonetta2 and X on their system otherwise they end up being joke who only wants casuals to buy their system. Great thing about Sony is that they made it clear with ps4 launch that they want hc gamers on their system with the games like Killzone:shadow fall and Resogun, no party shit like Nintendo land. I love Nintendo mind you but they dont have a clue what they want out of WiiU.

                                                            1. yeah they seem to really have lost it. the wii u is catered towards kids and soccer moms. they completely abandoned the core and even worse there fan base. the only people who are satisfied with the same old shit that nintendo has been doing after gamecube are just corporate sheep. star fox? f zero? earthbound? maybe a metroid? wave race, 1080 snowboarding and more?? oh know here is that same old mario kart and mario and some shitty wii fit games……what about a system that isnt a gimmicked pile of shit and how about games that are suited for people who outgrow diapers and pull ups??

                                                              there is a million reasons why nintendo is jack today. im not even going to call myself a fan at all of this shit anymore, they are already a joke as it is and are the king of nut kickers. im not even joking or anything, im serious. im not even sure that i will keep the wii u, even for x. it was a miracle that america even got xenoblade anyway. fuck you reggie. seeing they really dont give a fuck for great games but will just cater to 5 year olds. if they announce like a fatal frame 5 or a new great game like last story. im willing to bet those few great games that arnt just nintendo (which im sick of) wont even come over.

                                                              so in all. nintendo is a joke, they are failing and i might just ditch them 100%, ive been pretty close for a while but this is ridiculous.

                                                                  1. Yeah new ips is what they really need, maybe an fps game or racing title? Making Mario and Zelda every time isnt goin to cut it, sure they are nice games, but in the long run it gets stale, thats why i mostly play with Sony systems nowadays they have new ips and wider selection of games, they even want us old farts to play with games like Killzone which is great, Nintendo gave up on us after the Wii became succes they became lazy and money hungry and now they are desperate to get sales, seriously you are right about how they abandoned their core fanbase, they used to have so many great ips StarFox and whatnot and they dont do nothing with them, heck they could bring even an adventures of lolo back if they want wider appeal but No, they want to do just same stuff. Fanboys are the worst imo because they accept this and only buy games from Nintendo, games like W101 wont come to WiiU if they dont sell.

                                                                    1. yeah, the fanboys are a huge part of what’s killing them. im not sure why the fuck nintendo is so stupid, i really cant even put it in words. to sum it up, nintendo sold out. there nothing like they used to be at all. nintendo used to be the best but as you see there stupidity is never ending. there a fail, kinda a former shell of themselves in a way. they can fix it if they wern’t so money hungry selling out to the casual market whores. its not like there rare and there is no going back. they are still able to make good games at least, they just need to do more again with them. iwata and reggie and some more top people running nintendo needs to be scraped for anything good to happen.

                                                                      there is to many problems with nintendo now, to many stupid decisions over the years and now its at rock bottom. nintendo really has the potential to be the best i think but the way they are running now, isnt going to work. im not going to stick around anymore i think. ive seen enough. just like people did before but i gave them enough chances, even enough to wonder if its even worth to be a secondary console.

                                                                    2. I’ve lost hope for all 3 of them…ain’t no point to playing any of them now..NONE, NOT XBOX ONE, NOT PLAYSTATION 4, NOT EVEN NINTENDO…and its my home console. I agree to some of what you said zeama but not all. If that’s how you FUCKING FEEL ANOUT NINTENDO, THEN GET THE FUCK OFF AND STAY OFF.

                                                                      VERY, VERY POINTLESS FOR YOU TO EVEN BE HERE IF THAT THE SHIT YOUR GONNA KEEP ON TALKING ABOUT AND BEING A PARROT just like every other troll. WE GET IT, YOU HATE PIZZA/PIZZA HUNT, YOU HATE REGGIE WHICH IS NOT TO BLAME THIS TIME, Iwata is. I saw he didn’t want to tell up that…but he did to keep his job…which reminds me…

                                                                      I will not support Iwata for a while until I see WORTHY OF IT. VGX WAS AN EMBARRASMENT TO ALL GAMING EVERYWHERE AND NINTENDO TROLL FACED ALL OF US BY ADDING WHO???? EVERYONE’S FAVORITE OLD FART, CRANKY KONG, That…I’m pissed about. SHOW ME FUCKING X, SHOW ME ZELDA WII U, SHOW ME THE NEW IP MIYAMOTO WAS WORKING ON, SHOW ME…..ANYTHING…that was not yet heard by our ears….NO, YOU FUCK TARDS SHOW ME AN OLD FART APE WITH A CANE!!! A mother fucking cane…HURRAY, I CAN NOW JUMP ON SPIKES…that’s it? <- that's what I found asking myself on Nintendo's announcement at VGX…I watched 20 mins of it and turned it off…20 fucking MINUTES…to realize it was complete garbage…THAT IS WORTH TROLLING ZEAMA, not Nintendo…you know what? WHY TELL YOU? Your not gonna listen anyways…so why am I telling you this?

                                                                    3. He is being selling his wiiu since it was launched last year if it was true that he is going to sell it he should have done that by now.

                                                                    1. Yes because we are all dying to buy NSA overpriced Xbot live media gimmick boxes and Boystation For paying online plus lots of mediocre overhyped games…


                                                                        You arent a true Commander if you havent played any of these games, seriously Adventures of Lolo could work really well with the gamepad and thats why i dont uderstand why they dont do anything with it. Btw Playstation and Xbox systems are awesome too, can we stop this stupid console war already? Its ok to critisize but insulting plastic boxes is childish.

                                                                        1. I’ll never stop until the Xbot species are destroyed 100% and their spare parts are nothing more than fuel to our machines…

                                                                          I only respect the Sonyan technology, I don’t respect a big chunk of their people though who constantly bashes our empire no matter what…

                                                                          No respect for Xbots and will never have!

                                                                            1. Says the one who doesn’t own a next gen console and not supporting Ninty’s software since he lacks the hardware.

                                                                              1. Oh sure…so we can pay and EXTRA 50 DOLLARS JUST FOR ONLINE…YEAH NINTENDO’S GREEDY HUH? MUCH LIKE YOU FUCKING PLAYSTATION AND XBOX RIGHT? Do yourself a favor…you love it that that dam much, MARRY THE BITCH AND STAY THE FUCK OFF!!

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