Lucario Pokemon Confirmed For Super Smash Bros

Sakurai has confirmed today that Lucario will be a playable character in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game. Sakurai told Miiverse users that they have given the Pokemon an improved array of powers, making him a force to be reckoned with. Super Smash Bros is due for release on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS sometime later this year.

 “Pic of the day. The Heroic Aura Pokemon, Lucario, joins the battle. We’ve increased the influence of Aura this time, so a damaged Lucario is truly a force to be reckoned with.”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    1. It well certainly be picking up steam, Xbox one and ps4 well have to wait to at least e3 to see some good games, glad I went with Nintendo before Xbox.
      lots of great things announced from Nintendo, but it well take at least 8 months to see results of any of these things.
      so hopefully in the mean time their well be lots of indie games, more announced first party games, and hopefully only good things from Mario cart8, dk-tf, smash, and X.
      at e3 we should also see myamotos new IP, new Zelda, and possibly what retro well be working on next

  1. I liked Lucario in Brawl, even if I was crap with him. I’d imagine mega-Lucario will be his new final smash.

    Still, I wasn’t exactly expecting to see him back, so that’s a surprise

      1. Lucario’s final smash was perfect in Brawl. Made me feel like a fucking boss every time I used it.

  2. I still think pokemon who make use of evolution stones should be added. For example, Eevee. A fire themed arena/ stage could drop a fire stone every now and then, giving Eevee the chance to evolve and open a whole new range of moves.

      1. Interesting, and how is that gay? Does it turn you into a gay person when you use that? You’re an idiot!

  3. I think lots of people are forgetting that on miiverse, he said that this was added by ‘the brawl team’ and they actually expanded the character roster to fit him in. So, there still is a chance they had, and still have, Mewtwo there, and they are leaving him for an unlockable. I hope the ‘brawl team’ that did this also get around to adding Dr. Mario, he was always fun to play with.

    1. I’ve always thought that instead of having so many different skins, while pretty cool but overall not as useful, they should instead just have 1 ‘alternative’, that would be their considered ‘copy’. For example, Lucario would have a 2nd alternative as Mewtwo, Mario would have a 2nd alternative as Dr. Mario, Fox would have a 2nd alternative as Falco (or Wolf, since Falco has appeared longer), etc. It would be pretty cool IMO, and i think it would really give value to something that is looked at as otherwise simple.

      1. I think a costume should be at least the same character, it works for mario and dr mario cause they are the same person, lucario and mewtwo, marth and lucina, fox and falco not so much

  4. *shakes head

    I hope this doesn’t hurt Mewtwo’s chances to get back in the game. I don’t mind Lucario being in the game as long as he’s not filling up a slot Mewtwo could have in the Pokemon set…
    (Mewtwo was my favorite Nintendo character growing up, lol)

    1. Mewtwo isnt even that good! I played melee and got him a few days ago, and I have no idea what all the hope was for. Same thing with Ganondorf.

      1. You see, the thing with Ganondorf is that, he never got his own move set. I’m really really hoping Ganondorf returns in this new game with FINALLY his own move set. No more Falcon clone. Falcon has the move set he does because they didn’t have much, if any, source material from his games to use for a move set. Ganondorf is polar opposite to that. There’s a ton of source material from Zelda games that could be used as Ganondorf’s move set.

        I really hope Ganondorf isn’t a Falcon clone this time around. He’s got too much potential to just be wasted like that.

      2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ganondorf is a f**king bauss, and they gave him absolutely no justice in Melee. I was HOPING that maybe, he was something at the last minute, and hence the similarities to Captain Falcon, but then they brought him back to Brawl.. Bringing the exact, same injustice with him. PLEASE SAKURAI, if you can make changes to Lucario, please make the changes that would make one of Nintendo’s most feared villain a unique, different and fun character to play.

    2. yes because a character that uses completely different moves from mewtwo kills his chances, i guess mario killed luigis chance and link killed toon links chance oh wait

  5. damn. I was hoping {wishful thinking} that they could do something really cool w Mewtwo and his Mega Evo (Still possible) For example, when Mew2 gets the smash ball, you could press x for his mega x evo, with new moves like warios smash, (all fighting since mew2 X mega is psy/fighting) or press Y button and get the mega y evo, with mostly sp. atk moves, maybe something resembling samus smash (mega beam)

  6. dammit. I was hoping mew2 over lucario (still possible). I was also thinking of a cool mew2 smash ball, something along the lines that when you get the smash ball, you could press y or x, and mewtwo would then mega evo into his x or y form, with x being more fighitng orientated w new moves (like warios smash) that would rake up damage, and the y would be something resemebling sp. atk, like a samus super beam (smash ball) that would get send players w high % off screen. {wishful thinking}

  7. Well Mewtwo sucked in Melee anyways, so unless they completely changed his moveset, I don’t care either way.

      1. How? Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of mewtwo as a character, but his moves were slow, terrible for combo-ing, and pretty weak. All his special moves sucked, his side-b being the most useless, down-b didn’t have any reason to use it, why stun someone when you can just hit them? His up throw was his most powerful attack, but that’s not enough to make him good. Sakurai needs to make it so that mewtwo does more than just swing his tail around and then he’ll be good. Or just play Project M, where he’s actually decent, but even then, Project M Lucario is far superior.

      2. I know what you mean.
        And ESPECIALLY if you didn’t decide you wanted to put special time and effort into him, Mewtwo kind of sucked. I had one friend that practiced with Mewtwo until he could be really annoying with that character, but he did that as a fun challenge for himself. I stuck with the characters I found fun to play (hint: not Mewtwo).

      3. His back throw is the powerful throw, his tail is fantastic for combos, the side and down b are fantastic for mind games, giving fast fallers like Captain Falcon, Shiek, Falco and Fox Trouble. He can also down grab juggle said characters ( if your not a filthy casual AKA GamerBlue53) and teleport game is also great. Lol GG faggot.

      4. Right, filthy casual, because casuals play Project M :P. I did forget he could chain grab with his down throw, but look at him on the tier list for melee, he’s almost at the very bottom. You also can’t attack out of teleport (unless you’re playing PM). There’s no need to go throwing around useless insults, that just shows that you’re insecure about yourself by putting someone else down. Now you’re probably gonna insult me again, despite what I just said, or not reply at all because you have no response to this. Either way, I couldn’t care less is someone on the internet I don’t even know calls me a faggot.

    1. I KNOW!!! except metwo can always join with the rest of brawls pokemon :) I would rather have him return than have a pokemon newcomer.

      and,….I would get the chance to beat up metwo with lucario!!!! :D

  8. Characters like this get me really unexcited for this game. Lucario, Marth, and Toon Link? I might as well just save my money and keep playing Brawl since this game has yet to prove how it is any different from its predecesor apart from HD graphics.

    1. Perhaps the other “surprise” characters are being left in the dark for now. You know, they have that “unlockables” gameplay in this game.

    2. It is basically a remake of Brawl, but without story mode and adding in some extra characters. That being said….this is what Smash Bros always does. The reason that we buy it is so that we can have the ultimate game on each Nintendo console. Smash Bros never gets old so I’ll still be playing Brawl alongside the new game. They’re both very awesome in similar ways. I’m glad that they’re not eliminating characters. It just wouldn’t be worth it

      1. They are also improving the game engine making gameplay faster, removing tripping, fixing edge-hogging, making it so when stuff like arrows hit each other they stop and who knows what else

      2. The arrow thing is now new. I don’t know why it was marketed like it was. Try it out in Brawl and you get the same exact effect. I’m very glad about the gameplay speed and the tripping, but I may be a little sad about the edge gripping. Good and bad I suppose

      3. likely 3-4 will be cut. hoping for snake and lucas to be cut. ike will be cut definitely. rob could be……..

      4. I agree that Snake will be cancelled, but I dunno about the other 3. ROB was so big in Brawl that I doubt they would cut him and Lucas has a considerable fan base. Ike is definitely a possibility, but I hope not!

      5. What i meant was, it seems like a waste of a character to have old ones repsesent their respective franchises. Why do we still need two Links? Why is Marth the reprsentative for Fire Emblem when Chrom is a much more reasonable candidate since his game launched last year. Why Lucario? Gen four is over. A better candidate would be Zororark from gen 5 MegaMewtwo from gen 6. Sigh, whatever. Still underwelmed by the character roster…

      6. marth is the main character of FE, Lucario had a large role in X and Y and gen 5 is long gone, Toon Link represents the toon games (which they are still making)

  9. Nice. He was my main in Brawl so if Dark Samus ISN’T announced at least I have someone to fall back on.

      1. He can be artificially shrunk the same way Kirby and Olimar are both artificially enlarged.

    1. Trust me, they will Definitely be in the game. I am a little surprised that it’s taking so long, but maybe they will announce Captain Falcon alongside a new F Zero game from one of the companies that they are considering a merge with

    1. Oh wow 1 character isn’t in the game. I want Ike back but either way I will still buy and enjoy it

  10. I know that a lot of people were hoping for Mewtwo instead, but this should not be a cause for concern. Maybe a little concern, but I’m almost positive that Sakurai will add Mewtwo. He knows how much fan demand there is for him and they’ll likely add both.

    I’m definitely happy about this because while I wasn’t that good with Lucario, his moveset was very fun to play with. Increasing the aura effect sounds like a good deal as well. With 22 characters in the roster, plus 6 almost confirmed ones…we’re doing pretty good! (Palutena, Ness, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Ness, Mr Gam And Watch)

    I’m guessing that the final character count is actually going to be around 40, which would be very good. That’s because I’m also expecting another Fire Emblem character, Star Fox character, The Ice Climbers, a W101 character, and more. This is certainly going to be a very big and explosive Wii U game!

  11. I had my money on a Gen V Pokémon like Meloetta, whose forme changes would work similar to Zelda/Sheik, but looking at it from the perspective of Gen VI, Lucario’s retention is no surprise.

    1. yeah gen 5 is a ship that has set sail and is now 10 miles away. In other words, we ain’t getting a 5th gen rep

  12. Thank God! I was beginning to think I was going to have to switch mains to Rosalina. Soooo pumped for Cario being back! They havnt shown his final smash yet, so I’ve got this feeling they’re gonna wait till they unveil Mew2 as a new character, and show off both of them mega evolving for their final smashes.

  13. Clearly, Nintendo isn’t doing all in their power for PokéBank and PokéTransfer if they can release this and other news…

    1. Pokemon Bank was developed by GameFreak and distributed by Nintendo Network.
      Super Smash Bros. is being designed by Sora Ltd. and Namco Bandai.
      Neither studio has anything to do with each other.

      1. ?
        So they aren’t anything to do with Nintendo and the studio wouldn’t have to tell Nintendo that they’re releasing information – which Nintendo has to look at?

        My point is that Nintendo isn’t doing all in their power. Not the studios, Nintendo themselves. There has been NO news and no updates as well as no Nintendo Direct.

        Lucario has something to do with Nintendo and Game Freak – releasing this information now probably wasn’t such a good idea.

      2. Nintendo is the central office, they report on projects, but they don’t have much power over their pace or achievements, that is in the hands of the development team making the game.
        Since Sora Ltd. and Namco are managing Super Smash Bros. 4, anything regarding that game that Nintendo reports is due to their own work and has nothing to do with any other development team or subsidiary, such as Game Freak, which made Pokemon x and Y and Pokemon Bank.
        Game Freak has not had part in ANY Super Smash Bros. game to date, just like NEAD had nothing to do with Grezzo’s remake of Ocarina of Time for 3DS, even if it is the former development team which often handles Zelda.
        If you don’t know what you’re talking about then shut up.

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