Sounds As Though Smash Bros Designer’s Arm Injury Is Getting Worse

Smash Bros designer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed to Famitsu that his right arm injury appears to be getting worse and his condition is now affecting his left arm as well. Sakurai previously told the publication back in February 2013 that, “If this disorder lingers, or if it never gets fixed, there’s no telling what impact that would have on the project.” Here’s what he had to say about the state of his injury.

“The tendon sheath inflammation symptoms in my left forearm are especially hard to deal with. I’ve been moving the controller as gently as possible. And losing at Smash Bros…”

Thanks, David




  1. dude… that sucks so much. Not because of Smash brothers getting delayed or whatever, but his pain.

    He does so much for us. Thank you Masahiro Sakurai, for being awesome and inspiring.

    Get well super soon!!!


    1. Having him in good health does absolutely nothing for me. I also hate when boxers stay down because getting back up is detrimental to their health, or when refs stop the fights early. I’d rather him die and give me another smash bros.


  2. Oh dear. INB4 rabid fanboys in the comments below me being more worried about Smash Bros than this guy’s health. Recover soon, Mr. Sakurai! You single-handedly wrote a large section of my childhood.


  3. sakurai’s a real trooper, dedicated to his work like this. i hope he gets better soon but i can’t imagine things improving for him until he’s completed the game. here’s hoping for the best


  4. The problem is, while most people believe that he should halt Smash Bros until he’s healed, a lot of fans will start getting annoyed and it will be like Pokemon Bank all over again. Nintendo can’t afford the bad rep, and it’s causing everyone to overwork… Hopefully Sakurai recovers fully, maybe he should just step down for a while and monitor at least while he heals?


    1. Not in this case, Sakurai has a legitimate reason for delaying SSB. Nintendo screwed us over with Bank for no reason. They wouldn’t give us ANY information.


  5. I’m pretty sure a project is not going to be delayed because someone has physical pain in their arms. It’s not like he’s building Noah’s Ark. He’s the DIRECTOR so I’m sure he can DIRECT someone else to take over when the pain comes which I’m sure he already has been doing.

    You don’t get to be in his position by not being prepared. He’s a professional I’m sure despite it being very hard on him physically, it will not effect the project. Yes, he is in pain, yes he probably needs a long vacation, yes I hope feels better because I have similar issues in my arms and I carry heavy boxes at work so I know how it is, but no his physical pain will not slow progress of Smash Bros. That suggestions stops right here.


  6. He really deserves a break after the game comes and if he does wanna make a game make something a little simpler like a kirby game or something


  7. The pain and the debilitation of the condition is one thing, but surely the worst part of this for Sakurai is that it’s making him suck at his own game! Now that’s just rude.


  8. There’s a simple solution to the problem. All Sakurai has to do is TELL the Smash team what to do, and they’ll do so. That way, Sakurai does not have to worry about his arms, while his team does the work; he will just direct the game, while the team works on it.


  9. Sakurai… We all love you. You made a big mark on our childhoods and some of us, adolescence. You are family, Sakurai-Bro… Take some time off. Rest because … if you are having a hard time winning then we won’t win. Your Game Kid Icarus Uprising was a MASTERPIECE. I king the Together servers… which mean my say means alot!! I personally believe in you… I dont care if the game is delayed… As long it releases this year then we are blessed. Take 3 months of… You deserve it buddy… Please bro


  10. Damn, I always knew he was dedicated, but there is a point when he has to take a break! It’s not good to be working in that condition.


  11. Reading about how hard Sakurai works, he probably won’t take a break until this game is finished. I envy his dedication, but I feel for the man at the same time. I just hope he doesn’t push himself any harder than he already has.


  12. I really hope he gets better.

    Forget Smash Bros, because Sakurai needs time to recover!

    Yes, of course I want Smash Bros, but his health is more important!

    Get well soon, Sakurai!


  13. Look. I get that Japanese are known for their iron-willed workers, but for god’s sake, if it’s not only continuing to greatly hinder your work efficiency, but is also GETTING WORSE… Sakurai is only human, and if it’s really as bad as i’m reading, then he NEEDS to take a medical-related break.

    He NEEDS to before his condition gets even worse than it already is. -_-


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