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Small Miiverse Update For 3DS And Wii U

Miiverse has had a small update affecting both Wii U and 3DS versions. Marty has given us the low-down detailing that users can now unfollow and follow other users directly from the followers page, rather than going through the hassle of opening their profile page first. And if in doubt about whether you can post a screenshot to a Miiverse community, the update has given us a handy “X”, which will display for communities that do not support screenshot attachments.

Aside from the updates above, the Wii U also has an additional update, which can allow you to play posted videos in high quality format. Though if there’s no HQ version available, the video will continue to play in normal quality. It’s not a large update by any means, but it’s marginally bigger than the update earlier this month.

13 thoughts on “Small Miiverse Update For 3DS And Wii U”

            1. By having an name and avatar, he is avoiding anonymity as much as can be expected. Obviously he hasn’t put his real name and picture up, that’d be stupid. But he’s created an alter ego that is readily identifiable and can be followed and criticised and held accountable. As a truly anonymous poster, unlike Anubis, you can post whatever you want and no one will ever be able to separate any given post you make from any other. If you say something daft or offensive, you can continue to post and no one will know. The Anubis alter ego can’t do that.

  1. For a sec there I thought it said you could post videos, aww. That’d probably get out of control fast, though. So it’s basically just for videos devs post, I take it?

  2. Still waiting on an update where you can record gameplay and post to miiverse.

    I dont want an unlimited amount of time. just at least 1 minute or 5 minutes of gameplay video. I think that would be cool. especially for smash bros.

    I’d like to see if people are good before I add and fight them

  3. “Wii U also has an additional update, which can allow you to play posted videos in high quality” but where can you find videos if nobody can record dem

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