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Nintendo’s ‘Girls Channel’ Comes Under Fire

Nintendo recently launched its Girls Channel which is supposed to target the female gamer. However, the channel has come under fire online from both female gamers and male gamers with some calling it “stereotypical and close-minded.”  In fact one female gamer said “I felt a real sense of embarrassment watching this Nintendo Girls Club thing”

“Many video game companies want to cater to women, but they don’t know how,” Jenny Haniver, founder of Not In the Kitchen Anymore, a female gaming community, tells Yahoo Shine. “You can’t just color everything pink and add horses and a mall and expect girls to get excited.”

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166 thoughts on “Nintendo’s ‘Girls Channel’ Comes Under Fire”

  1. Don’t trip, Nintendo is trying to be sexist, instead, just trying to appeal games for girls. So if I open a guy clothes store, I’m being sexist? Nope.

          1. I have to say this and I know many of you will be offended because you are precisely the ones I’m talking about. I see commercials on tv all the time where they portray men as idiots but nobody complains then. The reality of it all is that no matter what you do, someone will always get offended. I can’t even begin to imagine the stupidity that goes on in these Not In The Kitchen Anymore meetings. They’re complaining because they used “girly” things for a girls channel. Read that last sentence carefully. They say that not all girls like girly things, well obviously not everybody is the same. However, the vast majority of girls do and why on earth should a company cater to the very small minority? Would it not make more business sense to cater to the majority? You can’t possibly cater to both. Think about a boys channel. There are boys who are gay and like girly things. So if you make a boys channel with boyish things, some random organization of mothers of gay boys will undoubtedly complain. If you listen to them and add girlish things then the other mothers and this time fathers will complain, not to mention no self respecting boy would visit the channel anymore. To give you a perfect example of the stupidity that currently plagues the human race, Peta recently had a commercial that I believe didn’t air on tv. In it they have a guy and a girl making out on a couch and they are about to start having sex, when the whole vegan conversation breaks out. The girl is the vegan and when she looks at the guy she sees a horses ass with a face talking to her. Well shortly after the commercial was made public Peta got a letter from some horse organization saying that they were offended that they used a horse to portray something as negative. We need a WWIII already.

            1. I’m never the kind of guy to reply to comments on videos etc… but just to let you know that basically every single thing you said about ‘gay boys’ and their mothers was very mean and equally ignorant…

              The worst part was when you said “no self respecting boy would visit the channel anymore” ’cause of what the gay people did to it. Like come on. Have a think about it.

              Signing off – gay boy who doesn’t actually like girly things and thinks the idea of a girly channel for Nintendo is kinda cute but equally lame.

              1. “basically every single thing you said about ‘gay boys’ and their mothers was very mean and equally ignorant”. There was nothing mean about it, I didn’t insult them in any way. All I said was if they had boyish things some gay boys wouldn’t relate and their mothers would be offended. If you can please stop thinking about wieners for just one minute can you please explain to me how the hell that was mean? Now as for the self respecting part, what I meant was any boy who is straight will not want to be associated with girly things. Maybe self respecting was the wrong choice of words but what I find funny is how you are a perfect example of what I was talking about in my comment.

                1. How are you gonna try to defend yourself of saying you weren’t being offensive and then tell a gay person to stop thinking about weiners. Wtf?! Like do you honestly believe that wasn’t ignorant when you typed that?

            2. The world is going offended!

              seriosly, why so serious ? people gets offended way to easy. We are born as a girl or boy, and sometimes both. There’s noone telling you to like girly or boyish things except extremely nagging femenists (does not imply all).

              I say let’s just live your own life, and you’ll figure out what you like as time goes by. Even though you may feel offended about this Nintendo girl club, does not mean that it doesn’t exist someone that like the club.

              “I felt a real sense of embarrassment watching this Nintendo Girls Club thing”

              Why ?

            3. What is that noise? Oh, is it really what I think it is? No, it can’t be, last time I saw it was before the internet existed! But wait…. maybe it really is. Could this actually be someone using common sense on the internet?
              My eyes must be playing tricks of me, I think I’ll go see a doctor tomorrow.

    1. No…. but saying every girl likes fashion games and Pink is actually pretty sexist…. Stop damage controlling for Nintendo -_-

      I love them too but this is another moronic thing they’ve done in the past few months. Not as a bad as Microsoft (Who screws up on a daily bases now).

      1. Or you mean that Microsoft commercial that advocated mental abuse where the lady uses the guy nothing more than appliance to do her commands.

      2. Have you looked at the men’s clothing line, we get robbed on color, do you actually think that all we like to dress in is black, blue, and brown- its a stereotype, you deal with them every time you address a population, its unavoidable. turn on the TV watch your favorite sitcom, you relate to the characters because they broad stroke a personality type. no one complains then.

        1. Also, on Wallets, you can get the tri-fold, bi-fold, and money clip in Black leather, brown leather, or some kind of canvas. And its usually put on some hobbled shelf on the back of a store, which in contrast to the purse section which usually takes up half of a floor store.

          Same goes for mens dress shoes, its either old or ugly looking.

      3. Sexist? Did you watch the trailer? They had Mario, Sonic, Warioware, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion… Are those all “fashion games and Pink”?

      4. Sexist would be if they implied girls do not or cannot play video games. Associating pink with a gender is just a social construct, and not a harmful one. Gender equality means equal rights, not abolishing genders. This has nothing to do with gay rights, some things are feminine, some things are masculine.

      5. @Gamer Mania, I wish we had the comment rating thing back so I could give you a thumbs up, but since the admins of this site don’t like the honesty of someone with a stupid post getting down votes, this will have to suffice.

    2. It’s like back in the 80’s you could sell LEGO bricks to any kid, they’d be generic and sell to both boys and girls

      Now you need to have Star Wars or Super Heroes on boy’s LEGOs with angry/cool faces and special Barbie-like LEGOs for girls

      I remember reading this somewhere: “Kids didn’t change, the people who market products for them did”

        1. What
          I loved Legos I had a box of them and they were all just huge generic bricks
          But they’re beautiful because with generic bricks you can make….um, everything else

  2. How lame. People should learn to have fun with videogames. For me, it seems like a bunch of people trying to use it as a political agenda. The channel is aimed at young girls, not grow-up girls

  3. They’re completely right though. Why get girls excited about games they’d already play? It’s just branding a stereotype.

  4. That was kinda my reaction when I first saw it. All the ‘yaaayyyy pink!’, it completely delegitimises the girl gamer demographic as a bunch of shovel-ware playing noobs.
    Having said that I don’t really care; I’m a boy =P

    1. But I don’t think the channel is designed to appeal to girl gamers but rather girl casuals. It’s a dumb idea – casuals won’t be watching these videos, but let’s not misunderstand its intentions.

    2. Well while I’m a boy and “don’t care about “this”” in particular, because it is aimed at boys. It is a problem that goes both ways (and so I care about it). I hate the stupid LEGO commercials that are only addressed towards boys and all the cheap action figure shit that’s addressed towards boys, Hot Wheels, Skylanders, etc… First of all, girls should be in the commercials and second of all they should target boys with the so called “girl toy” commercials.

      When I was younger I wanted Barbies, I wanted the easy bake oven, I wanted the my little ponies, etc, etc. Of course now I have grown out of toys, but when your a kid… a toy is a toy and all these commercials do is perpetuate DIFFERENT sex behavior when in fact we should be promoting unisexual behavior.

      Boys can do girl things and girls can do boy things.

      1. You wanted barbies, my little ponies, and the easy bake oven as a kid? Omg dude, that’s great if you wanted them and your parents were cool with buying them for you. If I had said I wanted those things as a child, my father would have 1. Slapped me in the face and then, 2. taken me to like 5 sporting events in 1 day. 3. I would be grounded.

        1. That’s why society has evolved into something greater than it was. People cry for days of the past where beating on children was normal and gender differences were forced into you, but without realizing the psychological component these have on children.

          Oh an I totally liked the Barbies the best, cuz they were soooo totally cute and stuff. Also you could change their outfits which you could never do with boring boy toys.

          P.S Spots suck ass. Only sports I play are Soccer and Tennis and I hate watching both.

      2. Thats false girls can pee standing up boys cant menstruate.
        We are different phisically genetically and fisiologically…

        1. In terms of behaviour and personality, girls are only different from boys because of learned traits instilled during formative years. The different physical structure of girls is in no way relevant. Physicality aside, girls are only different from boys insofar as they are raised to be different. There is nothing inherently different, or inborn, about them that makes them act differently or like different things.

        2. Woah Woah Woah! You must not realize how similar Men and Women are. Take a close look at the human anatomy. At first glance the sexual parts of men and women look radically different when they aren’t. Each part is either more developed parts of the human anatomy or less developed parts.

          For example, what men call a penis would be the female’s clitoris. What women call their ovaries are men’s testicles. They are just developed further or less further depending on the amounts of hormones you are producing. Where the scrotum develops would form inwards into the vagina’s canal

          Men and women have breasts, they are virtually the same thing aside from development. If men took estrogen pills they could develop milk producing breasts and depending on when and how long you take the pills you could grow your very own female breasts on your male body.

          On terms of behavior, 90% of your behavior is learned behavior. You “learn” to act like a boy, you “learn” to act like a girl. Your behavior is all learned by what society, what family, what social background you grew up in. Sexual behavior is also learned though that is more complicated as hormones affect your sexual stimulation and intuition. Hormones DO NOT AFFECT YOUR NON-SEXUAL BEHAVIORS.

          If you make the connections men and women are so similar it would shock those who think otherwise.

      3. But we arty divergent from on another men are still Men even gay men are MEN and women are still women she should have our differences i love women quite a bit because they’re women not men

        1. They are biologically different, sure. But that doesn’t mean women only play brain-dead noob games. There is nothing about having a uterus that makes them less prone to playing proper games. Gender (as distinct from sex) is ingrained at a very young age, and it’s from that that we get behavioural patterns such as ‘boys like guns’ or ‘girls like barbies’. It’s something that is artificially induced by culture and not a natural difference that is in born.

      4. Yeah there is a lot of sexism in marketing. Marketing essentially boils down to four demographics – boys, girls, men, women and it’s the job of marketers to attach any given product to whichever of those demographics they think it suits. It’s arbitrary and exists solely due to self-perpetuation. The marketers themselves are raised on gender stereotypes so they then push it on the next generation.

      5. Mm, well, it doesn’t matter, really. XD SOME girls are…girly, I guess. I personally don’t like the style of the channel, but I’ll just not watch it, then; no skin off my back. There are, like, tons of other places to watch gaming vids on.

        On the side note…why are horses considered “girly”? O_O

  5. I think this is aimed for little girls. My girlfriend plays Bayonetta, Street Fighter and KOF like everyone else. But her little sister (she’s 4) loves those My Little Pony and Monster High games. So yeah, I think Nintendo is aimig for that public.

  6. With DKTF flopping big time in Japan only selling 35k first week and making Wii U sales ONLY go up 1k from the previous week and now this just proves Nintendo are crumbling!!
    Wii U is dead!!


      1. 35k for a so called big Nintendo game is hilarious!!!
        Reggie the loser really thought this would be a huge game hen the rest of the world besides Nintendo guzzlers knew it was dead the moment Reggie went to VGX and Nintendo big announcement was Cranky Kong?

        1. Your brain must’ve exploded because you don’t even the shit that came for your mouth. I wonder, does your arse even get tired from the shit that comes from your mouth? Well I guess I should expect it since again, you came from an ass, not a vagina.

      2. Sir or ma’am, I ask that you please come up with more original material than your copy and paste borefest. I’m sure you would even get bored of this prolonged stupidity of unoriginality.

    2. You spelled Xbox One and Microsoft wrong…

      Also, you do know DKTF is second place in Japan… and finally, DK was more popular in the west because the last game DKCR was only really popular in the Western World.

      Have fun with you 720p games on your over priced VCR ;)

  7. This is sexist, but it’s not like it’s a bad sexist… I think it’s cute( I’m a girl). I really don’t understand why people get so offended over little things.

    1. It’s probably because there was recently a commercial targeting girls who had all the little girls gather up their “pink girl toys”and throwing them away and picking up the “boys toys” like children’s tool sets (hammers, drills etc) and other guy toys in camoflauge, “boy colors” etc. <People called this a step forward sooo.. Girls club can "only" be a step back right?

        1. *shrugs* Things get blown out of proportion in the media and in the public eye all the time. Lookat what happened to Sarah Palin. People think she is a moron yet she was reported as a fantastic Alaskan governor and ran as VP…. that’s it. She never even said “I can see Russia from my house.” That was her words being taken out of context by liberal commedic talk show hosts.

          Yet people STILL think she is awful…

            1. Shows what you know. You probably get your views from Stephen Colbert or Jay Leno. If you actually follow Sarah Palin you would know she is more intelligent than most of the liberals…

              Only complaint is she is too religious and votes WAYYYY too conservatively. Aside from that, fiscally she would make for a GREAT President. She would get our economy back in order (or at least heading in the right direction which so happens to be the OPPOSITE that Obama has us going…).

    2. It’s sort of re-enforcing the sexist view that girls should only be allowed to like certain things, this channel isn’t exactly needed.
      It’s just sort of manipulating society’s “Social norms” so that girls will want to buy “girl games”

    3. The issue is, it’s okay to like pink, sure. But what about the rest of us girls who get tired of this crap pushed on us? While this is obviously isn’t trying to do that, you can’t help but go, “sigh not this crap again” you’ll never see legend of Zelda in something like that. You just end up getting so defensive about these things that you lash out at all “pinky girly sterotypical” junk that you forget to remember that it is ok to like that stuff. Honestly you have to be that way a little or you still wouldn’t be able to choose a girl in a video game, or wearing bikini armour. It’s a effect from fighting to get out place in the video game market and while we have made progress there is still room for improvement.

  8. I was in favor of this until I saw the video and thought…. seriously. This is just as bad as the toys for boys commercials that have the “manly mans” voice in the background talking about how boys like to smash and bash things.

    I played with Barbies when I was a kid so Hotwheels and G.I Joes weren’t my thaaang. Wish toy commercials were unisex and not so goddamn sexist!

    Also, there is no such thing as “boy” colors and “girl” colors. Just use all the friggen colors in commercials. No more red and black for boys and pink and white for girls…

    1. Hey Ninty guzzler DKFT bombed big time in Japan!!35k sales in a week for the next so called big Wii U game!!
      Sales of the Wii U ONLY went up by 1k from the previous week!!!
      Wii U is dead!!!
      Next week PS4 is released in Japan to finally kill the Gimmick U off!!
      DEAL WITH IT!!

      1. 35k is great considering how big the install base is for the Wii U.

        Also, everyone knows that MK8 and SSB4 are what will sell Wii Us. No one thought DKCTF would do the trick.

  9. What a surprise /s

    Seriously, Nintendo…what?
    I kinda see your point, there’s undeniably a difference in tastes and culture, that stems from centuries, and with biology, with women and men, anyone who denied that is out of their mind. And the whole pink princes blah blah thing is appealing to some girls…

    But really? You didn’t need to make this a thing at all.
    It’s frankly odd that the creators of the most well known, at least to gamers, and prolific female character in gaming, Samus, would be so out of touch, when they broke the mold and took a step to make a strong female character, particularly one made in Japan.
    But i guess that’s one explanation for the lack of Metroid and Samus….
    Only Sakurai seems to know what that is anymore.

        1. I hate feminism, mainly because it’s not the thing that’s “right”, it’s the preaching of social inequality rather than equality but pink really is just a colour.

          1. Feminism has gone too far. It’s more about “getting even” and making women “better” instead of simply becoming equal, as you said.

            I also think pink is just a color. It baffles me when people think of simple things like “pink” as belonging to females…

            1. There is a difference between extreme feminist who hate men and just feminist.

              Anyone saying they hate feminist are probably confused about who they hate. A feminist is simply a person who believes in equal rights and opportunities for both sexes. So if you believe men and women should be treated the same and get the same chances in life, guess what, you are a feminist :)

                  Call yourself what you will but humanist and feminist work for the exact same goals. The reason people choose to label themselves feminist, is because out of the two sexes, females seems to be the minority, despite half the population being female, and the sex with lesser rights (yes, even today in 2014).

                  People seem to assume feminism means you hate men and all that BS. It really doesn’t. I am a dude and I love guys! Yet I am still a feminist because I understand women are given less opportunities then men are.

    1. Horses aren’t a girl thing though…
      Horses are badass, like Epona and Agro.
      Same goes with any animal. Yeah, dogs are cute and what not, but Amaterasu is a badass, Koro from Persona 3 is a badass.
      So no.

  10. Wow, you people are really close minded! My daughter is 6, when I first saw this I thought “oh she’ll love this”! Not oh I’m done with Nintendo for thinking my daughter is a princess!! Nobody thinks this of Disney, who has a “Bibbity Boppity boutique” in Disneyland! People need find a real cause to get their panties in a bunch!!

      1. Going by your logic, video games shouldn’t be made since not everyone believes in them, schools should be segregated since many people don’t want their kids mixing in with people who are not of their own race, apples should not be sold because not everyone likes them, cloths for men should not be made since girls don’t wear men cloths, women cloths should not be made since men don’t wear women cloths…

    1. Yeah, it’s the society we live in. This would have been totally fine years ago. Nintendo didn’t do anything malicious, they wanted to cater to the female demographic…except nowadays the female demographic didn’t like to be put in a dress and told to play piano anymore, and there are not a ton of 6 year old ,girl gamers.

  11. I don’t understand what’s wrong with this?

    The only problem I see is that they’re saying this is for females of all ages. But really, this is like for girls 8 or younger..

    1. Well let me just say this, what if it was Sony or Microsoft doing it? You think the same reaction would have been made? I don’t think so!

  12. Why can’t people treat gamers equally? It shouldn’t matter what gender they are. Girls don’t need this kind of special treatment.

        1. Then why are girls getting more attention? Just because the fact that they are female? I think it’d be better to cater a channel for all gamers, regardless of their gender.

          1. I think we’re all over-thinking this whole thing. Like people said above, this looks like it’s more for young girls and not girl gamers in general.

  13. The quote is spot-on. Nintendo isn’t being sexist out of prejudice, but instead out of ignorance and a failure to understand it’s audience. ‘Girl Gamers’ are simply girls that like playing games, not girls that like Peach and Daisy exclusively.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the channel itself, apart from the fact that it’s labeled ‘Girls Channel.’ There is a market for it’s content, and it’s not exclusively women. They should have come up with a title that wasn’t gender-exclusive, and this kind of criticism would have been kept to a minimum.

  14. I don’t think they’re being sexist at all. When they call it “Girls Club” they’re probably trying to cater to small girls, you know, children. Of course it’s nothing interesting for an adult female gamer.

  15. I knew this was going to happen.
    Nintendo is so fucking far out of touch it’s gone from frustrating, to comical, to sad.

    They live in the past and shit like this is why they are driving themselves into irrelevancy. If this big “non-wearable” tech they have planned is anything like the shit they pull on a regular basis, it’s going to start getting ugly. :/

  16. I’m a female gamer but that doesn’t mean that I have to like all the fashion games Nintendo release. In matter of fact I actually hate the fashion games. Don’t Nintendo realize that not all female gamers are into the fashion games. I’d rather enjoy shooting someone’s head off then dressing and putting make up on an avatar.

    1. That’s why there’s not only fashion games in the Girl Club channel. I can’t really see that it would be possible to make a “girls club” without it being attacked… Gender is a too sensitive classification to day.

  17. This “Not In The Kitchen Anymore” girl is just a female activist who is overreacting because she has some crazy notion that this is demeaning. This YouTube channel is not targeting female gamers her age – it’s targeting young girls. Like YOUNG girls. Girls who love princesses and want to be like Peach and Daisy. Do people call Disney sexist for selling pink princess dresses and promoting their princesses to young girls in their parks? No, because they are targeting an age group between 5-12, not women’s rights organization leaders…

  18. What the fuck is wrong with chicks these days, what’s with all the god damn feminists, on there period much? Seriously Nintendo is trying something different and last time I checked since Nintendo is aimed at kids, little girls do like pink, princesses, Hannah Montanna, Barbie and all the other fairytale crap, so what is the big deal, “Ooo this is sexist” didn’t hear complaints when The Legend of Zelda releases new games about the male warrior rescuing the princess every fucking time

    Seriously mind the pun but you feminists need to CALM YOUR TITS

  19. YOU DONT HAVE TO FUCKING USE IT… ITS A COICE… SOME GIRLS WILL LIKE… and some guys in the back will like it too… It’s not all about you ya bitch… It’s not about being stereotypical it’s about catering to people who like that… Having it in one place for those people to enjoy…

  20. I have to say that this was a boneheaded decision.
    I would have liked instead for Nintendo to develop proper games for their female characters.
    I think girls and women would really like to see something like Mario or Link needing to be rescued for once. It would be a real kick for them to see that and for Nintendo to break tradition. Just my 2 cents. :D

  21. The way they go on like woman are aliens, do none of them families? Can they not see how retarded this is? Everybody has a preferred genre, whether you’re a man or a woman, I love Skyrim just as much as the next person, don’t need to dress them up in pink and add unicorns ffs.

    1. Not everyone can like the same things. How can one please millions of people? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    2. irrelevent, what is Nintendo aimed at? kids, what do little girls like? well it sure as hell ain’t slaying demonic forces, no every little girl I see around my country always carries around a Barbie or some other type of doll, no one said this was catered for girls, by girls ONLY for girls because of any other reason but public relations, girls relate better to more colourful upbeat things in video games, ever see a 10 year old girl watch Batman? Didn’t think so, and Hannah Montanna? yeah I already know the answer, so what the fuck is wrong with this idea that Nintendo create a girl-focused campaign? better then Sony or Microsoft who say “We don’t care if your boys, girls or fucking dogs, we just want you money”

          1. According to feminazis, yes, and she should be ashamed.
            See, feminism is sexism, it lays out different but equally arbitrary paradigms and forces people into them; there’s no place for individuality and gender roles in feminism, not even positive or neutral ones, women have to be bulldykes or they’ll get trampled with the men altogether.

        1. I am offended by all the gay crap they show on tv nowadays. Should they take it off the air to please me? The correct answer to that is yes.

  22. Isn’t Mandy just a girl? Not sterotpical or anything? And is really Luigi’s Mansion 2 that pink and full of barbies? I mean have these people really watched the clips in the channel?

  23. I see that my plan is working perfectly…

    A message to High Command that we must move forward on all areas, not just on games…

  24. You can all fall into a black pit and cut Nintendo some slack! They are really trying here to appeal to all tastes! Instead of whining about what you don’t like, why don’t you just tell them what you DO want? They aren’t psychics you know.

  25. No offense, but did Nintendo really expect to get away with this without being bashed? As a girl who plays all the same games guys do when it comes to Nintendo consoles I feel a bit offended when I see a girls club. There should not be girls and boys when it comes to toys and games just toys. I know this club is targeted for younger girls but its still stereotyping bo matter how you look at it.

    1. I think it’s even worse to target little girls than older ones because they are then easily corrupted into believing that they are inferior, weaker or whatever nonsense the old man ape society invented for itself…

      1. They are weaker. They are by no means inferior but to say they are not weaker is delusional. I am referring to physical strength of course but one could even make the argument that on average women are weaker psychologically too. There are those that would argue that women are psychologically stronger. One thing that isn’t up for debate however is physical strength and speed. Simply put, there probably isn’t a woman alive on this earth that could beat me in a fight. It is interesting to note however that when it comes to endurance the huge gap that exists between men and women in terms of physical activities begins to shrink. When you look at ultramarathons where they run 100 miles nonstop the gap between both genders is extremely small, something that can’t be seen in regular marathons or even the 50 mile ultramarathons.

  26. If you don’t like it don’t whatch it. That’s like saying sports channels should be banned because some guys like to do art or garden or anyother “nonmanlly” thing. Companies have been doing this for years so why blame it all on NIntendo?



    Feminazism in a nutshell. Go suck a dick in the kitchen, sluts.

    1. See? I am not angry at all girls, just the fucking feminists, they never know what they want and they always have a damn problem with everything,

      to all feminists out there, if you have such a problem with men, go french a chick, no one is stopping you but blaming all your problems on the opposite gender is fucking pathetic

  28. I guess that explains all if the games coming out of Japan with female leads. (That I won’t buy because there is no option to be male)

  29. Considering they do the exact same thing for men (i.e. add tits, explosions, guns, etc…) I don’t know why everyone is getting up in arms about this

  30. Ok… radical neo-feminists and “girl gamers” on the move….
    Maybe, just maybe, this channel was not aimed for female gamers from teen and older?
    Probably aimed to a much younger girls, than the ones bitching about this.

  31. My daughter is 17, so I have been watching ads in video and print for various things “for girls” for almost two decades. I have seen ads from companies selling clothes, toys, games, movies, TV shows, magazines, music, etc. and they all look like this. The girl looks like a pretty, cool, fun loving teenage girl. That’s how they all portray them. I have no problem, whatsoever, with the ad. The people that always complain about this stuff are people that are part of groups that do this for cause, so their opinions are slanted. They will protest against something in their sights, no matter how you make it. You can’t win.

    1. The best part is that if you disagree with them it’s because you are clearly a woman hater. If only they knew that I think about women 24 hours a day (yes I dream about them too).

  32. Yeah, this was just a terrible marketing idea. But then again, should this surprise anyone? I love Nintendo but I haven’t seen them market anything well for years.

  33. well girls gotta game too…but honestly I havent seen a chick with a 3ds-xl and im sure they would be using a cellphone instead of 3ds-xl. Why can’t we get a place to pvp using the 3ds…the “subwars” game is really fun and I want to play a fps on the 3ds with people online….Not sure if a game exists I got my 3ds in december,.

    1. Gaming does not have a broad area of appeal within the female gender, women are a minority in gaming not because “patriarchy” and “penis”, but because it doesn’t appeal to them.

      Women in gaming are a niche, and like any niche community in the last two or three decades, they actually get a lot of entitlements and preferential treatment.

      Just listen to this, a real woman that is really in the medium, not a feminazi talking things she doesn’t understand:

      While I don’t agree with the woman’s opinion that Sarkeesian is doing any good (Mainly because this man: has already debunked her thoroughly), she nails pretty much the system of entitlements women get when they invade a male-dominated area due to gynocentrism, which means people are socially and even biologically programmed to cater to female needs.

      There’s a reason we give this woman or Anita Sarkeesian too much attention yet we disregard hundreds or even thousands of male (Or undetermined) opinions in the matter, no matter how well put together they are; and that is because, unlike real girl gamers, this woman, Anita Sarkeesian and the likes bring their gender to the table, it doesn’t matter that there are already women in the community enjoying games for what they are, these bitches are the self-appointed queen bees, and they get to make the rules of if because vagina, patriarchy and misogyny.

  34. I love how this is supposed to be a “girls” channel, not a grown women’s channel yet grown men and women are the ones complaining about it.

    Nintendo is appealing to that demographic, the same as all toy companies do with kids toys.

    Yes, this is stereotypical as hell, but its far from sexist. You feminist have got to get you’re heads out of your asses.

    1. I was in the local mall yesterday, and there was this little girl with her mom walking by and the girl saw something pink (I think it was a lunchbox) and she went nuts, she loved it, so much that the mom actually bought it for her.
      This is my problems with this feminazi bullshit, it isn’t only about ruining things for men, it’s also about ruining things for any woman they don’t approve of.
      The fact that this girl who likes pink things simply EXISTS is proof enough that there’s no bullshit “patriarchy” enslaving women with pink things, only a market who sort of knows some women like pink and appeals to them.

  35. So any girl who cares or has ever cared for the color pink, horses or malls should be ashamed of herself?
    Equality should be about being given the chance to do whatever you want to do (And also having the same obligations, which feminists have never cared to ask for, but that’s a whole other can of worms); not shaming men into being sissies and women into being bulldykes.
    Feminism has this psychotic need to ruin everything for the women who like fashion, hot boys and deserts, or men who like cars, sexy women and videogames; it’s like the revenge of the unpopular bitch who is just too angry at the world and doesn’t meet logic within her own argument.
    Guess “EMPOWERMENT” only counts if you do what these fucking dykes think is correct, god save them from having to go face to face with real people.

  36. Get a life complainers. I’m sick to death of the politically-correct gender ideology shoving its way into everything.

  37. I’m a female and a gamer.I’m really tired of feminists complaining about things like this.Of course not every girl likes the colour pink and not every girl likes horses but a lot of girls do.Do these feminists really expect Nintendo to launch a channel that will appeal to every young girl in the world?.That would just be impossible.God,I hate these woman

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  39. Nintendo may not have the intention of being sexist, but they kind of are. Or at least this chick made it sound sexist. Nintendo, like every other company, should not segregate, that’s why they usually make gender-neutral games.

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  41. Ppl keep moving and get a life also there are bigger companies you can aim to with more “misogynistic” products aim barbie, aim Hello kitty oh oh oh a better one aim disney go go go attack my precious hounds!

    It’s so funny that gets sad to see how many ppl ( girls and boys) are TRYING to appear or to be so open minded that they sound so so so close minded, Get Over It! Girls like pink, girls like fashion, girls like cosmetic if anything related to cater those tastes is s exist please go and talk with your mom first and make her stop doing it, then your sister or female friends, the MAJORITY of females like it, not each female but it’s massively accepted everywhere from USA, Japan, Asia or Europe or anywhere you go.

    If you go to a supermarket and don’t like the price of a fruit will you make a big problem of it and start and argument with everyone there? No at least everyone I know will ignore and keep walking.

    Uncomfortable ppl with this channel please KEEP WALKING if it is that bad, horrible, misogynistic, sexiest it will fall for his own weight and disappear if not it means you are wrong and many women’s and boys in the back like it a lot to keep it on.

    Otherwise if you need attention of some kind keep complaining from this, the color of stickers at the market or a better one why women uses bikini and men don’t because when you where kid you liked baking, barbies, tea parties and you think bikinis are cool and should be unisex and can start and attack asking the TV ads to stop being sexist and should show not only women but also men using bikini, in the end we are the same we have tits that can produce milk, legs belly and hair even the reproductive system is similar, there are hundreds of dumb ideas to keep catching attention when this is over just giving you some. ;)

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