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Nintendo Banned Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida From Miiverse Twice

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that he was banned from Miiverse a couple of times. Yoshida, who leads the firm’s PlayStation sector, violated the Miiverse code of conduct by promoting his Twitter handle – @yosp – and by expressing his affection for the PlayStation brand. The Sony executive previously confirmed that he owns two Wii U consoles.

“The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that’s against the rules,” Yoshida said. “The second time is because I wrote, ‘I love PS.’ You’re not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted ‘PS’ as PlayStation.”

244 thoughts on “Nintendo Banned Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida From Miiverse Twice”

    1. That and Miiverse was looking to be more fucking rash and stupid every time I hear more pathetic ass Miiverse ban stories like this.

      “PS” could mean anything else like “Public Service” or even “Palkia Shrine” for all they know. I got flagged/banned just for posting a “clean” warning about a COD Ghosts hacker that the community deserves to know when playing the game.

      I feel like just selling my console and get another one but never touch Miiverse again.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        From everything I’ve heard from Miiverse, I think it’s just pathetic…

        I mean sure, protect the Nintendolings from perverts but Miiverse seems to have the same level of restrictions as a die hard restrictive parent…

        Like I said once before, create a parallel Miiverse where older Nintendites can express themselves more freely and should only be banned for discrimination and bullying…

        And replace those admins with me and a handpicked team by me…

          1. I would guess you cannot behave? :) Maybe… Is that right? So you`re afraid of getting banned. Well- then go back to school – learn some behavior-rules and come back. Life will be easy then.

              1. Its not for nothing. The rules are strict but not hard to abide by. A lot of people expect something more akin to XBOX Live. They forget, there’s little kids are on this service, and restrictions must be in place. For example, after the Swapnote incident, posting a friendcode on Miiverse is against the TOS and Code of Conduct (COC). I’m sure failing to tag spoilers multiple times could result in a ban as well. Miiverse is supposed to be a fun, SAFE, place where people can share game screens, ask for help, post tips, and socialize over Nintendo software.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  But the swapnote incident made things a bit silly…

                  Isn’t parental control and friend code enough to keep perverts away?…

                  Why should 99% of us suffer because 2 parents were stupid enough not to restrict their child in the first place…

                  1. First, Its likely more than the 2 incidents reported. Usually there’s one or two reports, but numerous unreported incidents. Second, the parents reportedly did put parental controls on, but the children were successful in removing them. Third, these children exchanged friendcodes on chat boards with strangers, thus the no sharing of FCs rule. Fourth, and final, you’re not suffering. Miiverse is essentially positioned as a E for Everyone community, which means their is some loss of freedom in order to maintain order. Meaning stricter rules to protect those under 13, and those from 16 – 18; Less freedom to say what you want. It’s like it is in order to keep young ones safe and assures adults/teens are good sports.

                    1. It’s still way too silly and for basically nothing (For the miiverse thing), responsibility by parents is much more important, and yet, even without that, I’m sure Nintendo could find another way.. Plus the parents could of tried stronger, if not, well we probably need that. Yet, I don’t think it’s a reason to shut-down the whole thing because of what happened a couple (Or once) times.
                      Anyway, maybe a special age group? Kind of like how they allow M rated games on E-Shop?

                      Anyway: Drawing a penis, kind of dumb: Trying to advertize the PSX BUT with only doing that for money purposes, etc, Dumb.

                      But just saying I love the PSX? Banning him for that is dumb.
                      And the respecting ridiculous rules of that out of FEAR for that or just “moral-fag” of “it’z the rulz”? Really dumb.

                      Honestly, I do think they need to let go like one guy say, just a little bit. This is just unnecessary censorship.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’m only worried that if I mention the words Xbots or Sonyans I would get banned…

              Otherwise I have no problems with no swearing or what not since I’m a higher type of life-form…

                  1. Actually, being a Ninfangirl, you are pretty much just a basement failure. Stop acting superior and “…”ing after every post you make. Jesus, d!cks. <_<

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      1. I don’t live in a basement…

                      2. I am superior…

                      3. I’m bored to death with your american mainstream garbage…

                      “Obviously you must live in a basement and is a virgin”…

                      Pathetic, that’s the only thing you primitive life-forms can ever think of…

        1. Miiverse is not that bad. You just have to learn when you’re going to far with things. Otherwise its rather pleasant. I mean you can only look at people during each other out for so long at the Internet. Its a rather nice change in pace.

        2. Dang…..never thought that i’d see the commander speaking bad about ninty… I’ve seen it all….

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I do give my critics about them from time to time, people just choose to ignore them because they are so obsessed with my character instead…

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Just a tip though…

            Don’t take the things I say about Xbots or Sonyans too seriously…


        1. Then don’t use it? If you can’t follow the rules then don’t complain and use Facebook. Nobody said Miiverse was going to be a facebook alternative. It’s a community for gamers to talk about games.

          1. Not just that, it’s for gamers of different ages and cultures. The rules are set so that no one should get offended in any way.

      2. I have a question: Was he banned or did he just get his coments deleted. I drew a pedobear (I did a great job too) and they deleted it. I have had 4 comments deleted but I have never been banned. I think this story might be misinterpreted.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Maybe the admins that saw your posts were one of those who likes Octopus porn or whatever…

        2. Good point, the first reason, sharing a twitter profile sounds like a warning shot offense to me, hence delete, not banned.

          Also, Miiverse is safe for kids. Very safe. It sucks there isn’t one for adults, but how do you validate age? Underage kids are all over Facebook and whatever.

          plus, I don’t want it to be like the other system communities. They just feel dirty.

          1. This. Facebook has people telling others if their shit was hard enough. Besides, being part of a culture that values sex the most is another thing that prevents you from talking about games on Facebook, because if you play games and you are 10+, you are retarded. One of the reasons I don’t use facebook

      3. Didn’t read the article, didja?
        Shuhei said himself that, quote, “they correctly interpreted ‘PS’ as PlayStation.”
        You’re just looking for reasons to blow it up into a bigger deal so you can feel good about your Nintendo-bashing.

        1. That’s still a stupid reason to ban him. This shit only happens on Nintendo systems, which is why i don’t have a Wii U and not planning on getting one.

          1. You do not want a Wii U because their social network, that only Nintendo has? If there was only a way you could not, you know, use it…

          2. Your only reason for not buying a Wii U is because of a social network that you are in no way obligated to use?
            That’s just stupid.

            1. Idiots. I don’t own a Wii U because Nintendo still doesn’t get it and i’m not satisfy with the consoles. Nintendo has pulled so much bs with it.

              1. You know why I have a Wii U? Because I like the games that are on the system. I buy a console to play games that I like.

                1. Same here…I play mostly the game, not the miiverse social media, I still use it, but that is a very stupid reason on you sir. Nintendo still doesn’t get it but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t play the games they got.

              2. Seriously , you are the idiot. If you don’t plan on buying anything that has Nintendo on it then why in the heck are you even here!?……oh wait I can actually answer that….cause your just some life less ignorant troll.

          3. i recommend you not geting one. look how lazy and pathetic nintendo is, the console is a barebone ps3 with just 1.5gb extra ram.

            1. Oh, so suddenly specs matter for gameplay experience?

              You might as well stick with PC gaming if that’s the way you’re thinking.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                He is a confused Xbot that mentions me as the biggest Nintendo fanboy ever in his video…

                How cute…

          4. Lol, ok. So you haven’t actually experienced how it works while gaming… Then say what you want. Plus it’s extra setup, so that’s a fucking childish reason to not buy a WiiU.

          5. “This shit only happens on Nintendo systems”

            yeah of course

            the PSN has the exact same regulation about promoting commercial products in their TOS

          6. I assume that the only reason he’s banned for that in the first place is because he’s the president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

            In other words, they’ve banned him for that as a precautionary measure in case he really was heading towards promoting his product.

          7. Its a stupid reason you say? Oh yah- exactly as stupid as letting 10 year olds playing Call of Duty – a game rated for age of 18. And – the worser- letting those “people” saying crazy and abnormal things in playstation network. Everyone in the world knows it – Playstation network is the worst gaming network of all. There are people, farting in the microphone – just for fun – or making other disturbing noises. Why do you think they do this? They do it, cause they can. PSN is not really moderated. You can do everything shitty there. And that is the biggest problem for sony-fans. Their think they can just go in Nintendo-forums and continue with this. But i tell you – no thats not going to work.

            Either deal with it – and keep your shit for you – or just go back to school to learn some behaviour rules against foreign people!

            1. You must have shitty friend or luck because for an online service thats free, PSN has been great, and Ive heard a TON more kids on LIVE. I actually dread going online on most of my multiplayer games on my 360 because it seems that im constantly beign match with prepubescent dirty mouth turds.

      4. i will never use miiverse again. those nintendrones over miiverse are even worst than than you drones. i got perma banned from butthurt nintendrones lol

        1. It takes a LOT of work to get permabanned. I know. You obviously had it coming. Miiverse is a community for gamers that enjoy Nintendo games. You were probably trolling Miiverse. Good riddens.

        2. The Nintendo fans on Miiverse are Nintendo fans, otherwise they wouldn’t be on Miiverse. You were obviously insulting people because they don’t agree with your tastes, which is probably why you were permabanned. I really don’t understand how you find enjoyment out of that.

        3. i don’t think nintendrones butthurted you, i’m pretty sure your husband butthirtted you so hard and you sucked a lot of milk from him.

      5. so you posted a specific name? you do realize that explicit public naming and defamation of *anyone* is against the CoC of pretty much every community on this planet?
        getting a reprimand for that shouldn’t surprise you

        1. You’re saying that just to get a response, did you, troll?

          That twitter account’s doing Strawman tactics against Miiverse, since many of those would’ve probably be deleted by now.

      6. Stranga – what are you? A pathetic fanboy? What do you think, Microsofts Service would do, if you post something like “I like PS” or “Xbox is Shit” in their forums/Xbox Live-Marketplace? Huh? Do you think, this is all about holding hands or what? No, you have to wake up. Those places are moderated. Everyone who cannot behave correctly is going to be banned. Not only Nintendo does that in Miiverse mostly with Sony-Fanboys like Yoshida himself- but also Microsoft does that a much longer time in their “Xbox Live”-forums with people, who search for or try to start consolewars.

        So – well- what are you going to do now? Sell your WiiU and get a Xbox One? Then microsoft would ban you too, if you post something similar like that in their moderated forums. The only company who does nothing about 5-year old fanboys is sony. On Playstation, the worst people are dealing with each other. On Xbox Live- only same kind of people are in the same community. On Nintendo Miiverse, its kind of similar like on Xbox One forums.

      7. Wiiu hasnt been hacked yet. Considering I play Cod quite on the wiiu, I can safely say that you just got destroyed.

          1. Yep. Enough for it to be fun. Of course I only go on coop monster hunts. I don’t do the death match thing.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I see…

              Well if they release another CoD in the future I’ll probably get that one on the Wii U then…

      8. Oh so what your saying is he could have said “I love Public Service” or I love Palkia Shrine”? These wouldn’t make sense and its obvious he was referring to PlayStation. Go search on google “PS” and tell me what you see.

      9. The president of Play Station loves Public Service, he himself says they correctly guessed it……CORRECTLY.this is like when Microsoft tried to coax people to not buy an Wii U in the E3 Nintendo event. And they uninteligent fans still are rooting for them….

      10. He probably is not telling the whole story. I see many users talking about Playstation and Xbox on the Miiverse and not getting banned or even flagged. I see people getting banned for offensive content towards other users, and most offensive content on Miiverse comes from dumb fanboys. I wonder if Yoshida did this on purpose just to denegrate Miiverse

    2. I’m actually friends with him on the wii u, I think if Nintendo and sony ever did do a collaboration of would be a master piece

      1. Yoshida has also said he is a major Nintendo fan, just like how Iwata loves Sony.
        But starting a console war isn’t how you’re supposed to do it.

    3. He deserved it- simply said. Everyone who is going to start a war in nintendo-forums will be banned! This is not sony-dreamland, where 5 year old childrens can say the worst worlds in the world. This is an administrated area.

    1. I’ve been banned so many damn times. Mostly cause “Hateful/Bullying” cause calling a guy “silly” is Hurtful/Bullying, and I have a ton of people false report me, then I have had over 50 different Miiverse impersonaters….from the UK, USA, Canada, and Sweden…

  1. Seems like a really stupid idea to ban him and insecurity on Nintendo’s part. If someone said “I love Wii U” or “I love 3DS”, they wouldn’t have banned them and yet those people were still promoting a commercial product.

    1. Its a whole topic thats technical, but in short terms theres nothing to cause a fuss about. Most of these people don’t want see any since of advertisement being posted everywhere. Its like car dealer advertising his dealer ship on smash bros or mario kart. Personaly I don’t much for the subject.

      1. That’s not a good excuse. You are still promoting a commercial product, i.e. Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Just because it’s their own proprietary product does NOT change the fact that it’s a commercial product. Law for one law for all. You cannot exempt yourself from the law. That’s what we call dictatorship.

  2. This isn’t really news, its a thing that nobody really cares about, but hey this site loves to start bs over something small, because some people have nothing better to do with their time.

        1. … You didn’t rhyme with ‘four’. You were thinking of the real lines from the team rocket intro you failure.

  3. Haha xD

    Understandable why he got banned but it’s still really funny, the idea of Shu just trolling miiverse and Nintendo going “oh my god, stop it” is just the right about of silly adversary that i like.

  4. Nintendo Or Nothing!

    Why does Nintendo care if someone is expressing their love for Playstation, as long as they’re not putting Nintendo down?

    1. I followed him. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, but that was NOT his only, “Innocent” comment, and the replies he got were more dangerous than this posts most times. He could start a riot with the drop of a coin.

        1. basically, if you are going to cross enemy lines, don’t pull your gun out, (I.E. Mention Playstation) and expect everything to be “cool.” Not when you are such a high ranking general in the competition.

          Let’s say he mentioned liking playstation so Sony knew he wasn’t defecting, and didn’t mean for it to be a big deal,… He has responsibilities as President and should have just created an alias. Then he could say whatever and it not be a big deal.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


            Probably his idea to make Wonderbook considering he didn’t think of an alias…

  5. ive seen so many people writting they love playstation wth and ive had goof conversations with them on miiverse. ill ask them if they’ve been banned

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I wouldn’t ban Sonyans unless they were extremists…

      I would ban Xbots just by smelling them by lightyears…

      Exclusion for the few that respects our empire though…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I hate all of them that bashes our empire or those who likes to be lied and betrayed by their leaders…

          How anyone can even buy an Xbox One after that they tried to pull is beyond me…

          1. Other than the DRM part, I actually was fine with their vision….Even Ninty screws us with region lock and other shitty stuff

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              They have always had region lock for the most part so it’s more of an annoyance than “screwing us up”…

              What bugs me the most with the Microsoft Realm is that they are the ones to blame for the current state of gaming…

              There was no such thing as Hardcore, Casuals, Kiddy consoles, Mature and other nonsense until they first steped in…

              That’s what’s wrong today, it even forced our empire to go with media gimmicks because the retarded western parts wants that…

              1. The real culprits are the dude-bro gamers arguing over COD/Battlefield and the flappy bird addicts…. MSoft WAS actually pretty awesome…..I think their recent leadership has messed the company up.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      But they have become so obnoxious now that I just want them out…

                      And I hope our empire makes games with actual use of the Gamepad soon…

  6. Wow, this place is being trolled by so many drones that does not understand Shuhei is a personality that represents their rival. His mere presence their is promoting the PS console itself. A shameless plug.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It could also go the other way…

      “Sonyan Leader bought 2 Wii Us because he loves our empire more than his own…”

  7. At least he didn’t get banned for saying Project M and the reason for it being deleted is because it’s “criminal activity”

  8. i love that nintendo is so strict about this. it makes the place a very nice island in the internet. it´s fake, like disneyland, but it´s better because of that…there are thousands of places you can go if you want to spit hate or sell some stuff. miiverse is not that place. nothing wrong with that at all.

    1. because wiiu was desgined for kids just like 3ds. the miiverse is just a place for halfass retarded nintendo fanboys and kids.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      1. I don’t think he will have a wife for other reasons
      2. That is a disgusting thing to say, and I hope you are given your dues exactly how you treat other people

    2. You shouldn’t play with that… that’s a horrible thing to say, that only shows how immature you are…but yeah we are the *kiddies*

  9. He’s not just another dude who happens to like other consoles; he is in a high authority behind a non-Nintendo console. His word carries far more impact than that of any random fan. Nintendo was in the right to ban him.

      1. With what you write here i would say, YOU are the retarded here. Pathetic little sony-fan. And- no – it might hurt you if i say it- but- the rules in Nintendoland (aka Miiverse) is not, what you have in Sonyland, aka “PSN”, where even 5 year old children call the others assholes or use other words, that are really crazy for their age. Its just like that- go back to school and learn some behaviour-rules, then you can come back and then you won`t get banned in Miiverse. Life is just simple, isn`t it?

  10. Banning twice is harsh.
    The twitter account situation should have been a warning and a delete. Then, the second or third offense should lead to a ban.

  11. Does anyone else think that the PS4’s controller looks exactly like a SNES controller, save for the two analog sticks and the bottom stick part thing to hold on to?

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Actually if you think about it, it looks more like the Wii Classic Controller if it didn’t have the grips

  12. Nintendo and their weird restrictions. They have made the 3DS practically useless from a social stand point because of how strict they are.

    You look at devices like the PS Vita that manage social features just fine and the PS Vita’s “Near” function obliterates Streetpass any day.

    Oh you found someone on Streetpass did you? Would you like to talk to them, play a game with them, see if maybe they want to become your friend?

    Sorry we don’t allow that, please understand.

    smh.. I hope their next systems are much more lenient.

    1. What did you just say? Can you repeat that please? “You look at devices like the PS Vita that manage social features just fine”

      Hahahahaha – oh yes. They manage it just fine. Oh yes…Didn`t i hear farting people in “Playstation Allstars” on PS Vita? Oh yes, i did- and i even did hear persons, who made other pathetic noises in voice-chat. It was no joke. It was so pathetic, that i chose to sell the game in the end. So pathetic, little, boys and girls, that cannot even behave. So i sold my Vita in the end, too. My 3DS is free of such little “wannabes” and so i can play without getting harrassed.

      And that – Ladies and Gentlemen – This person- called “Michelle” – is what is a sony-fan. Pathetic, dumb and even not able to chat in miiverse without getting banned. Well, the chance for it is very high. Doesn`t that say everything?

      Oh and btw: If you speak of 3DS- there is no facebook. Yeah. Cause we don`t need that. I for myself am not going to give my data directly to NSA headquarter like you are doing when using facefuck :) So- there are allways reasons- like when “letterbox” was closed. It was abused. Don´t you think, sony wouldn`t have closed its service too? Of course they would have- otherwise the offended people would have made sony to regret their decision. Thats how it works.

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  14. lol this shows how pathetic miiverse is really is. after how i got perma ban and almost a console ban. i can careless about nintendo games all together. restricted eshop m rated titles from younger people and have drm on wiiu and 3ds.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Reading your profile, we might have battled a long time ago…

      The clan MLG rings a bell…

  15. I really dig Miiverse. At least people talk about what you’re actually supposed to be talking about, and having fun… not getting caught up in pointless drama like, say, this here site. Lot easier to live in harmony with people when they’ve no way of letting you know they’re probably a scum-sucking bigot given a different setting.

    Mr. Yoshida’s banning seems perfectly justified to me. When you join a community, the rules you accepted when you joined apply to everybody. If a little liberty is the price you pay for more faith in video game fandom and people in general, I’ll gladly pay it.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I want to able to express myself competitively aswell but it seems like they ban you for that too…

      1. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out everything isn’t meant to be a platform for everything. It’s for talking about the games in question. For my part I am extremely grateful your brand of deluded “fandom” is a borderline nonentity on Miiverse. You’re no better than the “Xbots” you purport to hate so much. The abyss gazes also, man.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          If you thought I meant I was going to talk about Xbots or what not in Miiverse when I said “express myself competitively” then I guess you are the one taking things way too seriously here…

  16. Isn’t this guy someone Nintendo is competing with? It’s not acceptable for him to advertise his twitter (indirectly leading to the Playstation) and express his love for it on Nintendo’s territory.

    If a someone owned a Twix company with a community, and I owned a Kit Kat company with a community, and I went to the Twix community and said “I love KK.”, OF COURSE I could’ve meant K.K. Slider or Potassium, even though I own Kit Kat, right?

    For all the things Miiverse does wrong, taking their competitor off their community is at least reasonable.

  17. The Twitter one I could see him getting banned for but “I love PS” doesn’t seem right I’ve had loads of posts deleted and I’ve never even be suspended.

  18. Miiverse rules are no secret & so easy to follow that any mature adult & well-behaved child can follow. So either follow them, stay away (& go on the real internet), or get punished; makes sense & is quite simple.

    Regardless, Miiverse is NOT required to play or enjoy any game, except maybe Console Wars or Super Debaser Trolls or any games rated P for Petty & C for Cruel, which for some strange reason, Nintendo tries to exclude. I mean, the masses are responsible w/ out rules. Human interaction by its very nature is perfectly safe, especially when impressionable youths are involved. You’re not my dad, Nintendo. I can bully & curse if I want to & not get in trouble. I’m the future. You’ll see, I’ll shape society into really good toilet.

  19. there’s a reason I never use that fucking stupid miiverse. they made it with children in mind, not gamers. fucking idiotic clowns.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I have to agree…

      There is no point in a social network if you get banned for the smallest reason…

      Or in some cases, no reason at all…

    2. You probably don’t have a Wii U you fucking skunt.
      You’re fucking butthurt that you can’t be a keyboard warrior on Miiverse you pathetic sack of shit.

      1. I wonder what your defect is. you’ve taken a whole new level of pathetic nintenbaby moron on this site. you must have a rough life.

    3. Good for you. Then stay out. I for myself am glad, that sonyfans like you or other non-behaving individuums are not allowed ;) Thats not sonyland, where even 5 year old can fart into microphone and not behave themself. This is the future of interaction. PS: Its funny you call yourself “gamer”. Seems you have to go back to school to learn some behaviour-rules ;)

      1. stupidity must be a virus on this site. I swear you pathetic nintenbabies are all the same. incredibly pathetic and sad excuse of a gamer. there are regular and true nintendo fans and then there’s you, a worthless nintenbaby. fucking sad. there’s no way you and that other insect are past the age 15.

        1. These people, these individuals… they are worse than Daleks… they’re corrupted, they see nothing beyond their own kind, they seek to KILL everything that isn’t one of their own. Both sides are truly corrupt… and I’m going to stop them.

  20. Why all the hate for Miiverse? I think it’s one of the best things Nintendo has done in a while. And it’s too restrictive? What are you guys trying to lol? Just talk about games…

    1. Why do you think someone (mostly some pathetic sonyfans) would hate it? Of couse its cause they- mostly sonyfans i mean- never learned to behave. And thats why they fly out in just minutes if they go into it ;)

    1. Most sonyfans answer like that, lol. Well, you know you can do many more things there – what cannot be done on PSN/Xbox Live? :)

      1. This has nothing to do with being a fan of Sony, or any other company. This is simply stating the fact that I have tried Miiverse and it doesn’t interest me. I play my games on my Wii U and 3DS and just ignore that other aspect of the system. It’s nice for those who do like it though.

        As for bringing up the competition – PSN and XBL do not do much for me either, beyond the game downloads and occasional multiplayer matches. I rarely use it for messaging, chats, or anything else that’s “social.”

  21. So on Miiverse, you’re not allowed to advertise your twitter or mention Nintendo’s competitors? Those are dumb rules, unless I’m misinterpreting them.

    1. Those are the rules, but you didn`t get them right. Here for you:

      1st rule: Don`t offend anyone. Its a place for everyone.
      2nd: No real names, addresses, emails etc. This includes facebook-accounts, twitter-accounts, telephone-numbers etc too!

      Simple rules right? Sony has no rules, thats why there are the most rude people in the world. And that is why most sonyfans get banned in Miiverse, if they try a war/shitstorm or just offend foreign people. They just cannot behave themself.
      BTW – FYI – Even Microsoft has such a system. If you cannot behave yourself – your are going to play with other idiots like yourself.

      1. The fuck? What did I do to deserve being called an idiot?

        I was just calling it like I see it. Dumb rules are dumb rules, period. What kind of “social network” has such strict regulations? It defeats the purpose of what a social network is.

    2. No outgoing links or references to other websites, period.
      Miiverse is not age restricted, so anyone can access it, including kids.
      To you dumb whiners it’s all: “I want to post my facebook, I want to post my twitter”, to Nintendo it is: “If some pedo gets a kid to rape off of Miiverse we’re gonna be in deep shit”.
      I agree that the rules are unnecessary, IN A UNIVERSE WHERE PARENTS CARE FOR WHAT THEIR KIDS DO, but since we’re in no such universe I guess moderation is the best choice we have.
      This is one of the things that I hate about our modern, polarized society, people are not willing to see that things like censorship can do good, it’s all about leftist entitlements.

      1. So now I’m dumb? WTF?

        How about letting parents do the parenting instead of letting Nintendo do it? Kids shouldn’t be on social networks to begin with.

  22. Yoshida: I have two WiiU because I want troll the Nintendo Miiverse twice.
    Nintendo: BANNED
    Yoshida: Uguu~ NIntendo is bad.

  23. They should really allow people who are of age to bypass some of these rules. Im 20 years old, I don’t need a code of conduct to “Protect” me
    It’s just stupid that they don’t allow you to speak of anything else, I mean, you get followers, add friends, and more importantly for me, I post drawings on miiverse and people like them. but I can’t give them my Deviant art ID so they can see more of what I do? I understand miiverse is supposed to be all games related, but some of these rules are idiotic.

    1. Sony is, Mr. Yoshida is still getting his fat paychecks, if nothing else, then from selling buildings or laying off people.

  24. Nintendo.. WTF? I could be writing (to a friend).

    “blah blah blah good stuff. Blah blah.
    PS: Blah Blah Blah” (Not exact words but you get the point)

    Not good business practices.. Ninty.
    Shouldn’t be blocking words that mean so many different things.

    1. Mean so many different things? Says the sony-Lover number One, lol…It was just logic here- every blind people can guess, that it means “Playstation” here.

      You can go everywhere you want- you filthy little sonyfanboys…you can post everything you want…But not in Nintendoland. In Nintendoforums you have to learn behaviour. Otherwise you`re not having a long life there ;)

      1. “Says the sony-Lover number One” You think I’m a Sony Lover when clearly you know nothing.

        “you filthy little sonyfanboys” Could have at least been mature about it.

    2. He could have said anything he wanted to someone in his friend list, via a private message. I haven’t had any of those censored yet. But trolling just isn’t allowed on Miiverse… Which is kinda what he was doing.

  25. While Miiverse CAN be useful (I’ve used it several times to get help in Super Metroid and PW Dual Destinies), yeah, it does screw up a lot of things. I asked on the Smash Bros. community why it was taboo to talk about Project M and that got deleted because it incited “criminal activity.” I was asking about it, not advocating its use! Worse, is I can’t challenge it- the only options are “I understand,” “I did not violate the TOS,” and “I have changed my Mii, user name, etc.” It’s as if they think they can make no mistake with their judgement- guess what, Ninty, your judgement is part of the reason why the Wii U is struggling right now.

    I’ve also seen people get banned for the STUPIDEST reasons. Sure, I’ve seen some people that should get banned, but many more who should not.

    Again, Miiverse can be useful, but it won’t be the best it can be unless some of its TOS are loosened.

    1. Whilst I agree with what you’re saying in principle I think you’re exaggerating. I don’t think Wii U is struggling because the rules on Miiverse are strict!

      Nintendo are struggling with all this online stuff – they want it all to be suitable for kids and they also want to protect their IPs (hence Project M is a no-go for discussion). They need to learn to let go a bit, and I think they will in time as they continue their modernisation.

  26. I said I love ps4 and xbox one and I never got banned so some one isn’t telling the true but then again this is sony so who knows.

  27. I had a nice chat on Miiverse with an Xbox360 fan. He even promoted the XOne. He was cool, though, hoping he didn’t sound like a fanboy. Obviously, he wasn’t if he was enjoying what the Wii U is offering, but he was able to express his love for Xbox without bashing anyone or anything. We had a civil chat and none of us were banned. Maybe the difference was that we were in the ZombiU section, and not one for a first and second party game? Maybe it’s all down to moderators, Nintendo or otherwise, who are either being dicks, or make good calls. Who watches the mods? Are Nintendo employees going too far, or are higher ups actually breathing down their necks? Maybe the rules are too simple and left open for interpretation.

    Anyway, Miiverse is a nice, gated community, but fun with very simple and easy rules (the way I interpret them). Sad to say, but my experience with Sony is composed of brats (can someone please stop children from playing GTA when they and their parents obviously don’t care or understand?), thugs, drunks, & posers. Why are adults using gratuitous language? Why are so many children so vulgar? Maturity seems rare there. Generally, all intelligent chatting ceases whenever I’ve observed & interacted with Sony gamers. Rather than perpetuate and escalate their vulgarity and hate, I just leave and wonder if they really want to portray themselves and their chosen system like that. What are they afraid of that would make them overcompensate in such an extreme manner? Are they actually emmulating crass entertainment? They act like pawns in the console war, & Sony seems, from my experience, the one with the cheapest tactics.

  28. I don’t get why everyone seems very disappointing with Miiverse. It’s a SAFE, fun place to be. Would you rather have a Miiverse invaded by spam, trolls and annoying people who filled up the comments section with stupid stuff? I already had enough with this website. Nintendo don’t want any more incidents like the swapnote incident. Besides, for the misfortune of the rest of the world, parents are not that attentive to parental controls on Nintendo consoles, then they want to blame the company and sue them up the ass. Not really defending Nintendo, but I don’t blame them for taking such measures.


  30. Everyone, SHUT UP. Every single. LAST. ONE OF YOU. Now then. If this story is to be believed, then it obviously shows Nintendo is quite serious with regards to their parental controls. It would most certainly be worse were those rules not in place.

  31. I do agree that Miiverse has too much banning, but the good site is that you go there and there’s not a single troll or hater insulting other people…

    Something this site needs…

    I rather have Miiverse than a site full of trolls and immature internet haters like this site does…

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  33. These are the most pathetic comments I’ve ever read in my entire life. The Miiverse rules are overzealous and annoying, there’s pretty much no arguing that, but yet people seem to agree with them. Why can’t you mention other products or post your twitter handle or link yourself to another online community in any way, shape, or form? It’s like they tried to make the Miiverse completely isolated and anonymous, which is incredibly dumb for a social community.

    The smart thing to do would be allowing everything but excessive swearing, pornographic drawings, and flaming other users. Make a disclaimer when you join Miiverse that Nintendo is not responsible for any content or communication within it. Then, in case parents complain, provide easily noticeable and accessible parental controls to disable access to it.

    How can anyone possibly agree with these ridiculous rules?

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