Nintendo Patents What Could Be Wii Music 2 For Wii U


A recent patent discovered by NeoGAF user Rosti suggests that Nintendo might be working on a follow-up to Wii Music for the Wii U. The patent documentation certainly suggests something along the lines of the disappointing Wii Music. You can view all the documentation details here.

Thanks, Bilbo


“An image including at least a part of a virtual world is generated as a first display image, a first sound created in the virtual world is generated, and a second sound forming a part of the first sound is selected in accordance with a user operation. Then, control is performed such that the first display image is displayed on a first display apparatus. Control is performed such that the generated first sound is output from a first loudspeaker in synchronization with the first display image displayed on the first display apparatus. Control is performed such that the selected second sound is output from a second loudspeaker.”



      1. Uhh hello! i love mother and she has bin good two mii because i love her and because she loves mii! :) mother has bin bringing a lot of money home from her night job so i have bin able two bye knew video games for my wii u becasue i love nitnendo and wii u and wii u has amazing games becuase i lvoe it!


    1. what were you expecting?something for the hardcore nintedno fans of old….nintedno ain’t givin’ shit about them


  1. Never played the first one, but if done right, it could be kind of cool. Like a rock band but using Wii motes and the game pad. I’d rather have them focus their time on a new Metroid or something people will actually buy, though.


      1. This E3 sure as damn holy N should NOT have any casual games!

        That’s not what our empire needs right now!

        It will only be forgiven if they show Metroid or Zelda or both!


      2. I agree, however, that this year is like the critical point of everyone’s patience with Nintendo. You can only wait so many years for the really awesome, game-buying, news. The big guns should debut next month.


  2. *face palm*

    Seriously, the first game BOMBED and Nintendo even went far to embarrass themselves at that E3 event revealing this garbage and tjis is coming from a Nintendo fan since NES.

    And now they’re making a sequel of a failed Band Hero ripoff? What are they now? Microsoft with Kinect?


    1. I thought the same thing. They are going after the Disney Infinity / Skylanders profit share, and this looks to be a casual’s Band Hero. Things like this make it look like they just woke up and are trying to catch up to everyone. :/ (Is Band Hero even popular anymore tho? )


      1. I actually liked everything about it. The jamming, the mini games, playing different instruments with friends, making videos, creating the album art, the lessons, watching videos you’ve made, etc. I think I’m the only one who thoroughly enjoyed this game.


  3. I think Wii Music was one of those games that had a lot of potential but ended up being poorly developed.

    If this version does happen, hopefully they can get it right.


  4. To be fair, it’s not that the first one was BAD per say, it’s that the original anouncement of the game and presentation at E3 was garbage.


  5. …Please don’t show this off at E3- E3 is no place for casual game announcements when there’s hardly any casual players watching/attending.


  6. Nobody said that there is actually a Game in Development based on this PATENT and that we would see it at E3 this Year, so calm down.


  7. The original Wii Music got old SO fast. It was never worth the 50-dollar price tag. Fortunately I got it super cheap on eBay. Which seems to be the case for most games lately. Like ZombiU. It’s $30.00 at Wal-Mart right now, but I can get it for around $15.00 or less on eBay. Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without eBay. Except for certain items (like boxes and manuals to NES games), every seller charges so much that they should all hang their heads in shame.


  8. Nintendo need to focus on provide the hardcore games. That company should sell Mario Kart 8 in millions to boost the Wii U’s sales. They have to advertise Mario Kart 8 in TVs, Internet, etc… in order to attract the third parties. Wii U music 2 is not Nintendo need to focus right now. They should show it off on the future Nintendo Direct or not.


  9. Just because it is related to music or even if it does happen to be related to Wii Music doesn’t mean the game will be a simple sequel. For all anyone knows, the game could be amazing.

    Just got to wait and see.


  10. just crap!!!
    please nintendo i was growing up with u. im an adult now. please make some also for me or i will treat you more and more with sony


  11. THIS IS NINTENDO’S SECRET WEPON FOR E3! They will show it last and spent 40 minutes of the Digital Event talking about it! This is what Nintendo thinks could save the Wii U! HAHAHA! XD

    Just kidding, but I seriously want to see hardcore games that entertain me as a gamer, not family shit that I won’t be buying, come on, Nintendo! Don’t waste resourses and shit on this!


  12. Can’t wait when Nintendo reveals this at e3 because I will laugh my ass off & say “Why am I still supporting them?” Hehe -.- WE WANT METROID!


  13. OMG. Why are you even allowed to patent SOFTWARE? This is ridiculous! The “Slide to unlock” is patented. “Page Up” and “Page Down” is patented.

    1100101001110101010101010100001111 Should not be allowed to be patented.


  14. How do companies find out about patents that’s been filed? You’d think that kind of stuff would be confidential to the general public.


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