Enjoy The Watch Dogs Launch Trailer

Ubisoft has uploaded the launch trailer for Watch Dogs to celebrate its release next week on the majority of consoles. The game was previously delayed on the Wii U while the teams concentrated their efforts on the other formats. Now that the game is completed the team are hard at work on the Wii U version which is coming at an unspecified date. Enjoy the video.


      1. Well everything they say is the opposite of what the games are concerning non Nintendo games…

        So I guess it’s “remarkable”…


  1. Curious to see what the team is doing to enhance the game play using the game pad as a hacking tool. Keeping my eyes open for WiiU features. Probably won’t see much until fall.


  2. And enjoy watching this trailer too Ubisoft *flips the bird*

    In the name of millions of Nintendo/Wii U fans you screwed again, I ain’t buying your shit anymore and that’s final.


    1. Fucker, you ain’t got no PS4 and as of matter of fact, I remember seeing you talking shit about Xbox One being better and no I’m not confusing you with that other dumbass Sasori The Brokeback Gorilla.


  3. Listen here you Bitch,when I screwed ur mother up the anus, doggy style,that bitch loved it so much that she paid me $400 and used that to buy a ps4,so I’m Suprized her sorry ass basement dwelling sewer bathing son, had to speak so disrespectfully to me

    F off Faggot


    1. Not only you didn’t reply that directly (I wonder why) but butthurt much? XD

      I see you don’t have PS4 period, therefore raging because you’re exposed and just talking out of your ass thinking the next few million idiots will believe your Fox news pampered crap.


  4. I really hope this actually makes it to WiiU. I won’t be surprised at all if it gets delayed and then canned.
    Also the ban on pre-launch reviews is incredibly worrying, so suss. It’s standard practice that reviews come out in the build up to launch. Hell, it helps create hype and awareness of the game. It just makes me think there will be a big asterisk to this game.
    BUT – at the moment I’m still looking forward to it. We’ll see.


    1. Well I’m not holding my breath. They should have cancelled the Wii U port anyway since they have the urge to fuck Nintendo fans over again and again while lying in their faces about their optimistic Wii U potentials BS. Now the sales aren’t gonna soar or even peak pass 200,000 at least so why should they bother? They already pissed off most of their Ubisoft/Nintendo fanbase away so they might as well just don’t make games anymore and they have 9200 employees for what? Intentionally denying Wii U to kiss PS4/One so called “powerful” asses? Those consoles were never any powerful from last gen and Wii U wasn’t as weak either so they got everything twisted just like all of the 3rd parties.


      1. Yeah it seems odd given their attitude towards the Wii U so far to bother porting it over. I don’t understand why they’re even pretending like they want to. The only explanation I can think of is that they think sales will pick up significantly by Christmas, with Mario Kart, Smash and probably two new Zeldas on the way. I dunno…


  5. Heck YES! GAH!!! I NEED TO GET THIS! I really wish we still had a PS3. I gotta get this game somehow! I think I might save up for an epic gaming rig. But Idk if I can wait soo long I might cave and buy a PS3!!!


    1. Fine by me. Their so called help so far has been very bad. Glitchy Assassin’s Creed 3, delayed Rayman Legends, missing DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4, and now the Watch_Dogs delay. The Watch_Dogs delay will hopefully not damage the Wii U’s reputation like Rayman Legends’ delay did back in 2013.


    1. Agreed. When it comes to multiplats, PS4 is Always the way to go. That being said, I only have my Wii U for exclusives so it works out well. As for the Xbox Won, I haven’t owned any of those yet. Too similar to the Playstation versions and I’m hooked on those trophies


      1. I was gonna get one eventually, no money though. I don’t see much on any of the three consoles that I’m excited for though.


  6. Just seeing the word “hacking” (and the fact that this game is by Ubisoft) makes me think of the god-awful BORING real-time sequences in Assassin’s Creed IV, where you have to hack the computers. That was so boring that I wanted to cry. If this game is ANYTHING like those sequences were, it’s gonna SUCK!


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