The Hyrule Warriors Japanese Website Opens, Contains Lots Of Lovely Images


Nintendo Japan has opened the official website for the forthcoming Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. The site contains a bunch of lovely concept images are well as artwork and screenshots. Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U launches on August 14th in Japan and will be playable at next month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. We posted a batch of new information from Famitsu yesterday that you may want to check out.


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      1. Maybe they don’t have any diapers and that’s why they are full of crap everyday…

    1. This isn’t gonna be a Metroid Other M just because Team Ninja is helping. It’s not a main game, it’s a spin off. It’s gonna be a great game.

    2. Metroid Other M was great! But, this is a Zelda game we are talking about so it can’t be like Other M.

  1. This game will be great and a big surprise! Hoorayyy for the Nintendo Wii U! .-))))

    1. Download content is bad when it’s needed to complete or competitively play a game.

      If it’s just additional content for those who become huge fans, it’s great!

      1. Exactly! This is a game that is most likely going to benefit from DLC. It gives it more replayability. I can deal with extra costumes too as long as they aren’t overpriced. I hope they bring the premium edition and stuff over here because those extras are more than likely welcome! For Nintendo games, DLC is a GREAT thing. I mean seriously. How would Nintendo Land be if it had Kirby DLC and Starfox DLC? Exactly. :) I still need to get Nintendo Land with the Luigi Wiimote.

      2. Tbh, PS All-Stars Battle Royale had DLC characters… AND THEY WERE WAY TOO OP!

    2. DLC for Tecmo Koei’s Warriors series is extra content like alternate costumes & new stages with a new story with no relation to the original game’s story. It’s not like DLC that makes you pay for a football team that should have already been on the game from the start or DLC that gives you the true ending of the game. *cough*MassEffect3*cough*

    1. Dude it’s a spinoff. Nobody complained how Cross Bow Training wasn’t a full Zelda game. Expect a Dynasty Warriors, not a Zelda game.

      Plus mimicking other people’s usernames? How old are you? Nevertheless, congrats, you wasted about 30 seconds of my day.

  2. Impa is that you?! She looks great! Wow this game may be turning out better than what everybody thinks. Hugs!

  3. Wait, Team Ninja is gonna make this game? Oh boy, I can already tell it’s gonna be Other M all over again.

      1. Wow, really? It’s probably the ONLY Metroid game you’ve played.

      2. Played them all and Other M is by far the best. Better than Prime, IMO.

      3. I think that some people just cared too much about the story, and that is why some people hated it so much. P.s. My favorite Metroid game is Fusion!

    1. I know what you mean! Still, I believe that this game will be better than Other M and I’m a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors! This LoZ game is going to be awesome. Other M may have had a terrible story line, but the gameplay was still very well done. I would have gotten the game if it didn’t have blood. Ah well, there’s always the rumored 3DS Metroid game coming up!

    1. I hope Zelda U runs on an engine like the one in Battlefield 4. It would look amazing. Either that, or make it cell shaded. Realistic or cartoon. Pick your choice. :)

      1. Another game that could have worked great on the Wii U…

  4. I really hope that this game doesn’t contain blood. I still don’t get any video games that are T and contain blood on principle. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this LoZ game looks awesome!

    1. Why exactly does it matter if it has blood or not…? It just makes it more realistic (which it should be, since this looks like a more mature take on Zelda) and doesn’t actually affect the gameplay/story, so what’s the problem?

      1. It’s just a policy that I have. I don’t play games that have blood unless the game is E+10. If it’s T and it has blood, then it drops off of my list. We really don’t need blood in video games and it just makes things unnecessarily gritty. It’s why I didn’t buy MVC3. (Partial nudity is just as bad as blood)

  5. Great images!

    By the way, all stop replying to that nazi abomination…

  6. Time to save these images into my phone and 3DS. Ah if only Nintendo can update the 3DS so we can change the images in the 3DS home menu screen when you turn on the system :)! I like them to do the same for WiiU I like to put that awesome link art images onto my Wii u home screen custome :D

  7. This is a third party-made game, so those are all bullshots. With Nintendo, I also forget that bullshots exist…

  8. Haaa, this is litterly the only upcoming game i would buy for the Wii U instead of donkey kong i allready played 4 life… Go buy a ps4 nerds the wii u isnt going to revive anymo !

    1. Why should I get a low-end PC? I want a game console, not a wannabe that has no games for 6 months.

      1. And Ocarina of Time’s Impa, Nabooru, Ruto, Great Fairy.

  9. The character models look good, like Link, Impa, and Shia, but there’s just one problem, at least for me: they’re sacrificing the environments. Textures of the “stages” look like they were made for a game on the Wii, not a HD system. They are blocky, not very detailed, and pixelated in some areas. Normally I wouldn’t care much for the environment in the game, but this is a Zelda spin-off. I think a lot of the graphics engine had to sacrifice a lot of details to get multiple enemies on the screen.

  10. Will we ever see a Mushroom Warriors? Dreamland Warriors? Metroid Warriors? Lylat Warriors? Haha, talk about ridiculous.

    1. Metroid, Star Fox, & maybe F-Zero are the only 3 Nintendo franchises I can think of that could get a Warriors spin-off game without it being too ridiculous looking.

  11. I am convinced that this Link is where the heritage starts. I believe this is the absolute very first Link.

    1. That would be Skyward Sword. It wouldn’t make sense for this to be the first Link because Hyrule kingdom has already been established in this game, and Hyrule wasn’t inhabited by humans (and had no kingdom) in Skyward Sword, and it was the end of that game where they started Hyrule Kingdom.
      Also, this isn’t going to be part of the Zelda timeline because this isn’t a mainseries canon game. It’s a spinoff. That’s like saying Link’s Crossbow Training needs to be in the timeline.

    2. What truth said. Not to mention a Princess Zelda doesn’t exist til Skyward Sword’s events.

    3. There are people who are still pretending that anybody at Nintendo decides what games to make based on how the timeline goes?

      1. They’ll continue making Zelda games the way they’ve always done it: gameplay first, then story, & finally cutscenes. It’s placement in the timeline will be decided at a later date.

    1. With Skyward Sword & Wind Waker being in my top 5 favorite Zelda games & every Zelda title developed, or co-developed, by Nintendo being just as good as my top 5 favorites, Hyrule Warriors will have to be as bad as the CD-i games to be bad. But chances are, it will at least be better than the CD-i games even if it does come close to being as bad as them.

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