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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Arrives Soon On Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap will arrive soon on the Wii U Virtual Console service. Originally released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance, the title is the only entry in the Zelda series in which Link explores the tiny, mysterious land of the Minish. It introduces several new items, such as the Mole Mitts and Gust Jar, which Link must use to save Hyrule and the miniature land of the Minish. The game is also among the 20 featured titles on the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program.

95 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Arrives Soon On Wii U Virtual Console”

      1. Sigh. I have to agree with you there… That sucks. But the game isn’t gonna cost that much anyway. :/

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Then don’t pay for it twice. Virtual console is for those that don’t own the game anymore, don’t mind double dipping, or haven’t played the game before & can only play them through virtual console. Besides, 5-15 bucks is cheap. If you seriously believe that’s expensive, you must be very, very poor & should probably find a cheaper hobby. Maybe collect rocks. You can find all kinds of interesting shapes if you look hard enough.

    1. Uhh hello! Mother said it is ok fore mii two play theese kinds of zelda games because thay look les violant and mother says it wont scare mii wen i sleep. I lvoe zelda games like spirit traks, wind waker, and this game because it is toon link and not the detale reelistick violant link that i shouldnt play as.


  1. Beat it for the first time recently on my 3DS via the ambassador. Looking forward to getting this on Wii U though, I always prefer to play games on my console.
    It’s kinda why I can’t wait for the potential “merge” or “fusion” or whatever will eventually happen with Nintendo’s divisions and probably consoles.

  2. ….great thanks nintendo, u guys realise that the people who have a wii u are probably the same people who bought the 3DS at launch right?

    1. Not exactly. There are tons of 3DS owners holding out and refusing to buy a Wii U until it gets better games. In fact, just today I told my friend who owns a 3DS “just 10 more days till Mario a Kart 8.” And he replied” I don’t even have a Wii U. I don’t care.” Lol not the type of response I was expecting…

  3. I fear us Ambassadors will have to wait a long time to see some games other than the ones we were given.

      1. Um.. I just looked at your profile pic in HD for the first time and… Holy hell. Wtf did you to to Sasori? XD LOL.

    1. I know. It sucks that we basically already played all if these because Nintendo would rather re-release than actually put out different content and games. Sometimes I wonder if they are running that business out of a garage!

  4. Really sucks ass. Nintendo is full of liars and hypocrites. They said word for word, these GBA games will never be released outside of the ambassador program.

    Still feeling dead robbed….geez

    1. it hasnt been released on 3DS, so is because of these type of comments that GBA games wont come to 3DS. thanks.

    2. Maybe it’s their way of telling us we should have known better.. We should have learned our first time for purchasing the 3ds early.

    3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I’m pretty sure they meant just for the 3DS itself. And it’s games from a handheld not many people own these days, so it’s only a matter of time before Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, etc end up on Virtual Console for people to buy. Besides, we got the games for free on the 3DS, so why get upset over people having to pay for them to get them on the Wii U?

    4. No, they said it was a chance to play 20 Virtual Console games on the 3DS before other 3DS users had the opportunity to buy them.

    5. No, they said never for sale on the 3DS. We Ambassadors still have the better deal. Free, portable versions. Everyone else is getting raped in the wallet for these games. (Since Nintendo’s VC pricing is so fucked up)

  5. I’m on the final boss… the problem is…i can never get past those freaking three knights.:(

  6. Hi everybody it’s been a while since i commented here,while ive been gone ive had a PS3 and experienced the other side of gaming on Sony’s side and i love it,i still like nintendo but i have to say it right now,you guys are waiting for ur GBA game to come to wii u im getting 100’s of free games thanks to emulators like Master boy V 2,10, SNES9X Euphoria,gsSP all on my PSP Go and im gonna be emulating this game next,and you know what? nintendo deserves it,they honestly do deserve to be ripped off,Why Don’t the Virtual Console Games on 3ds or wii u have a full screen option like on playstation with PS1 Classics,it’s just a straight up fucking port no optimization made for the system at all,not even a smoothing system,also why the fuck doesn’t 3ds VC for ORIGINAL Gameboy Games have an option for a color palette,im sick of seeing green and black and white,the virtual console service is supposed to be a fucking emulator right? Then why can’t they optimize it to where it has color palettes for those gameboy games,i’d like to choose between super gameboy and gameboy color palettes,it pisses me off,also the amount they’re charging for an SNES Game? $7.99 no thanks if you charge it reasonably at 5.99 thats alot better,i feel the GBA games are priced right,except the GBA games that are ports of SNES Games,bottom line is nintendo is fucking lazy,they don’t care about the core gamer,they’re too busy appealing to the casuals or to even fix our problems? if the Wii U is really an Xbox 360 on steroids like they say it is then why don’t we have cross game voice chat? I’m Sorry but these are things a next gen console should have,also Cross Buy is a must if im gonna be buying virtual console games but i won’t because nintendo DUN fucked up big time!!!

    1. Agreed. Hate how Nintendo charges you twice for the same game. Luckily, I got Kirby’s Adventures 3D Classics free with Club Nintendo even though I already owned it on Wii U. ¬_¬

              1. Exactly. I don’t get why Nintendo keeps trying to re-release old games on the VC instead of just focusing on new games. :P

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Just because they release the same games doesn’t mean everyone have to buy them…

                  Many are new Nintendolings that never played these and so have the chance of buying these missed out games…

                  I was refering to the ones that already owns these games, why do they want to buy them again?…

                  1. Me either. I don’t get why anyone would by an old game again if they’ve played it like 3 times. The only exception is Zelda OOT 3D because it’s the best game in the world.

        1. How dumbass? You have the consumer power to decide to buy or not.

          Just like how you have the same power to not buy Xbox One with Kinect if you didn’t want it but uh oh, Microsoft cheated your ass again by releasing a $400 Kinect-less version that should have been done on day one. Surprise, surprise, 4.3 million fanboys fell for that shit like a moth to a fire. Ya don’t know WTF company enforcement is even when they pulled it off right under nose.

        1. They forgot why the Vita is fucking up…because they’re doing the samw damn thing: Offering to many watered down ports to make people double dip for the same games from PS3 released months to years before.

          But I’m guessing since its Nintendo, they can have yet another reason to meaninglessly hate them for something that other companies are doing to them blindfolded but much worse.

          All they did was to offer a game to those who don’t have it like me. If you already have one elsewhere, then don’t buy it and quit your dumb bitching. Simple.

      1. They’re not exactly forcing you to double dip. They throw it in for those who don’t have it and wish to buy Wii U for VC games or something else.

        And speaking of forcing to double dip, how its hanging with the PSVita and next gen PS/Xbox?

        1. I don’t have a PS Vita or PS4 or Xbox One. I especially hate the fact that Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible. That killed the deal for me. We sold our Xbox 360 and bought a PS3. And then we sold that too. It would’ve been nice to play all the 360 games I missed, but no.. They had to focus on Kinect and graphics more than the games… I’m skipping PS4 after I get a job. Gaming PC is better for me.

    2. cause you know, it’s ok to break the law because I disagree with you, and since I disagree how you walk it makes it perfectly fine for me to kill you

    3. Oh! Emmery welcome back we were waiting for you ;) but please go back to your ps3 crab world we don’t need your comments here. Just a waste of space I was enjoying reading the comments until I came across with yours!!! Go back son go back!!!!

      1. alright listen you can stop with the sarcasm im being honest,what are you a fanboy? I’ve seen the light and awoken, Nintendo needs a new president in japan and America,im sick of all these game delays,and the 3rd party devs not supporting the console,it’s a dead horse floating in the water and it’s getting beat more and more everyday,you butthurt? Can’t accept the truth? well it’s true the VC service is fucking crap,the presidents are shit,and nobody does a thing with the gamepad,if it really was the highlight of the wii u they would’ve found a better implementation for it in Smash bros,donkey kong,mario kart,and Mario World,listen imma be honest NintendoLand and Sonic Lost World Make Better use of it than nintendos other IP’s,so go crawl back in your cave “Mr.Anonymous” because it is the truth,its sad to see you can’t face facts YOUR BLINDED BY THE LIGHT OF THE WHOLE GAMING INDUSTRY,YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT,Get a grip on yourself,if it is a next gen console or at the very least 360 Hardware upgraded a little bit it should have cross game voice chat,cross buy,better gameboy emulation and better pricing,also im sorry to say it but i will the virtual console library on Wii Is better,don’t even use EarthBound Because the Donkey Kong Trilogy and CastleVania 4 blows everything out of the water on the wii u’s virtual console,but you can’t get the donkey kong trilogy anymore,when nintendo gets a wake up call come tell me and ill look into it.

    4. Did you insert needless expletives in every sentence before you became one of “them”? If not it very much confirms my theory about PS3 users at large.

      1. You’re smarter than we gave you credit for!! ;D

        And although I still believe you contributed to the heavy moderation in Miiverse, and I’m not sorry you were banned, I do see where you’re coming from in many of your comments and apologizing for jumping all over your ass a few posts ago.

      1. Um.. Wind Waker HD was 1080//60FPS I think. Oh, and most 720P Wii U games seem to be in 60 FPS like SLW and Wonderful 101. I can’t really see the difference in 720-1080 right now because I don’t have a big enough TV. But good for those that do. And if you have a TV about or over 42′, then you are lucky. Give that TV to me in exchange for my 20 inch. XD

  7. “Nobody forces anyone to buy anything”
    So says the Nintendo Gay fanboy who is too broke to have a Wii U

    This homo is a undercover ATARI fanboy


    1. Why do you have nothing relevant to say and only express your sick homosexual fantasies about someone who made you extremely butthurt?

    2. *Yawn* This tryhard bores me so much that its ridiculous.

      Is that all your braindead ass can speak off? IDK if you even graduated Kindergarten yet.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Typical nazi…

        Crap language, crap goals, crap intelligence, crap lifestyle and just plain a pure wasted sorry excuse for a life…

  8. Because I slapped ur ugly face with my Big Dick Bitch till u because so turned on,you became disfigured

    1. That comment hold absolutely no weight or purpose period. Besides showing how much of a hypocrite homophobe you are.

      1. I think that troll has some serious mental issues… I think we should ignore the mentally handy capped troll-Nazi. He’s seems very unstable…

  9. Wow, all I see here is moan moan moan moan moan. You’re not entitled to have Minish Cap on Wii U, even if you’re a 3DS ambassador (as I am).

    Shut up or pay up.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Yes because that was the part I got happy about…

        You humans just prove my point all the time…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        High Command is kind of stupid not recruiting all the former Rare developers…

        1. Yeah. Nintendo should but a bounty on the head of the original Rareware Devs and haul their asses back!

          Unfortunately, I think Nintendo missed the boat on that opportunity. :/

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Do us a favor and commit suicide, we don’t need anymore nazis hanging around here, this planet or the universe itself…

      The only way they got a D is because our empire does not bother joining these biased investigations, much like Greenpeace…

      1. Telling people to kill themselves? I didn’t think I could get any more disgusted by you, turns out it was possible after all. You’re the worst, honestly.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t have any smallest compasion for nazi scum so if you think I’m the worst ever by defending them then you should join that thing…

          Nazis are not humans, they are evil and an abomination, period…

        2. You must be new here. Wait until you hear the comments telling people to die of cancer. You think Commanders comments are bad? They’re like a vase of roses compared to the disgusting, rotted sludge coming from some of this sites trolls.

          I recommend you save yourself and leave. If this comment made you disgusted, you won’t last long here.

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