Here’s A Closer Look At Link’s Scarf Arriving In Japan With Hyrule Warriors

link_scarf_hyrule_warriorsHyrule Warriors will arrive with not one but two special editions in Japan. Both the premium and treasure box will come with a variety of Zelda-themed keepsakes, but the lovely Link scarf will only be available within the treasure box. Tecmo Koei provided a better look at the sea-blue scarf on Twitter, which can be seen above. Let’s hope Nintendo has something in store for western fans when Hyrule Warriors launches in September.


    1. Quadraxis are you a ps4 and join the dark side now that. Youve tested out the inferior wii u…..,,

    1. I don’t wear scarfs but I’ll make an exception if we can get this over here in the States.

  1. This off model fan art you guys keep using for news articles is going to give me nightmares one of these days…

  2. If they sell the treasure box locally, I’ll get one. But since it’s a bit far off, I’d settle for the 2-disc boxed set. That box looks better than the plastic case.

  3. “Here Japan, you were already gonna buy this game, but have this with the game. In the West, where the series never had too much success, let’s not give them anything to encourage them to buy it.”

  4. I would guess EU will get something, but not the U.S. or Canada. Nintendo has very clearly been stating “Fuck North America” with recent releases. They take it for granted that we will buy their games without extras, and after the rest of the world gets their hands on the game.

  5. I don’t wear scarfs but I’ll make an exception for THIS scarf. I will fucking hand wash this thing to keep it pristine, too.

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