Nintendo Dominates E3 Twitter Talk With Mentions In 47% Of All Expo Tweets

Nintendo caused a social media storm at this year’s E3 by becoming the most talked about games company on Twitter. According to social media monitoring service Crimson Hexagon, Nintendo dominated last week’s E3 event with 47 per cent of all related tweets mentioning the company. The most popular tweet was from Nintendo of America’s official account teasing Shigeru Miyamoto’s appearance on the Treehouse live-stream.

Among other popular tweets was one from Twitter user @dropkickpikachu saying: “”Nintendo has just shown more playable female character’s in one game preview than the other companies have all E3 so far.” Crimson Hexagon also reports that the Nintendo hashtag was used 30,000 times during the event, while #e32014 up to 55,000 times.

Competitors Sony and Microsoft took 28 and 25 per cent of the Twitter conversation, respectively. It’s clear Nintendo shined at last week’s gaming event with the addition of Treehouse live-streams on top of its Digital Event – did you contribute to Nintendo’s social media storm? Let us know in the comments below .


    1. 6% Nintendo, 7%Sony and 11% Microsoft. In the E3 Week. According to Gametrailers GDex Index.

  1. A step in the right direction! Now they mastered social media, now they need to conquer the art of digital distribution and cross-buy/play/plattform stuff!!!

    1. Yes, LittleBigPlanet 3 and No Man’s Sky were great games… but Nintendo did show off 2 new IPS, Two Zelda Games, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Kirby, Smash Brothers 4, Mario Party 10 and not forgetting Star Fox U and the many other games.

      I’m sorry Sony pleb but Nintendo won.

        1. Not… Really…
          All I can remember from Microsoft’s conference are the Halo remakes, Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive.

          1. microsofts presentation was better but the ps4 presented better games more or less…and nintendo just did the best of everything. hope to get all consoles in a few years anyway.

      1. Bloodborne and Abzu looked pretty cool too though. In my opinion, at least.
        And there also was Uncharted, even if we didn’t get to see any gameplay footage. But then again, we didn’t see any footage of Starfox and Mario Party either, if I’m not wrong.

        1. I dont remember seeing any star fox footage but they did show mario party 10 game play during the tree house event.

        1. idk, they say it hasn’t been cancelled but yet THEY DON’T SHOW IT!! IT’S BEEN A DECADE!!!

          Seriously it’s hard to even care anymore.

          1. The best part would be if it gets shown and released and is a mediocre game at best…

            I would just enjoy the show of all the Sonyan butthurt…

            1. well i guess it would be like skyward sword then. grade a trash right there but the fans will say it’s great when it’s fucking mediocre trash in all directions. I don’t personally know anyone who liked the game who are pretty big zelda fans as well. They all hated it. i forced my way through it lmao…. very unenjoyable.

              1. I liked it but it is not in the same league as MM…

                Mostly because it felt somewhat empty…

              2. Skyward Sword is my 4th favorite Zelda game. Ocarina is #1, Windwaker #2 and A Link Between Worlds #3 then Skyward Sword #4. Motion Controls really made it fun. And I am a HUGE Zelda fan, its my favorite gaming franchise, hell I am a Zelda fanboy.

    2. What all the multiplats, and the rest of the exclusives, except LBP and no man’s sky, which all looked the same. Get out bro, keep waiting for that greatness

    3. Yeah, just Uncharted and boring old Little Big Planet doesn’t prove your claim, even comparing you against The Xbots’ line-up it’s pathetic.

    1. Yes you do…

      Without your precious trade agreements between your empire and the Third Class Empires, your empire would barely be succesful…

      1. You’re fucking stupid. If this was an empire you’d be carrying my piss bucket.

          1. Hey please stop with our empire its really sad how old are you anyway you talk like a little kid there is no sony empire and Microsoft Nintendo empire we are just geeky gamers that play games you aren’t in a empire man if Nintendo seen you’re comments they would laugh at you they would be like wow this is what some of are Nintendo fans act like calling a video game console a empire how sad and pathetic I am Nintendo fan but dont type down stupid comments like you saying dumb shit like my empire you dork you’re a nobody a gamer there is no video game empire

  2. Internet traffic was high on that three days… Nintendo won E3 and that’s fact.

    Come next year, Sony and Microsoft will follow suit. Sony tried the cinema route but that didn’t do well, did it?

    1. Our empire still has a chance to win next year again…

      Zelda gameplay, Starfox, Potential Metroid teaser and other new unknown games…

  3. Oh yes, the trending topics were revolving about Nintendo, mostly about the Wii U, Nintendo as a whole and the Zelda stunt uproar

    1. Keep in mind that even Cranky Kong stole the spotlight from them back in that announcement ahahahahahahaahh…

      1. No it was the joke of the show and everybody knew it. It really shows how out of touch nintendo is with bitchwata.

  4. Wow, in fact the Wii U is still in trending topics on Twitter
    number 1 I might add
    Astounding considering that this is World Cup time

  5. Isn’t that because they had the best fucking e3? I don’t get faggots who say they lost, they finally managed to do something good, most exclusives, most gameplay no cinematic trailers, oh and nintendo were treating it’s fanbase like adults and not like babies for once, and then it was the least boring for once.

    Then they announced more stuff after and showed and talked more about titles. Though they will probably get murdered next year, like seriously…. i don’t see hardly any more games getting announced unless nintendo does something out of their dictionary “smart”.

    If they buy capcom (and iwata gets fired) i see a brighter future. either that or microsoft will buy them and it will help them in japan, resident evil and monster hunter. nintendo stop being greedy and buy your only support, or else keep on getting shitted on even more. Seriously a big company like capcom and under nintendo could really help both of them like crazy.

    hopefully failwata will be gone before auction or whatever, because we all know he would rather just fund 3 shitty sonic games instead.

  6. I am glad Nintendo is showing that it will still support the console and provide with great games.

    I need all consoles to compete and be successful. Nintendo stumbled but is not giving up and this E3 clearly shows that.

    Still, out of all, Nintendo games are my favorite and those who come here to try and diminish them, are nothing but trash.

  7. Yeah Nintendo won by far in my opinion. The robot chicken collaboration and Iwata/Reggie fight were hilarious. Also the games we are getting is what really won me over. Zelda U, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox U (coupled with Project Guard), Bayonetta 2 w/ Bayonetta w/ Nintendo skins, Devil’s Third, Captain Toad, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Hyrule Warriors, Codename: S.T.E.A.M., Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Mario Party 10, Amiibos, Project Giant Robot, Sonic Boom, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, among other games such as indies. It’s going to be a good year.

  8. Next tine, it shall be 55%! (unless MS and Sony copy the idea of digital event, treehouse and tournament combo….)

  9. Well I watched all the events and Nintendo was by far my favorite, so it makes sense. Usually my opinions are the ones shared by the majority of people in the world.

  10. Great gaming armies shall be gathered and trained to fight all who embrace evil. In the name of Nintendo, consoles shall be built to carry our warriors out into the world and we will spread our message to all the unbelievers. The power of Nintendo will be felt far and wide and the wicked shall be vanquished.

  11. I think its amazing that Nintendo do all of this on their own. No real major 3rd party support to help them. If Microsoft and Sony didn’t have EA, Ubisoft and all the other big developers carrying them, where would they be, how many consoles would be sold if each company were only allowed to show 1st party IP’s? There’s something to be said about Nintendo’s ability to be self sufficient. Do I wish more 3rd party would be onboard, yes, absolutely. But Nintendo doesn’t absolutely need them.

    1. Internet final Morph bombing programmed next year @ E3 2015! Now the great Wii U has games to wait until then.. :-)

  12. I wonder how trolls & Nintenhaters would spin this. Oh I know! “It was mostly negative tweets! You Nintendrones are fools if you think otherwise! Blah blah blah…” lol

  13. Our lord iwata just released the kraken on e3. our empire kept rising and rising and Nintendo buy capcom I wanna play resident evil 7 on the wii u, I don’t wanna play this on the ps4 I hated my ps4

  14. If only Nintendo could do this type of dominating all the time. There would never be any talk about Playstation or Xbox being better. And eventually, those consoles would fade away.

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