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Play Asia Lists The Lovely Super Mario White Edition Nintendo 3DS XL For North America


Online video game retailer Play Asia has listed the Super Mario White Nintendo 3DS XL console for release in North America. The retailer says that the console, which is bundled with New Super Mario Bros 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer, should be released in July for $299.99.

Thanks, Kallum and Dudey

32 thoughts on “Play Asia Lists The Lovely Super Mario White Edition Nintendo 3DS XL For North America”

        1. I got the Pikachu one, one of the very few 3DS XL designs I actually like. I’m not even a fan of yellow, but I think it looks surprisingly good with the white inside of the 3DS + the details of the Pikachu. So yea, for me, that’s the best one. d:

  1. Never liked gimmicky designs on my hardware, it’s not too effective on what my eyes stare, opportunities came and went, but I chose to settle for plain instead! Getting my rhyming scheme down to a T, could’ve bought the Wii U themed LoZ, but opted not to, cuz it really wasn’t that cool to me!

    Haha got me a plain black wii u(NSMB Edition and a black 3DS and 3DS XL)

  2. Hmm, I’ve read some really bad reviews about Play Asia. Was interested in buying some stuff there a while ago, ended up not doing so though.
    Well, anyway, this doesn’t affect me anyway though, since I’m not from NA. And because I don’t like the design very much either, lmao.

    1. Nah, I use Play Asia somewhat often, there really isn’t much if a problem. Gamestop’s much worse

      1. Oh, really? I’ve read some pretty bad things, so that scared me little and in the end I didn’t buy anything.
        About Gamestop, well, I always go buy my stuff in store, so I wouldn’t know about their online shop. They have a seperate online store for Germany anyway though, so even if I had any experience with them, it probably would be a little different than what you got to see from them.

  3. i wouldnt pay $300 for a 3DSXL ur smokin somethin if u think its worth an extra $100. especially not with two games i dont want or arent worth the price

  4. what new designes are they coming up. lol it looks like there runing out of ideas and vita is starting to beat the 3ds.

    1. Speaking of every dumbass words you said, Vita isn’t beating 3DS period; 45 million 3DS > 7 million Vita in 3 fucking years because Sony not doing shit about Vita and making it a pointlessly gimped PS3 with all PS3 ports that already exists years before it. So you were saying about Nintendo running out of ideas and being beat by lame Vita?

      Still talking through your unwashed ass.

  5. Wait pro evolution soccer on 3DS? A third party game is being bundle on a Nintendo system 0.0 ! 3DS master race suck a dick PS vita and sasori!

  6. if its physical copies of those game then maybe ill buy it. i sold nsmb2 cause i just didnt like collect all the coins aspect but finding the 3 big coins was fun and sometimes hard.

    true story: i sold the nsmb2 and a week later is when they announce the first 3 free dlc levels. that will teach me never betray nintendo

  7. ugh nsmb2 that game was just okay not nothing as good as nsmbu or 3d land. nintendo should have been came out with strikers on 3ds this game thats installed in it

  8. I wonder if there will be a package with just the 3ds only? I don’t need the extra games especially for $100 extra.

  9. That is one gorgeous looking 3DS… I’ve regretted my purchase of the all black 3DS XL ever since I upgraded from the original turqoise 3DS. If the Pikachu edition was still widely available, that probably would have been my preferred choice.

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