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Here’s The Most Popular Consoles In The US Based On Facebook Likes


The Movoto Real Estate Blog has put together a fun chart that shows just how popular the current generation consoles are on Facebook. The blog has created a state-by-state breakdown of the amount of Facebook “likes” each current generation console has received. The Xbox One appears to be the most “liked” games console in 22 states and is closely followed by the PlayStation 4 which is most “liked” in 19 states. Interestingly, the Wii U hasn’t won enough “likes” to win in any states. It should also be noted that 9 states were ambivalent. You can check out the fun chart above and more details, here.

262 thoughts on “Here’s The Most Popular Consoles In The US Based On Facebook Likes”

    1. Wii U is a piece of shit that nintendo regurgitated and rushed. next time, atleast match the online features of your competition nintendo!

        1. Just like how they bought Atlus, right? And all of those THQ IPs that were auctioned off,right?

          The people running Nintendo are morons, they’re not going to buy Capcom because they’re too scared to puss people off.

      1. Really, we have trollers on a my Nintendo news post? First of all, wii u Is great. Mario kart 8 is great. PLEASE NO TROLLERS!

                1. You said i was 10 and dont like girls, you also immediately thought i was a guy, you bring up sex for no reason at all, shouldnt you be masterbaiting to Consoles right now?

              1. It seems as though you people are releasing yor frustrations upon me, as a way to cope with the mistake you’ve made of buying a wiiu. Man up, quit being little kids, and take responsibility for your own actions. Don’t blame others. Girls don’t like that.

  1. Uhh hello! I beleve in wii u and 1 day soon nintendo will have wii u with moore likes then any other sistems in every state!!! just u wate and sea :)

    1. Come on, what did you expect, it’s a Facebook poll. Anybody with a right mind knows Facebook is comprised mostly of…(obiwan Kenobi quote) SCUM and villainy* I don’t see a purpose for having a social media page if you don’t gain monetarily, that’s my take on it.

      *whole quote
      “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”
      Holds true, really.

      And Microsoft thrives on having the lowest of the low(scum)as their core fanbase. Tv, sports, tv, sports, dudebro, sports, call of duty, call of duty, tv, sports, water cooler

    2. Most Nintendo fans buy days one, most PS fans buy day one (or as soon as they can) but Xbox fans have a tendency to buy year 3. Most fans are waiting for the big games, updates, new features, exe. So their likes wont reflect customers till year 3. Wii U well be a se second system just like the Wii. This gives it an advantage because weather someone has a Xbox One or a PS4 they well most likely have a Wii U as their second system

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And hopefully you don’t…

      This is exactly why Americans are one of the most enslaved people on this stupid planet…

      1. I prefer the Xbox 360>PS3. And for this gen, I’m still deciding. I’m not going to buy a PS4 for better graphics and I’m not going to buy an Xbox One for Kinect. So far, I’d say the Xbox One seems to be the most interesting for me because of Killer Instinct, Forza Horizon 2, and Halo collection. But the PS4 looks like it’s going to have more exclusives and stuff. I’m going to wait and see what happens, but as for now, I prefer the X1.

              1. I said as of now. My opinion can change at any given time. And considering that I haven’t really played that many PS3 exclusives might have something to do with it. I only like the 360>PS3 in third party. Not 1st party. I’m no fanboy of either and I don’t care who’s more popular. I’m always going to look at the games.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                I’ve always seen you as being at about the same category as Ice…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                                    We’ve never had issues against each other either, and me and Ice have been more rivals in some ways…

                      1. Killer instinct is why i picked up an xb1. Its an amazing fighter and worth the cost of the xb1. Xbox has some great games coming and im glad my investment is paying off. My wiiu is kind of starting to pay of with mario kart but not much. Also dont listen to the roleplayers. They are usually worse than the trolls.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        And you Anonymouses seem to be just as obsessed with me…

                        Are you some of my previous life boyfriends that got butthurt or something?…

                        1. The butthurt one seems to be you with your shitty fanboy attitude criticizing other fanboys when you’re the same as them.

                    1. Fuck you sound like a razeits fuck you fagget I would knock you’re teeth out bitch your aren’t better than everyone else nintendo gay commander you’re a little a bitch and you know it you are worse than any fan boy on this site so shut you’re mouth cocky little fagget

                1. For some reason, ever since Microsoft removed the Kinect, I’m starting to prefer the Xbox now. I’ve always liked the 360 too. Might consider getting an Xbox One for Halo collection and Killer Instinct.

                  1. Watch, they’ll add that POS mistake back for the next console if it ever happens. Oh god I hope it doesn’t.

                2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  This doesn’t make sense. They should change it to “Most Popular wannabe PCs” because both are underpowered PCs not game consoles.

                    1. No. You’re pissy because BOTH Wii’s still kicked Xbetamax DRM Edition’s ass twice even Ouya. Am I making you cring and cry yet? Yes? Good.

                          1. Well, Sony has been catering to the Americans for quite some time now, what makes them different from Microsoft? They are the ones stupidly mocking the competition this generation and hyping a console with no good games.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I have to agree to a big degree but not excluding Microsoft at the same time…

                              Last year, they waited for the Microsoft Realm to reveal their plans for the Xbox One so that they coud scrap whatever negative responses they got from the gamers…

                              This year they wanted to pull a Microsoft 2013 reveal with their TV garbage but utterly failed…

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Deactivated, but still in the system =\= No DRM
                          One patch and it can make a terrifying comeback.

                    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      You mad cause I keep proving you wrong and make you cry on your videos. Now soho Chris Chan 2.0.

                  1. Games are made for consoles. And they are made to their standards, most games dont even bother giving better graphics to PC versions. Your argument is logical, but not fool proof

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I think the Creature Pachter was right when it said:

                    “Nintendo fanboys would buy a box if you just put Nintendo on it”…

                    The only things it got wrong is that it should have switched Nintendo with Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys with Xbots…

                3. This isn’t true at all! All these stupid gimped PCs being popular! They all suck compared to one console. It’s the cheapest, the most worth it, and have the highest quality games.


                    1. Nintendo Life is the best. There’s always decent conversations and no swearing, trolling, etc. Comment section is much easier to navigate here, but some of the people here are just plain stupid. And 80% of comments are off topic.

                  1. Actually this is one of the better ones out there. NintendoLife everybody’s always looking to 1-up on the other in the comments section. Right here it’s a little more even, the playing field. Trolls really aren’t a bother, and the community here is much smaller, so it’s like you know what some people are like just based on that. NLife is my second go to, but MNN is where it’s at!

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Typical western response, “he must be a virgin”…

                              That’s all you apes ever care about, a primitive life…

                      1. So, can we meet this transfriend of yours too to prove you’re taken and not talking ass language again?

                  2. I frequent many. For timely news this one is great. But it’s obvious click bait and I’m not sure they even like Nintendo here. GoNintendo does a great job but not many comments. WiiUDaily is awful. it is run by morons and the comments section ruined by trolls. Imagine 5 Sasori’s lol. NintendoLife is decent. NintendoEnthusiast also decent. But this site is the very first followed by GoNintendo for news.

                4. Lol, sales speak otherwise when it comes to the ps4 and xbox one.

                  Did no one remember that people can just create fake accounts to up the likes? Facebook voting is rigged and they should have chosen a better method, if microsoft still wins after that then I have no complaints.

                    1. And how does this have anything to do with my post…? I don’t care if the wii u is or isn’t on there. I’m pointing out that voting through likes is a flawed concept, its guaranteed that ps4 or xbox one will have the most votes but I would like to see something where the voting for them is more accurate.

                      You are a disgrace to trolls.

                      1. You say they are irrelevant yet talk about them 24/7 like you have some weird ass fetish with them? And I thought sasori was the stupid one.

                    2. On Facebook where all the drama BS reigns and where gorilla dick sucking sacks like you belong.

                      If anything is life is far more irrelevant, its Kinect. BURN!

                    1. Same home state of Microsoft’s best friend and partner in video game crime: EA. Of course its obvious stupid.

                5. The problem with this chart is that the sales numbers clearly shows that the PS4 is more popular than the Xbone in the USA. So sorry if I don’t find this chart credible.

                6. pink0crystal0midbus

                  Well duh. Microsoft is an American company. Mainstream America loves to buy American products.

                  The news is always telling us to support local products and to stop giving business to foreign businesses, because it hurts our own economy. People are ESPECIALLY against buying Chinese products and products from other countries in Africa or South America where sweat shops are used.

                  Also, the majority of Americans that do buy Nintendo products also own Microsoft’s consoles. They might like Nintendo, but they’ll always say that Microsoft is the best.

                  1. Mostly because of peer pressure probably. Most people are probably afraid to admit they like Nintendo best because their useless friends will make fun of them.

                  2. In scandinavia every Xbox player i know seems to also like Nintendo games so having Wii, Wii U, DS or 3DS as second console is quite common in here. No big surprise when Xbox 360/One is better for online gaming but Nintendo has all the best platformers and party games to play with friends.

                7. This chart doesn’t mean anything. Not everyone who bought one of these consoles uses Facebook, and vice versa.

                      1. Just because I have Link as my avatar doesn’t mean I can’t say anything negative about Nintendo, exposed…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          And yet clearly you call yourself “Anubis” when you should be called “Link”, exposed…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Link can write, read and most likely type on a computer on his new upcoming adventure so your argument has been rendered invalid, exposed…

                              *Just teasing you a bit…*

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Why should I anyway…

                                  I’m not an Xbot that changes its mind the minute I get a backslash…


                    1. Without even mentioning shit about Wii U itself, good or bad?

                      And speaking of which, WTF believes every garbage on Facebook except former MySpace rejects who moved into it?

                8. I think it’s pretty obvious that the XOne and the PS4 are going to have more likes since they’re more oriented to Facebook than Nintendo. The only way you can share your stuff to FB in a Nintendo console is that lame 3DS web-browser uploader, while the other consoles are more social network integrated.

                  1. Good point. I hate that integrated facebook thing in my PS4. Especially while playing Doki-Doki Universe. For me facebook is just for messaging between family and close friends and not for gaming.

                9. There’s nothing fun about THIS chart. All it does is show that the majority of the US has brain damage, and wouldn’t know a good game if it was tattooed to their face. Today’s gamers aren’t gamers at all. Most PS4 and Crapbox gamers are probably using the consoles to watch movies instead of playing games. So in a sense, PS4 and Crapbox gamers are more multi-media whores than they are gamers.

                  1. THAT I couldn’t agree more. But, regardless of what they got or what they play, they are considered a “gamer”. The question is, what type of gamer…

                    graphic lovers
                    or all around fun

                    Brodude: These gamers have nothing to do with adventure puzzles etc. all they know is madden, fifa, and other sports games, they got no interest in most other games…accept graphics

                    Shooter: Need I say more, any games that got guns, bazookas, grenades, rocket launchers, you name it, they’ll play it and it only. They got no interest in mostly anything else.

                    Graphic lovers: Sasori is the perfect example for this since that’s all he cares about. They mostly play realistic and boring games to my taste but they are who they are, Brodude gamers are also into this. Most games like this are like real time simulators. A few like resident Evil, the last of us, Nore, and gears of war are some of the fun games of the realistic…more are boring as fuck.

                    All around fun: these gamers care nothing for graphics or how real it is, as long as its fun to play, most can be found on Nintendo systems. Others on fun games like blazblue, street fighter, shantae, etc. These types are always in for the fun of it and because graphics mean nothing to them or what system its on, most will own one or more systems and are the almost perfect example of being a true gamer.

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        It’s fine if you care about graphics, but it should never be the main reason why you buy a game, unless it’s Myst or something.

                    1. Don’t forget those “Art lovers” who likes all boring indie games with dull gameplay because they think those games are art. PS3 and Xbox 360 had pretty much of games like that. :)

                      1. There is indie games from all of those groups but i mostly enjoy having “all around fun games”. Native resolution doesn’t matter at all if game looks good in other way and plays well.

                10. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  The saddest part is that when it comes to games, conservatives seem to be a little more intelligent than liberals, pathetic…

                  Death to America I guess or whatever…

                  1. pink0crystal0midbus

                    It’s not that hard to believe actually… I don’t know if you know this, but Conservatives tend to be better educated than Liberals… just saying.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      On the Right side we have homophobes, racists, science haters, believers etc etc…

                      On the Left side we have shallowness, oversexualised idiots, STDs, snobbs etc etc…

                      But what they have in common is their over the top arrogance of being humans…

                      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                        I’m glad I’m in the middle ground. Both parties are detrimental to the country. I’m part of the group of people that think it is time to abolish the 2 party system in the US. I usually vote liberal, though, since I’d rather have someone that is trying to help the people than vote for someone that wants to treat poor & disabled people as if they just want “stuff.” -.- Conservatives are religious yet they don’t want to practice one important thing of Christianity: help the less fortunate or the weak. Instead, they’d rather help the rich & strong people. Way to practice your faith, conservatives! -.-

                        1. pink0crystal0midbus

                          I’m in the middle but I tend to vote more conservative, because the ONLY thing terribly wrong with the conservatives is they don’t believe in gay rights and they try to force their religion on you and they are trying to ban abortions. At least they don’t try to spend as much money as the Democrats…

                          For me, I honestly put economics before human rights for minorities only because economics affects “everyone” whileminority rights affects…well the minority of the poipulation.

                          The greater good comes first. I’m sick of us pushing for more laws that allow gay people to marry in a single state while we are still spending 2 billion more dollars a year than we can afford… If we put as much effort as we do into gay rights into fixing the economy, then we would be in much better shape in just a few years and then when the economy gets back on track we can get back to the gays and other minority groups and give them the rights they deserve.

                          For some, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no way this country will ever turn around without many, MANY people getting hurt. People are going to suffer big time. Financially, emotionally, physically, you name it, people will feel it. But, that is where we are at this point in time. It has to get worse before it can get better or else, we will never get better and we’ll continue to spiral out of control.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Your country would be better off if you didn’t spend countless of billions to wars you often create aswell…

                            And that the common people started to Think for themselves instead of believing in the few idiots in Power…

                11. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I think we can all agree that the real pathetic one about this thing is the Facebook Empire…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    To be honest, it’s basically even between both sides, ipso facto, both are stupid…

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Nations, religions, cultures etc etc still exists…

                            Things that holds the human race back until they wake up…

                          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Anyway, never mind, no one will ever learn anyway so let’s just game on or whatever…

                  2. pink0crystal0midbus

                    Yeah.. no. Both Republicans and Democrats buy Xbox. Also, both Republicans and Democrats are morons, but if I had to choose a lesser evil, I’d go Republican.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Liberals or Conservatives, what’s the difference?…

                        Both sides still launch their garbage onto the world with the same results…

                        Bush/Obama, same story different tactics…

                  1. pink0crystal0midbus

                    Every video game company cares about the US because the US is the biggest video game market.

                12. So sad that every state, including my own Colorado, doesn’t seem to care as much for Nintendo.

                  I suppose the large majority for Xbox does kind of make sense considering Microsoft is advertising it like they’re desperate. Can’t go anywhere without seeing an ad somewhere. It’s almost disturbing.

                13. Eh….I vote PS4… but if only PS4 and Xbox One had a better library… Wii U is all right but that is until this year they announced very interesting projects, back then I hesitated buying a Wii U but now I’m glad I got it.
                  As for PS4 and Xbox One, even though I own a PS4 I’m super disappointed with the game library. Xbox One is the same but reason I didn’t buy it was because I was super disappointed with Xbox 360… had to go through 2 Xbox 360 consoles, 2nd one is only good for a dvd player, not going through that crap again. Then again, it’s Microsoft. Also I don’t like the color green…. only blue.

                14. Having dealt with a publisher for a game before I can say that Likes are bought, easily bought. So this information means very little.

                15. My Nintendo News you a huge shit here that likes to create strife honey players so you get a lot of hits on this shitty site

                16. No wonder why I hate Sony fans. They are all douchey eastern Americans. It all makes sense now. That’s why you don’t see too many xbone fanboys because they are in California smoking a nice fat blunt, and they aren’t tryhard virgins.

                  1. you mean they’re smoking spliff all day and are subsequently incapable of using the internet or caring about anything at all? makes sense judging by what i’ve seen

                17. Everyone needs to stop bitching about which console is better. Sure some may have better graphics than others but the games are where it’s at. Games are what determine if a console is successful. Not fancy graphics or any of that bull shit. That Facebook chart may show that X-box One is one of the more popular consoles, and I’m ok with that. I like all three of the main 4th gen consoles, which you people shouldn’t have a problem with. I just think that all consoles should be treated fairly because most of the people who are complaining about the Wii-U, PS4, or Xbox-One haven’t even played one or two of them, and are just being fanboys for the company they like the most. I am now done with my rant.

                18. I thought this was My NINTENDO News, not My Microsoft/Sony News. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH NINTENDO! Why is this here? I swear, half of the articles I see written by Sickr are negative towards Wii U and more positive towards other consoles…On a nintendo site. That’s like being a Fox News reporter who hates conservatives. It makes no sense.

                  1. I don’t see what your problem is. It’s video game news. This website is mainly for Nintendo, but they can also give you other news. And I’m glad that it does. It’s Mynintendonews. Not Ionlycareaboutnintendoandeverythingelsesucksnews. If you wanted that, why not just go to Nintendo Life?

                  2. the news is that Nintendo is not very popular in US… that’s a Nintendo news. Also Nintendo news include everything which may impact every console like the new tax in Japan which has an impact on every console games (wii U, wii, 3DS, PS2,PS3,PS4,PSVITA, Xbox360,Xbox1 and others). It the same principal when a game is announced but the platform are not yet known. Just to finish a news is a news it could be bad or it could be good. At least we can’t say that my Nintendo news team are just a bunch of mindless Nintendo Fans boys/girls

                19. It’s no secret, America is the land of the dumbasses, where people get their brains shat all over by marketing and money. It’s just another proof.

                  1. to be honest the only thing I blame on US gamer is the DLC business. if they were a bit more intelligent and more demanding then I think DLC practice will be way better.

                20. Having a preference for a console/game doesn’t make a person “enslaved” or “stupid” or “scum,” you clusterfuck of utter dumbasses. Your console wars are the reason why games and game companies are getting worse and worse. You all suck.

                21. hum then we have the guys from US criticising UK when the weekly chart is on….. don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who like xbox or PSx. It just that UK or should I that UK gamers received lot of nasty criticism from the guys in the US, talk about pot call the cattle black I love that article by the way :-)

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