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Shin’en Says FAST Racing Neo Will Run At 60fps On Wii U

Nintendo centric developer Shin’en has revealed on Twitter that FAST Racing Neo will run at a buttery smooth 60fps on the Wii U.  The game, which is a sequel to futuristic racer FAST, is due to be released on the Wii U eShop this year. We are still waiting for hear more details about the developers latest project.

Finally getting all beautiful visuals in stable 60fps. Looked impossible when we started.

Thanks, Monty

143 thoughts on “Shin’en Says FAST Racing Neo Will Run At 60fps On Wii U”

    1. Yet again, the Wii U has more 60 fps games than the Xbox One/Xbox 360 XD

      Sassori will be butthurt

        1. Thats entirely unnoticeable by human eye and remember Titanfall on ALL Microsoft platforms even PC framerate drops like a waterfall. So much for being a “powerful” console when it can’t even run at 50FPS best. XD

          So keep hating loser. ;3 Wii U is better than you.

          1. remember titan fall is using serious textures, all the titan bots in the field and also 729p > 720p.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Why you flip flopping over graphics? Lol
              First you tell us it’s 1080p 60fps, now it’s 729p and 30-50fps which is what you consider last gen!

            2. ” titanfall is using serious textures” I started laughing from there… Play the witcher 2 on PC and you can talk about textures…

            3. And yet still can’t pass 750p on Xbox DOne. #FAIL

              BTW, its 729p UPSCALED while MK8 720p-1080p Native as mixed bag results from various tests.

              So, try again brokeback. :3

            4. “Serious” textures that I’ve seen done in Metal Gear Solid 4, a 2008 PS3 exclusive but way better.

          2. Except xbox/ps4 games are higher res and have a lot more happening on screen than Nintendo colorful games, you want to compare the epicness of titanfall which has thousands of things happening on screen over a game like pikmin3 and mk8? You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Cause fanboy sheeping is bad for your health

            1. Higher res that are severely downgraded in the last minute after all the promising BS I hear and if those consoles are “powerful”, why degrading the details and then damage control about “design choices” after talking all cocky to bring out the most complete performance? Remember Watchdogs? Perfect example of idiots eating that shit up.

              Difference between gens is that this one is only and slightly cleaner and has fewer more details on screen. That’s it. Everything else is cosmetic and yet ya woo over that shit like its the underwear invention all over again.

        2. a stable non dipping 59 is better than the usually dipping the other consoles do that 60 fps even 30 fps … Titanfall dips so badly below 60 when there is a firefight…

        3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Correction: It drops to 59fps from 60fps. In other words, it isn’t noticeable unless you have super sight. Now shut up, dumbass.

          Oh and… #bansasori.

        4. Mariokart is 60fps,DF are full of shit,I’ll put it this way Mariokart8 is silk in motion unlike the majority of games on Sony or Microsoft consoles…

  1. So it was impossible at the start but soon they got the game running at 60 fps with amazing visuals… that’s freaking awesome :)


        Sasori might make a terrible quality vlog that a whole 2 people will see complaining about this.

      2. Hope he drops dead from a stroke of reality checks that Wii U has already proven to be better than X-fucking-betamax-box DOne. :3

      1. How’s it trash when its not even available for review yet dipshit? Still sucking that Pinwheel cock of denial I see. XD

      1. Not really, all he said was “True Next Gen”…. he really didn’t say anything about power, much fail

          1. The stupidity in your comment was too strong to resist, I couldn’t help but reply, apologies. I won’t reply on any of your further comments, you’re too much if a Nintendo fandork

        1. Power is just simply bigger numbers ie 3.4ghz on 360 and 1.2ghz on ps4 ? it doesn’t equal how capable a console is end of,WiiU does nextgen graphics at 720p native 60fps and soon 1080p native as devs/Nintendo get more used to the custom Hardware,the wiiu has impressed me the most so far with visuals……

        1. Firstly, what the fuck is “narrassitic”?
          Secondly, explain to me how I’m a hypocrite?
          Silly Nintendrone, always using words you’ll never understand

          1. Look it up retard. I ain’t doing homework for you. lol

            Hypocrite meaning you favor and then talk shit about something every five minutes.

        1. “Much fail”? Have you recently got a case of double vision that you misread my comment already? Dumbasses. XD

      2. “Underpowered” enough to trounce the shit out of 360/PS3 by 10 miles. Sorry that reality sucks for you loser.

        1. So it’s more powerful than a last gen console.

          Amazing. It’s really breaking new ground isn’t it?

          1. Now you’re speaking random shit out of thin rust air coming from your ass.

            Who the fuck said Wii was more powerful? My god go back to get your diploma already. GEDs doesn’t cut it anymore. lol

          2. Same can be said for the other 2. Oh they are more powerful than their last gen counterparts. Totally groundbreaking stuff there

          3. 36MB of Ibm’s new edram,another 3MB on the cache processer,a custom E6760 gpgpu with dx11 equivalent graphics,shader model 5 equivalent,a custom tri-core out of order cpu with over twice the instructions per core then ps4,another processer for sound,and another ARM processer for multimedia…..

            Wiiu and Ps4 have the most powerful graphics end of….

  2. I wish they’d hurry up and release Art of Balance so we can get it out the way and start getting screenshots and footage of Fast Racing Neo.

  3. I guess this game must do for F-Zero fix. Btw if Nintendo is ready to hand down StarFox for 3rd party to develop, then they should consider giving Shinen or Sumo a chance to make a new F-Zero aswell.

  4. All that money he put in the game to make it 60fps and 4k and like 10% of Nintendo fans are going to buy it before the price cut 8 months after launch.

    1. 4K?!?…. If that happens I think 100% of Nintendo fans will buy it and a 4k TV just for that game XD

    1. It’s not that hard to see if your butthurt, because you’re basically showing how butthurt you are XD

    2. Well thats your opinion, but hey atleast they are doing something, they have a job and stuff to do :) what about you? Isnt it boring to sit in front of a screen bitching about other peoples accomplished stuff all day? Maybe thats the reason why you bitch and moan so much, you must be jealous that some people are actually getting something done in this life. Oh and dont mind me, im just interested in psychology and what drives people like you act so miserable way.

    3. What you don’t think it’s hard to develop a game running at 60FPS and 4K visuals? You’re hugely mistaken. Name me one other game that does it.

      1. You fanboys need to calm down. I’m not talking about how fun it would be to play, I meant how much power it would need to run. You butthurt face fucks need to stop attacking everyone who likes different things than you.

        1. Oh like you’ve got room to go ordering people around, when you spend 100% of your time on this site slinging around insults at things you don’t like, AND the people who like them.

          Get back under your fucking bridge!

                    1. And you should get into kindergarten acting classes. Man child like you can be looked down fairly easily there. :)

    4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      So where have you been hiding at all this time? Still wishing death on good people, I bet.

            1. Then your eyes require laser surgery ASAP. WTF would notice a single framerate drop happening every several seconds?

              Get off your COD BS and calm down.

          1. He’s pissy over not beating a single race at 50cc. Sad. Cry me an ocean because that bitch can’t handle a challenge. XD Always about holding hands and camping around with kids in COD on Live.

            1. Hey! Did you describe your social degenerate self?

              I already unlocked the golden tires, standard kart, and glider. Something you can never even dream of, casual

              1. Already did within two days so get in line. Oh and “Social degenerate”? XD Nice job Sasori, I didn’t know you have a multiple personality disorder.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              1080p 60fps, dipping to 59fps which isn’t noticeable to the human eye.* Fixed it for you.

    1. …. Don’t make me point out the list of Wii U games that look amazing AND run at 60 fps…. Also, how are you doing with all those 900p games at 30 fps?

      1. Yeah and only a few Wii U tittles made top twn best sellers. What’s the point in bragging about Wii U tittles at 60fps when you Nintendo fans wait for a price cut?

      2. 900p is higher than 720p, and no wii u game run above 720p unless its cheap 2d rayman or zelda gamecube port that could even run 1440p on pc.

        1. Um Pikmin 3 and 3D World is 720p 60fps. Why can’t Xbone get 60fps? Though it really doesn’t matter since W101 has 720 but Nintendo fans waited until it was cheap to buy it.

          1. Pikmin 3 is actually 30FPS because manly it was a supposed Wii title ported over to Wii U in the last minute.

            Super Mario 3D World is 60FPS at native 720p. That fuckhead Sasori thinks Xbox One or 360 does better because on game is 729p without proof or even mentioning the framerate. That butthurt sore loser of a brokeback gorilla failed to realize that most games on One and PS4 right now were once promised to take advantage of the systsystem’s so called “power”. So if they claim them to be so powerful that every moron like him believed in, why games like Watchdogs, Deadrising 3, Titanfall’s crappy framerate and even The Division were severely downgraded and studios coming up with dumbass weak excuses? Because all of that “power” talk is nothing but a PR bait and millions of dumbasses feel for it but they lack 2 braincells to realize or care.

        2. and now you talk shit about ubisoft?, what happens sasori?.
          first you say people should support 3rd parties and now you bash ubisoft.
          ah, and you want to download watchdogs illegally!
          what a shame.
          sasori poser EXPOSED!

          1. He’s a fucking idiot. Like Patcher, you can’t believe a single dumb shit sentence he spits out since NONE of them make sense or fooling anyone except reject trolls who got left back in schools by wasting hours ranting on a keyboard.

        3. Making a dumb comment of Wii U resolution to Xbox One while showing a video comparison of the rushed and fucked BF4 running on One/PS4/PC that doesn’t mention Wii U at all.

          Your logic is SO “intelligent” there. B/ nothing proving your dumbass point about Wii U and to make it worse, show off a game that has so many crashing and performance issues as your only best of the worst defense that doesn’t involve Nintendo.


      1. PS3 has better graphics then Xbox 360 even naruto in playing right now looks better then 360 I’m playing naruto storm 2 better controlling even has ratchet and clank

      2. Man Sasor you talking like a cheap Nintendo fan. Why don’t you support Microsoft it’s $400 now. Too expensive still? You do know the more power the more it will cost. Buy an Xbox One then come back at me.

        1. What power? XD Both One and PS4 power sale was all a PR stunt to fool idiots to believe its anywhere near top PC level but all I see is shameful downgraded game after game while Nintendo takes its time to change and push their IPs to the limits and few other supporters like the guys behind Project Cars game.

  5. If you really want Sasori be butthurt buy the damn game at launch so it can make top ten best sellers list.

  6. Never say never devs. :3 See what happens when you take time and research on Wii U, you’ll discover its real untapped power and make Xbox One..and Sasori its bitch. >B3

    If this game is anything good like F-Zero, I’ll consider it. :)

      1. I bet he was bitching the entire time calling you a noob? XD

        He sucks on everything in life and I mean “everything”. ;D

              1. I use to until the disc drive for PS3 got screwy, it takes 20 minutes for the system to read the game disc but for DVDs, it works fine. So I traded it for Wii U.

                Let that idiot keep running its brokeback mouth. He can’t afford the shit coming out of his ugly mother’s ass. XP

                  1. I know. That’s lame but I blame some perverted fucker “Sasori” I bet, for posting nasty shit on Swapnote that got Nintendo into panic mode.

    1. No. Many idiots wanna make Wii U look inferior so when there’s a game that’ll prove them wrong, we’re gonna gloat until they beg Nintendo for forgiveness.

  7. Omg will you all just shut up with the stupid “Wii u can do this, and Xbox can do that, and ooh this can do this many frames”? If you’re going to be that stupid then ok my pc can kick all those systems asses with its dual 1080p screens at 120 frames on higher graphics settings than consoles even come close to.

    Seriously it’s stupid to say ooh this console sucks because it can’t do blah blah blah when the pc just puts whatever you talk about to shame. Why can’t you just play games to pay games? To have fun and enjoy the gameplay and story and in certain games enjoy the scenery.

    And before I’m called a pc elitist or something stupid like that, I’ve owned all Nintendo consoles, currently own Wii and Wii u, and ps3.

    This site seriously needs some moderators.

    1. I for one do not play frames. I play games. No matter what resolution, or system. If it’s fun to play, then I will play. Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony.
      I give no fucks, as I am a gamer. Nintendo brought me into gaming and I play all games now.

  8. Who gives a shit about framerate and the 1080p? It’s about the graphics themselves. If the in-game models look like a piece of shit, then the 1080p 60fps isn’t worth it.

    1. It’s about gameplay first and foremost. What’s good about those graphics if can’t steer, or the camera is fucked up? Gameplay mate.

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