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Tablets Have Now Overtaken Nintendo 3DS As Most Popular Children’s Gaming Device In UK

Data provided by Futuresource Consulting shows that tablets are now the gaming format of choice for children in the United Kingdom.  For the first time they have overtaken the Nintendo 3DS as the most popular personal games device owned by children in the UK. A staggering  44% of UK children aged between three and twelve own a tablet. 30% of children aged three to four also own one. The report also says that tablets are the next thing that parents will purchase for their children, ahead of smartphones and dedicated handhelds.

316 thoughts on “Tablets Have Now Overtaken Nintendo 3DS As Most Popular Children’s Gaming Device In UK”

    1. I’m not suprise this shit of Mobile is destroying video games.Fuck kids here in my country play shit of Flap Bird all day!!!

        1. Apple/Android is gonna kill gaming. Just as they vowed to stop Nintendo’s touch generations, there needs to be a push to stop current trends lead by mobile phones.

    2. nope, even kids are giving up on nintendo games. its cheaper on tablets plus you can get emulators from games from the nes, snes, n64, gba and ds. kids must really be enjoying their tablets. even the app store is more better than the eshop.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        They are giving up on every 3 of us not just our empire…

        That is the only thing that binds us against the potential doom…

          1. That.. is unnerving… you hang out with kids….

            Lets keep an eye on this Xbot Pedo everyone, no wonder why he wants an Xbox One/Xbox 360 so bad, he just want’s to play with kids.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              That is nothing, have you seen this “sasori” character from the dead anime he worships oh so much?

              I would be nervous around Narutard, he seems to be the next Jeffery Dahmer…

          2. @sasorideidaraobi you do realize that there is gba on w u right? and who the fuck want to play crappy games like flappy bird? angry birds may be an exception cuz that s on everything but why do kids love crappy app they call “games”. and as for roms and emulators, i prefer flashcards, $16-$20 (sometime cheaper)+memory cards on the cheap= a fraction of the cost of tablets/smartphones. i have and r4i-sdhc for 3ds (with the updates i cant even use it, only on my fat ds), its a great way to trade pokemon back and forth to transfer them to the pokebank if you don’t have friends that you can trade with. its also a way to have a back up game in case the physical breaks or stops working, also a good way to transfer save data from physical to flashcard (if you have the save dongle or anything similar) in case the save became corrupt.

          3. That’s because poor and cheap bastards like yourself are too scared to drop $5 for a fucking video game but can waste $160 on spammed video game DLC on discs or even $9 McDonalds meals coated with salt and glass, sometimes the “special sauce” which is your most favorite thing in the world next to pretending to hate Nintendo for reasons beyond stupidity.

        1. I knew how to emulate DS games when I was in 9 back in 2007, considering the fact emulators are much easier to find and use their are plenty of kids who knew this.

      2. Dude. The ONLY thing you accomplish by coming here is to generate more hits for a Nintendo site…I can’t tell if you are secretly a Nintendo fan or just dumb as dirt stupid.

          1. Sure you do, yet you can’t even afford the Xbox 360 but somehow you were able to buy a Wii, Wii U, 3DS and DSi.

            Prove it, you are always changing your avatar, why don’t you make your avatar with a picture of your Wii U and 3DS at least.

          2. But stupidly hate them for reasons unknown other than kissing ass to fake imposing Internet friends for retards.

        1. My little cousins ( 5 & 6 ) showed me their “Gameboy games” on their iPad minis. Their argument was that gameboy games wernt sold on their 2ds so they just put them on the iPad. Honestly whenever Nintendo decides to rape the market with EVERY SINGLE gaming classic they have, someone else is bound to succeed no doubt.

        1. of course you cant. even though some tablets are stronger than the wii u and wii u. they need a motion bar or something that can handle wii remotes.

          1. Wow… you’re thicker than a brick… if Tablets are stronger than the Wii U, then they are stronger than the PS4 and Xbox One…. Also, give me a tablet which out matches the Wii U in terms of graphics and performance (Excluding Windows 8 Tablets because they are classified as portable PCs like Laptops)… oh wait, you can’t ;)

            1. Simplified versions:

              Tablets aren’t as powerful than the current gen systems because the Tegra K1 chip has not been released and once that is released the PS4 and XBox One will already be obsolete whilst the Wii U will still have a place in the living room.

              1. “PS4 and XBox One will already be obsolete whilst the Wii U will still have a place in the living room.”

                You people really make no sense at all. So if tablets becomes more powerful than every console, why wouldn’t the Wii U be just as obsolete as the PS4 and Xbox One? Considering the Wii U isn’t as powerful as either of the two other systems?

                Wouldn’t that mean all consoles would become obsolete?

                Anyway this idea is stupid and I’ll explain why, look at the Nvidia Shield, the most powerful handheld, does it matter? Why? It has no games worth playing, no one is buying that crap either. You can have all the power in the world for a system but no one really cares unless it has actual games.

                Only idiots who really don’t care about gaming in general sit around playing lame app store games all the time, that is no gamer, that is a casual idiot who buys into whatever everyone else is doing. Sadly there is no coming back, phones and tablets will always sell well, especially phones because almost everyone needs a phone.

                Yes the gaming market is clearly shrinking, as consoles and handhelds sold way more years back but there were always be people who remember real games and not crappy android games from google play or the app store for iOS. Sadly the new generation of children are dumb a horse shit, so its really no surprise seeing app store games get more attentions from the mass majority of idiots that roam this planet.

                A huge majority of the people making games for app markets are taking advantage of this stupidity of the public. They make these crappy games they know were half assed, they know they can still make money from on it on phones or tablets but they know damn well that shit would never fly on a console or handheld with actual games that aren’t half assed nor would Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft allow such crap to be put on their systems.

                You even have big publishers now, making these shitty iOS games doing the exact same thing, just trying to cash in on this trend.

                I think this trend will fade though, as consoles become more powerful they will offer better gaming experiences that tablets and phones will just never have due to their controls, you can say well I can use a controller with my phone but again most app games aren’t made with controllers in mind. Tablets and phones may become more powerful but I don’t see the gaming market ever actually dying, just won’t be as big as it was.

                It isn’t like nothing is selling, just not nearly as good as it used to.

          2. Look at top games from iOS like NOVA 3. Its not even halfway close to being Vita’s quality. Why you think Gameloft games on Vita haven’t improved visually there? Because it can’t be pushed future and therefore, isn’t as good as Wii U. So cut the stupidity please. We don’t even want to catch the stupid especially from your Brokeback ass.

      3. Coming from the hypocrite who can’t admit he never left… also, this means the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t attracting kids either.

      4. But emulators can only get you so much. Those old games were good, but for their times. A lot of games havnt ages well.

      5. You preach truth my lord. The clergy will immediately dispatch your message to the flock as sustenance in a form of “our daily bread”…

        1. And with our daily breath i mean our sacred “cinnamon roll” blessing with our sacred blessed ambrosia known as sasori’s cum, amen

          Church of Sasori

          1. You drink your own cum?

            Yea I am so sure you have a girlfriend who just loves you going around on the internet saying she loves to drink your cum… You’re pathetic. You poor dumb ass, you must be so young, who the hell says drinks cum anyway? Shit is so childish.

            Anyway we all know it is you Sasori, since it is easy as hell to just post under any name here, so I guess you like to drink your own cum everyday as a sacred ceremony..?

            I knew you were sick posting all your creepy videos of girls you don’t even know, who haven’t even been on youtube in years but this takes the cake. Making an alternate account talking about drinking your own semen.

      1. @Simply G lets re-reword it to “Most Popular Device For Children To Play “Games” On.” why? because pokemon is not a game and flappy bird is, said no one ever.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        I see

        my childhood was catching em all and exploring the secrets of Hyrule…

        theirs is angry birds and shooting stuff…

        1. We’re breeding handicap gamers who wouldn’t have the skills and patience we have. … People in general are getting stupider, it’s no wonder they gravitate to simpler forms of entertainment.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Ugh, I hate those reality shows, though everyone my age loves them
                  I also hate obnoxious shows like the Sarah Silverman Programme and the Jesinik Offensive

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Indeed, and i bet these stupid Swedes will buy these shows eventually like every damn American reality garbage…

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Yes, the old traditions are dying, now we have not only gamers who are thumbsuckers, but humans

            Human beings, masters of de-evolution

        2. agreed. I always go back and play games I’ve missed on old consoles. I hate how my generation just wants to play a carbon copy of the same game to to be “cool”.I do play some new games, but mostly old ones.

    1. ^ this! I remember myself playing salomon’s key, duck hunt with my zapper and had this lovely R.O.B robot attached to my NES, good old time!

    1. Tablets are the New parenting. Before, it was sticking the rascals in front of the tv and telling them not to answer the door.

      1. its not sad at all. i even see kids with only tablets 90% of time. why should a parent waste $40 and also $170 on games while they can get a cheap kindle tablet and play their pokemon emulators and roms.

        1. You’re right. Parents are more concerned about pumping mindless their kids heads if it keeps them occupied, rather than give them real games that encourage creativity, problem solving and coordination.
          RIP Human Race

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              The human race was never meant to succed…

              I can’t wait for the inevitable doom I will observe…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                It’s a shame, to think humans could have done such wonders, but then something went wrong

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Humans are nothing more than a disease that started ever since the first upright apes were manipulated into evolving to humans by otherwordly sentient beings…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I’m starting to think you are just as pathetic as Sasori considering your Life depends on me…

                  And keep believing that…

        2. Same reason why they shouldn’t by a $350 consoles (*Cough cough* PS4 and Xbox One) when they can just get the kids a Nvidia Shield with the Tegra K1 chip in it or a cheap gaming PC that is capable of running games from medium to high settings in 720p

          1. Don’t even get me started on the Nvidia Shield, a controller with a screen put on it. Yea sounds great, spend $250 on a handheld instead that only plays android games and requires a specific GPU in order to even stream PC games.

            As I have said and being a PC enthusiast myself, no PC gamer in their right mind is wasting money on crappy shield to downgrade their experience just to stream a game. That is the whole point in spending a lot of money on a PC to play game at its best, not the other way around.

            The shield is selling worse than any console or handheld around for that matter, they have cut the price on it more than any system I have ever seen. It was like $400, then they made it $299, then it was $250, now they want to have a limited time price of $199.. Why would any kid buy a shield when they play all those same crappy games on a phone or tablet they most likely already have? They don’t need some retarded controller with a screen attached to it to do that. The idea of the shield is just outdated, more so because Nvidia’s dumb asses thought they could release a handheld with literally no developer support or any exclusive games worth mentioning for it.

            Again if people want to be idiots and buy into nonsense crap like that, that is their prerogative.

        3. *facepalm* The parents don’t buy the child a tablet so they can illegally download video games. They buy them so they can use it as an entertainment device.

          1. its not illegal to download emulators and rom. look how pc gaming is increasing in terms of how many people play on that platform. priate bay is making people to become pc gamers easily.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Yes it is illegal, my good N you really don’t have a clue about how the world works do you?…

            2. Are you really that stupid, even says in the instruction manuals that nobody reads that it’s illegal, its nit just illegal to emulate it’s also illegal to copy your game

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Is he being fucking serious? IS HE BEING SERIOUS GOD DAMMIT?!





                1. I got a question for you. When ISN’T HE…serious? I mean for crying out loud that he continues to “expose” us in his own stupidity and being serious. Hell, he doesn’t even care if people help him out, but what he doesn’t know is that people you don’t know and piss them off will resorts in illegal issues. Meaning, SuperShadowMarioFan on youtube is still doing something about sasori’s little encounter. In the end, its not going to be pretty if he get sasori in a very bad way, if mods won’t do something about it, he will find a way.

                2. ok roms are illegal but not emulators. emulators are game console engines used to play roms. emulators are created from other people not the rom creators soo emulators are legal idiot.

            3. The narutard says you have to support 3rd parties and someone told me he is trying to download ilegally watch dogs!!!

            4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Yes it is illegal idiot. I know more about PC than you, so don’t act like you are a know it all PC gamer.

            5. LOL! Every ROM site even warns you what you are doing is illegal, learn to read you twat, they even tell you what ROM’s should be used for, not downloaded to play free games. That wasn’t their intent.

              Even every emulator you download warns you that using free ROM’s is completely illegal and that they take no part in it or are responsible for you doing so.

              Pirate bay has been around forever and no it is not making people PC gamers, pirated PC games have always existed since the birth of them.The problem is most cracked PC games usually run like ass or are missing a ton of features or the online part of games, even when people make private servers for these hacked games, they are so shitty.

              Even if I do pirate a game, which is extremely rare, I treat it like nothing more than a demo and end up buying it retail if I like it enough. The people who hack this material, tell you that how it should be treated and again they are not responsible if you get in trouble for treating it like it is free.

              You clearly never read anything, which would make sense considering how dumb you are. So I suppose that isn’t at all surprising.

              I am not against pirating though, as I believe many companies rip people off greatly for certain programs as to why pirating even exists in the first place, hackers are actually trying to do some good in this world since its such a corporate whore house. I also completely believe in their cause that if someone wants to share something they paid good money for, they should be able to share it to whoever they want, they own it now but as always companies want way more control and money than they already have.

              Pirated stuff has been around before I was born and companies act like it has been hurting them but obviously it hasn’t been, they are still around making millions and billions of dollars, pirating really isn’t hurting anyone as much as they try to make people believe.

              Music is a good example also, music is easy to get for free but look at the music industry, it is still thriving just as it ever was, sadly with all the retarded musicians we have now.

        4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          See everyone, not only is Sasori a complete idiot, he’s also an example of a pathetic ape that represents what would be the death of gaming.

        5. WTF buys a Kindle to play games? iPads yes. Kindles? Waste of time. Again, picking the most failed examples for your already illogical debates and hate messages.

  1. U.K. NINTENDO needs to step up and work! Your job is to move Nintendo into everyone’s home and hands and everything else.

    1. I actually envy you guys, your NoE president actually works and gets you guys things, our sack of shit fat lard president doesn’t, that’s why Iwata had to start overseeing things over here. If it wasn’t for him, we probably still be stuck with no good games, or more shovelware.

  2. I hate when people say how tablets and smartphones are going to take over the gaming industry. I mean come on. Really. It’s just disgusting. ((But then again, my brother has been playing an awful lot of games on that iPad…)) Is this really what gaming has become?!

  3. How is it that the economy is shit yet parents can afford tablets for their kids? I imagine most tablets cost more than $200, so it really doesn’t seem like the best option for a kid. Also consider that there are internet browsers that pretty much let you view everything, unlike the one on 3DS which is pretty limited. I dunno, personally I’d rather my child have a 3DS over a tablet, but maybe that’s me. I dunno, I have more fun with my 3DS than I do with my phone (and the few games I’ve actually downloaded for my phone). Tablets are basically just large smart phones, I really don’t see the mass appeal.

    1. Most parents probably do not purchase tablets for kids with the full intent that it will be a gaming device.

      For many parents, since tablets have many functions that can serve as teaching, working, communication, and entertainment tools, etc., it’s a better alternative to a device that is dedicated to games.

      I see more kids playing games on phones and tablets than I do on dedicated handhelds. It’s the reality of things.

      That doesn’t mean that dedicated handheld gaming is dying though; least of all Nintendo’s handheld games.There has just been an explosion in a new market. That’s all.

      1. Tablets CAN be used like you said, but most kids are not playing anything constructive on them unless it’s in school.

        1. It all depends on what kids you include with these studies. My local middle and high school have recently started to phaze out paper and started using tablets to replace it. These kids are for sure downloading games on them because they get to keep them but never techniquely bought them. Are they too included in the numbers?

    1. Not that I have a problem with mobile gaming. These days, they do have a handful of good titles to try out and since their games are cheaper and mobile devices are more appealing due to their variety of usage, its no mystery why the mobile gaming market is now rising and why old console gaming is declining. What the difference is how each company behind these games and tech are selling themselves. Look at Vita. It failed because Sony hasn’t done shit with it. Wii U was the lack of advertisements that got the most stupidest group of people to mislead what it is. 3DS, although doing fantastically, it does become overshadowed on occasions by iPhones and shit. Even Nintendo long recognized mobile as a threat to their business because of the tech appeal and cheaper, more accessible games. I’m a part of both worlds and realize that feels like. These days, I’m more into my iPad than my 3DS/Wii U altogether. Times and markets have changed and its up to them to either adapt or change it again to win back that consumer appeal.

      1. Not to mention, I get laughed at for pulling my 3DS out and playing Pokémon in public, but it’s alright when a dude pulls out his iPhone and plays a wannabe Need For Speed racer with crap motion controls. XD

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’ve never been laughed at whether when I was 16 or 25 or now…

          Maybe it helps looking dark and superior and people fear me…

          1. Lol, in school, people say I look like a serial killer or something. I’m like, wtf? Lol. I think it’s because of my face. I don’t know why, but my normal face looks more like a frown than just a plain face. It sucks trying to talk to little kids without them looking at me like I’m some kind of rapist or something. :\

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Well because they are mindless apes that judges everything…

              I never judge anyone until I get to know them atleast in a basic form…

              1. Oh yeah, and forgot to mention that my voice is really frickin deep. Some people tell me I sound older than I am. And it’s even worse on electronic devices. If you ever get to hear me talk, I bet you’ll say I sound like a grown man. XD

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  That’s good, I don’t have a very deep voice but I sound like a cyborg on electronic devices haha…

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I look like a mixture of a Terminator and Agent Smith…

              Expressionless face with evil eyes…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Babies love me though, probably because they are the only humans that have not been fully corrupted yet…

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    I hate babies

                    They annoy me and even more so that one day they could grow up to be evil humans

                    criminals, terrorists and dictators were once babies

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      If I had a device to mind control these babies then I would purify them from further corruption…

  4. Well I own a 3DS, I live in the U.K and the only tablet I own is the Wii U Gamepad. I am happy with these and prefer to play real games on my 3DS like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, 3D Land and the Virtual Console games such as Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Bros NES, Mario 3 and many more. I have no interest in playing free to download, in app purchase games as these are super casual games and in the end, it would cost me more in the long run, so I appologise on behalf of those in the U.K who prefer to play on tablet than a proper handheld that you can actually put in your pocket………………

    1. ipad mini can display 1080p resolution while the wii u gampad has a hard time even trying to display 720p because it was designed for 480p video stream.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Who cares anyway, nobody remembers stupid demos after they play the real game once it’s released…

          2. That’s because there isn’t a E3 Demo of Zelda U. Its an in-game demonstration retard.

            And speaking tablets, can you play Smash Bros. on it? :3 I’m waiting for an answer…

      1. I own an iPad Mini…. and that’s bullshit… it can display VIDEOS and Photos in 1080p but can only play games in 720p… so yeah

        1. its funny for the samsung galaxy s5 already way stronger and faster than the wii u. ….4k resolution…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Now you bring the Samsungans into the mix that has nothing to do with gaming…

            Can your IQ sink any lower?…

      2. 1. Its that way so the console itself is affordable. 2. Can iPad do NFC, dual display, Off-TV play, stream games without having to buy another equipment like Apple TV? Nope. 3. Speaking of resolution, remember Smartglass, that Gamepad knockoff on Xbox? Can it do what Gamepad does? Nope.

    2. I live in Uk and i am in the same situation but hell no I dont apologise for those who prefer to play on their tablet. Why should I, it the same in every countries. In Hong Kong is even worse then UK.

  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    You know what? I don’t know why this is a bad thing in people’s eyes. If tablets are what kids want to play, why force your beliefs onto them?

    If you ask me. People who try to control children are really the ones in the wrong here. Just let the kids do whatever the hell they want with whatever games they want to play. Childhoods are so short. It’s best to give them as much freedom as possible while parenting them to grow up to be the best adults that they can be.

    1. Giving kids the freedom to do whatever they want usually has the opposite effect – being terrible adults. That is, if they ever reach that stage in life.

      While they need some freedom and definitely should enjoy that period in their lives, children do need stability, control, guidance, and some boundaries which are best set by what are hopefully well mannered and responsible parents.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Obviously I didn’t mean that kids should just run crazy doing whatever they feel like whenever they feel like. But, when it comes to their personal taste in entertainment, they should have the freedom to choose whatever it is they want to do as long as it isn’t a danger to themselves or others.

        Saying kids are going to have ruined childhoods, because they are picking up tablets instead of 3DS is the same as parents who force their children to play sports when they would rather read a book, play with friends or learn an instrument. Parents should parent their kids, not try and tell their kids how to have fun.

      1. lol That’s just laughable if it were true. But yes. Vita over 3 years has done 10x worse than GameCube/Wii U combined.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And as always not because of games but because of non gaming gimmcks like Vita TV and other crap…

            1. “non gaming gimmcks like Vita TV”

              How is Vita/PlayStation TV, “non gaming”? Sure it sold like crap in Japan and probably won’t do well in the West either, but it’s all about games.

              It’s a Vita that you connect to your TV. Play Vita games, remote play PS4, PS Now, play PS1 classics, PS Minis, PSP games, PS Mobile games, etc. all on your TV through one cost effective device.

          2. And the PS4 but sales have stopped for both consoles while the Xbox One and Wii U keep growing

          3. 3 fucking years and only did 7.4 million. That’s beyond the worst performance of any console in history than Wii U, GameCube and Virtual Boy combined.

            Again, let me laugh even harder at your damage control stunt. LMAO

            1. Oh yeah, not to mention the top global sellers…the top ten, Oh lookie there, Mario kart 8 is in the lead…

              1 WiiU Mario Kart 8 177,570
              2 PS4 Watch Dogs 126,448
              3 PS3 Watch Dogs 82,794
              4 PS3 Minecraft 79,105
              5 X360 Watch Dogs 78,511
              6 3DS Tomodachi Life 57,968
              7 XOne Watch Dogs 53,338
              8 X360 Minecraft 50,093
              9 3DS Pokemon X/Y 43,313
              10 PS4 FIFA Soccer 14 33,732

            2. And I’ll only state total 2013 sales because 2014 isn’t over yet, so there’s a lot of things that can happen in the next 6 months. When 2014 sales are posted I’ll update my info

    1. the tablet market is infested with cheap android crap right now you could get a tablet for $20 no bullshit thats why they sell a lot cause its overstocked and cheap. i have a ipad and that shit has been collecting dust for like a year because there is no game worth playing. phone/tablet games suck ass!

    2. Yeah this is just a clickbait like most things SICR posts.

      195M units sold in one year, that´s 2x lifetime sales of PS3. No video game console or an handheld is going to keep up with that.

        1. No it´s a clicbait.
          This is almost like saying “now more teens are surfing the internet than playing 3DS”. It´s not news, it´s just trying to find some negative spin on something we all know.

          Tablets are alot more than a video game console, most of these kids will use at least 50% of their time with the tablet doing something else than playing videogames.

  6. This explains two thing: 1. Mobile gaming is really killing console marlets everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE and 2. UK..again, seriously hates Nintendo.

    1. here we go again UK hate Nintendo argument, so far i know USA is not a fan of Nintendo either. it the same for a lot of countries where Sony is 1st, Nintendo 2nd and MS third but has a better PR and much allies. Also for those who do not live in UK , nintendo is absent from the shop store, MS has way better exposure hence why MS is more successfull. Ask people in the street and and they will tell you that Nintendo is a good company but we just don’t see them. So take any shortcut and don’t just restrict it to UK please.

  7. Considering how the top list of games in the UK looks, it’s safe to assume that people there hate gaming.

        1. Japan is has not had that title for a decade now. North America has long taken over the consumption and distribution of video gaming. It is the largest market for gaming as it stands.

          Still, Europe and Asia are significant contributors to the worldwide gaming market. The type of market changes from region to region though.

          While Europe’s habits might reflect that of North America a little more, Japan, along with the rest of Asia are oriented in a different way. PC and mobile gaming have definitely been on a rise in those regions over dedicated gaming systems – especially home consoles.

          (btw: Video Gaming started in North America as well. Japan was just the one to reinvigorate and sustain the industry after its crash.)

      1. Selling millions of FIFA and PES games in every console doesn’t mean it’s a relevant market, faggot. Is Miley Cyrus relevant because she sells more albums than Black Sabbath?

    1. because sickr I do believe is from UK and people like me who live in UK and some other part of Europe love this kind of news. Don’t want to sound prejudice but you seems to fit the USA or north America stereotype guy who don’t give a fuck about anything expect USA and Canada (hence why so hated by the rest of the world). You are welcome to leave if you don’t like it.

  8. Whats wrong here? “30% of children aged three to four also own one”
    Aehmm hello age 3-4? I like videogames but this is disgusting.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          or basically both

          people are lazy, they want technology that does the work for them or has simple programs

          I don’t think kids now a days want to work towards a goal like collecting all the Pokemon or stars in Mario

          they want to do things like fling birds or doodle jump…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Indeed, which is why they spend most of their time to smoke weed and other nonsense…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Because she needed the Coltan metal for her army and those humans were working for Skynet…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I will never have a wife, kids and I certainly don’t have much money so your argument has been rendered invalid…

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Yes sasoridiot, if you have been paying an once of attention (not that you have any, you ADD sloth)

                  you’ll know that NC wouldn’t have a wife even if he wanted to

                  He is… “different” for lack of a better word without being so direct

                  now are we done here or you gonna filibuster again?

                1. the clergy church of sasori has no comments about this epic burn.
                  ok, only one word: ouch

                  by te way the sacred church of Sasori is sponsored by Sasori`s parents, amen

                  Church of Sasori

    1. As with any “new” technology that makes it big, marketing. + They have their uses.

      While I don’t really use it for gaming, I use my tablet a lot for work, reading, and a few other tasks.

    2. just like how the 3ds is just a ds with a wii/ps2 gpu and slightly higher processor of a ds. with barebone 3d

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Or how PS2 is just an upgraded PS, and PS3 and upgraded PS2 and PS4 an upgraded PS3…

        Just how Xbox 360 is an upgrade Xbox and Xbox One is an upgraded Xbox 360…

        Your point?…

        1. PS4 isn’t even really and upgrade, more like an update with already weak hardware, same with the Xbox One.

        2. nope. i hope you know the difference between hd and standard diffinition was a huge jump and blue ray and dvd are also a huge jump. ps3 is not even up grade since it used cell processor at the time. as for the wii u its the same cpu as the wii and gamecube that’s why back ward compatibility is too easy on nintendo hardware.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Same CPU as the Wii and GCN…

            I don’t think I’m the one who needs to learn anything…

            And HD might be a good thing but it’s not the most important thing in a game which is what we stand for…

      2. 1: I never said anything about the 3DS. 2: No one looked at the 3DS’s games and thought “Wow, I’m not going to buy it because it’s not strong enough”. 3: Vita is stronger than the 3DS, yet it’s selling poorly because it doesn’t have any compelling software. 4: Did you get that $130 Xbox 360 I linked to you yet? Because if not, you need to stop damage controlling and go get your beloved piece of plastic already and leave this site so the real gamers can have decent conversations. What we talk about is very, very important. We can’t have little kids like you getting into our business. ;)

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          I can’t believe that Narutard can’t afford an Xbox
          my maid’s son has an Xbox for crying out loud and he is the SON OF A MAID IN A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY

          130 dollars? Pfft, where does this kid get money then? I am starting to think he is an orphan

      3. Just lie how Xbox 1 tried to be a barebone PS2/PC hybrid, 360 being a barebone PS3/PC low settings and Xbox One..well, let’s just say now it has a hard time deciding to be either a DVR or an I.E.D when overpowered with electricity powering nothing but NSA spying games.

  9. I don´t think all these tablets were bought solely to play video games. When parents buy a tablet it´s a substitude for a laptop, sure enough laptops will surpass all video consoles when it comes to sales

    1. Pretty much this.

      Parents aren’t going out getting tablets with the thought, “Oh, let us get our children a new gaming device! Umm… How about an iPad?!”

      1. Most of the parents that I have seen, have bought the tablet for themselves, but soon noticed that they could use it as an electronic nanny.

  10. no surprise at all, even chav can afford (don’t ask how) to have an ipad, It is also a tool to keep Children quiet (electronics nanny). When I look at my partner’s friend I can’t believe how they milk the system… As i mentionned on another post selling 20M units today is a success and the console war is pitiful compare to console vs smartphone vs tablet. Why do you think sony wants nintendo to be successful and vice and versa

      1. ipad is multimedia device and parent don’t not buy it for games (maybe women). So my point people use it something else than gaming. Children want to mimic parent (it a well known fact). It just happen mobile or tablet have game you can get in and out quickly. But tablet and Smartphone are really trendy now hence why despite the price people buy it.

  11. I like gaming on my iPad Mini… but that’s only for stupid games like Angry Birds or Bad Piggies. 3DS on the other hand is were all my hardcore games go to like Persona Q, Pokemon Y, Super Mario 3D Land and Resident Evil: Revelations/Mercenaries

  12. Don’t worry guys! Smash bros 3DS and pokemon omega ruby and alpha shappire well come and save the day and beat those so called gaming on tablets and phones

        1. You say that as if Nintendo isn’t affected at all by smartphones/tablets. Delusional aren’t you?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Of course, he even tried to impersonate you in a thread from yesterday or 2 Days ago and he exposed himself…

                1. You still haven’t replied me. Which of my comments did I deny it? Epic fail, huh?

                  And for the last fucking time, I put my name as stranga earlier because I was talking to HollowGrapeJ, and I was wondering if the real stranga was gone a long time ago, and fakes took over his place. Now can you stop using it as you loser excuse as a comeback?

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    It seems like you enjoy bashing our empire instead of the real threat to us 3 out there…

              2. Lmao, you still haven’t replied me. How am I a hypocrite? How am I narcissistic? You both failed to reply me, how pathetic

  13. Because kids now a days are just plain casuals. Playing angry birds, apps of Thomas the Train. Heck, in our generation you start playing CONTRA at age 4.

  14. Tablets are so much more incredibly intuitive than a dedicated gaming console, and also have a shizload of free and inexpensive apps that are only entertaining, and that’s all kids and their parents need.

    1. You mean games that kids can access their parent’s credit cards and rack up the bills with the buying option in most “Free 2 Play” games on tablets is a good thing?

      I’m sorry but… no it isn’t kid.

      1. God dammit! I always mess up replies!… Anyways…

        Never said it was a “good thing”, mate. Haven’t you seen how kids play? They get the phone or tablet from their parents and play whatever crap is aimed at them. It’s no wonder so many games have in-app purchases that are easy to accidentally press.

        1. What I’m saying is that Tablets are an easy way to get kids to shut up and sit still for whatever time you need. Be that good or mostly bad.

  15. Never said it was a “good thing”, mate. Haven’t you seen how kids play? They get the phone or tablet from their parents and play whatever crap is aimed at them. It’s no wonder so many games have in-app purchases that are easy to accidentally press.

  16. Nintendo Commanders Assistant

    Yet another useless negative article that nobody cares about by sickr wow that’s the 5th in a row

  17. Nintendo is my Blood

    remember when games were about adventure and fun?

    And now all that is down the drain to things like “Candy Crush” and apps that make fart noises…

    I weep for humanity and I weep for my great grandchildren

    1. There’s final fantasy ports on tablets
      There’s street fighter ports on tablets
      There’s sonic ports on tablets
      There’s Contra ports on tablets
      What are they apparently missing on?

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        And all those games began on consoles

        everything original on tablets are terrible, but they sell because they are cheap

        1. Not really. Games like Year Walk, Rayman Fiesta Run, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Hitman GO are good tablet games too

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Yes, you have a point there, but those are a few

            just like there are little good videos in the sea that is YouTube

  18. My biggest gripe with this is that kids aren’t getting the “true” gamer experience. I’ve seen my little cousins play with their tablets, they start to play a game, it gets a little to hard for them, they delete it, and then go to the App Store to get a new game. I remember when I was kid and I had my GameCube. Saving up my money just so I could get that one game that looked so cool on the commercials (for this example: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom), then going to Gamestop to get the game and having that long wait of anticipation to get home and play it. Then when I got home dedicating my time to completing all the challenging tasks, and get the most out of that game because I knew that this was the only game I’d have for a while. Kids today don’t get to experience that and it’s quite the shame…

  19. I wish I worked at Nintendo.. Honestly I don’t even think Nintendo knows they’re screwing up. Literally just put EVERY FREAKING ( NES – SNES – GB – GBC – GBA – DS ) GAME ON THE FREAKING ESHOP. I myself would spend close to $300 just to get games not available anymore.

    1. It’s not as simple as it seems. They’re doing their best to put out VC games, but it’s hard to do that and make new experiences at once.

  20. When Adults buy tablets, it’s for everything they can do on-the-go.
    When Parents buy tablets for their kids and put stupid apps and cheap games, they just want their kids to shut up and leave them alone.

    Parents think their kids use those “educational” apps when they are alone, but in reality those kids just play brain numbing games for hours on end.

    This trend is not exclusive to the UK, it’s worldwide. Because tablets are getting cheaper. And you know where most of those come from…

  21. Give a kid here in the UK a copy of Monster Hunter Ultimate on 3DS or Wii U and their puny minds simply wouldn’t be able to cope. I feel truely sorry for them.

  22. i guess kids realized they dont need to play mario for 10th and waste 30 bucks just for a 3ds game. its good that kids have moved on to tablets, now indie devs can make more fun free to play games. all of a sudden graphics matter… but when i mention the xbox one you say graphics dont matter.

    1. I don’t know man, if you’re a troll you must be a real successful one, all the fanboys keep biting your bait

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        I really hope Narutard is putting on an act

        no one can be that stupid in life

        please PLEASE let it be an act, I don’t want our race to be represented by morons like him

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        He probably doens’t…

        Tell me when he arrives at your mercy in the afterlife…

        And good luck handling him…


  23. the proble is that the parents have tabletts, so the kids play games on that.
    but thats, not real games.
    when the play with a handheld they will love it. but they dont have it and the parents dont buy it. they say you can play the free games on the tablett.

  24. Who buys tablets for a 3 year old? It’s not a toy. Tablet games suck ass too, 90% of the time. Poor kids.

  25. those kids will not be growing up to be video gamers and it doesn’t matter how you play knack the game is garbage and I bet that person is a terrible father because they’re so hardcore they can’t play a game that isn’t a violent with blood and guns

  26. This is rather unfortunate.
    But I suppose this could be regarded as “moving onto something else”.
    I do however, believe things will pick up again sometime in the future.

  27. You fanboys are disgusting. In the end, you’re all just butthurt that a lot kids aren’t playing what you are.

    1. Sasori is actually an avid Nintendo fan and everyone on My Nintendo News hates him because they’re retarded.

      Sasori wants an Xbox 360 and does not like the Wii U.

        1. No. Everyone calls Sasori a gorilla with a broken back.

          The reason why I’m defending him is because he secretly likes the Wii U. On his YouTube profile he has a playlist full of Wii U videos.

  28. Anonymous