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Ubisoft Shows Just How Bad Their Wii U Sales Have Been


Ubisoft today announced their quarter one results for 2014. The report was dominated by news that the company’s recently released Watch Dogs has shipped eight million copies worldwide.
Sales for the first quarter of 2014-15 came to €360 million, up 374% (or 386% at constant exchange rates) compared with the €76 million recorded for first-quarter 2013-14. The first quarter sales figure was higher than the target of approximately €310 million announced when Ubisoft released its full-year 2013-14 results. The company also provided a breakdown of sales via platform and as you can see the Wii U didn’t generate very many. However, Ubisoft is still bringing out Watch Dogs to the platform later this year.

306 thoughts on “Ubisoft Shows Just How Bad Their Wii U Sales Have Been”

        1. Wii U sales are pretty good if “others” includes mobile games. Vita and 3DS sales doesn’t look too bright for ubisoft.

          1. They must be retarded to not capitalize 3DS’s success but they rather port Rayman Legends to Vita instead of Vita. See how fucking stupid they are and their “logics”?

    1. You guys realize that this chart includes ALL of Ubisoft’s games including the ones that are not released on Nintendo platforms right? They should breakdown the sales of individual games on individual consoles.

      I’m still buying Watch Dogs on Wii U. And I’ve bought AC3, AC4, and Rayman. Still need to get Splinter Cell.

      1. Exactly! They need to show individual titles and release games comparable to other platforms and then compare numbers. Enough of the gimped Wii U versions and then comparing them to full versions on other systems for games like AC3, AC4 etc. I bought those and Rayman and will get others later too. Plus they’re comparing Wii U to systems that have Watch Dogs saying Wii U hasn’t sold much. Uh duh!

      2. Sorry to say, but your argument is invalid. Ubisoft has released more games on the Wii U then on PS4 and XONE. Furthermore, the XONE has a smaller installed base then Nintendo’s console, and the PS4 isn’t that far ahead to justify such a big difference in sales. Wich means if they were to break sales down to titles that would expose even more what you’re trying to deny.
        Don’t get it wrong. I have a Wii U and love it. But it’s undenyably a Nintendo exclusive only console. Third Party games are usualy cheaper/better on other platforms.

        1. I disagree. How can you “expose” even more than 3% of total sales? That obviously just fucking looks bad. As an example, if you break down the individual sales of Watch Dogs currently, Wii U would not even be weighed in for that title. Those 8 million total copies sold makes a huge difference. If you break down AC3, AC4, Rayman sales it wouldn’t be 3% on each of those. I’m still waiting for Watch Dogs on Wii U but most people that wanted it would have bought it already. I don’t find anything wrong with Wii U third party games, it has some of the best versions of ports in fact. Personally I don’t care about DLC at all. Most people that bitch about the lack of it are the same people that don’t actually buy it.

          1. I see your point. But Watch Dogs being released later for the Wii U is already a reflex of the console’s bad third party game sales, as was Rayman ceasing to be an exclusive. Remember ZobiU? And again, the XONE has a smaller installed base. Now about versions, I seriously doubt playing AC4 on the Wii U would be better than on the PS4 or the PC, which are platforms I also own and chose (alongside the Wii U) for the current gen. Having a map and inventory on the gamepad hasn’t proved to be a very useful and intuitive feature. It does have it’s utility, but it’s far from being so good that you would trade your graphics and game fluidity for it. Off-screen play? I’ve played half of AC4 on my Vita using this same feature. Not to mention that the Vita reaches further. In my home, which has brick walls, the gamepad doesn’t reach any further then my room. The poor online support is another thing that counts against the Wii U. And DLCs? Well, you said it. YOU don’t care. Don’t go assuming everyone else think the same way. After all, if it didn’t sell, they would have stopped making them already. By the way, I hate the practice of releasing unfinished games in order to capitalize with DLC. However, they are there, and being denied the freedom of choice to buy ones that you consider valid is definitly a drawback.

    1. This is the thing, if you don’t show support even if they had “betray you” because, let’s be honest here, it is a company and by that logic the question that they surely asked then selves was “if it doesn’t sell why do you have to support something that doesn’t bring money???”. And this is the mentality of any company, if it doesn’t bring good mounts of Money, it isn’t worth put effort!!!. So you want Ubisoft games in the WiiU, BUY THE GAMES FOR THE WIIU AND THE QUALITY WILL INCREASE!!! It is that simple

        1. Who is “we”? Why do you and stranga think you represent the whole Nintendo community? You guys don’t.

            1. Sasori once again burns the fanboy clowns who act like their shit don’t stink. Well news for you, you fucking stink, you fucking stink bad!

              Your clergy praises you my lord…

            2. Says the twat who called he’s own Civil Rights hero MLK overrated. Do me a favor and go try saying that in an all black neighborhood and see if you’ll live the next day because I doubt you have any balls for that.

              So who’s the Assclown now?

      1. +1. The quality of the ports is not the main reason why they sold so bad. People should stop bitching around, it’s already a miracle that they still release Watch Dogs for Wii U, if you’re able to think with logic.

      2. This is the topic I part ways with my Nintendo Comrades. I bought Splinter Cell, Ac3, AC4, Child of light, ZombiU… I love Ubisoft games. They look great, they are fun, and it’s sad that Watchdogs may be the last AAA Ubisoft game we get.

        I guess the only silver lining is that I’m the only one that gives a damn, so no loss for the Nintendo community.

      3. Umm thats not how business is suppose to work you dont hold consumers hostage and say buy my product first then we will make a better future product that isnt gimped LMFAO you try that BS in any other industry and that company would be bankrupt. That does not even make sense thats like buying a bike you know is gimped only because you want the company to hopefully not make future gimped bikes LMFAO. If you dont show support even if they do betray you LMFAO Thats how they lost support in the first place.

        Case in point look at Rayman game they delayed on WiiU to put it on 360 and PS3, even at the time with low WiiU sales WiiU still managed to sell just about the same amount as 360 and slightly less than PS3 with both systems having over 80 million install base compared to at the time 4 million for WiiU LMFAO try again.

        1. Nintendo waved “X” and Bayo in front of me at WiiU’s launch and promised software, after which I experienced one of the worst , frustrating software droughts I can remember.

          I got to watch support slowly fall away, and then got fucking ports of games I had already bought 3 times. You guys give Ubisoft shit, but Nintendo set the example, by abandoning their own flagship console. If Nintendo didn’t care, why should the devs?

          That’s all I’m saying. This thread stresses me out.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Still not an excuse at all for anyone to make gimped games for the consumers no matter the wrong’s High Command made…

            And if they had any sense of intelligence, they would atleast set the price lower concerning the gimped features in these games…

            And the Gamepad use in some of them is not a valid excuse enough to warrant a full price…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s the most useless use of the Gamepad ever and should be corrected at once…

            1. Ubisoft’s Zombiu made better use of the game pad than every Nintendo game combined. Truly next Gen WiiU game play.

              1. It is still a rushed game, it is buggy as f**k and effortless. Then ubisoft says “The sales of a mediocre first person survival horror game were abysmal, that must mean that rayman legends (a 2D plataformer, totally the same kind of game) will sell like shit. Let´s delay the game”. Then the other developers, from the beginning of the consoles life gave us gimped ports of existing games, then no dlc and they complain because their games do not sell?? It is not our fault, we are not stupid and we like to pay 60 bucks for pollished well made games, not gimped, half assed and effortless ports.

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                True, too bad it’s bugged even after the update, some areas are still affected…

                I have the game too…

          2. Set what example? Showing what Nintendo is bringing forth for Wii U in the future, two anticipated games with no BS strings attached compare to Ubisoft lying about giving support, delayed two fucking completed Wii U ports, gimped two other ports, not porting Rayman Legends to 3DS but Vita instead for what dumbass reason and now holding consumers hostage to buy their crap just to get more crap from them.

            Yeah, I’ve seen Nintendo done that all the time..not. Get your head out of your ass and stop confusing Nintendo with 3rd party’s BS.

        2. ^This. Extortion & laziness (or halfhearted efforts) should NOT be rewarded. ‘Hope’ should NOT be synonymous w/ ‘hostage’. I also blame the almost exclusive reliance of multiplatting, especially when it comes to consoles. 3rd parties can make one game but for several platforms, w/ little variation. This is less of an expense, but it kills the whole idea of console gaming. Gamers don’t need to worry too much about which console to get (unless it’s Ninty), but their loyalty either erodes or, paradoxically, galvenizes (1st party titles & raw tech specs). But console gaming still suffers, gamers sounding more like they’re debating PC brands instead of actual consoles. Anyway…

          Sony & MS might have similar philosophies, but Nintendo is different, hence it should be treated as such, though NOT w/ scorn. Since Sega fell out of the hardware race & Sony shifted focus in the 7th gen, Nintendo is even more unique. Multiplats could’ve been a nice fit for those 3 & balanced enough that 3rd parties could offer more exclusives between them, even entire franchises. But now, the games that fit Niny apparently have to be exclusive.

          What’s odd to me is that the more the profits a company garners, the stingier & safer that company becomes. They just spread each game on nearly every platform, ignore certain hardware quirks & other demographics, & homogenize. Used to be a cash-cow would help fund the riskier projects. Instead, it’s used to get richer, fund hardcore audiovisuals, play ‘keeping up w/ the Joneses’, & all about the money. Also used to be that if one was in a particular industry, especially in a technical or artistic role, they’d have passion for their work & profit was a bonus. Now, the video-game industry has been institutionalized & money seems the only goal.

      4. The only ubisoft game I like is just dance and that is always going on the wii u, so I don’t care, I’ll support Activision because even though everyone claims it’s the same every year (which its not) their games are actually high quality not broken and gets release on time.

      5. How about no?
        Supporting bad development habit will only convince them that they don’t need to change at all!
        Wii u gamers don’t owe them anything when most of their ports have been Gimped in one way or another.
        If there’s going to be change, it has to come from THEM, not us.
        We shouldn’t have to pick their ass up and carry them over the profitability line when their games so far haven’t warranted the privilege.

  1. Oh gee I wonder why, maybe because they never make any games for it? All they give is a bunch of excuses, and two faced crap.

    1. No games from Ubisoft ? You do realize Ubisoft was one of the 3rd party developers that supported the WiiU from the very beginning, right ? It was the WiiU owners themselves who made Ubisoft leave the WiiU by not buying their games. You can’t expect a company to continue to support a console they don’t get enough profit from. The poor sales on the WiiU don’t make up for the time, effort and money invested into developing, or even porting, the games, so stop pointing fingers at the developers and start buying their games instead, because the consumers are the only ones to blame here.
      The only complaint I can understand is the delay thing with Rayman Legends, but then again, if Nintendo cared enough to save exclusivity for it, it wouldn’t have happened. But yea, the WiiU version was pretty much done already, so delaying it to release it with the other versions sure wasn’t the best thing to do.

  2. The late Watch_Dogs release probably will perform poorly, just like many of their other late ports.

    1. “Many of their other late ports.”

      Like? The only game that Ubisoft is putting out later than other platforms is Watch Dogs. All the others came out at or around the same time as other platforms.

    1. I thought Ubisoft had several other games too … ZombiU would be included in the stats … same with Rayman Legends … are you suggesting that Watchdogs would fix everything? … nope

      you know why Watch Dogs isn’t on WiiU? … cause it won’t sell

      imagine you were the guy working at Ubisoft 1-2 years ago who said “yes, we need to do heavy development for Wii U” … ummm … you’d look like a complete fool now … you’d be embarrassed … you’d be fired.

      remember when Ubisoft used to support Nintendo? … yah, that guy isn’t at Ubisoft any longer … he put his faith in Big N and where is he now?

      1. Well if they had been patient and followed through with Rayman Legends, actually took time with the Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed ports, and didn’t delay their games for the platform they’d have more Wii U sales.

        That guy is “fired” because Ubisoft is impatient and showed their true colors when they delayed the finished Rayman Legends because they wanted it to go multi platform. Greed is what got the guy fired.

        1. Blame MS and their stupid parity clause on release dates. If it wasnt for them, then Rayman would have launched on the original released date.

  3. I’m beginning to wonder will they really release Watch Dogs on the Wii U? As much as I want it on my Wii U they might end up canceling it…

    1. Seems it’s pretty far in development to do that. Then again, they could just have been waiting until Wii U sales picked up, or the game’s reception.
      Either way I’m thinking they will likely cancel it.

      1. doesnt ubisoft also have finishedgames for the wii u theyre waiting to release until after the wii u sells more?

      2. Far in development? They have a second studio working on that port alone and with 9,200 employees, they could’ve added some more helping hand to finish making it on time for May. But nope, I know that port is finish but fucking Ubisoft wanna go in full dick mode to delay it and extorting us to buy their shit and buy more Wii Us to make their asses half happy to snag our money just so they can do it again.

        Its not about sales excuse. Wii U sold more than 3 million around 2012 Christmas which was suppose to be when Rayman Legends comes out. 3 million in a month and half is a good start but they claim its not like idiots. Same for Watchdogs when Wii U did 6.4 million, 1.2 million ahead of Xbox One and say the fanbase isn’t big enough not to mention the Wii U fanbase wanted the game like they wanted Rayman the previous year and with MK8 3 days away, they could’ve capitalize that time to sell well on Wii U before MK8 lands and also help push Wii U sales further by double from those two games in one week. But again, they prove to be fucking stupid ass liars wanting Wii U to fail.

  4. That’s because most of their freaking games are in the other systems (not to mention they are highly advertise for sony) but not wii u. Though I blame part of it to Nintendo.

    1. Nintendo handles their own Marketing, and so does Sony. Sony is constantly advertising 3rd party content with their PlayStation brand, Nintendo seriously has to start advertising the damn console.

    2. You can blame Nintendo for the Wii U marketing which is true. But Ubisoft is in charge of their own shit. They didn’t advertise ZombiU, they delayed Rayman for 9 months when it was already finished, gimping AC4/Splinter Cell at full price with no DLC options and now pushing Watchdogs to god know when while holding other titles expecting us to cave in to buy their BS?

      No. Its mostly the 3rd party that screwed Wii U from the start. Ubisoft lying to their Nintendo fans of their alleged “best 3rd party supporter”, EA acting like typical childish dicks holding out Wii U games just because Nintendo said no to Origin which everybody hates anyway, Bethseda talking shit about Wii U hardware not running Metro Last Light when I remember seeing the 2012 E3 demo running just fine. Activision not keeping their promise of BO2 Nuketown 2025 DLC. All of those assholes played a major role of Wii U good-turned-terrible start.

      1. Lol they didn’t put any DLC in BO2. WTF? And then they try to make that shit up by handing you a free map in ghosts (which was actually supposed to be a damn preorder bonus) to try and shove it off. And then they have the nerve to not even put the rest of the DLC. It’s like “You want some DLC too? Oh here. You can have only one. Now fuck off.” XD

        1. That is the reason why I never ever want Nintendo to do DLC. DLC is just bullshit excuse for not completing the game. It is fine to make DLC but make it GOOD. Good example of DLC is Pikmin 3 and Borderlands.

      2. were exactly is Ubisoft advertising its own games? Most of the advertising is handled by Sony or MS to advertise the game for their systems. Its true Ubisoft fucked us over with gimpped ports, but who can blame them, the majority of Nintendo fans dont buy 3rd party so why take a loss? I for one dont buy 3rd party games on my Wii U, and I know a shit ton of us are the same or else 3rd party titles would sell as much in our console. I dont expect Ubisoft to keep making any games for us for this generation, specialy with the mentality we all have, and some idiots that keep blaming 3rd party for Nintendo’s inability to bring success to its own console.

    1. And we know they’re full of shit. Why all of this unnecessary mistreatment on Nintendo gamers when the sales are just right and that they have nearly 10,000 fucking employees to cover all developments?

      Face it. They did this to themselves and I’ll be glad to see them assholes leave support so that when Nintendo goes on top later on, they’re gonna BEG for our support again but by then, its gonna be our turn to give them the bird..permanently.

  5. Are you kidding me? I don’t even recall any Ubisoft games for the wii u in 2014. They shouldn’t complain. What do they want every wii u owner to buy the 2012 game of assassin’s creed 3 and zombiu? They want them to buy a 2013 game of rayman (that probably everyone bought but me), or a 2013 of assassin’s creed 4 or splinter cell blacklist? They seriously retarted. All I’ll get from them is watch dogs (if they decide to not pull the plug last minute) and that will be it for me.

    1. Yes! They could have work on red steel 3 or something, but what do they think of?.. Kill nintendo and make the wiiUBI. We got to stop supporting our enemy.

        1. true but even with the Wii U being the one in which it sold the best, it had poor sales, not to mention part of the reason from those poor sales is because they pissed Wii U gamers by delaying the game.

        2. And look how well that turned out. Ubisoft’s oh so “genius” plan to make more money off its release backfired royally by themselves due to releasing it too close to GTA5 and they still didn’t learn shit from that mistake so they did it once more on Watchdogs Wii U expecting gamers there to forget that little BS they pulled.

    1. And how many of those games weren’t delayed for other platforms first or how many ports weren’t gimped at full price?

      Good for you Ubisoft. We don’t need your BS anymore.

  6. This is just idiotic, what percentage of Ubisoft software is available for Nintendo consoles that wasn’t delayed because of “extra development” ?

  7. I can’t wait to not buy Watch Dogs.

    Rayman was excellent, but they shouldn’t have delayed it, and they should have promoted it when it was released. Also, those of us with patience know that if a 3rd party releases a good game, you can wait 6 months to get the game for a fraction of the price. I’ll wait until the new Assassin’s Creed comes out on the other platforms and grab ACIV for $20. Sure, I could buy a game at full price to really show my support, but Ubisoft has strongly hinted that they’re pulling most, if not all, support for the system, so screw them.

      1. Yeah, you can buy AC4 for Wii U at Best Buy/Future Shop for $19.99. Excellent campaign and online multiplayer.

      1. yeah AC 4 is a clunky mess. I’m trying to give it a chance but it’s almost not even worth the 7 bucks I paid for it.

  8. But they had bad sales on other consoles too, it’s funny talk about bad sales if they don’t reach even a 50% on the other consoles… By the way I have every Ubisoft’s game on my WiiU and I love them.

    1. Its all devided to show what percentage of all sales came from who. One can’t be higher without the others dropping in percentage.

      Now If you notice for every quarter they all add up to 100%.

  9. Good for them motherfuckers. Delaying a completed Wii U Rayman for 9 months for other platforms just to lose sales to GTA5, not marketing ZombiU well enough to be a success to give us a sequel, gimping Blacklist/AC4 at full price and now pushing Watchdogs away (and I bet its completed) for the exact dumb reasons that fucked Rayman Legends in the first place while holding few other titles back hoping Wii U to sale more when it already did well enough for Rayman/Watchdogs in their time to sell well? And those dumb motherfuckers are expecting our support after 2 years of BS they put on us and for what?!

    Its good to see them fail and I hope it continues towards other platforms slowly and gradually because they alone brought this on themselves and they’re the ones who also help screw the Wii U launch from the beginning.

    KISS MY ASS UBILIARS! You ain’t gonna see our money again even if you make a Rayman 4 and have it as a Wii U exclusive as your “apology” and “proof of Nintendo support” because and I’m only gonna say this for the final time: WE DON’T WANT NOR NEED YOU ANYMORE.

    1. “You ain’t gonna our money again”???? Since when did you represent the whole nintendo community? Don’t use our because I already know there’s some people who will still buy watch dogs for Wii U

      1. Watch Dogs is probably the last damn game they’ll give us. Consider it a “good bye present” for them screwing people over. Wait, no. It’s more like they’re giving the middle finger saying “Sorry, I have to go where the money is” “But…But, I’d have given you the money if you just gave me my god damn games!” >:(

      2. First of all, you repeating my sentence and forgot one word proves you’re an idiot over not proofread ing your shit. Second of all, when it say “all”, I meant all Nintendo fans with a brain who realized Ubisoft no longer deserves out money and don’t go buy their shit so they can repeat it again. Those who wanna buy it are starving for a game who doesn’t know what a good game is like idiots. Watchdogs is next gen? lol That’s the most laughable POS I ever wasted time to behold and why is that you asked? Because its a last gen port as proven and you can’t even fucking punch anyone plus the game is full of dull cliche storytelling and faulty online with DRM Uplay shoved up everyone’s ass.

  10. Strange, it’s like if most (Excluding Rayman Legends) of the games Ubisoft makes is like… Poorly optimized on Wii U or something :D

    Seriously, their games are very poorly optimized.

    1. Look at Watchdogs. They expect me to waste $60 on a 5-7 month delayed and gimped port I bet, for a fucking next gen lie that you can’t even punch a dude? Fuck out of here.

        1. I saw Assassin’s Creed 3 on sale for like $15. I could’ve bought it, but I still didn’t. That’s how much I hate them now. XD

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Nice, they don’t deserve anything until they release every damn game they’ve made for the other 2 with the same quality or better…

  11. Its not nintendo’s fault, or atleast not fully( advertisement of there console has a effect) Zombiu did well especially since the negative vibe reviewers gave( the game was rushed, but the game for what it is was fun, just buggy) if they did another exclusive it might prove more effective. Most ubisoft’s games have never interested me( Rayman, red steel, beyond good and evil, child of light and few other games have my interest). Plus there are factors that they haven’t supported the system in same way of ps3 and 360 ect.Plus there is factor people do buy the wii u for the exclusive games, and have a pc, or console for multi games. These results are because of all three factors gamers, nintendo, and ubisoft

  12. Hmm… Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita sales were worse, weren’t they?
    And as many have said already: how many games were actually produced for nintendo systems?

    1. That’s because nobody is buying Vita except for using it as a PS3/4 remote when they already got one plus the games are nothing but PS3 ports and Ubisoft is too stupid to not capitalize 3DS’s success and same goes for EA. That’s why their sales suck and I hope it continues to suck everywhere else.

      1. Vita could’ve been amazing. It would’ve been another great handheld if it had freaking games! And why would I want to play Borderlands 2 on a small screen with even lower res than the PS3? They need to put some real exclusives on there. All I mainly see is ps3 ports, indie games, and like 1500 anime RPG’s. XD One of my friends actually has a Vita and he pulled out Ridge Racer. If I were him, I’d have sold that thing immediately.

        1. It could’ve been selling itself off via graphics hype like PS4 but back then, people were a little smarter to know not to buy shit for graphical nonsense because Vita didn’t offer shit from the start.

          But now that humanity has gone full blown stupid to buy tech out of PR lies without substance, that same consumer intelligence from 3 years ago no longer exists.

  13. remember when wii u owners had to wait months for the other versions of rayman legends even so the wii u ver was alredy finished and then wii u owners have to wait to the end of this year to play watchdogs but the game is alredy out for everyone else? Oh i wanna se them complaining on how the wii u is bad at sales when they’re the assholes who don’t deliver the damn games when it should be

    1. Precisely my friend. At least there some sensible people left to realize the BS Ubisoft pulled. I could care less if they decided to leave us. I want them too so that when Nintendo becomes popular again, I wanna watch them weep, regret and beg for our forgiveness of their stupidity and greed by disgracing Nintendo gamers for no reason.

  14. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    Well maybe delays, late ports, mostly shit games like Rabbids Land, poorly optimized ports, and a lacking of determination to build a fanbase definitely didn’t help them at all. -_-

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Just look at the 3DS section, clearly it’s not the fault of our people…

      Ubisoft Empire, exposed…

      1. Same for EA but WTF cares of EA anymore beside their sheep herds?

        Ubisoft can go ahead and try to hide their faults by blaming Wii U but looking at 3DS which they didn’t make shit besides shit that its charts is worse than Wii U and 3DS is doing spectacular, they ain’t got shit to make excuse out of that.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


          The electron Army is only irrelevant for me and has been ever since they pulled the plug on Spore…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              It’s like Mincecraft but so much better and yet these fools choose Minecraft instead of Spore…

        2. You can hate EA, but one of the reasons that the dreamcast failed was because EA did not support it. Ea is not my favorite company,but some of there games are pretty good.

          1. That’s total BS. Not even gonna bother posting the ACTUAL reasons, but EA had nothing to do with it.

          2. No. The real reason why it failed was because of Sega themselves making too many versions of its consoles thus pissing off their consumer base away from buying their consoles again. Its not the supporting publishers that pulled away. EA did it because they saw the console was dying due to Sega’s past mistakes.

        3. ea brought mass effect 3 to the table. how could they have known you people own other consoles to get collection edition.

          1. the game was out over a damn year, then they released a collection. They also didn’t include any DLC

          2. Who cares about that half ass threequel with a fucked up ending? Only morons like you since you love sucking off EA’s dick over their spamming, greed and Origin Spyware.

  15. lazy ubisoft delayed wiiU version of watch dogs and it’s coming out at good time… probibly when hyrule warriors arrive or even better… when super smash arrive… and the guys from ubisoft waiting for a miracle. I think this is an excuse to end support on Nintendo consoles.

    1. Of course it is but their so called “support” never existed and has already died since they grew the retardation to delay Rayman and screw Wii U’s launch.

  16. Destiny about to take that title of fastest saleing new franchise lol watch dogs was such a dissapointment

  17. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I thought from the headline Ubisoft had revealed how many units each game sold on Wii U. These percentages mean absolutely nothing. For starters, they haven’t released any games for Wii U this year (correct me if I’m wrong). Second, they released a best-selling game (Watch Dogs) but it’s not out on Wii U yet, so that throws off the percentages. Third, they have released several games, just none of them on Wii U. Fourth, many of the hardcore/fanboys? started getting upset after the Rayman ordeal.

  18. Wtf. They are not releasing games for the WiiU anymore and now they say “oh look, our games are not being sold on WiiU :O”. Such a bunch of faggots, how the hell would you like your games being sold on the console where they do not exist ?
    Aynway, after having heard them saying that they do not care about 12 guys complaining about DLCs, I just lost any kind of respect for them. Just quietly die, Ubisoft !

  19. I bought ZombiU, Rayman Legends, & Child of Light. I’m curious about Watch_Dogs, but it’s not exactly in my favorite genre. The 1st 3 titles I mentioned fit both my tastes & my expectations of what a Ninty platform offers. But the only Ubisoft IPs I really care about are Prince of Persia, Red Steel (3 prolly won’t ever come), & maybe Beyond Good & Evil (though the new one seems bloated & almost unrecognizable).

    In the past, I bought & enjoyed N64’s Buck Bumble; GCN’s Batman Vengeance & the PoP trilogy; Wii’s Raving Rabbids, both Red Steels, both No More Heroes, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, & PoP: The Forgotten Sands (though it was watered down); DS’ PoP: The Fallen King; DSiWare’s Rayman; 3DS’ Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (one of the best Strategy RPGs I’ve ever played).

    I’ll support Ubisoft’s quality games that fit my tastes (& by proxy, tend to fit a Ninty platform). But it’s clear they’re predominantly catering to different demographics. I didn’t buy a Wii U for sandboxes, FPSes, an over-emphasis on photorealism, & a glut of cutscenes. No, I bought a Wii U for some 1st party titles & a glut of 3rd party titles that actually fit. Thank the Heavens for Indies, exclusives, & Japanese sensibilities.

  20. Well, the reason I don’t have any Wii U Ubisoft games is because… They never really interested me. But the thing is, the Ubisoft games I DO want are the ones that aren’t on the Wii U. And that pisses me off. I don’t want to be forced to buy some other shit game just so I can get the one I want. Hell no. It doesn’t work that way. XD Here’s the reasoning for me: Zombi U: I don’t like horror games. AC3: Saw my friend play it, didn’t give a shit for it. AC4: Was interested until I heard the DLC was NOT coming to the Wii U. I’m not gonna support a half assed version. Splinter cell Blacklist: Skipped and got NSMBU instead. They removed the co-op anyway and that’s a disappointment because I have people I can play with. Rayman Legends: *sigh* This one was perhaps the biggest fucking fail of Ubisoft’s support. They completely delayed the game just so it could be put on the other consoles. The game would’ve been finished and would’ve been one of the BEST games to play at the time. Wii U was in great need of support and they just gave it the middle finger. Thank fucking god Lego City came a month afterwards to save the day. That was a worthwhile exclusive. Anyway, I’m not even sure if I’m gonna get Watch Dogs anymore.. Especially if it’s at full price. I skipped Rayman and all their other half assed ports. And I can sure as hell do the same with Watch Dogs. Ubisoft should’ve got their shit together back at Wii U’s launch because come fall, EVERYBODY will be focused on a Nintendo game. Sad to see the sales, but they brought this on themselves. Sure, you can say Wii U’s advertising was part of it, but even then what would happen? Will they advertise how there’s no DLC in AC4? What about advertising how they removed co-op from SC huh? Oh! What about advertising how The next Assassin’s Creed game isn’t even COMING to Wii U! Lol, fuck Ubisoft. I’m done.

    1. Ok, maybe I take it back. I’m being too harsh on them. I mean, I am actually to blame since I didn’t buy any games. :/ But every time I take a chance, it 100% fails. Each and every time. If I bought Assassin’s Creed 4 (Which I was gonna do) nobody else would have bought it and I would’ve been screwed. I hate having to do this teamwork crap. Oh, all these Wii U owners must buy the game before we can give you more. Blah, blah . What would be funny is if they rewarded the Wii U owners that bought their games by giving them (and ONLY them) more games like Far Cry 4 and The Division. Hahaha, I’d have bought it in a heartbeat. Anyways, I changed my mind. I’m buying Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 along with Splintercell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, and Watch Dogs. I’m buying them all at full price too because I want to support the games. I don’t care what you have to say. “Oh, wait, you’re gonna support their BS and lies?” Um, well, someone has to obviously. And I’m gonna be the one that ends up taking that risk. You guys can continue to not buy the games, but just be sure to remember this. If Wii U ever gets future support from Ubisoft, you can thank me and plenty other gamers that decided to take the risk. If it doesn’t, then whatever. I’ll just buy the games on another console, duh. (Puts flame shield up) Please don’t hurt me. >^<

  21. These sales figures means nothing. Q1 2013 and Q1 2014… Did they release any games for nintendo platforms?! Can you expect any sales?! Of course not…

  22. not sure how they’re expecting revenue from the wii u when they keep treating it like the red headed stepchild

    1. Rayman is awesome. But still isn’t worth buying yet. I COMPLETELY skipped the game due to it’s delay and with all the games and Amiibo coming out, I won’t be getting it any other time soon.

      1. how on earth can it be both awesome and not worth buying yet? you can get it for as little as 20-30$ and that’s definitely worth it

        1. Ok. If you had to make a choice berween Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Pokemon OR/AS, and Rayman Legends, which would you get? That’s the comparison I’m trying to make. XD It’s way too many other games to be focused on at the time. As opposed to where in February 2013, Wii U had no games.

          1. smash bros, bayonetta 2 and hyrule warriors won’t be out for several more months…

            if you can’t afford it then that’s a problem i guess but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying for others, which is pretty much the recommendation you gave

      2. Rayman Legends is more than worth it, especially on the Wii U. It’s a great game. Near perfect platformer and best played on the Wii U. In fact, it’s almost like two games in one considering it has remixed Rayman Origins levels in addition to all of the new Legends content. The game is huge and you can spend countless hours playing it. It’s just a shame so many people skipped over it. It’s a real gem.

            1. It was cool, they added the levels from orgins, but I would rather had more new levels…or both lol

    2. And Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4. And Splinter Cell Blacklist. And ZombiU. And Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Kids 2014, Child of Light, Smurfs 2, Cloudberry Kingdom, Avengers Battle for Earth, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Rabbids Land, Sports Connection.

      Soon Just Dance 2015, Watch Dogs.

      So yeah… *that’s* “all” you get from Ubisoft.

        1. Yep. Ubisoft has been supporting the system. Most of these Nintendo “fans” are all talk.

          I’ll admit, I didn’t get any of Ubisoft’s games on the Wii U because I really only have a Wii U for exclusives. But a lot of these individuals who are talking trash about the company – wanting something they probably don’t deserve, are all talk and *still* wouldn’t support the system even if the game was 100% like the other systems, came out “on time,” and lacked nothing at all.

          Ubisoft isn’t the only third party company not making a dime from releases on Wii U.

          But nope – evidently neither Nintendo nor these “fans” can do any wrong. But everyone else can.

          1. So you’re saying we’re wrong for not supporting the likes of them delaying and gimping port in every single turn they take? You’re an idiot.

            1. I wont say anyone is wrong for not supporting a company. Everyone has the right to choose what games they will or will not purchase – despite the effect it will have (positive or negative).

              As I said, I didn’t get any of Ubisoft’s games on the Wii U. On the whole, I’m using my Wii U for exclusives. So I’m looking forward to SSB Wii U, Zelda Wii U, X, and enjoying the heck out of games like Scribblenauts, Mario Kart 8, SM3DW, Donkey Kong Country TF, etc.

              However, several of those “reasons” that a lot of Nintendo “fans” are using to justify their passing on third party games are illegitimate and petty excuses.

          2. The Nintendo fans didn’t even support W101 or Lego City Undercover. Yet they want to bitch about Ubisoft’s fault. Not really when other 3rd party exclusives debuted to Wii U.

            1. I was just thinking the same thing. Pikmin 3, W101, ZombiU, Lego City Undercover, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. They can’t excuse the poor sales of those exclusive games.

              They came on time.
              They were exclusive.
              They weren’t “gimped.”

              So why the terrible sales? There are no excuses. Oh, I expect the inevitable, “we don’t know the digital sales. Those franchises never sell well anyway. They came out at a bad time,” excuses. There are no legitimate excuses. There are only reasons: Not enough Wii U owners and the current Wii U owners do not care about supporting anything other than select Nintendo first party games.

              This is why third parties are pulling away. Ubisoft invested a lot of funds putting 17+ titles on the Wii U, but they were seeing absolutely nothing in return.

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                To be fair, Pikmin 3 was delayed considerably. I did buy it though (my first Pikmin game) and I loved it. I still play the co-op with friends. I also got Lego City but ONLY because Rayman was delayed and my brand new Wii U was just sitting on the floor doing nothing.

  23. Ubisoft released 0 games for Nintendo consoles in Q1. That stat seems to be missing from Ubisoft’s pretty table.

    1. While new releases (like Watch Dogs) are a contributing factor, these tables take into consideration all currently available games – not just newer releases.

        1. No. I got it for PS4 and barely touched it. I was hoping it would be better. Maybe if they announce some exclusive awesome content for the Wii U, I will. But as it stands right now, nope. ;/

      1. They are lucky to even get 1% on the 3DS, its been more than a year since they last released a game.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t even know what they have released on the 3DS besides the awful Rayman Origins…

          1. They also made some really shitty launch games for it, most notably Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Splinter Cell 3D.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Ah right, I had that Ghost Recon game by default…

              I sold it after a few weeks…

              1. You lasted longer than me, I sold it after two days. I thought it would be an actual Ghost Recon game, not a bad version of Fire Emblem with guns.

  24. They have every reason for dropping the wii u, even with sales rising, everyone knows the wii u is for nintendo games and everything else is for multiplats

    1. I didn’t know that, except the multiplat part. But that’s been said about past Ninty platforms, too. & there again, I didn’t know that: I just kept buying 3rd party games on Ninty consoles. Since the SNES, each of my libraries (SNES, N64, GCN, Wii) were filled w/ more 3rd party games than 1st. As for Wii U, I have 3 1st party games (New SMBU [bundle], DK: Tropical Freeze, & MK 8), & 6 3rd party games (from major publishers: Ninja Gaiden 3 [published by Nintendo, but hardly 1st party or exclusive], ZombiU, Sonic Lost World, The Cave, Rayman Legends, & Child of Light). Adding in the Indy factor & my Wii U library reinforces my trend: more 3rd party games than 1st on each Ninty console. However, it does seem like Nintendo will be delivering more compelling software for the Wii U than 3rd parties who seem to be catering to a different crowd anyway. Plus, 3rd party IPs, genres, & even 3rd parties themselves are no longer what they once were.

    2. Moron, if they haven’t been pulling one stunt after another like Rayman Legends, the sales would’ve been far better than what BS chart you’re looking at right now.

      Cut the “Nintendo fans are at fault” crap because when these idiots do this to the fanbase, of course its gonna effect sales you fool. We don’t support BS excuses, gimps and late ass ports at full price.

  25. its not like you clowns bought their games to begin with but just wait for for excuses. “oh oh theres no dlc” didn’t you clowns say dlc was cancer to gaming and makes a game incomplete. as for ac3 was lame from what i heard and i wasn’t able to get their m rated games. rayman looks great but am waiting on a price cut.

    1. and you tried to download watch dogs from the piratebay EXPOSED.
      also you don’t own any ubisoft game. EXPOSED
      “rayman looks great but am waiting on a price cut.” if you’re a real gamer you should buy it right now, ahh i remember that you have to BEG your mom for money exposed

      1. R. I. H sasori obinna onuorah / mii
        1.950 – 2014
        in hell you will find what you were looking for…

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Which he uses to enhance his butthurt, so he goes to a cactus and sits on it to rotate, which causes him butt peeves, so he goes to the doctor to get it checked, only for the doctor to slap him, which cause sasori to cry tears of sweet and sour sauce, where he also drinks his sweet and sour tears that then gives him food poisoning strong enough to make him shit shoe shiner for a year from his ass and huge nose.

                    1. Ugh… Fuck… Glados, why do you always go into so much detail about it? XD Everytime I read something like that, I get some kind of visual image in my head. And that shit is disgusting. XD

                        1. … Damn. You win. I wasn’t expecting you to say it so early. XP But thanks to you, I now have this image of some white mayonnaise slowly coming out of Sasori’s toes every time you mention Buffalo sauce. *sigh* T_T

          1. DLC is only bad when it’s being used the wrong way. This is just my opinion though. I am not a fanboy of any company. I would’ve bought the DLC if it came. Same can’t be said for other people on this site though…

        1. We all agree that Ubisoft are the reason why they don’t sell very well on Nintendo platform. Now I just curious to know if Ubisoft read people’s complains and explanations. Furthermore I will be really really interesting to know Ubisoft explanation as to why they are not selling very well.

        2. Honestly Nowadays I’m only going to buy Ubisoft titles if they are at reduced price. I got suckered into the summer sale . I brought three games from it. Rayman Orgins, Rayman Legends, and Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth. Both Rayman games are fantastic. I am probably done with them now after they screwed us so many times…….

        3. Here’s my explanation for why Ubisoft’s games don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles. Their games do not measure up to Nintendo’s when compared to Nintendo games in the quality department. Rayman Legends is alright but I’m sorry, it doesn’t measure up to Nintendo’s 2D platforming offerings in my opinion. Their other games just don’t even register on the fun meter.

          1. Uh.. The only Wii U 2D platformer from Nintendo that can really be compared is NSMBU. And I’m sorry, but Rayman Legends beats that game easily. In fact, it beats Donkey Kong too. NSMBU was a very short and disappointing game. And it was also the same as NSMBW (which is superior btw) It’s because they delayed it for so long. Everyone waiting on Rayman had preordered and they were ready to play only to be screwed at the very last second.

                    1. I got Donkey Kong Countrt: Tropical Freeze on my wish list, but I’ve never played any games in the series before. It definitely does look great. Although, I am concerned with people saying that it’s hard. Not that I suck or anything, but I dislike difficult games that make me angry and frustrated.

                      1. Tropical freeze is hard but it’s a balanced game, returns is harder and makes you feel angry and frustrated, both games are amazing.

                        1. I am definitely going to try it out. But it better be great compared to NSMBU. That game was just so boring. After playing it for so long, It makes me not even want to get Mario Maker. It is just about the only Nintendo game that I truly and actually do believe is a rehash. And I paid $60 bucks for it too, which sucks. And I can’t get rid of it either because I downloaded it which sucks even more. I’d have waited for NSLU if Nintendo would’ve stopped being so secret about their releases and just tell everybody ahead of time. ;/

                          1. I enjoyed both NSMU and NSLU but i agree when people says DK is better, personally NSMB is better when you play alone or with someone who has the same skills as you.
                            The think i dislike from the NSMB series is that Tezuka uses the same music, landscapes, etc from previous games and the “new” doesn’t help.

                      2. I recommend you DKCTF but if you have the chance to play it before buying do it, so you can check if you like it or not.

                        1. Hardcore gamer as in, I spend a lot of time on games. My game experience says intermediate. Ahahaha you weren’t paying attention. ;)

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              He loves everything that causes him butthurt whether it’s Xbox Done, Electron Army or gay sex…

              1. hey did you read the recent comments on his “i am done with MNN” video.
                you will find the un-holy grail of lulz.
                do it for the lulz XD !!

                      1. “the repeated use of the terms “clown”, “social reject”, “exposed”, “damage control”. makes me think of someone… coincidence??

                              1. Eh, I wouldn’t say that. Blackb0nd always supports his arguments with evidence on the internet and Sasori is just a fanboy of Xbox. Simply a fanboy. Not to mention, Blackbond’s videos are also hilarious. As much as I hate him, he’s usually right with what he says. Well, at least when he isn’t stating his opinion anyways.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  I really don’t see him support his arguments with evidence. Most of the time its irrelevant evidence, evidence that makes no sense, and at times where the evidence matter, its not a huge deal.

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        Considering me and Glados exposes everyone here and there, you and the other ladies and gentlemen that always exposed Sasori should be our special sages of exposure…

                                  1. you’re the fraud, you think you’re a gamer and instead you’re a poser, you tired to download watch dogs from the pirate bay

                                  2. And this little self-racist piggy is a pussy for not burning his Wii U after claiming fake hate over it on camera and say MLK is overrated in the open at an all black neighborhood to see if he’ll end up in a hospital bed or a morgue.

                    1. lets not forget Wii U exclusive launch title Rayman Legends (which came out a year and a half after the wii U and on all platforms)

                      by the time the game was released we were already bored with it.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Same with Watch Dogs…

                        That game went from very interesting to I don’t even want to look at it…

                    2. Nintendo Commander Phazon

                      Well of course they didn’t generate any profits this year, they ONLY released Child of Light (indie game) on the Wii U.

                    3. So far the Ubisoft games that I’ve purchased are ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Child of Light. I really enjoyed all of those games. I don’t know if I’ll pick up Watch Dogs or not yet as I’m still undecided. It’s unfortunate for Wii U owners that the console misses out on a lot of 3rd party titles. There are a few that I want that I will probably end up picking up a PS4 to play (Arkham Knight, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Alien Isolation come to mind).

                      1. Sheep. Sorry but I’m no sucker to Ubisoft’s BS and trash games like you. Go knock yourself out at giving them money that they don’t deserve so they can be taking advantage of you like an idiot.

                    4. As many have said, if Ubisoft tried selling good on the Wii U, they could. Delayed games and port after port however has been them merely seeing the Wii U as…well…the lesser system. Imagine if the Wii U got an exclusive Rayman, a third game in the new Rayman series (Origins and Legends coming before). Would it sell nearly as well as Watch Dogs has over several systems? Probably not, but it would likely sell decently (as long as it played decently) and get them on better terms with Nintendo fans. I doubt Watch dogs will sell well on Wii U because of the delay, among other factors, and Ubisoft will still say that its Nintendo’s fault, even after the massive surge in sales from Mario Kart 8.

                    5. Watch dogs is garbage and im glad nintendo fans ain’t buying ubishit after sony and ms leave gaming they are fucked because they suck at pc games also.

                    6. I really don’t understand why some people are taking shots at Ubisoft and saying they never make games. Despite the fact that Ubisoft was one of the many 3rd Party developers that supported Wii U since “launch”.

                      1. You’re so blind. Ubisoft never truly supported Wii U period. At launch, no Rayman and they didn’t support or advertise ZombiU enough to do well for a sequel people wanted. What else, gimping Blacklist on Wii U, not giving AC4 Wii U DLC and now Watchdogs being pushed to nowhere. Still think they’re supportive or you’re just another fool under their spell of lies?

                    7. Ubisoft need to stop bitching release the dls for games and and in some cases just waiting on games like they did with rayman, release games at the same time as other consoles. this the problem also Ubisoft expectations of a console selling well in the middle of a global downturn when ZombiU was released and not waiting or ever doing general tv advertising of the game.

                      1. Those better games we ain’t getting because Ubisoft wants to go stupid and push Wii U gamers away with their typical stunts of gimps and ports expecting full support in return after all that.

                        At this point, not a single sane Nintendo fan would care if we miss out on those games because we’ve had enough of them screwing us for nothing.

                    8. I’m sorry, but what does Ubisoft expect. Pre Wii U release they announced (with fan fair) that they were going to be a critical 3rd party partner for the system, touting ongoing strong support. I bought ZombiU day one, in support of their proclamation, and it was fine. Then they had the Rayman debacle, and it clearly demonstrated their lack of resolve/dishonesty in regard to following through on their promise. It was a slap in the face for Wii U owners, and they lost their credability. I for one no longer buy Ubisoft games because of their mistreatment of the Wii U customer base, obviously this is my own choice. Furthermore, their support for the console has all but vanished, so why should they be surprised that Nintendo sales represent such a small percentage of their sales? Using that as an argument to demonstrate why they don’t create software for the Wii U is a self-perpetuating problem

                      ‘We don’t make software for the console because it doesn’t sell software because we don’t make it for the console.’

                      Cool beans.

                      Oh, and thanks for giving the Wii U Watch_Dogs release a fighting chance… … …

                    9. Wow! Rubbing it in because Watchdogs is a suck-sess. They’d been telling that same 3% line for months now. So what does it tell you? Say goodbye to Watchdogs Wii U.

                      When the Wii U sales pick up, they’ll announce it’s still not enough. If they accept the numbers, they’ll release a stupid party game and release a bad 360 port of Fdogs…

                      Luckily we have BETTER games coming…

                    10. Maybe if they made games thinking of the console’s demographic instead of porting their old games and concepts they wouldn’t do so bad.

                    11. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                      I hope they cancel watch dogs on Wii U so I don’t need to buy it
                      I don’t even care anymore
                      Goodluck making games on ps4 and Xbox one.

                      1. If they cancel Watch Dogs on Wii U, that would be outright insane. There are still Wii U owners that deserve to be able to play it.

                    12. I Hate Digital Games

                      It’s weird how after all these years, right when I start to finally like Ubisoft, they start reporting poor sales, and then slowly but surely start dropping Wii U support. Weird how things like that happen.

                    13. I think Ubisoft is still butthurt over how bad ZombiU was. But that was there fault not Nintendo’s. If they put the resources into the game like they do for there other titles it would have been killer. With online multiplayer. DLC country map packs. Weapon packs etc. But alas they are sinking into the EA spot but not that low lol

                      1. They aren’t butthurt over just Zombi U. Literally almost all their games bombed on the Wii U. That’s reason enough for pulling support for me.

                    14. Here’s an idea, Ubisoft! If you want sales to improve, do the following:

                      1) Stop delaying finished games that were exclusive to the console.

                      2) Stop giving us gimped ports of games that are missing certain modes and no dlc support. Either give us games with the same equal support as the other consoles or don’t release the game on the console at all.

                      3) Stop trashing the Wii U in your articles. You’re becoming EA 2.0 at this point.

                    15. no wonder if they bring old games to wii u and nothing special…your fault ubisoft…delaying rayman was bad so bringing games like COD to wii u, too. give us zombie u goddammit

                    16. These poor souls that are still defending Ubisoft’s bullshit. Like Patty Hearst, these poor fools are brainwashed & praise their captors. What’s the psychiatric word for this again? But by all means, keep believing they were “supporting” Nintendo. Half assed games, missing features, annoying & persistent glitches, telling us they’ll release more games when the system sells more or if their games sell more, etc. If this ends with Ubisoft ditching the Wii U, I say fuck them! They can rot on the other consoles along with bitch ass EA.

                      1. No, not fuck them! I’m enjoying Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U and I would love to play more of their games. I can understand if you guys don’t like Ubisoft, but I love their games. The games just weren’t selling well enough because nobody bought them. It’s a shame because they really did put out a lot of games on the Wii U. Nintendo fans just aren’t interested in their games so that’s why they sold poorly. Ubisoft is making money from XB1 and PS4 because those gamers are more interested in Ubisoft and other third party games. People who own a Wii U bought it because they wanted to play Nintendo games. It doesn’t matter if Wii U sold more or has a higher install base because 70% of that install base would rather play Mario Kart 8 than Watch Dogs. I’m sad Ubisoft is leaving, but I can understand. They have to make money. I know it won’t do much, but I’m gonna try to get my Ubisoft games on the Wii U to try and add to the support. And hopefully we can get more 3rd party before it’s too late. -.-

                        1. Nope. I still say fuck ’em. With any luck, EA & Ubisoft will eventually end up in a worse position than Capcom as they go bankrupt & need to be bought out.

                            1. I did say bought out, remember. Assassin’s Creed will live on through another company, so don’t worry. And hopefully a better company that won’t screw over other fanbases just because it’s “best for business.”

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