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Producer Of One Piece Games Wants To Make A One Piece Fighting Game

Koji Nakajima, the producer behind the One Piece video games, has expressed his interest in creating a fighting game based on the popular anime series. Nakajima admitted that he’s created lots of One Piece titles over the years, but what he would most like to create at present is a fighting game.

“I’ve made lots of One Piece games. Right now, I would like to make a fighting game that puts all of the Devil Fruit abilities and Haki in the spotlight. If I could make a fighting game, I would want it to capture the flashiness of the Devil Fruit abilities like how [Admiral] Aokiji uses ice and can create it at will.”

21 thoughts on “Producer Of One Piece Games Wants To Make A One Piece Fighting Game”

        1. 3DS? They wouldn’t even consider a 3DS version. 3DS isn’t known for having many fighting games. And it’s pretty obvious PS4 would be their first choice. We should be lucky that last one piece game even came to 3DS at all.

  1. Cool. I think the last fighting game I must’ve played that had One Piece characters was Battle Stadium D.O.N.

  2. I would definitely play this, especially if it would be anything like the Grand Battle games, but with 4 player online.

  3. Fuck yessss , I’m playing the wii u version right now, loving it, I really hope that this gets made I love one piece, it’s the only anime I like above dbz..

  4. YES!! Yes please! I need that so badly I am throwing my money at the screen right now! It must happen and I must have :D

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