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Here’s The Trailer For Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Bandai Namco have released a new trailer for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX which is coming to western arcades this year. The latest entry in the arcade series allows you to create fusion karts which sees you combine your powers with another player. You can check it out in the video embedded above.

Thanks, Jay

55 thoughts on “Here’s The Trailer For Mario Kart Arcade GP DX”

    1. This was an Arcade game that was in Japan only at the time.
      Now it’s going to get a release here in the West and it was actually the first game that Namco made with Nintendo.

        1. …. Look at the history kiddo, Mario Kart GP was released way before the Wii U, Smash Brothers 4 AND the Wii itself. Wow for a troll, I thought you’d actually do some research before trolling.
          Guess not.

    2. It’s made by Namco.
      Running on an Arcade Machine by Namco.

      Fair enough to include their own Characters once again and Players seem to accept that. °ワ°

    3. Yeah. The game is actually made by Namco in junction with Nintendo as the publisher so they wanna throw in Pac-Man into the mix and who doesn’t like Pac-Man besides idiot haters and modern age brats who never heard of him? XP

    1. Maybe we could see this as DLC or something. I’m not even sure in which country my closest non 90’s arcade machines are.

        1. No its doesn’t and the “real Stranga” dude above me is a copycat riding on know what, pretending to be me.

          Anyway, the visuals are as good as Double Dash..because its exactly like double dash but improved. And the copycat is right. You must check your glasses. XD

    1. Ummm no, I have played this a lot. My friends and I did a countdown to MK8 and went to Dave & Busters and played it for an hour. It is a lot of fun a brings new ideas to the table, but it does not shake a stick at MK8’s beauty.

    2. Graphics are not better but the Co-Op and the Fusion Karts…WTF didn’t Nintendo implement this in 8?! X( Co-Op would’ve replaced the Two-Man Karts from Double Dash just fine and the Fusion Karts, that would’ve made the gameplay kick ass 20x over.

      Such missed opportunity for MK8. XP Oh well, maybe the 9th will bring these features to consoles.

  1. When I went to an arcade place in Daytona beach a couple years ago I got to play the first Mario Kart GP and it was very fun ^_^

    1. There are dozens of new arcade games released a year. Websites like try and track locations, there are a few thousand out there in the US and you also have to remember bars/barcades, theme parks, movie theaters – pretty much anywhere there is a waiting area or an entertainment venue of some kind means there is a space for arcades

  2. Anyone else annoyed by the announcer? Sounded like a tv commercial where they try to sell you something.that’s a rip off.

  3. Who’s ready for Mario Kart 9! Hehe just joking. I’ve played Mario Kart GP in the arcades, it was so fun and quite tense also! Rich colorful visuals and energetic feel to the game.

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