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Sony Says It’s Targeting Wii Owners That Didn’t Upgrade To Wii U With PlayStation 4

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House has said that the company is currently targeting Wii owners that didn’t purchase the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. House says that they have already managed to grab some of the former Wii consumers that never upgraded, but they still have a way to go.

“Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously,.”

“Whether it’s based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests some of those people are already coming in now and that’s what’s contributing to the really great sales we’ve had.”

“And anecdotally I’ve had people who were the Wii generation and who are back in the consideration set. It’s certainly something I hear about.”

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265 thoughts on “Sony Says It’s Targeting Wii Owners That Didn’t Upgrade To Wii U With PlayStation 4”

  1. Very smart plan and it would succeed if they could make their own Super Smash game and borrow the rights to all of Nintendo’s fighters. That would be pretty awesome!

    1. I’m a PS3 owner that hasn’t upgraded to PS4 yet. How about you target me first because PS4 has no interesting games?

        1. I agree there really is no reason to upgrade to a PS4 right now. I feel like Sony is screwing over their existing fans actually. They’re remastering games that I already purchased and implementing greedy policies. In fact, it pisses me off that I could’ve bought the remastered version of TLOU instead of my inferior version. I will never buy one of their remastered games now because that’s just supporting them to continue doing the same bullshit with the PS5.

          I don’t understand why they didn’t included backwards compatibility in the PS4. I can’t afford a PS4 unless I trade in my PS3 but then I’ll have no way to replay my PS3 games. I’m so disappointed with the way Sony has handled the PS4 in terms of fees as well. It’s the number one thing that turns me off. Sony expects me to pay a fee to rent digital PS3 games that I already own?

          They’re charging for online as well now even though it’s the same servers! I’ve never used PS Plus but I’m forced to pay for it if I want to game online at all. I prefer to have something tangible in my gaming collection so I’ve never embraced digital content. PS Plus forces users to stay subscribed or lose access to everything they’ve downloaded. Does Sony even care about their existing fans? I’ve been a Sony fan for a long time and they’re becoming too cocky and it’s going to hurt them.

          1. I didn’t know about the online payment thing and that’s definitely bad. I don’t own any online games except Smash Bros for the virtual console because I also agree that physical is the way to go. That being said, it’s still a pretty bad move on Sony’s part and I hope that they improve for the PS5. At least we only have to wait a few years so it may be best to wait for that one. I’m personally not planning on getting a PS4 until at least 2016-17

            1. Uh, last I heard you don’t have to pay to go online in games for Playstation. I think he’s confusing that with the Xbox Gold shit

                1. Greed or practical business sense. As much as it’s an irritation for gamers, it might serve us better in the long run. Xbox’s servers are more stable and secure because they have the funds to make it so from all the XBL subs they sold over the years.

                  PlayStation is finally learning, especially after that breach and huge debacle.

                  Sucks for gamers, but at least Sony is trying by offering other benefits to the PS+ subscription and not blocking everything behind it – only most online mp games.

              1. LOL, you should know that sony charge for the online capabilty I do believe it £40 per years and of course you are entitle to the PS+ thing. I think you should do more research about the PS4. It was on the pdf for the E3 2013 along with the price for the console and the accessories. you make my day

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Sorry to say, it costs if you live in the US, 50$ to play online…

                I think you need to do a little more research about your empire…

                1. Its only for 3rd party games, unless they have changed policies recently, they’ve reiterated that First Party titles would not need PLUS to play online.

                  1. Yeah, because Sony make so many 1st party games. Its not like 3/4ths of thier library on every console they’ve launched have beem 3rd party or anything. Oh wait. OH NO!

                2. $50 for a whole year, that is. Which, actually, is one hell of a deal, considering you’re getting about 72 free (+ actually good) games during those 12 months. So you’d need to be a little silly to not want to make use of it.
                  But it’s true, it’s still a bit of a shame that you do have to pay to play online.

          2. Well, you’re losing access to games you got for free -through- PS Plus. They give you 6 games for free each month, good and actually not old games even, so I don’t really think there’s anything to complain about that.
            But I do understand what you mean with the fees to play online in general. It does suck and I wish they kept things like that free, but it can’t be helped, unfortunately. For me personally, it’s not a big deal because I’ve been subscribed to PS Plus simce long before the PS4, but I definitely can understand people who weren’t and are basically “forced” to, now.
            And about the remastered games… Well, those are mainly directed to the people who had missed out on them last gen, as you’ve indicated already. But there are lots of people who played the PS3 versions but still are interested in them. Besides, it’s not like remastered games are the only thing there is on PS4 right now. The only games I can think of right now are TLOU and… Well, that’s pretty much all ? I know there are games like GTA V and Tomb Raider, but those weren’t made by Sony, so you can’t really blame them for that, it was the developers’ decision after all.
            Saying Sony doesn’t care about their existing fans isn’t true, in my opinion. Yes, they haven’t done everthing right with the PS4, but there is a lot they have done right. In my opinion, that is.

            Sorry for possible mistakes btw, wrote this on the bus, lmao.

            1. *The only remastered games I can think of right now are TLOU and […]

              Accidently left out a word there, apologies.

          3. All consoles suffer from lack of games in the first year or two. Ms and Sony tried obfuscating it with remasters and re-releases and cross release copies from the ps3 too (cod,ac,etc) during the launch but it’s always the same. You have to wait for unique new games.

            1. Unique New Games?
              I don’t think you should hold your breath because the way the industry is going, we’re just going to get the same games over and over again like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

              1. Sony, Nintendo, and many indie devs have proven otherwise. As for the gamers who purchase the games – yeah, those type of games are going to be the most popular with them still, unfortunately. The fresh and unique titles always go under the radar by the masses.

          4. “I don’t understand why they didn’t included backwards compatibility in the PS4. I can’t afford a PS4 ”

            If you can’t afford a PS4 now, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford it with backwards compatibility. Adding a cell processor would have complicated things again this generation and made the system needlessly expensive. The price is a pretty sweet point.

            “Sony expects me to pay a fee to rent digital PS3 games that I already own?”

            Okay, yeah, that’s crappy… But logically, why would you rent the game if you already own it?

            “They’re charging for online as well now even though it’s the same servers!”

            They are not all the same servers.

            “I’ve never used PS Plus but I’m forced to pay for it if I want to game online at all.”

            For most online multiplayer games on the PS4, yes you will need PS+. It does suck. I understand why they did it, but wish they didn’t. On the bright side though, you do get the other benefits of PS+ and it’s not required for *all* online games. There are several F2P and sub games that don’t require PS+ to play online. That and nothing else is behind the pay gate.

            They need to make money somehow and especially after that network breach and the huge backlash, it’s better that they get the funds to make sure their systems are as secure and stable as possible. It will take time, but Xbox made a kingdom out of their XBL service.

            “PS Plus forces users to stay subscribed or lose access to everything they’ve downloaded. ”

            Only the “free” instant game collection game downloads.

            1. The 500 dollar price tag is a sweet point? It must have been… since they had to drop the price to keep moving units.

              1. Uh. The PS4 never had a price drop. It has been 399 from the start in most Western regions. Yes that price is a sweet spot which is why the crowd and gaming community went crazy at the E3 reveal and the system sold over 7 million units in the launch window.

                You’re confusing the Xbox One with the PS4. The Xbox One was originally released at $499. Microsoft recently released a bundle without the Kinect camera and with a lower price.

    2. By mimicking Wii with white coloring and making another cheesy ripoff of the original game…

      Great plan indeed…except Nintendo gamers aren’t stupid or desperate to fall for it.

      1. I think you overestimate the average gamer. I’d be all set for a Super Smash Bros ripoff since it would be awesome. Throw in Mario and maybe give him a gun so he could be FPS Mario…it would be interesting. Trust me, the game would be the coolest thing since Cheese Calzones got infused with Bacon

        1. …are you seriously this stupid? All-Stars is a freaking joke and there’s no damn way Sony would touch Mario, taint him and put him in such inferior knockoff..and with a gun? Man, I guess you are that stupid.

          If you’re an average gamer, then you look down on you as a rookie since you think of these nonsense. Average ass.

          1. All Stars was a good game. Of course it was nowhere near as good as Smash Bros, but it Was the first try. They’ll do better next time with a new game. I never said that I was not an average gamer, but if you’ve checked out my Playstation Profile or blog…you’ll see that I’m one of the *coughalltimegreatscough*

          2. Actually, I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. I’ve only played the demo, but I had a really good time destroying people as Kratos and Sackboy. I think it’s good that they were inspired by Smash Bros to make their own version. May not be as good (imo) but it’s certainly far from terrible.

          3. Allstars Battle Royale was far from being a bad game. Actually, it was really fun and didn’t have sucky online multiplayer like Brawl did. I personally enjoyed it a lot and I know for a fact that many others did too. Besides, it’s actually much more different from SSB than people expect.
            Of course I’m not saying SSB is bad or that Sony’s game was better or anything, not at all, but Sony did do a quite good job with Battle Royale, that’s just how it is.

            1. Yeah PABR isn’t bad. It’s main issue is that it was too similar in presentation to SSB, but you couldn’t play it like the SSB games. If you try playing 1vs1 on play station allstars without items it ends up really boring and drags on. If you play it with 4 players and items on it can be fun.

      2. LMAO. Because white consoles are always an indication of a relation to the Wii. White consoles didn’t even exist before the Wii after all. Everyone knows Nintendo invented “White” with the Wii. White wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Nintendo !! People should be so grateful to Nintendo with blessing us with White.

        1. And the PS2 slim was actually silver in case some idiot comes by and says PS2 had white which is as false as their brain capacity.

          Sony seriously think that offering a White PS4 with no good casuals is gonna woo the same Wii fans that have already flocked separately and majority to mobile? XD Good luck Executive Sony Ponies.

                  1. Yeah it wasn’t that pretty, but it was portable, more energy efficient, and it had a peripheral port that the original didn’t have. it allowed you to connect a small 5 inch screen to it to play without using a TV.

                    It was pretty cool back then.

                    1. In retrospect the original PS1 wasn’t pretty either though. It looked alot like a retarded cable box.

                    2. That’s the version I got when waiting a year ’til GCN launched since Nintendo basically retired the N64 (my last game for it was Ogre Battle 64).

                      If I recall, PSOne was $99. I bought Tekken 3 w/ it for $20 (Greatest Hits). It was somewhat creaky (my Saturn was quieter). But Tekken 3, Fear Effect, Parasite Eve 2, MegaMan X5, & Bushido Blade 2 were quite fun. I also got several Final Fantasy compilations (Chronicles was the best). I regret buying VII, though.

                      Sadly, Tenchu 2 hurt my eyes. Soul Edge was meh. Vampire Hunter D was crap. I got stuck in Silent Hill & just never finished. & the only 1st party game I got was The Legend of Dragoon, which was alright.

        2. You do realize Sony is practically using the white color to attract Wii owners since most of them owned the white ones, right? Then there is the fact the white Wii was the flagship color of the console. So yes. The white coloring kind of does scream “Look at mii! I’m this generation’s Wii! Buy mii, casual gamers!” lol

    3. Lets:
      1. No, it’s actually pretty dumb because half of the original Wii owners are now on Smartphones and Tablets.

      2. They already made a fighting game called All Stars Battle Royal… and look what happened to the Team who made it… they died.. as a company.

      3. Will NEVER happen no matter how many times you haters want it.

      Wow, that’s like your highest score so far :D

      1. 1. I disagree. Smartphones will always win, but now Sony can try for 2nd

        2. First try and it was still decent

        3. We’ll see….

        At least I’m getting better ;=)

        1. If you really think Nintendo would let Sony have rights to their characters, you truly are a fool. Keep dreaming, though. I’m sure it will become a reality. *snicker*

    4. No, that’s an idiotic idea!
      In all seriousness, please tell me why this would be so “awesome”.
      A more logical idea was if you suggested they make a super smash brothers-like game, and use their own bloody mascots and IPs… Oh right, it’s already happened!

      (PS: I am NOT hating on Sony, it’s just that you’ve made a stupid statement. You may as well have asked Microsoft to buy all of Sony’s IPs to make a PSASBR on the Xbox One…)

      1. Well, why would it not be completely awesome? Imagine Mario and Ratchet duking it out in the same game? I just don’t see why that wouldn’t be off the charts cool. Sony doesn’t really have as many good characters so it would work out best if they borrowed most of Nintendo’s fighters to make the game. They could even make use of the guys that Nintendo doesn’t put in Smash Bros like Dr Luigi and Raichu. If the gameplay is solid, then there’s nothing stopping the game from being a winner

        1. It’s NEVER going to happen, kid. Nintendo would sooner burn their franchises & scatter the ashes to the fore winds than let some other companys hit all over their franchises. *cough*MicrosoftwithRare’sIPs*cough*

        1. No. The only way in hell a Nintendo character is ever going to be on the another console not Nintendo’s is if they create a knockoff character of a Nintendo character. Or when hell freezes over. Which ever comes first.

          1. I’m not saying whether it’s likely or not, but whether it would be cool or not. It would simply be awesome if it happened even though the odds are pretty much at 0

              1. I’ve heard that he’s certainly a powerful fighter in the game along with Dark Cole! I’ve been wanting to get it, but I’ve been busy with the new Unlimited World Red and Minority Report (old) games. I shall get it soon

                1. I got to play a demo of PSASBR at Gamestop and it was pretty fun. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but it was still fun, nonetheless. Had I’d gotten a PS3 earlier, it would’ve been a good substitute to tide me over to Smash Bros for Wii U.

        2. Having a PSASBR v.s. Super Smash Bros. would be awesome, but “Sony buying all of Nintendo’s IP’s” just to make that game sounds completely ridiculous.

    1. Yeah! Who wouldn’t want a cost friendly 1080p console with free online, HD Nintendo games, great exclusives, backwards compatibility from NES-Wii, eShop, indie games, improved online infrastructure with NNID with no more BS friend codes, no shovelware, 5-local multiplayer, Off-TV play via Gamepad, better Internet browser and Digital Promotion to get money back as credit from eShop purchases to get more?

      Only idiots with mentally backwardness brain who buy the other two gimped PC boxes for specs that charges for free online play PC gives, has minimum to no games that are noteworthy until 2015 and specs aren’t even better than my own laptop..from 2009. You people are such a joke.

        1. Why are you confusing the Wii U with the Xbox One?
          Wii U actually has 1080p games, the Xbox One struggles to actually get to 795p, let alone 1080p

                1. No offense @Stranga but only the Wii U’s exclusives are the ones mainly holding 60FPS. The more graphically demanding games that are on other systems, (Cod, Assassin’s Creed, etc, have lower framerates than other systems. I’m playing Assassin’s Creed 3 right now on Wii U and the frame rate is kind of ruining the pace of the game… :/

              1. Gee, that’s great. The only 1080p game on the Wii U, and everyone has already played it on the gamecube.

    2. Xbox One*

      People with actually brains would have purchased the Wii U because they knew the exclusives were better. People who are think in the brain would buy a PS4 even though most of the games on there they can get on PC at a more affordable price AND superior experience.

  2. Smart move by Sony. Releasing games like TLOU Remastered for the people who missed the PS3 generation is a huge win for those seeking an 8th gen console. As long as they don’t be like Nintendo and release milked franchises and casual shovelware I can see the PS4 going places, unlike the Wii U

      1. Uncharted, TLOU, Ico/SOTC, LittleBigPlanet, inFamous, God of War all performed well critically.

        Like how Watch Dogs ran so incredibly well on PC. Yep.

        So keep using those excuses, all that Nintendo fanboy butthurt has to go somewhere after all

        1. I currently own only PlayStation machines and will be buying a Wii U some point between now and Christmas. I can tell you I didn’t buy the Sony machines for any of their first party games you listed. TLOU is incredible in every way except they forgot to add in an actual game – pretty important in a game. Uncharted is exactly the same. Naughty Dog don’t create games, they create interactive experiences with terrible gameplay. Ico/SOtC are brilliant but PS2 games. LBP is the same game repeated and both causal shovel ware and milked. Infamous and God Of Ware are okay but there’s no difference in any of the games in those series.

          1. I can’t believe I just read so much stupidity on one comment. You’re worse than stranga, an that’s saying something. With all that shit you just said he chances of you being a Playstation gamer is… None

            1. Tell me how to upload a photo on here and you can see the three consoles and 40odd games I own. Then you can apologise. Also, there was NO stupidity in what I wrote but if there was it would be in my comment, not on it. If you can’t accept criticisms about games Sony made then youre no worse than the Nintendo fanboys you’re clearly obsessed with.

        2. How many of those are family oriented, like the article said? What about multiplayer- how many of those have multiplayer?

          1. I wasn’t even talking about those. He said that PS exclusives were shit, so let’s stick to that hmm?

        3. Yeah those are sooo original, Uncharted its a copy of tomb raider and tomb raider is better, TLOU its the most overated crap on earth. Infamous its like Fable, God of war is 100% done in 5 hours. Yeah those “exclusives” are so good.

          1. Now you’re just protesting yourself as a sad little basement dweller. Maybe 1 day you’ll grow up and appreciate these games. Until then, go back to playing with Mario Party 9

          2. WOW! So much stupidity with that comment. Its one thing to be a fanboy, but another to be a blind moron making an ass of himself. Smh

        4. You forgot that Watchdogs is releasing for Wii U this winter did you? *facepalm you* commence the rage…

          1. You forgot that I don’t give a shit about that, especially when I wasn’t even talking about the Wii U in my reply did you? *facepalm you* commence the fanboyism…

            1. Hypocrite says here he didn’t mention anything released to Wii U and looking back several comments in a row before this, he already did.

              Hypocrites can’t see their hypocrisy.

            2. Tsk tsk once a Sony Pony, always a Sony Pony… Not to mention a hypocrite, oh and the Wii U is going places, Mario Kart 8 skyrocketed the sales now look at Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash, R.I.Pieces Sony. Not to mention all of Sony’s games have the same idea, shoot, kill, war, temple, etc. Nintendo isn’t afraid to expirement unlike Sony.

        5. Uncharted 4, 2015. LittleBigPlanet 3, 2015. TLOU, who the fuck cares? The game had its run a couple of years ago so who WTF would buy it again except those who didn’t which is minimum? God of War, nowhere in sight. InFamous, that short ass Second Son graphic-fest like Shadowfall? I rather wait for the 3rd game. Watchdogs? Don’t even get it started. That POS was a huge “next gen” lie to sell itself while acting like its the new GTA and what’s more embarrassing is that you can’t punch anyone, has an extremely cliche story with less-than-nothing characters but only a couple who are “adequately interesting”, no real customization, no consequences based on actions and the suckish driving mechanics makes Mario Kart 8 look like a god. No thanks. Since GTA5 is coming to PS4, I would buy that instead of giving my money to those same lying, cocky, hypocritical morons that screwed Wii U fans from the beginning.

          Try again because you have nothing to justify your dumbass hate against Nintendo.

          1. “and what’s more embarrassing is that you can’t punch anyone”

            ROFL yeah that’s a real deal breaker for a game there XD

            Try again because you have nothing to justify your dumbass hate against everyone except Nintendo.

            1. Repeating my owns words “plagiarizing” doesn’t make you smarter. Try again and next time, stop being such a Sony Pony copycatting everything you see and hear. You make children look more mature in the same department.

          2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

            like how the heck would buy a wii u for another mario and donkey kong game?

            1. You’re sentencing needs serious work. Like go back to school and if you claim to hate Nintendo over “repetitive games” that you also keep buying everywhere else like a real hypocrite you are, hop off this website and go buy yourself that damn used 360 and pray it doesn’t go Red Ring on your ass within a week.

        6. Last of Us – Overrated but a decent game
          Ico – Very Overrated but again a decent game
          SOTC – …. *Yawn* wake me up when I actually find something to fight
          LittleBigPlanet – Good Game
          inFamous – Cool game but can get boring near the end
          God of War – …. Darksiders is still better

          So overall… Sony has a very mediocre line up with only really a few good titles. They maybe “Critically Acclaimed” but the real person to past judgement on a game is the gamer themselves.

          To me it goes like this:

          Nintendo –
          Amazing to Okay games

          Sony –
          Good to Boring games

          Microsoft –
          Cool to Somebody please shoot me already… games

          PC –
          Awesome to Terrible games

      2. That has nothing to do with the thing he said, you’re just finding some form of insult to act like being a nintenyearold is supposed to be a prideful thing, you brain dead facefuck

    1. Or you could save your money and just buy a PS3 with its amazing library of games instead of spending $400 to play a system that has to rerelease one year old games to give the illusion of it having a games library of any description.

      1. No shit Sherlock. If I had to choose between a PS3 and a PS4 obviously I would pick the former. Why the fuck are you comparing an almost 10 year old system with immense third and first party support each and every year with a console that JUST came out but yet has so many upcoming games? You just threw logic out of the window there. It’s like asking me why I would get a Wii U over a GameCube, or an Xbox One over the 360.

        1. There’s many reasons to buy a WiiU over GameCube though. I only bought the PS3 for Naughty Dog games but there’s nothing right now that has me exited for a PS4, the WiiU is abundant in games coming up SOON that I don’t even think about what Sony or Microsoft is doing. I’m extremely contented with my purchase of the WiiU at launch. Matter of fact, my apartment was broken into and everything was stolen and I didn’t think twice about re-purchasing a WiiU

        2. What upcoming games? The PS4 has like 4 exclusives that we know of coming out between now and the end of 2015. It’s the lowest of any of the new consoles. And most of the games worth looking forward to on the PS4 either already are or will be coming out on the PS3.

          That’s the big difference really. If someone’s going to ask me the difference between a Gamecube and a WiiU I’ll simply tell them Mario Kart 8, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, and if you want to wait a couple months we’ll be getting Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2, nevermind all the other games coming next year. Great games that can’t be found on a Gamecube. If someone asks me the difference between a PS4 and PS3? Well the PS4 has the worst console Killzone game, a horrible 3D platformer, a slightly nicer looking version of a game that released last year and is hopefully getting a couple great games in 2015, besides the ones that are also releasing for PS3 at least.

      2. Spot on bro. The disillusioned fools here are just so laughable thinking PS4 has anything defining itself for purchase and same goes for Xbetamax with an identity crisis.

    2. That’s the point of the remaking TLOU. PS4 ain’t got shit ATM and all of their best titles are coming next year. How the hell is this a good strategy when all I see is desperation our of the other two now that Nintendo is dishing out real and better games?

      Keep dreaming fool. Until 2015 comes and I start seeing bigger titles launching, 2014 for them is an exact repeat of Wii U’s shortage except 12 million fools got baited into the whole “powerful specs” hype that was all a PR lie. 1080p/60FPS on Xbetamax/PS4? Not a damn chance.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        To be fair, that was half the intention of the WWHD remake…

        But not near enough the rip off this HD remastered is considering the game is barely 3 years old…

        Then they say our empire milks MArio games…

        Who’s milking faster than Glados milks Sasori? The Sony Empire…


        1. That’s exactly how TLOU remake it gonna end up. Since everyone else already experienced the game and the hype has died last year, this port is only gonna do as well as it can. A bare 1-2 million at least, same shit as Wind Waker HD did on Wii U.

        2. Commander I don’t feel like arguing with you, you’re one of the calmer people on this site, but the definition of milking is reusing right? There has been a Mario game literally every year since the 90’s. Have you seen the NSMB series? That was the WORST

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Reusing a franchise is not the same as making the exact same games…

            However I do agree with the NSMB series, I think they are the only true rehashes and lazy games ever made by our empire…

            I’ve mentioned it a few times before too…

          2. Now your stupidity has reached it peak. Every MARIO game appearing every year..EVERY YEAR? That depends on which Mario or spin off games you’re talking about.

            Back in the 80s, yes because games were far simpler to make. But after the 90s games get more complexed in detail and features, time span between them furthers apart from 2-5 years now.

            The ONLY game I agree from you being “repetitive” is NSMB after the DS one. But you’re wrong about it spamming annually except between 3DS-Wii U versions which are barely a year apart.

            You’re only talking out of shit coming from the wrong hole. Get your facts checked and straight next time.

      2. You’re seriously stupid. I think you may need to relax and stop getting so sensitive over a simple criticism towards Nintendo. I made my point clear, you’re just making yours seem like shit

        1. You should because your intelligence just drop dead from the face of the planet after that little heated debate you started as a fail and then failed to finish it.

    3. I missed out on PS3 last gen and I don’t really see a reason to upgrade yet. PS3 has too many games I want that I don’t sacrificing all of those would be worth it just to move on. I’ll get around to it after I settle down with my PS3. I’ve never been a big PS fan before, but some of their exclusives and stuff has changed my mind. :3

    1. Why would we be? Everyone knows PS4 barely has anything now and all of the better games are coming next year. Face it, when Smash Bros. 4 hit, Sony/Microsoft are gonna be scared shitless as I’ve seen the hype myself and its fucking huge, bigger than Brawl was. So good luck trying to woo Nintendo Wii gamers with hardly to nothing. Still, I’m looking forward to get PS4 soon with Destiny but unlike the other idiots who bought it out of specs that are now using it for Netflix and shit, I’m waiting for the right time. ATM, Wii U fills my void.

      1. Smash Bros 3DS is going to completely outsell the Wii U version. It’s not Smash Bros that’s going to save the Wii U. This holiday the 3DS is the Wii U’s biggest threat. With two huge games like Smash Bros (releasing earlier) and the Pokémon remakes people have been begging for for years, the Wii U will have a hard time. I predict in 2015 is when it will pick up more. Mario Kart 8 or the new Zelda game is probably the Wii U’s is it’s system seller. The 3DS took what could’ve possibly been one of the Wii U’s biggest exclusives away from it and it also got it’s own big exclusive coming out right after that. I find that incredibly unfair to Wii U only gamers.

        1. You forget, the 3DS version isn’t gonna offer much and the same as Wii U so its why it cost $40.

          No mystery that 3DS would sell more than Wii U because of the unit sales are higher but content and replayability wise, Wii U will be superior and I doubt anyone with 3DS would keep coming back to play it later on. I would get the Wii U game first knowing the value will be better.

          1. Yes, but tell that to 3DS only owners like my friend. I told him about Mario Kart 8 and he said “I don’t care. I don’t even have a Wii U” And then later on he said “I’m so glad they’re making Smash 3DS. Now I can enjoy battling on the go without having to buy a Wii U.” People like him are a problem to the Wii U and Nintendo has offered so much more on 3DS, that I don’t even think he’ll get a Wii U at all this gen. :(

          2. How isn’t te 3ds verson not going to offer much? It will have the same amount of characters, and the same amount of stages… and so far, the same amount of content.

            You are right about the Wii U version being superior, but it’s only superior in graphics. And that’s not saying much either considering that “Nintendo fans don’t care about graphics.”

        2. This is so spot on, like, damn. Couldn’t have said it any better.
          A virtual applause for you. You deserve it.

          1. … I have a Wii U. With a Wii Remote. With a Nunchuk. And a Gamepad. And a Classic Controller Pro. And a Pro Controller. And I am getting Smash for both systems. Lmao, you didn’t think I was hating on Wii U version did you? ._.

      2. If Mario Kart, a series with a much bigger fanbase, couldn’t really do anything significant for the WiiU so far, how will SSB, a game that will not release on the WiiU only but also on the 3DS ?

        1. Mario Kart 8 didn’t do what we were hoping but only an idiot would ignore the fact that Mario Kart 8 has made something of a dent in the Wii U’s sales.

      1. Why?
        PS4 hardly has any good games besides inFAMOUS Second Son and LBP 3 (Which you can get on PS3 for cheaper). The Wii U on the other hand has a far better selection.

            1. You could try giving Stranga instructions on how to create his own account. It seems he needs it.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                He doesn’t even listen…

                I’ve told him several times already…

                He says he doesn’t know how…

        1. Second son is as sequel to infamous 2. Not a remake like halo master chief collection , TLOU remastered, and gta 5. Your right about LBP3.

  3. This is illusory. The Wii audience had flocked to smartphone and tablet gaming. They are not interested in motion controls anymore.

  4. Nintendo is my Blood

    Why does this article seem familiar? I am almost positive that this article has been posted before a while ago

  5. I seriously doubt my Grandparents are going to buy a ps4. Because- last I heard- many elderly people also bought wiis, right? Same with family stations. If family’s bought wiis, then they likely bought 3 extra wiimotes, in which they won’t need to rebuy. Ps4 and xbone controllers are really expensive. At this point in the game, no consoles are right for family’s. There just isn’t enough family games (out of all the consoles the Wii U, by far, has the most Everyone-Teen titles, though).

    1. NintendoLand, New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends, Wii Sports Club, Wii Party U, Mario Kart 8 are all games I’ve played with my family on the Wii U. Plus, Smash Bros and Mario Party are coming soon.

      The era of grandma playing video games is over, but Nintendo has the clear advantage for local multi-player which if you have kids is easily preferable than playing Candyland or some other boring board game.

      1. To be fair, half of the games you listed were platformers. But 6 games total, is honestly not a lot.

        Oh yes- my family owns and plays Wii Party U, Mario Kart 8, NintendoLand, Pikmin 3, and 3D World. Great Multiplayer, but is it enough? They could all be games played on a Wii, pretty much. I’ll admit that Wii Party U and Nintendo Land have some interesting ways to play on the gamepad, but if you are looking for family games- the wii classic is waaaaay superior. My family has had hundreds of hours playing the wii. Just taking a peak into the game cabinet, I see multiple interactions of Rockband, Excitetrucks, You Don’t Know Jack, Jeopordy, Lego Star Wars and Indianna Jones, Mario Kart, Mario Sluggers, and Mario Soccer, Rampage, Wii Party and Wii Play, WarioWare, Monopolee, multiple iterations of Family Game Night, and Mario Party 9. Yes, the Wii U has only been available to purchase for 2 years now, but that’s not the point. If you’re looking for a family machine, the Wii or IPad are the ways to go. A dozen family oriented multiplayer games is not enough. Perhaps after Super Smash Bros, Mario Party 10, Splatoon, etc is released the Wii U will have a better chance to appealing to family’s.

  6. So they’re targeting Wii owners who don’t have a Wii U, PS3, or 360? In other words, they’re targeting kids without money or those folks who bought a Wii for Wii Sports and Wii Fit? I would guess the vast majority of other Wii owners have bought one of those other three systems. And how is Sony going after this Wii-only market? “Hey grandma, remember bowling on the Wii? What if instead of pretending to knock down bowling pins, you pretend to sneak up behind somebody and slash their throat? It’s practically the same thing!”

    1. This strategy makes no sense and I thought that we heard that the same audience has either flocked away to all 3 consoles separately or most of them moved to mobile like smartphones and tablets which may explain why Wii U opted for the Gamepad.

  7. hmmmmmmm phony is making a move. people are delusional to think the ps4 competes graphically and powerwise to pc. my laptop has a dual core processor and smoked the ps4 in a benchmark. thanks but I don’t want the lag and tv stuff they concentrate on there E3 was soooooooo fucking horrible I sold all my sony stuff fuck them. micro sux is no better ill stick to a real gaming company that makes games.the lame of us so disappointing. second son such a sick joke. grrrrr got rid of all their shit. 3rd parties need phony to succeed so they purposely sabotage games for other platforms to make the BS4 look so great. its a practice that’s been going on for years. sony’s glory days were ps1, ps2, and psp everything after that is just junk. my bro is on his 6th ps3 they keep dying on him hes so stuck up sony’s ass I laugh at him when he buys a new1 lol. the vita needs to be discontinued so they can show their fans they will always do what they want like they said b4. they themselves don’t even support it anymore but bitch at 3rd parties that don’t. its upto third parties to keep sony alive if not for them they would disappear.

    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      does you wellfare gaming laptop reach ps4 graphics?…….. no

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        And after making a decent video, you plunge right back into retardation. Typical like every flip flopping idiot.

    1. No. Its selling on stupid and PR lies. Its not even close to being a top notch PC wannabe but rather as gimped as my old 2009 Windows 7 laptop.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        In other words, hype abd media gimmicks for the imature brats that think they are mature…

        1. Exactly. If Xbox One can’t even pass 750p native without framerate dropping or PS4 can’t peak 1080p/30FPS without framerate dropping, then these “powerful” consoles are only as powerful as my 2009 laptop. Its a joke and these morons fell for it and having to pay free online that PC, Wii U, 3DS, even mobile has, then its ridiculous that these fuckheads wanna worship these console for the same reason they blindly bash everything else. I have never seen such pathetic pile of sheep turds in my life.

  8. Wow, the original article doasn’t even mention the Wii U, it says the people that had a Wii and didn’t buy a PS3 or X360.

  9. This Bitch Made faggot fake ass Shuhei Yoshida be talking that Gay lifestyle Shit like Gay Commander

    I know nintendo fanboys have always said,

    Once Pikmin 3 gets released “wii u will sell like hotcakes in winter”

    That didnt happen

    Then they said Once Windwaker HD drops “Wii u will sell like condoms at a porn fest”

    Nope never happened

    Then the said when SM3DW drops “Wii U will sell like nintendo 3ds comeback ”

    Oops it didnt happen too

    Mk8 dropped and boosted sales quite a bit

    But when Super Smash brothers drops with that Amiibo gimmick

    Wii U is going to make a significant Come back like the 3ds did and kill the competition

    And this comes from a game fan not a nintendo fanboy

    Damn i cant wait for THE LAST OF US REMASTERED

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      “Wii U is going to make a significant Come back like the 3ds did and kill the competition

      And this comes from a game fan not a nintendo fanboy

      Damn i cant wait for THE LAST OF US REMASTERED”

      J.Lo Wuss exposed as a Sonyan rehashed soldier…

          1. Copycat – Sony that mimics everything in blind attempt to be like Microsoft but ended up killing its soul in the process.

            There’s your definition of Copycat for ya. lol

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And I just noted, he gives me credit for converting his leader ahahahahahahaah…

          What a weak leader…

    2. And you honestly think a PS3 port is gonna make PS4 the goddess all of the sudden? lol The problem is, that game’s hype has died last year and already sold well enough last year so it ain’t gonna make a difference.

      MK8 boosted sales quite a bit…”a bit”? XD Now you’re really in such denial because Wii U at this point have already peaked to 7 million units sold because of that game, now closing in to PS4’s 1 million lead and with Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. 4, Sonic, Bayonetta, X, all of those sweet titles coming later, you can count on it that Wii U will overtake PS4 by Christmas and I’m betting all chips on the table that it’ll happen.

      1. Unfortunately, Xenoblade X isn’t releasing this year, which sucks. And I kinda doubt Sonic Boom will be able to sell any consoles. It looks pretty awful…
        But, yeah, hopefully Smash Bros, Bayonetta, and Hyrule Warriors sell a couple million consoles.

        1. I forgot X is coming later. Kinda sucks though. How is Sonic Boom terrible besides the voice acting? Its being developed by veterans of Naughty Dog so it should be good. And all of those games only selling a couple million Wii U’s? XD Smash Bros will skyrocket Wii U sales indefinitely.

          1. Ehh sonic jumped the shark a long time ago. But, yeah, this new one just doesn’t feel like a Sonic game at all. Sonic is all about speed, and the gameplay just seemed slow and repetitive (the boss fights especially looked tedious. I mean- the best Sonic game ever [adventure 2] had boring boss fights… In an average looking game like Sonic Boom, the bosses will just be painful to fight). Sure Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog had enemies scattered around, but the game was never a beat-em-up. And the light whip things look like they are going to be overused like crazy. And yeah- the voice acting was hilarious (for all the wrong reasons… I honestly thought the trailer was overdubbed by some sarcastic YouTuber. It was that bad). Here’s hoping I am wrong, but we’ll see.

            And yeah I am really looking forward to Smash Bros for the Wii U. It will definitely bring up the sales, but I honestly don’t know by how much. The more the merrier- hopefully.

      2. Yea, the WiiU is finally going to catch up with the PS4, a console that was released a whole year later but managed to outsell the WiiU in a matter of months !! That’s gonna show those damned Sony fanboys.

        1. This sounds familiar. Oh yeah! “The Wii might have been the best selling console last gen but that’s because of all the casuals! Ha ha ha! Wii still sucks!” Typical damage control from the Sony & Microsoft fanboys.

      1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        you saw the typical clowns of this comment section. some one is always waiting for wars.

  10. This strategy doesn’t make as much sense as I’am handsome. I mean, hasn’t it been clear that the same Wii owners have flocked to all 3 consoles individually plus the majority towards mobile? How the hell is this “bait” plan gonna work when people already know that both PS4/One barely has anything worth while especially for the casuals they’re aiming for and that this TLOU port or whatever isn’t gonna do much help since it already has been a big hit on PS3 and that same hype has died a while ago. Sony can count on Destiny to help this year but seeing that Sony wishes to capture the casual market Nintendo has always held well for years with nothing but hardcore offerings like Microsoft and minimum casuals that aren’t even as good (Knack), Sony is looking at the impossible wet dream that they ain’t gonna reach and if I were them, I would recommend focusing on saving Vita the most because if they intend to keep it in the market, you better stop porting so many PS3 titles to it and make original portable how 50 million 3DSs did.

  11. Targeting? What targeting? I don’t see any ‘targeting’ by Sony. All I see is a beefed up PS3 with the usual FPS/mature/sports titles as all the previous PS models. Perhaps they’re going to target them by whispering them sweet nothings in their ears or by throwing rubber ducks.

    Sony has it’s place in the market and so does Nintendo. What’s the point of going after an audience which you don’t cater for and which has no interest in you?

  12. Ah…. Put some white on your console and make a game that’s like Smash Bros and all the sudden your better then Nintendo but I hate to break it to you but it won’t work *currently flipping off Sony*

    1. And another thing! Have you seen any MAJOR changes to the PS consoles… EVER! Besides graphics and FPS because Nintendo made the N64, then the GameCube, then the Wii, then the Wii U… Nintendo isn’t scared of change unlike Sony who sticks with the original console for about 20 years….

      1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        look at this blind clown. sony and microsoft makes tons of changes to there consoles. the gpu, cpu and apu. the ui of the console. home menu, controllers and resolutions. many changes and up grades. i dont even think mage barley any change from wii to wii u other than a gamepad and hd graphics.

        1. Now look who’s the blind idiot.

          Nintendo Home Console updates:
          NES – 8-Bit with historic simple controller design
          SNES – 16-Bit with 4 face button input and shoulder buttons
          N64 – 64-Bit Visuals superior to PS1 and controller with analog stick and introduce force feedback, 4-player local multiplay
          GameCube – Superior Graphics to PS2/Xbox, disc format, basic Ethernet Online play, GBA Player
          Wii – Motion Control, online features/free multiplay, Wi-Fi, Avatar, Backward compatibility with GameCube, Full compatibility with old games via Virtual Console, Apps
          Wii U – 1080p HD via Blu-Ray format (Yes, Wii U does support Blu-Ray, just not for movies since Netflix/Hulu/Youtube are available), Miiverse, eShop, Gamepad with Off-TV play and acting as secondary output for Wii U, 5-player local multiplay, Indie Game Support, improved Virtual Console with more selections, Console-Portable Unity via NNID accounts, No more FC BS, Full Wii compatibility, Full Digital Game Downloads and return of GameCube compatibility.

          In between all Nintendo consoles, each have significant changes and improvements. Now let’s look at PlayStation home consoles:

          PS1 – 1st Disc format console with 2-player controllers and dual analog sticks
          PS2 – Slightly Improved specs, stuck at 2-player control and DVD compatibility, PSEye
          PS3 – (Full evolution of PS brand) 4-Player input, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray/DVD, PSN online infrastructure with free multiplayer, HD games (720p upscale), wireless controller with rechargeable battery, Removable external hard drive storage, PSP/PSVita Wireless compatibility/remote play/cross buy (cross buy was only for PS3 ports on Vita which explains why Vita failed on its originality part)
          PS4 – …what can I say? Its just an updated version of PS3, only far cheaper. Controller with touch pad input that I doubt any games would fully utilize anyway, Game Streaming via Twitch, backward compatibility with PS1-3 games via cloud service with ripoff rental pricing..and far late to the party compare to Nintendo.

          Care for me to own your ass by making you look stupid again?

          1. Oh boy, oh boy, leaving out important facts to make your own point stronger and more convincing. How sad.
            Let’s take a better look at the changes and improvements made on Playstation consoles, by adding some more facts that our dear friend Stranga left out:

            Playstation 1:
            – Controllers (already) featuring 4 shoulder buttons and vibration feedback.
            Playstation 2:
            – Controllers now feature clickable analog sticks and analog buttons.
            – Features USB ports.
            – Actually supports local multiplayer for up to 8 players at the same time. See Playstation 2 Multitap.
            – Had online multiplayer as well.
            – Also had motion controls. (Yes, you mentioned PSEye, but camera peripheral doesn’t automatically mean motion control, after all.)
            – Playstation Eye introduces simple form of virtual reality. (again, same as above)
            – Backwards compatibility with the Playstation 1.
            Playstation 3:
            – Introduction of Playstation Network, a quite well working online service that made online multiplayer quite a bit more convenient in many ways, such as having a friend list you can easily add people to. Allows using one account for multiple devices. Also, Playstation Plus.
            – Introduced the Playstation Store, first virtual market for Playstation where you can buy both PS1 and PS2 games, but also digital versions of PS3 games + many non-retail games, including indie games, and DLC.
            – Trophy-system
            – The first PS3 models actually featured backwards compatibility. Not all games work, but many do. Both PS1 and PS2 games, btw. Fully backwards compatible with digital games too, though.
            – Supports Netflix/Hulu/etc. AND Blu-Ray movies.
            – Actually has a small number of native 1080p games, and a lot of native 720p ones. Not only upscaled.
            – Crossbuy for PS1 classics too, between PS3 and PSP/PSVita.
            – Supports at least 24 player online multiplayer. Not sure if there are games with more available.
            – Improved VR.

            Now, if we stop and look at where Nintendo was with the Wii and Sony with the PS3, it’s scary to see that , basically, the PS3 already could do most of the things the WiiU can now.
            There are a few things you forgot about the differences between PS3 and PS4 too, though:

            – Supports 64 player online multiplayer.
            – Even more improved form of virtual reality on Playstation 4 through Project Morpheus.
            – Easy access/connectivity to social media.
            – More features on PSN
            – Party chat
            – Very high indie-support
            – Gamplay video recording and video editing directly on console itself

            That’s all I can think of for now, in addition to the things you have already mentioned, even if it was a primitive way of mentioning facts.
            But anyway, in my opinion, the Playstation had a great evolution and you’re making yourself look a bit stupid if you say otherwise. Just because you can’t see it on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

            1. I absolutely LOVE Playstation. They’re awesome! I remember the first time I played a PS2 and I was shocked at how STRONG the rumble in the controller was. Especially for racing games! And I love Playstation 3! I love the trophies! I love PSN! I love the controller! I love the Blu-ray player! I love the huge hard drive! I love the games! I love all games! I can’t wait to get a PS3!!!!!!!! *heavy breathing* Ok, I’m done now. XD

              1. Maaan, I totally feel you ! I have so many memories related to Playstation and just video games in general, and just thinking about them makes me realize how lucky I was and still am. I grew up with both Sony’s and Nintendo’s consoles and both of them hold a really special place in my heart. Just remembering all the good times I’ve had with their consoles puts a smile on my face, really. And I’m definitely not planning to give up on them anytime soon either.
                I know it may seem silly to others to feel so strongly about something like video games, but all I know is that I’m really happy for having found a hobby so meaningful to me (and so early too ! We’ve had video games in the house before I was even born, lmao), and that it’s truly great to have something to be so passionate about in life. q:

                1. I don’t get why everybody in this comment section is angry about Sony. It’s funny though how when somebody tries to say something about Xbox though, some of these guys use Sony as their excuse. XD I wonder if they realize that they’re doing that. Anyways, I’m going to get a PS3 eventually to sit right beside my Wii U because it deserves to. :) Gonna enjoy buying Blu-ray movies and watching them on my system. Funny how Sony prepared for this all the way back in 2006 isn’t it? :P

                  1. I know right ? It’s silly to act like a company is perfect anyway, because, well, all of them have their mistakes and there’s no point in denying that. Won’t make any of them unhappened, after all.
                    But anyway, I really hope you’ll get your PS3 very soon ! You definitely won’t regret it, it is a great console with a fantastic library, but you probably know that already. q: I really hope that the PS4 will have a library just as amazing eventually, if not even more amazing.
                    But besides the games, I’m sure you’ll have a really good time with your Blu-Rays too. (:
                    Oh, and I’d love to add you to my buddy list on PSN if you don’t mind, when you finally have your PS3. q:

                    1. Yeah, definitely! I’m gonna have so much fun with it! And yes, you should definitely be my friend because I’m amazing. ;) ;P Oh, and if you already have a PS3, would you mind telling me some of what games you play? I might be interested in some.

                    2. Yea I do. d:
                      There’s Ni No Kuni, a fantastic JRPG Studio Ghibli helped working on.
                      Games like Okami HD, Journey, The Puppeteer, Little Big Planet (2) are really good too.
                      Also Uncharted 2 and 3, Infamous 2, God of War (there’s a collection for that), and if you like that kinda games, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption. Ratchet & Clank too, if you like that.
                      Also, if you didn’t have the chance to play them on the PS2, the Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 remaster and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix are definitely worth the purchase too.
                      Persona 4 Arena, in case you’re interested in fighting games.
                      And of course, The Last of Us.
                      That’s all I can think of for now I think, lmao.

                  2. I don’t care about sony, their consoles are ugly and their games boring and slow, that’s why I come to a Nintendo related news site. Why do the sonyan come here instead of playing their PS?… Cause they have NO GAMES! Soon they’ll join our empire and feel the power of the fun side!

                    1. They don’t have “no games”. They just like to gang up on Nintendo fans. :S

        2. Where should I start… 1: Changes between Wii and Wii U, Gamepad yes (MAJOR change) better graphics but your forgot a few things, Miiverse, FPS, Simpler design, game compatibility, incredible loading speeds especially for YouTube, etc 2: I love Xbox don’t get me wrong be look at the timeline of their controllers, all have practically the same design and the PS4 controller… Basically a ripoff! The touch sensor they implemented on their controller was sad. Oh and please capitalize your sentences, have a nice day ^_-

  13. Wii Owners that didn’t upgrade to WiiU? So I’m one of Sony’s Targets now. But I don’t plan to buy a PS4, not even if you give me Money for it. I’d rather buy a WiiU from it. =P

    1. Really? Telling BS stories of how its specs are great is a gimmick itself hypocrite and its not even the best kind either plus both PS4/One are slowly being exposed for not upholding to their promise. PC will always kick every console’s ass in specs and features, multitasking, hell everything except not having certain exclusives.

  14. I ditched the Baby U and couldn’t be any happier. I finally started gaming again like I used to back in the day. The Mario and whatnot games have never appealed to me. Nintendo isn’t what it used to be, back in the day when they made all sorts of different types of games, when they had Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, the excellent relationship with Factor 5, etc. Back then they used to make a variety of games for all sorts of gamers, (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Eternal Darkness, Excitebike 64, 1080°, Wave Race, the Star Wars games from Factor 5, the Metroid games from Retro etc). Now they become the one dimensional company that only makes one type of game that appeals to the same type of people. They sold all those western studios years ago, and the one western studio they have left, the one studio who could have done something different, Retro, is put to work on the same baby games that they do (DKTF). And one or two games (like Bayoneta and X) that fit outside that every 2 years doesn’t cut for me, only casuals play only one or two games a year. It been almost 2 years since the Wii U launched and other than Zombi U there has been absolutely no exclusive game whatsoever that appeals to me. I have a constant stream of games on the PS4, games I never got a chance to play before because of being an ex loyal Nintendo gamer. Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Destiny, AC Unity, The Order, MGS 5 Phantom Pain, The Crew, The Division, will get to play Metro Redux (again for being an ex loyal Nintendo gamer never got a chance to play it before so it’s new to me). Would never get to experience any of those games if I stayed being a Nintendo gamer, and for playing what on Nintendo? Another Mario and whatnot game? Like I said before, Mario games have never appealed to me. All the Nintendo fans can’t seem to understand that there were gamers who loved Nintendo but the old Nintendo who made all sorts of different types of games, games that appealed to the ones who never cared about the Mario and whatnot games.

    1. Wow. You just made the other sheeps your bitch by being a bigger one. Nothing like a good ol cliche anti-Nintendo insult to make yourself pretend you know shit about them without having to touch anything they produce. Trust me, nobody is gonna take your ass seriously except the other Sony Ponies like yourself.

  15. PS4 is made for brainless fucktards. The Last of Us is one of the most shitty games I’ve ever seen, can’t stand 1 minute of that crap. Uncharted is the same bullshit without zombies, and Sony fagboys praise ND like it was the best thing ever when all they do is third person shooter garbage with no gameplay.

  16. seems to be working.
    i got a WiiU at launch, but because of the poor number of games i had to get a PS4 as well :@

  17. I’m a Wii owner, but I will be upgrading to a Wii U soon. Hyrule Warriors and Smash have finally convinced me. What has PS4 done to convince? Nothing.

  18. So much hate in one comment section, and over video games. Maybe I’m soft but reading all those vulgar comments was enough cussing for one week in my house

      1. I never said I have a hard time with the comment section, i do fine on the outside world if you thought I would have any kind of problem

  19. I don’t have a Wii U, but I’d rather have it than a PS4. I was planning on getting a Wii U for a long time, but I’m getting a Xbox One instead now. Still want a U, and I prefer it as a console, but the One just has more games I want. Will be my first time having a non-Nintendo console. .

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve never had any consoles besides Nintendo’s either. And I was thinking about getting a PS3 as my non-nintendo console. Hoooray for games! :D

  20. Is Sony forgetting that Nintendo provides free online services? Do you think people are gonna switch over to PS4 and pay monthly or annually? I’m not gonna let Sony take any more money from me. I’m sorry but I’m gonna take a Wii U and run

      1. Lol, but the big difference is that PS4 and X1 have a lot of third party games Wii U does not, so that doesn’t really apply. You can’t hop on your Wii U and play Destiny multiplayer for free. XD

          1. PC is in a different league than PS4/X1. PC obliterates all so that’s a different comparison. I’m talking about the consoles.

  21. watchThat
    JULY 15, 2014 AT 4:39 PM
    I ditched the Baby U and couldn’t be any happier. I finally started gaming again like I used to back in the day. The Mario and whatnot games have never appealed to me. Nintendo isn’t what it used to be, back in the day when they made all sorts of different types of games, when they had Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, the excellent relationship with Factor 5, etc. Back then they used to make a variety of games for all sorts of gamers, (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Eternal Darkness, Excitebike 64, 1080°, Wave Race, the Star Wars games from Factor 5, the Metroid games from Retro etc). Now they become the one dimensional company that only makes one type of game that appeals to the same type of people. They sold all those western studios years ago, and the one western studio they have left, the one studio who could have done something different, Retro, is put to work on the same baby games that they do (DKTF). And one or two games (like Bayoneta and X) that fit outside that every 2 years doesn’t cut for me, only casuals play only one or two games a year. It been almost 2 years since the Wii U launched and other than Zombi U there has been absolutely no exclusive game whatsoever that appeals to me. I have a constant stream of games on the PS4, games I never got a chance to play before because of being an ex loyal Nintendo gamer. Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Destiny, AC Unity, The Order, MGS 5 Phantom Pain, The Crew, The Division, will get to play Metro Redux (again for being an ex loyal Nintendo gamer never got a chance to play it before so it’s new to me). Would never get to experience any of those games if I stayed being a Nintendo gamer, and for playing what on Nintendo? Another Mario and whatnot game? Like I said before, Mario games have never appealed to me. All the Nintendo fans can’t seem to understand that there were gamers who loved Nintendo but the old Nintendo who made all sorts of different types of games, games that appealed to the ones who never cared about the Mario and whatnot games.

    Katamari Exposed as Watchthat lol

  22. how is sony gonna get wii owners to buy a ps4? make them forget that mario and others dont exist?? bullshit

    1. Several surveys for new PS4 owners have been conducted and a good number of them are people who have never owned a PlayStation product before. The hype worked.

  23. So Sony is trying to target former Wii owners? That’s cute, cause I’m still a current PS3 but out of all the next-gen consoles, Nintendo has finally sold me on the Wii U with Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2.

  24. Sony could never win over any true Nintendo fan such as myself. I love Nintendo and their games FAR too much to ever give them up. Though I will admit that I like the looks of this white PS4. I’d probably buy it if I was rich. But I know I’d still be playing my Wii U more.

  25. Good luck Sony trying to go with that pathetic plan. Once Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Hyrule Warriors comes out, your screwed!

  26. Needs more games that interest me before I even think about getting another console. Til then, the Wii U & 3DS keep me pretty content on the video game front.

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