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Japan’s 3DS Software Promotion Adds September Titles, Includes Dragon Quest X

Nintendo Japan has updated its 3DS software promotion to include upcoming titles for September. The campaign – which started in April and concludes in September – is looking to entice potential 3DS consumers with one free game of their choice. The Kyoto-based company provides a selection of popular 3DS games which are switched on a monthly basis, broadening the choice for consumers. Previous games announced in the software promotion have included Pokemon X & Y and Pokemon Art Academy.

The official website lists the following games up for grabs this September, along with the newly announced Dragon Quest X – the first 3DS online streaming game. With September as the final month of the campaign, consumers will be able to opt for the game of their choice in advance.

  • Luigi’s Mansion 2
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Tomodachi Life (or Collection in Japan)
  • Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind
  • Dragon Quest X (available from September 4)



  1. Dragon quest ??? Obviously you nintedrones are being fed softball games on the 3ds upgrade to a vita and youll see :D…..

      1. I think I might remember the commercials…

        “Buy a pony, it’s Vitastic!”

    1. I have both. I play both way more than my home consoles (PS3 & Wii U). If I hadn’t skipped owning a PSP altogether, I’d probably wouldn’t have gotten a vita as most of the titles I play are older PSP games. Vita’s library is still scarce but it looks to be picking up steam now that the vita is selling well.

    2. A VITA? I don’t need Volunteer Insurance Tax Assistance, your a silly man you are.

    1. Read the preview on Nintendo Life. It looks like a damn good game, not just an anime cash grab like the One Piece video games

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