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Japan’s 3DS Software Promotion Adds September Titles, Includes Dragon Quest X

Nintendo Japan has updated its 3DS software promotion to include upcoming titles for September. The campaign – which started in April and concludes in September – is looking to entice potential 3DS consumers with one free game of their choice. The Kyoto-based company provides a selection of popular 3DS games which are switched on a monthly basis, broadening the choice for consumers. Previous games announced in the software promotion have included Pokemon X & Y and Pokemon Art Academy.

The official website lists the following games up for grabs this September, along with the newly announced Dragon Quest X – the first 3DS online streaming game. With September as the final month of the campaign, consumers will be able to opt for the game of their choice in advance.

  • Luigi’s Mansion 2
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Tomodachi Life (or Collection in Japan)
  • Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind
  • Dragon Quest X (available from September 4)


15 thoughts on “Japan’s 3DS Software Promotion Adds September Titles, Includes Dragon Quest X”

  1. Sony Commander Kratos

    Dragon quest ??? Obviously you nintedrones are being fed softball games on the 3ds upgrade to a vita and youll see :D…..

    1. I have both. I play both way more than my home consoles (PS3 & Wii U). If I hadn’t skipped owning a PSP altogether, I’d probably wouldn’t have gotten a vita as most of the titles I play are older PSP games. Vita’s library is still scarce but it looks to be picking up steam now that the vita is selling well.

    1. Read the preview on Nintendo Life. It looks like a damn good game, not just an anime cash grab like the One Piece video games

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